How to Start a WordPress Blog with Bluehost And Make First $1000 [2020 Guide]

Start a Blog on Bluehost with 70% Discount + Free Domain, Complete Guide for a Beginner.

Start a blog with Bluehost and make passive income. This article provides a complete tutorial on how to start a WordPress blog on Bluehost, build a WP site, drive traffic to your website and make your first $1000 from blogging.

This post has a complete guide for you so can easily start a blog on Bluehost, and perform task like Install WordPress, Set up your site, generate traffic and make money from blogging.


If you want:

Start a WordPress Blog on Bluehost


Start Blogging using WordPress


How to Create a Blog with Bluehost

Then you’re at the right page.


This 5000+ Words Long Post Will help you to Start a Money Making Blog on Bluehost Hosting.


In short, this article helps you:

  • Choose a Blog Niche
  • Find & Select a Domain name
  • Get Bluehost WP Hosting(70% Off)
  • Install WordPress on Bluehost
  • Best WordPress Plugins
  • Help in writing 1st post
  • Get Traffic on new Blog
  • Blogging Tools Suggestion
  • Start Making Money from Blogging
  • FAQs on Start Blogging on Bluehost




On this post, you’ll get 10 steps for your query on how to start a blog with Bluehost and your blogging carrier. For this, I’ve attached every step from beginning till end.


Blog Beginners Pay Attention – It is specially written for you. [Be a Blogger]


What is Blogging and How It Works

Like your daily diary, a Blog is also a tech Diary where you can write our daily experience, guide about something, thoughts, your new experiment and create your idea into a business.

wordpress blogging

From Blogging, you can also make real money and make your dreams online. here is a complete guide of how to start a blog Bluehost and make money from it.

Blogging is a public platform, power of words works here. With your word, you can do that you really wanna do, change this world, make your finances better and increase your business.

Benefits of Start Blogging

Here are some of the best reasons to be a Blogger:

  • you can work from Home(No Boss is there)
  • Start Affiliate Marketing
  • No Fixed Working Hours and Schedule
  • Keep Alive your Writing Passion
  • Share your Personal Experience and Thoughts
  • Start Making Money Online
  • To Promote your Business Services



Why Choose Bluehost for a New Blog

Bluehost logo Bluehost provides managed hosting for wordpress that means it has an optimized environment for wordpress sites. and here we’re going to start a blog on wordpress. Well in this article I’ll tell more about wordpress in the next part.

Bluehost is the best budget hosting with great features, right security tools, Extra Add-ons to add more power and performance is also good.

So Bluehost becomes right hosting for our new blog.


Benefits of Bluehost hosting:

  • A Free Domain Name (for 12 months)
  • Best Budget Hosting
  • 2 Million Website Already using Bluehost
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Recommended by WordPress
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Bluehost Full Features and Plans


Bluehost is leading web hosting here you get a good experience, support and performance like page speed and server uptime always best. Already Many Bloggers using Bluehost WordPress Hosting for their Blog, mostly in the USA, Canada and India.

It’s a right time for you to start a blog with Bluehost hosting using this below simple tutorial.

Now Let’s start this process… ➡ 

Best of Luck 


How to Start a WordPress Blog on Bluehost – 10 Steps

Start a WordPress Blog on Bluehost using below 10 step by step complete guide.

1. Choose a Niche for Blog

The first things that we have to do at the beginning of a Business or any new opening. We have to find out on which topic, subject, products and niche we will work

What topics, what things we will cover in our Business or Blog.

Like this, we have to find out a niche for our new Blog, on Which topic we will write.

Here I can help you because I’ve worked on so many niches and have some experience.

3 terms are there with their niches:

  1. Want to make money – Blogging Tips, Travel, Fashion, Beauty and Health Blog
  2. Want to share your Experience – Now it is your experience/niche.
  3. Starting a Blog for your Business – Write about your Business services.

So now we can start blogging with Bluehost on our selected niche.

If still, you don’t decide your niche, Don’t worry when you start working on Blog and watch other bloggers. You will find out your perfect niche. Because our Experience and observation matter that help us.


2. Find & Select a Domain Name

Like every Brand Name, For How to Start a WordPress blog on Bluehost in 2019 you also have to decide Your Blog Name.

I’d like to suggest you choose a name that shows and represents about your blogging. That shows that your blogging is focused on this topic.

For Example:

  • – Show how to make money
  • – About blog tips
  • – About Building Backlinks

Or Else, You can also go with your own name like the below examples:

Because Name doesn’t make a brand, your services and content make your brand name.

But Always try to start your blog with TLD(.COM, .NET, .ORG) Domain names.

Search your Domain Name


3. Get Bluehost WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting is optimized for WordPress Blog, Website or eCommerce store. So here for How to Start A WordPress Blog On Bluehost, we will choose Bluehost WordPress hosting.

Starting a Blog with Bluehost WordPress hosting has its own advantage because here we get more WordPress friendly Environment for our blog.


But Some Confusion is there  🙄

Bluehost Provides different kinds of web hosting, But Recently Bluehost also announces a new WordPress Hosting. After this Bluehost is now providing 2 kinds of WordPress hosting:

  1. WordPress Hosting (Start from $3.95/month)
  2. Managed WordPress (Start from $14.95/month)
bluehost wordpress hosting
Bluehost WordPress Hosting Type

So If you just a Blog Beginner and Want to Start a Blog on Bluehost in medium Budget I’d like to suggest you go with Simple WordPress Hosting[$3.95/mo]. Because here you also get the optimized server and best features for your WordPress Blog on Bluehost hosting.

For New Bloggers and Developers WordPress Hosting[2.95/mo] is the right choice. | Yellow Arrow

If you want to start a big WordPress Project, Your website will get high traffic then you can select WordPress Pro Hosting[$19.95/mo] and start your blog on Bluehost.

Here, To Create a WordPress Blog with Choose Bluehost WordPress Hosting Plan, for Pro Hosting the whole procedure is same, you just only have to select other packages.

3.1 Get your WordPress Hosting Plan

bluehost wordpress hosting
Bluehost WordPress Hosting

Get Bluehost WP hosting | 70% OFF

Now we have selected our WordPress Hosting type, To Start a WordPress Blog with Bluehost Its time to select our Bluehost WordPress Hosting Plan.

Because each plan has its own advantages and benefits, we will choose our plan according to our requirements and budget.

Mainly It provides 3 kinds of WordPress Hosting Bluehost Plans:

bluehost wordpress pricing plans

If you’re confused about which plan is best for you.

Let me help you to understand them with their configurations.

1. Basic Plan [$3.95/mo + Domain]

The basic plan is best for Blog Beginners, If you’re going to host just 1 blog or 1 WordPress site. It is the best-recommended plan for everyone. Here you also got a 50 GB website space that is huge for a blog or website.

Here you also got a FREE Domain name and all the WordPress Standard Features like Free SSL, Auto Updates, Bluehost security features, and Free site transfer.

This plan is best for:

  • New Bloggers [Less Traffic]
  • Best for a Small Business site
  • Need Cheap Hosting for 1 Site

2. Choice Plan [$5.95/mo + Domain]

In this Plan, you can host unlimited domains, unlimited disk space and the same standard features as the basic hosting plan. However,  you also get additional features such as 1 Microsoft 365 Email Essentials license for 30 days.

Choice Plus plan is best for IF you also host other websites here or you’re part of a smaller business. Then you should choose the Choice Plan.

This plan is best for:

  • Professional Web Developers & Freelancers
  • Small businesses


3. Choice Plus Plan [$6.95/mo + Domain]

With Choice Plus you will get all the features of Choice Plan, such as unlimited domain and unlimited disk space but here you also get even more additional features, such as free domain privacy.

The main advantage of getting this plan is that you also get Free Automated Backup, which is Bluehost’s in-built security features to keep safe your sites.

Choice Plus plan is best for IF you also host other websites here and you’re part of a Web Agency and will manage multiple blogging sites. Then you should choose the Choice Plus Plan.

This plan is best for:

  • Bloggers [Heavy Traffic]
  • Web Agencies
  • Big sites which have heavy traffic

Compare Bluehost Plans

Bluehost WordPress Plans & Features Basic Plan Choice Plan Choice Plus Plan
Price $3.95/mo $5.95/mo $6.95/mo
Websites can host 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Auotomated backup No Yes Yes
Web Space 50GB Unlimited Unlimited
Best For  New Blog & 1 Website Small business & Developers Agencies & Big Websites[High Traffic]




3.2 Get a Free Domain Name

Bluehost also offers a Free Domain name to their user. So Its time to get a domain name for your new Blog.

If Still, you don’t have a Domain name for your Blog you can enter a new Domain name and check its availability and if it available don’t waste your time because later someone can steal it.

Start a self hosted wordpress blog
Get Free Domain Name on Bluehost Hosting

Or IF you already have a Domain name, Just enter it and later change this Domain name DNS to Bluehost nameservers. you can also Start blogging on Bluehost hosting with this domain name.

Or Else

You can also skip this step and you will get $11 as a Credit.


3.3 Enter your Account Information

To start a Blog with Bluehost hosting here we’ve to enter our personal information like name and Address.

This Info will be saved in Bluehost Account Details so enter all the information carefully.

Bluehost Hosting Account Info
Account Information -Bluehost


3.4 Confirm your Hosting Package

Select bluehost time period and plan $2.95
Select a Hosting Period

Here we have to confirm the hosting plan that we selected earlier.

Because Bluehost provides a cheap price when we buy for 36 months so I’d recommend you go with 36 months and take advantage of Bluehost WordPress hosting.


Let’s understand this more:

Bluehost Plans for WordPress Basic Plan
12 Months($5.95/mo) $5.95*12 = $71.4
24 Months($4.95/mo) $4.95*24 = $94.8
36 Months($3.95/mo) $3.95*36 = $142.2


3.5 Confirm Extra Add-Ons

Bluehost Web Hosting also provides some Add-Ons with Its hosting plans, These Add-on are fore more security, keep your data safe and SEO optimization.

Optional Bluehost hosting package
Bluehost hosting Extra Packages

Here are 3 Bluehost Add-Ons and their Use

SiteLock Security – Spam Monitoring, Malware Monitoring, Site Verification Certificate

CodeGuard Basic – Daily Backup, Monitoring and Restore

Bluehost SEO Tool – Search engine submission and 10 keyword ranking reports

I don’t recommend you to choose CodeGaurd and Bluehost SEO Tool

Both the tools don’t have much worth, there are lots of alternative tools available that is much better compared to these tools(CodeGuard + SEO Tool).

But If you have a budget I’d suggest you to choose SiteLock security not forcing you to choose it, but It will keep your site safe and also save your time and money in future.

Or Else Don’t worry Bluehost WordPress Hosting is Already secure!  🙂


3.6 Enter your Payment Information

After this Overall to start a money-making blog with Bluehost WordPress hosting we have to pay them to get their web hosting services. For more user, flexibility Bluehost provides two kinda payment options.

To enable the PayPal Payment Option, click on More Payment Option.

Bluehost Accept Payments from:

  • Credit Card
  • Paypal Account
How to start a Blog and make money
Bluehost hosting payment methods

Enter your billing information carefully, and keep safe it.


3.7 Create Login Credentials

After the Successful register, you will see a congratulation page and billing receipt. Please also, check your mail inbox because there Bluehost has sent you a confirmation mail.

Open your mailbox and click on the Bluehost confirmation link.

After this here you have to create new login details for your Bluehost hosting account. for this Click on Create Password button and build a strong pass. Again Re-enter your previous password and Click on next button.


Congratulation you’ve successfully created your Bluehost login password. The next step is you’ve to click on this Last login detail and after this, you will move to next step.

So whenever you need to login Bluehost Dashboard use your this Email and password.


3.8 Pick a WordPress Theme

For Start a Blog on Bluehost After this, you’ve to select a Default WordPress Theme from given themes. Here you don’t need to invest your so much time because rather this WordPress has so many themes and later you can easily change your WordPress theme to another theme.

It won’t affect your WordPress blog data it will just change your blog layout and style.

So Just Pick any Theme here, Later you can change it Easily.
Pick a Theme from below given WordPress themes:
Bluehost wordpress theme install
Install a Free WordPress Theme

After this, You will see a message like this

All Done!

You’re just one step far from your Bluehost Blog WordPress Dashboard, Just click on Start Building.

start a blog on wordpress hosting


Welcome to Bluehost WordPress Dashboard

To Start a WordPress blog with Bluehost(Wikipedia), we use the WordPress Dashboard from where we manage and run our Blog. Bluehost hosting gives a premium look to its Dashboard it gives a lucky feeling.

How to start a blog with bluehost hosting
Bluehost WordPress blog dashboard

This is your Blog Control Room, from where you will manage your data, layouts, design and everything that a user will see on your blog. From this Place, you’ll manage and create your WordPress Blog.

Here you write your amazing content, create useful pages and so much. From here you can change this world.

Here you will see a left sidebar with so many options to get info about them below:

  • Posts: Write a new post, Edit old Post and View your All post
  • Media: Here you’ll see your media(Photos, Videos) Uploads and manage them
  • Pages: To Create and Edit blog pages(Contact us, About Us)
  • Comments: Approve, Disapprove Comments on your Blog Post
  • Appearance: Get a new Theme, Change Layouts and Customize Blog
  • Users: Manage your Blog users profile
  • Plugins: Add, Deactivate and Remove Powerful and useful Plugins

Don’t worry about the all other options when you start using the WordPress dashboard you’ll get know all about WordPress Dashboard feature.


4. Start writing your First Blog Post

Now we have a WordPress Blog and Entered in WordPress Dashboard.

So Its time to write your First Post, To write your First WordPress Blog Post you’ve to take a look on the left side of Dashboard and Click/Hover on Posts. After this click on New Post. Now for our how to start a blog Bluehost we need to write some post.

How Start A WordPress Blog On Bluehost Hosting

When you’ve clicked on New Post you will see an Editor like below image and here you can build your post completely. It is easy and very simple to use, Well Below of this Image, I’ve also included some steps to how to write a blog post in WordPress dashboard.

In the process of how to start a blog on Bluehost, Now its time for writing your first post, I’d like to suggest you first write something about yourself, your AIMs and why you start this blog. Then In next post write that that you want anything.

how to Start a Money Making Blog
WordPress Post Editor

Steps to Write a WordPress Post

Here are steps to writing your first post:

  1. Enter an Eye Catchy Title
  2. Edit your Slug/URL
  3. Start Writing Text Content
  4. Add Some Images and media
  5. Add Category and Tags in Post
  6. Upload Features Image
  7. Hit on Publish Button


5. Create Meaningful Pages

To provide more information website visitors we have to create some web pages in our blog so our reader gets to know about yourself and what is your AIM form blogging. For our complete guide of how to start a wordpress blog on Bluehost, we need to create some pages.

To create a Page click on Add Page in the left sidebar and after this Add your content there. For making elegant web pages you can also use some free and paid page builders.

You can create multiple pages according to your further need. So here are some just necessary pages:

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Privacy Policy

Later you can also build pages of Guest Post, Advertise and ________.


6. Install Essential WordPress Plugins

Now we have started our Blog With Bluehost but we need some powerful tools and features. For this here we use WordPress Plugins.

So Let me introduce you WordPress Plugins, Plugins are extra add-ons that we can add in our WordPress blog and use their additional features(SEO, Editing, Promotion,). Each plugin has some unique features and has its own value.

At that time I’m using more than 20 plugins on my this site for the different purpose, but at the beginning of the blog, you just need few important plugins later you can install according to your need. Being forward in how to start a wordpress blog on Bluehost now install some plugins.

I’m Adding Plugins Links here but Please Install/Download them from WordPress Dashboard.

To Install and Activate WordPress Plugin:

Go to Plugins(Left Sidebar) >> Click on Add Plugin >> Select Plugin >> Activate it


6.1 Yoast SEO Plugin | On-Page SEO

Yoast SEO is a WordPress SEO plugin that is using by 1 million+ sites right now, It suggests you best possible SEO optimization for your post.

I help you to optimize your Blog Post around multiple keywords and suggest your right On-PAge SEO optimization. It also creates your blog sitemap and checks post readability.



6.2 W3 Total Cache | Improve Blog performance

W3 Total Cache is Cache plugin but It also performs many other actions to improve your website performance. It helps to increase your page speed and optimize your site for multiple technical terms.

It has a lot of configuration, in begging of blogging keep its option as default.

Here you can also integrate CDN, Eliminate render-blocking, Minime your website CSS and JS file and Enable LAzy Load in images and many more to make blog performance better.



6.3 TinyMCE Advanced | Blog Post editor

Default WordPress has very few post editing options, but writing more creative content we need more features and more editing options.

That’s Why WordPress has TinyMCE plugin to add more different content in your site. It adds Table, Emoji, Text Colour, Font site, Different font styles and many more to make post blazing.

In the making of this Post, I also used this Plugin you can also later Install it.



6.4 JetPack | Sharing, State & more

Jetpack is a multifunctional WordPress plugin that also performs actions in website security, fast loading speed, SEO and social sharing. Jetpack also gives us to use its CDN service that hosts our images on its own jetpack Photon CDN. We can easily enable this service from the WordPress dashboard.

jetpack is using by million+ website and It is an essential plugin forever WordPress blog.



6.5 Ninja Forms | Building Forms

Forms are the need of every site, we use the form in different version like contact form, shipping from and gathering any information from a user, we use a Contact form.

Ninja Form is also a Free WordPress Plugins to build some amazing form in your Blog. It has both a free and premium version but its free version is also good for blog beginners.

Ninja Forms | WP Plugin


Here Below are some of more Powerful and Free WordPress Plugins.


7. Get a Right Blogging Theme

Although WordPress has some beautiful themes and they are free and premium both for use. But If you really wanna make your Blog more worthy, more elegant and make money from smart ways. then you need a perfect blogging theme.

In the guide of How to start a blog with Bluehost, I’ve also added this section.

Because a Theme/Template play a big role in the blog. It is your blog layout, design and which user see. so you need to make this perfect.

Here I’m adding some new and most selling WordPress blogging themes.


8. Drive Traffic on your New Blog

Now we have:

  • A Winning domain name
  • Best Bluehost WordPress Hosting
  • Elegant Blog Theme
  • Informative Blog Pages
  • Our Awesome Blog Posts

But Still, something missing on our Blog.  😮

Can you guess it?  💡

Our Audience, Post Readers, Followers and Page Visitors.

And Without them, there is no mean to start this WordPress blog and all the above things. We have to drive an internet user to our Blog. Traffic is a backbone of every Blog and Website it generates revenue, followers and builds an audience.

So to drive Traffic on new Blog here we use some new SEO Tactics 2019 and Social Sharing.

8.1 Traffic from Organic Search

SEO is an optimization to write our blog post according to users search query so when someone searches on Google, our blog post will show there in SERP.

For this, we have to write SEO optimized articles, focus on both On-Page and Off-Page SEO to get a better rank in SERP and drive our targeted traffic from SERP.

Probably SEO is a long Term process, but its Results are also Long and High.

First thing whenever you write post properly focus on first On-Page SEO then after publishing post start link building and other Off-Page SEO.

8.2 Traffic from Social Media

Social media is the fastest way to drive immediate traffic, To drive from social media we can use Facebook, Tumbler and Pinterest.

I mostly use Pinterest and Facebook to drive traffic.

For Facebook, you’ve to join so many Blogging Groups, Digital Marketer Groups and Groups that are in your niche. You can join multiple FB group and share there your latest article.

Like same this On Pinterest you can join Multiple Group Board and Save your Article Pins there from here you also get traffic for long and a huge number of social sharing.

To drive traffic from Pinterest here is my Complete Guide:

Pinterest is better than FB to drive massive traffic for long and get social sharing.


9. Best Recommended Free Blogging Tools

Now After Start a blog you also need some of the Blogging Tools, Here are some of the best Blogging tools that I use and recommended to other new Bloggers. Early I told you it is a complete process of how to start a wordpress blog on Bluehost, so now you need to install plugins.

In the Blogging there some so many tools for different work and each has their alternatives, so when you start blogging you will start knowing all about them. But right now below are best Free Blogging tools for every blogger.


9.1 Grammarly | Writing Tool

Without Grammarly writing this long post for me, Impossible.

Grammarly finds writing errors like a wrong verb, misspelling and suggests you right words and verbs to improve your written content.

It is a free tool and for more features, you can also upgrade our Grammarly plan, It is a worthy tool for every blog beginners or even professionals.

It also has a free chrome extension you can Install our extension in your chrome browser and when you sign up on this it will start its work and making your content more readable for users.

Get Grammarly Extension


9.2 KwFinder | Keyword Research Tool

KwFinder is a Freemium Keyword Tol that is one of the best tools from Mangools.

Mangools provides best new Era SEO Tools at low prices, I personally use and recommended this tool.

It is Free and Paid both, Free has some restriction but If you like this you can upgrade your plan and enjoy all the Mangools juicy SEO tool.

Find Keywords | KwFinder


9.3 Mailer Lite | Email Campaign Tool

Every Business and Blog need an Email Audience.

Because here we can keep in touch with our audience and send them out a new post and awesome deals.

Mailer Lite is also a Freemium tool that provides free mailing service up to 1000 members. later when your email list increases your can also update your Mailer Lite pan.

Start building mail List


9.4 Tailwind | Pinterest auto poster tool

Pinterest is the best bookmarking site for every blogger, It also drives a huge amount of traffic on the blog and makes your Blog Audience.

I also use Pinterest for my this Blog, I design pins and then save them on Pinterest with a Post Url and In return, I got to traffic and big social sharing numbers.

You can also use Pinterest and Tailwind together, Tailwind will save all of your Pins in hundreds of Boards in just 1 click. It is a free and premium social media tool.

Start using Tailwind


10. Start Making Money from Blogging

Earlier I told you it is How to Start a Blog on Bluehost and Make Money process so Its time to make money with a Blog.

You can convert your Blog into a money-making machine if you’ve visitors and quality content. Making money is not so hard but you’ve to drive your traffic to target purchase or recommend them right services.

Here are some great ways to make money online from Blogging:

10.1 Pay Per Clicks Ads

Pay per Clicks are those Ads when someone clicks on them we get some credits according to our keywords, actually, the price amount depends on so many factors. But the best part of PPC Ads is that if your visitor doesn’t buy any service or product still you get paid.

Here are some of the best PPC Ads services:

10.2 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make huge money online, Every blogger uses it and makes money. Here you have to select some products and start adding their Affiliate Links in your Blog When someone makes a purchase from your link you will get a fix or some % of the sale price.

Here below are some of the best Affiliate marketers who provide you best deals on popular online services, you can select your products and start promoting them on your site.

 ➡ SignUp now on ShareASale affiliate network and Get $30 Joining Bonus now! 💡

Sign up on ShareASale | Get $30

10.3 Amazon Affiliate

Amazon affiliate program is best for every blogger because every year’s Amazon makes million of the sale so why you can’t drive some hundred sales.

Amazon Affiliate is same as another affiliate when someone buys from your Amazon affiliate link, you get some % of the product price. It is easy and mostly uses an affiliate network.

Join Amazon Affiliate Program

10.4 Sell your own Products/Services

Melyssa Griffin and Pat Flynn are 6 figures bloggers by selling their courses, It is the best way to make huge huge money online. Because here you get a big audience to sell your products.

You can also your services like Content writing, SEO and WordPress setup anything in which you’re good. You just need to build a page on your blog and tell your visitors that you also provide some services.


Start a WordPress Blog with BlueHost & $$$$ – Finish It

This is the complete guide of how to start a WordPress blog on Bluehost at Amazing and Budget WordPress Hosting. In the Blogging world, so many YouTubers are also making 7 figure income from their Blogs.

If you’re looking for low price Bluehost deal you can visit on Bluehost Coupon and grab the latest and active offers of Bluehost hosting.

The best part of blogging is here we get freedom for work, no boss is there, no fixed working hours, we can also travel and make money from this. Blogging is the Online business that gives us a proud and life freedom. It is the best option with a huge opportunity to make a dream online.

Even I’ve also written a Bluehost WordPress Hosting Review after using this same hosting for my blog.

You can also make money from Blogging, you’re just a step far from it.

In 21st Century Internet is the biggest revolution which is using by 55.1% population of the whole world. And starting a Blog is the best opportunity to make money and spread your thoughts to this world. It is the power of words which convert into revenue and helps you to make your dream online.

So let’s give a chance to yourself and Start WordPress Blog on Bluehost Hosting.

Start Blog on Bluehost | 70% Off + Domain

Good Luck for your Blog 

– Divesh Diggiwal


FAQs, Starting a Blog with Bluehost and Make Money

I know you have some doubts about Blogging, Bluehost Hosting and How can we make money from Blogging. So here are I’m going to clear your some of doubts and helps you to make your dreams online.

1. Can I use Free Hosting for Self-Hosted WordPress Blog?

Yes, you can use Free Web Hosting for creating a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog, I also have tried many free Hosting for my some PHP and WordPress Projects.

But the lesson that I learn from Fre Hosting, It is just Time Waste or Sucks each time while working on site. So I don’t recommend anyone to Start Blog/Website on Free hosting.

2. Can I Start a Blog for Free?

You can also Start a Blog for free, For this, you can use or but here you get limited features which are not enough to start a money-making blog. If you want to experience first then you can use these platforms.

3. How much does a Blog Cost?

Well, Blogging can cost from $0 to $500. It depends on what hosting, domain, theme and tools do you use. If we start a Blog with Bluehost Hosting we will pay for Hosting($2.95/month), The Domain name is free for 1 year and WordPress also have free themes and Tools have different prices.

So It will cost you $106.2+ $11*2(2 Year for Domain) = $130(approx) for 3 years

4. Do I need Technical Knowledge to Start a Blog?

No to Start a Blog or Build a website on WordPress you don’t need so much technical knowledge. For your help, your Hosting support is there and so many articles are waiting for you on Google SERP, you just need to enter your search query/problem in the search box.

5. Is Bluehost WordPress Hosting good?

Bluehost WordPress hosting is the most popular Web Hosting across this world. Bluehost is the fast, blazing and supportive web hosting with multiple features. It provides best solutions for Developers, Bloggers and Agencies. Bluehost Hosting Reviews is also awesome so you don’t need to think more when choosing this.

6. How I will get Bluehost Support?

Bluehost Hosting has great support options for its customers. It provides live chat with experts, a knowledge database with your possible issue and call option. Bluehost experts(LinkedIn) team 24/7 available to solve your issues and problems.

7. How much Money Blog Beginners Make?

Making money from Blogging totally depends on Niche and Traffic. If you have traffic just 50-100visitors/Day and working on Money making niche you can easily make $250-350/month and If you’re working on another niche still you can make $100-150/month in Beginning.

8. What is Best Way to Make Money Blogging?

The best way to make money blogging is Affiliate MarkBecause Because on each sale you get a good amount it can be $10 or $200. Join multiple affiliate programmers spear their Affiliate link/banner on your blog and start reviews of products, compare multiple products and promote best services.

9. How to Start a Blog Bluehost?

I’m adding this question so you won’t forget why we’re here.

I tried my best to guide you for How to Start a Blog on Bluehost in this new year 2019 and how to start making money from blogging.


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