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Write SEO Friendly Blog Post: 12 Tricks to Do WordPress Post SEO Ultimate

Write Awesome SEO Friendly Post that loves by search engines and also Increase CTR by Organic Search.

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SEO friendly post or SEO optimized post is very important when we talk about On-Page SEO and a better search rank in search results. Write SEO Friendly Blog Post is a need of every post to deserve a high rank in search engine result page.

A well written SEO Friendly blog Post help search engines to understand your post batter and it gives a great chance to this post to get upper in the search result.

If you’ve not started a super-duper Blog, Here is my complete guide to starting a Blog with every single point that will help you to start a Blog.

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After writing 70+ articles and my research 💡 about On-Page SEO here I am writing some useful stuff for you and also to me about blogging SEO that helps us to get higher rank in SERPs.

Info: All internal and External Links open in New Tab keep Reading Happy. 😀

Why Write SEO Friendly Blog Post?

This question is also in my mind when I start blogging, is that essential to write an SEO optimized post?

But after few days of blogging and in a wish of organic traffic, I start thinking about on page SEO & SEO friendly post and start research in this and do you know what I found?

An SEO optimized WordPress post not helps in getting a higher rank in search result even it also help in link building a part of Off-Page SEO. When Google Bot crawls our WordPress Post, SEO friendly blog post gets higher value due to its content of making.

Writing an SEO friendly blog post is not a rocket science, it will easily be done with some plugins and simple WordPress Post Editor.

12 Tricks to Write SEO Friendly Blog Post

There are a lot of On-Page SEO factors that determine and set the rank of a web page. When we write a post we have to focus on some SEO key factors that will help crawl spiders to understand our post structure and what about the post.

1. Focus on Post Keywords

Keywords are the words or perhaps when we enter a search query on Google, Google takes our entered words as keywords and finds pages or post related to our entered words.

For a better SEO Optimized post first, select some keywords for finding keywords you can use a free tool like Google Keyword Planner or some other tools.

Then use properly your keywords in your post. If you are using Yoast SEO plugin you’re most familiar with focus keywords. but if you are using a free version of Yoast SEO I would like to suggest you add more keywords to your post with a focus keyword. for a better understanding of how to add more keywords in the post with Yoast SEO free version read my below post. maybe it will help you to use multiple keywords.

Here I have written best of my articles for the awesome use of multiple keywords for making an SEO friendly post.

2. Titles that Deserve Clicks

Post Title play a great role to increase CTR(Click Through Rate) from the search result pages and as well Post Title help Google Bot to understand your post that what about your post & on which topic this contains.

For making an SEO friendly post your Title must be SEO friendly But With an SEO friendly post title, your title must be attractive and catchy.

Tricks for Optimized Post Title

  1. Start & End post title with keywords
  2. Right Length of Words(6 – 10 Words)
  3. Right Length of Characters(50-65 Characters)

Here is Coschedule headline-analyzer that helps to make an attractive and powerful post title that get shares and click. 😎

COschedule Heading Analyzer

3. Optimize your Post Slug(URL)

Write your post URL for humans, means it should be with low words and easily readable. add your keywords inside URL and make it summarise that covers your AIM of the post.

Don’t allow URLs that is made by wordpress default when we enter post title, edit this URL according to your focus keyword and make this readable.

So instead of writing a long words URL that covers your title like this


you should write 😆 


seo friendly wordpress post url
WordPress Post URL

Tricks for Write Optimized Post URL

  1. Write URL in 3-5 Words
  2. Don’t add numbers inside URL
  3. Add your focus keyword inside URL
  4. I also suggest link it with root domain mean rootdomain.com/write-seo-friendly-post 

4. Use Properly Heading Tags

Heading Tags show a hierarchy of a post, that makes post valuable when we divide something into sections we should make every section clear and able to understand. here section is our heading and we should write our heading in a proper way.

Don’t use again H1 heading in a post with focus keyword. 😮

Because now in most of the WordPress themes Post Title is already written in H1 Tag so don’t write it again with focus keyword. instead of using the H1 tag, use H2 and H3 Tags for new headings.

H1 Tag  – Post Title With Focus Keyword

H2 Tag  – Subheading of Post with Focus Keyword

H3 Tags – sub-subheading of H2 Tags

H4 Tags – sub-sub-subheading of the H2 tag

Keep in mind: Heading tags must be in 15-65 characters

5. Write Content in Paragraph & List

Heading Tags are used for making heading but write your content in short and readable paragraphs. Don’t feel boringness to your visitors by long long paragraph, you and I very well know that people don’t like to read more online so try to give them valuable content in list or paragraph.

It does not mean that write more and more paragraphs, write paragraphs when you change topics and things as well write a list according to content.

Writing content in List, Column, Paragraph increase your Dwell Time that means it increases a session time and session time one of valuable page ranking factor. So write your SEO optimized content in charm way.

6. Optimize your Attachments

Do you know Google can’t read images, Ohhhh but Google show images in search items than how?

If you have basic knowledge of HTML then you know how we add an image inside the body. If you don’t, click on the text after adding an image to WordPress post.  this is just for understanding how Google read our images.

<img src=”Image-title.jpg” alt=”about image”/>

Upper Syntax is Html img tag when we add an image it contains src that is the path of image and ALT attribute that contains a text that tells Google What about this image. this alt attribute helps Google to understand your images.

SEO optimized post image

So next time when you add an image also add ALT text inside the image and also an Image title. you can copy your Post title inside image attributes.

Fox Example

If you have added an image of Google Keyword Planner Dashboard than you can add Google Keyword Planner Dashboard Screenshot as ALT text. and as Images title, you can add Google Keyword Planner Dashboard

7. Keep Keyword Density Sufficient

Focus keywords are the targeted keyword that we use and Keyword Density is the ratio of how much time you have repeated keyword and the total number of words inside your post.

Keyword Density = (Keyword Repeat time/total number of words)*100

Keyword Density is the volume of targeted keywords, that help Google bot to understand that what your post want to say and what kind of your post and also what about this post.

Sufficient Keyword Density is 0.7% to 2%. mean 7 to 20 times repeat Yoast Focus keyword in 1000 Words

Use Yoast SEO recommendations to check your keyword density. I again repeat even if you are using a free version of Yoast SEO still add more keywords inside the post with focus keyword. count how much time you have repeated your keywords because Yoast only shows its focus keyword density score.

8. Add Follow Internal & Outbound Links

Internal Links are the links of the same website. When a search engine crawl and it finds our previous post link in this, then It is fruitful for both new post and older one linked post.

Outbound links are external website links that we attache on a post, these links show an outer relation with other web pages.

Try to link same external pages that are related to your post.

Let’s say

If you’re going to write a post about a Hosting Company review, then add outbound links of Company:

  • Wikipedia page
  • Crunch base page
  • help page
  • All possible pages that indicate towards Hosting Company

9. Add Social Sharing Buttons

Social sharing buttons are very useful if 2.2 billion people using this, as well as this buttons also helpful for an SEO optimized post crawler, notice this button and give a higher rank to your post.

You can use WordPress’s default share button or other social sharing button using external WordPress plugins.

Trick: Also make Social Share Buttons Floatable, it will increase your shares. 😛

10. Minimum Length Of Article

Post word count is also a part of writing a SEO friendly blog post. According to Yoast SEO minimum length of the article is 300 words. but I don’t think 300 Words is enough, try to write more and more.

02_Content Total Word Count_line
Image Credit – Backlinko

According to many Big SEO scientists, a good post length is 2000 words, but I know writing 2000 words is not easy 😥 and not so tougher if we have a sufficient knowledge of the topic that about we are writing and have a better English writing skill, it is easy. 😎

Trick: Make Content Long and use Sticky Sidebar to Increase Revenue.

Try to write minimum 1600 Words and add some images, it will make your content longer and enough for self-satisfaction. there are below my some tricks to make content longer and attractive and your readers won’t feel boring.

Tricks for Long And not Bored Post

  1. Write content in short paragraph
  2. Add some list inside the post
  3. Add some Images
  4. Off Topic paragraph
  5. Write about the previous post.
  6. Suggest some previous articles

11. Responsive Design

I think writing about this topic is now too old. because most of the website is now responsive and every new website is made with responsive layout.

But still, in 2018 your website doesn’t have a responsive layout 😐 , make it responsive immediately and improve your friendship with search engines.

Last one thing that is still missing in this post, and do you know what? Read Next Point

12. Website Optimization

On Page SEO or SEO friendly blog post is nothing without Website Optimization. Website Optimization how much your website optimized according to devices.

Google PageSpeed Insight is the best tool for website optimization, it gives a better result and useful suggestion to make blog post more SEO optimized.

PageSpeed Insight

Some key points for Website Optimization

  1. Minify and combine CSS and JS files using Cache Plugin
  2. Reduce Server response time by fast web hosting
  3. Reduce Image size by WordPress Plugin
  4. Leverage browser caching by Cache plugin
  5. Enable GZip Compression by Cache plugin

The conclusion of SEO Friendly Blog Post

Behind this hard work or considering too many points while making a new post only one and one reason. that satisfy our all reasons and that is website traffic. Google gives you a higher rank and your website will appear on search engine result pages(SERPs) and you get the click if your title is powerful and attractive.

Do your best as you can for increase friendship with search engines and for this make your every post-SEO Freidnly & make this earth eco-friendly. 😉

Write SEO Friendly blog Post: 12 Tricks to Do WordPress Post SEO Ultimate #wordpress #post #seo #travel #blogging #blog
Save me 🙂

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Write SEO Friendly Blog Post: 12 Tricks to Do WordPress Post SEO Ultimate
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