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If you want to create a website you need some web hosting service to lay the foundation. And is one of many web hosting services you can choose from. Here is the review.

Founded in 1998 as a domain name register, has since expanded and now is one of the world’s largest web hosting and domain providers.

They specialize in affordable shared hosting but offer plans for VPS hosting as well. Moreover, will provide you with email, storage, and other tools to get you started for pretty cheap prices. But do they live up to customers’ expectations?

So, let’s take a look at web hosting and domain name registration services, and see whether they are worth it or not. Review

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    1. Pros of

    Web hosting service provided by has many tools to set up an entry-level online destination however, it lacks some advanced levels of hosting a growing site might want.’s offerings include domain name services, web hosting, SSL certificates, email, digital marketing, and web design.


    1.1. Easy Setup

    When it comes to setup, provides many tools to build a site. In a short amount of time, you’ll be able to build a website that is attractive and may include social media links, contact forms, etc. thanks to the drag-and-drop function. 

    They also support WordPress powered websites in an easy process, when once installed you can install plug-ins and create posts as usual. is actually optimized to boost WordPress performance, therefore, allow automatic plug-ins and software updates.


    1.2. Domain Service

    To get your website up and efficiently running with you’ll get plenty of features besides your domain name. Such as URL and email forwarding, transfer lock, and DNS management.’s domain service is one of the best available as it doesn’t charge for the add ons to the website like many other web hosting services.

    Especially, in the long run, paying for the add ons can add up, so having addons included can improve your growth from the start.


    1.3. Premium Domains

    Another thing you can get with is premium domains. As many domains have already been used, getting a premium one can benefit you, make your site stand out, and having a unique name is great for small businesses.’s users are able to find premium domain names and register them right away to get the website up and running.

    The domain name itself doesn’t need to be complicated, but if you find a premium one, it helps to drive traffic to the website.


    1.4. Prices

    The pricing plans are very affordable and probably as cheap as you can find for hosting. VPS plans can be purchased monthly but shared hosting and WordPress plans can only be purchased for 1, 2, or 3 years. 

    Shared hosting is offered in three plans – Basic, Deluxe, and Ultra. All of the plans have unlimited storage and free SSL.

    While the Basic plan offers hosting for 1 domain, with the other two plans you can have unlimited websites. So if you’re looking for unlimited plans in every aspect, it’ll be the best choice to go with the Ultra one, which costs $165 yearly.




    Keep in mind that shared hosting plans have the same renewal price as the introductory price, but VPS hosting and WordPress renewal rates will be higher than the introductory one.


    1.5. Security

    As mentioned earlier,’s hosting plans come with free security features. Apart from SSL certificates, you’ll also get a password-protected directory.

    The SSL certificate is important to keep online transactions and interactions private and give customers confidence. 


    1.6. Email Service

    With you can get a custom email for the website, so your brand name can be used as your email address. offers emails on two platforms Gmail and Microsoft 365. 



    Microsoft 365 starts at a price of $2.99 per month and offers three different plans to choose from. Gmail on the other hand has only one plan that costs $6 per month.



    This feature helps upgrade your email system. The setup is easy and email can be accessed from any device.


    1.7. Marketing Service

    If you just started with your business, getting the traffic you desire can be difficult. offers premium marketing services that can help the business to grow. 

    It works with Search Engine Optimization, Google Apps, Search Engine Marketing, so it’s perfect for people that have a harder time marketing their website.

    The marketing service will definitely benefit and help your website appear at the top of a Google search.


    1.8. Customer Service is always there for you with 24/7 technical support through the phone or chat. They are ready to assist you with the onboarding process on how to get your domain name and email set up so it can run quickly.


    2. Cons of

    When looking at web hosts, there is not one that is just perfect. Every web hosting platform has some great offers and some downsides. This also applies to

    Now let’s take a look at what is not so good about


    2.1. No Uptime Guarantee

    One of the most important aspects when it comes to hosting services is website uptime. It’s basically about keeping the site ‘live’ for the majority of the time.

    If the website is down, users won’t be able to find and access your service or product, And no one wants that.

    Even though for some users of uptime is poor, others have no problem with it. The issue here is that does not guarantee the website’s uptime, nor they provide any data about performance or uptime history.

    As users have different experiences with uptime, it’s hard to see a clear picture or claim that it works all the time.


    2.2. No Monthly Plans

    They don’t offer monthly plan subscriptions, instead, you have to go with an annual plan. And there is no option of saving money by signing up for a longer plan, the price will be the same whether you choose a 1 or 3 years plan.

    This actually might be an issue for someone who doesn’t want to commit to a year-long plan or would rather split the payment over the year.


    2.3. No Privacy

    Unfortunately, if you want your personal information hidden from the public, you have to pay for it. Otherwise, your all private information will be revealed and that can lead to problems. Even though it’s not ideal it’s better to pay for it and keep your information private.


    2.4. Cost for Extras

    Basic plans have pretty affordable prices but they don’t offer tons of features. For example, if you want to port a URL to, it will be for a transfer fee.

    Many times you can even find yourself in need of upgrading the plan because you might need more than 100 email addresses or over the limit of pages and products for your e-commerce website. 


    Conclusion has a lot of likable things like e-commerce tools, customer service, and easy setup. It offers numerous plans to grow your business, and tools that help you succeed. 

    Even though there are some minor disadvantages, it still appears to be one of the best web hosting sites available. All the tools to get you started are available and the plans include many add ons. 

    Overall, provides reliable and inexpensive basic web hosting. If you were looking for something like that you found it.

    The lack of advanced features and uptime guarantee makes it not suitable for high-traffic websites or professionals who need more advanced options.

    Hopefully, this review helped to make a decision on whether this web hosting service is the one you’ll go for!

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