7 Free Keyword Planner & Research Online Tool for Bloggers 2020

SEO is a need for every website to show presence on the search engines and get high on search results. Free SEO Keyword planner Tool find keywords free for good SEO of a new post or page that optimized content according to the search engine.

Keywords and for a WordPress user focus keywords are words inside the post title, post slug, image ALT and post content words that show search engines that what about this post or page.

Here I am going to showing you some of the best free keyword tools that I use when I click on Post >> New and thinking 💡 about my Article title and slug.

Helpful Info: Here on this post my focus keyword is Keyword planner tool.

Helpful Info full: Here on this post I am using the Free version of Yoast SEO(WordPress Plugin) so I can add only one focus keyword inside this article. And for a better understanding of how to use the keyword here, I have underlined everywhere where I usedKeyword Planner Toolkeyword.

Now let’s explore free Keyword Planner Tool.

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7 Best Free SEO Keyword Planner Tool

1. Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner tool is one of the best free keyword tools for finding a keyword.

Here in this post, I have found my ‘Keyword Planner Tool’ focus keyword from Google Keyword Planner.

Here are few steps for find keywords on Google Keyword Planner

Step-1 visit Google keyword planner.

Step-2 Enter words or idea here

Enter relevant words and keywords that are inside your mind for a new post.

Here we can enter multiple words for better search results. After entering words hit on _____

SEO Keyword Planner Tools

Step-3 Choose a keyword

it will show us a page with keywords and their Average monthly searches, competition and page bid value according to our entered keyword.

SEO Keyword Planner Tools

Here we can short keywords according to Avg month searches and competition.

My Trick – Choose a keyword with highly Avg. monthly searches and low competition.

For this article, I have selected my focus keyword ‘Keyword Planner Tool’ which have 10k-100k Avg. monthly searches and low competition. And also this keyword page bid is also $2.44 which is not lower.

Step-4 Plan Overview

If you want to do more with Google keyword planner tool select your keyword and click on plan overview.

It is very helpful for you if you are using Google AdSense(CPC Ad Network) for monetizing your blog.

2. Google Trends

Google Trends shows the latest result of the search query that what’s going on trend in this world.

Google Trends show popular search result with category, country and time.

During the making of this post when I visit on Google Trends, I really found something very bad 😥 .

He was my Fav. scientist and we have lost them.

I don’t have words for them they are genius of this era.

I really like him and know them due to my interest in physics and space. I read their article in newspapers and watch them on National Geography and Discovery science channel on TV.

3. Google Suggest

Google suggest is the result of search related to our entered search query.

At the bottom of Google search result page, Google also shows some related search query. this is another best way to find what is going on trend on Google.

SEO Keyword Planner Tools

Here we can see Google has suggested 8 more search query related to our entered search query that was “keyword tool”.

4. Google Search

Google Search engine suggest some search queries while we start entering words on the Google address bar.

This is the related search query that most people search on Google.

When I search by keyword tool and hit space between these words I found my keyword here.

SEO Keyword Planner Tools

this suggests not long tail keywords but it gives an idea of next article focus word.

5. SERPs

SERP is a collection of Freemium SEO tools for keyword research and analysis tool And after google keyword planner SERP is my fav. keyword planner tool for finding keywords.

It has keyword research database free SEO tool that find keyword according to our entered keyword.

it also shows keywords with their search volume, CPC cost and value.

Here I search for my keyword and the result are:

SEO Keyword Planner Tools

After Entering words verify that you are not a robot.

And it will show keyword search result with volume, CPC and value yet I don’t know about value but we can select our keyword according to volume and CPC cost.

SEO Keyword Planner Tools

Here we can save keywords and download them as CSV. this is the best way to save multiple keywords.

Another Tool of SERP
  • Keyword Rank Checker –Spot check global and local rankings
  • Keyword Research Database – A free, blazing fast tool for keyword research

  • Google Location Changer – Spot check global and local rankings.

6. KeywordTool.io

KeywordTool.io is Freemium keyword planner tool for find keywords.

It also gives some options to find a keyword with country and language.

SEO Keyword Planner Tools

With this Keyword Tool, you can also find keyword for your

  • Youtube –  Video title and description
  • Bing – Search engine keywords like Google
  • Amazon – For Amazon sellers to selling Item Title & Description.
  • eBay – eBay seller to selling Item Title & Description.
  • App Store – Mobile App Marketing for Android developer

7. Others Post Title

Others post title, 😯 Yes!

When we search on Google related to our new post idea, every time we see popular blogs are always on top and let’s think why they are on top.

Because they have good SEO as well as Good On Page SEO.

And if I have to write Good On Page SEO it means focus keyword inside their Title, Slug & Headings and as a blogger or geeky we can easily find their focus keyword I am not saying 100% accurate but an idea about their focus keyword. 😀

Free Keyword Planner Tool To Make Killer SEO #blogging #SEO #blog #wordpress #google
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Remember: Where to Add Focus Keyword in Post

  1. Inside Post title tag
  2. Inside Post slug(URL)
  3. Inside The first paragraph of the post
  4. Inside The first H2 heading of the post
  5. Post image ALT text
  6. Post Featured Image Title & ALT text

And I have added my focus keyword all upper points you can check.

The Density of my focus keyword ‘keyword planner tool‘ in this post is 1.1% or 12times keyword write.

Here’s below my another cornerstone article about how to use Yoast SEO keyword in right way and how to deal with multiple keywords even if you are using a free version of Yoast SEO.

Yoast SEO Focus Keyword Ultimate Setup that make jackpot

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