15 Best Article Rewriter & Article Spinner Tools for Content Creation.

List of Best, Online, Free & Paid Article Duplicator Tools.

Create New and Unique content with these Best Article Rewriter and Article Spinner tools ✅ which Free Online tools. In this post, we’ve ➡️ shared 15 best free & paid content spinner tool 🔥 which will help in blogging & business.

Article Rewriter or Spinner tools create the same content using other writer content. which saves your time and money both.

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Free Article Rewriter Tools


Best Article Spinner Tools


Online Article Rewriter Tools

Are you getting bored now in writing a good number of unique content for your website?

And looking for the best article rewriter tool or article spinner tools. 😯

If yes, then you are in the right place. In this article, I will provide you with a list of best article Spiner and article Rewriter tool that will help you in your blogging career.



No doubt, if you are a professional blogger or a beginner, you need these tools for SEO benefit of your blog/website.

I am also using article rewriter tools for creating PBN’s, and as per my own experience, I am writing this article. I also put some best tips at the end of this article, which will definitely help you in your blogging journey, so read this article till the end.

Being a professional blogger, knowing the importance of time, so without wasting it, let begin with the article.



What is an Article Rewriter?

An Article Rewriter is a software, which generates tons of unique content in an automated manner.

Article Rewriter consists of many algorithms, which will make the high-quality articleplagiarism-free, human-understandable content and even search engines can’t mark them as spam articles.

Many SEO experts use this tool for the guest posting of articles so they can get many backlinks for their websites.

Many people say that it is bad practice.

But the truth is,

It is really effective when done correctly with the best article rewriter tool.

Do article Rewriter work?

As per my own experience, yes it works very well when you use it perfectly. This is very helpful when you are starting your new website, which requires tons of content to rank on Google.

Writing new counter using Content rewrite is not enough, you also have to work on making your Title catchy and creative. Take a look at my below post which have best Tools for creative Catchy Blog Titles.


Benefits of Article Rewriting:

Here are some benefits or best use of article spinner tools.

  • Create Guest Post Content
  • For a MicroNiche Blog
  • Create a New PBN
  • Write a High-Competetive but necessary article
  • Showcase Business Sites
  • Marketers & Paid-Ads Landing Page



15 Best Article Rewriter & Spinner Tools (Free & Paid)

Here are 15 Best Article Spinner and Rewriter Tools:

1. Word AI

It also comes under one of the top best article rewriter tools.

It is capable of generating content with the same readability as it uses artificial intelligence to understand the content. With the help of this tool, you are able to create an unlimited number of human-readable content within seconds.

The articles generated by wordAI is 100% unique and not a single search engine can mark the content as spam content.

The best part of this tool is, it understands the complete meaning of the sentence and then put synonyms accordingly.

As per my own research, I got to know that, it can understand the intent and idea of the content, and then it creates high-quality content. Like other tools, it also supports other languages, hence you can rewrite content in any language.

Word AI comes with 2 plan-

  1. Monthly plan – $49.95/month
  2. Yearly plan – $347/month

Both the plans come with 3 days free trial.



2. The Best Spinner

It is one of the smartest and best paid article rewriter tool or software which rewrites your article in a single click.

It is an artificial intelligence-based article spinner tool that creates a type of content which is easily understandable by humans.

This tool provides you generated articles in just a few seconds, which anyone can read and understand

The best rewriter provides a 100% plagiarism-free article.

Even google can’t mark it as a duplicate content.It rewrites your articles in such a manner that will not match with the original content. The best part of this tool is, it can rewrite articles in 15 other languages.

The best rewriter comes with three premium plans-

Basic plan – $67/year

Standard plan – $126/year

Pro plan- $247/year

Visit | Best Spinner v4


3. Cleaver Spinner

It is also one of the best articles rewriter tool, it works on advance artificial intelligence for processing of natural language and spins articles as a human write content.

It comes with 3 days trial, that the big reason why you should try this software now.

It can rewrite both word and phrase-level also, It can rewrite a whole sentence.

As most of the Article rewriter tool uses the wrong synonym, clever rewriter use AI and add the perfect synonym of the word and gives you the best article which can be easily understandable by humans.

The generated articles provided by clever rewriter isnot only unique but also look like written by a professional author with good English skills.

During writing article, you also have to focus on On-Page SEO which will make more sense being the content. For this, you can take a look at my short guide.

You can rewrite Multiples .txt file at once or also use API to do the same.

After your trail of 3 days you can get this tool at a cost of $9.9 per month.

Visit | Cleaver Rewriter


4. SpinRewriter

This tool is very popularly in the blogging industry. It uses ELN technology to provide you with unique content.

Spin Rewriter

It is interesting to note that, from our research, we got that the article generated by spin rewriter might be rank higher in search results.

This tool provides you hundreds of 100% unique with meaningful content.

For your trust, you can match both the content side by side so you will get the best idea of how unique article is generated.

The best part of this tool is– it offers you a feature to integrate relevant images between the paragraphs.

This tool supported on all devices and all the syntax styles, so you can select from them as per your need.

SpinRewriter is available in 3 plans-

  1. Monthly – $47/month
  2. Yearly – $197/month
  3. Life – $495 one time payment

Visit | Spin Rewriter


5. Spinner Chief

This tool is designed to create an unlimited number of unique articles in a few minutes.

It uses Artificial intelligence and natural language analysis techniques for a better understanding of the content.

The content generated by rewriterChief is 100% unique, human-readable and google cant understand as well.

This is the only tool which is available in both the formats i.e. desktop as well as web version. The web version contains all the features same as a desktop version.

You can use this tool in any platform as it can run in android, windows, iPad and MacBook. You can access both the versions with a one-time purchase.

rewriterChief comes with advance functionality which corrects all the grammatical mistakes automatically.

This tool is available with a price of $547 for lifetime use.



6. Chimp Rewriter

Chimp Rewriter is another best article rewriter tool, it uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to understand the text better.


It can spin your articles within seconds and the generated article will be easily understandable by humans.

It uses advance features like AI and NLP to generate 100% plagiarism-free article.

Best best of this tool is, it supports almost all the languages. You can spin your article in any language and grammatical errors should be taken into consideration, so the article will be pure and well rewritten.

It can be integrated from any other content-generating tool like Kontent-machine, GSA search engine ranker, ultimate demon and many more.

It is available in 2 plansmonthly plan which is available in $15/month and annual plan which is available in $99/month. Both the plans come with 14 days trial.

Visit | chimp Rewriter


7. SmallSEOtool Article Rewriter

This is a free and very popular tool in blogging industry which is used for generating automated or spin content. It is the best and Free Article Rewriter tool.

It can only change the wording of the content but the meaning of the content is still the same.

This tool is mainly designed to help newbie blogger and webmasters for their use.

The articles generated by this tool is fully unique and human understandable, search engines will also love your content.

This tool used by thousands of blogger in today’s world. The tool constantly updating their tool so that they can provide the best result to their users.

SmallSEOTool provides so many Free SEO and website tool. Free Tools helps a beginner to build his fortune. So here I’ve also shared some Best Free SEO & Blog Tools:

As this tool is completely free you can use it anytime anywhere.

Visit | Small SEO Tool


8. Spinbot

This is also one of the best article spinner tools for generating new unique content, it is mainly used by SEO professionals so that they can get more and more backlinks.

It is a free tool, it does not have any advance options for generating content. They have their subscription which only removes add and capta.

It’s a Freemium tool, so they come with lots of restrictions, you can buy their subscription for better use.

Using this tool you will be able to regenerate the max of 10,000 characters at once.

Their subscription comes with 3 plans

  1. Monthly plan – $10/month.
  2. Half-year plan – $50 for 6 months
  3. Yearly plan – $75 per year.

Visit | Spin Bot


9. Spinner Chief

This tool is the best alternative of wordAI, it uses artificial intelligence and the natural processing algorithm which creates 100% unique, High quality and human-readable articles.

Spinner-Chief article rewriter

Spin Rewriter generates best and quality articles with automated texts and smooth settings.

The best feature of this tool is, it uses an algorithm of emulated natural language which helps in analysing the intent and meaning of your content.

It also integrates with numbers of SEO and content marketing tools including copy scape.

Spin Rewriter comes with two plans-

  1. Monthly – $47/month.
  2. Annually – $197/month.

Now due to special offers, it is available in only $77 for one year including 5 days free trial.

Visit | Spin Rewriter


10. PrepostSEO

It’s in another free software for article rewriting. It is mostly used by newbie bloggers.

In this tool, you can generate unlimited number of contents without any limit. You can generate articles from just uploading you Doc, PDF or TXT file.

You can also use this tool by simply copying you text and pasting it into their toolbox.

The prepostSEO is a 100% free tool, and not comes with any type of subscription plan also.

Visit | PrepostSEO


11. SEO tool station

SEO tool station is also one of the free and online spinning articles tool.

If you don’t have money to investI will recommend you this tool or smallseotools because they spin any article into human understandable content.

If you want to use this tool, you can go to their website, copy the original content and paste it into their text box, and you will get the best-generated article within just a second.

And you no need to pay any price for getting a spin article, as it is free. And also does not comes with any subscription plan.

Seo tool station will scan your content and replace the best synonym, so the generated article will be human-understandable.

visit | sEO Tool Station


12. Content professor

This tool helps you to generate thousand of spin articles for the purpose of promotion, distribution and for gathering backings. This Free and Online Article Spinner tool allows you to create unlimited content fast and unique.

Using this tool, you can generate articles for guest post and generate thousand of backlinks for your website.

This tool is much user friendly and you can easily import the generated content to your own database.

Like other tools, it also supports multiple languages, hence you can spin your article in any language.

This tool is mainly used by SEO specialist for gathering backlinks so that they can easily rank higher on search results.

Visit | Content Professor


13. Ezarticle link

This is another popular tool in the blogging industry for spinning articles which is completely free.

It has powerful backlinks building and article syndication system which is very unique in itself.

Using this tool you can get unlimited of a number of generated content which will help you to publish similar articles for completely free.

You will also get lots of backlinks which will help your website to rank higher on search results.

The best feature of this tool is auto article syndication, auto-linking to related articles, content-based backlinks, auto dead link checker and many others.

Visit Site


14. Free-Article-Spinner

Free Article Spinner is a completely free and online rewriting tool. You just need to enter your text in a submit box and check I’m not a robot then this tool will create a new pinned content.

Because it is a free tool, so it only works on the principle of synonyms. It changes the word with its synonym and fixes it in your language.

Visit Site


15. Plagiarisma

Plagiarisma offers a variety of content writing tools including Plagiarism checker, grammar checker and article rewarding. It is also a Free & Paid Content spinner online tool. But you can also use it as Free without any signup.

So this tool is a bit simple and faster even in its free version, but if you want more features and unique content you can subscriber for their monthly plans.

Visit Site


Wrap it up with Best & Online Article Rewriter Tools

Creating each time new content is expensive and make you tired. But we also know the importance of fresh and unique content but sometimes we need content of few lines just for show.

Yes, many businesses who create websites just for showcase not for SEO or organic traffic. They can easily use these Content Rewriter & Spinner tools. Same as Marketers who work on Paid Ads, don’t put many efforts on SEO and they don’t need fresh unique content. They can also use these Article rewrite tools.

But if you’re a Bloggers and Depend on Organic traffic, it can be a bit risky for you. But to overcome from it you can create content in a good ration, like new and unique content can be 60%-70% and rewriter content can be 40%-30%. So it won’t hard your SEO badly.

ever ever go with free article Rewriter, it won’t help you in your ranking even you will catch by their bots and they will mark your content as spam content.

Google bots are getting much smarter now.

Always remember one thing, if you do not value your customers, customers will not value you, and you will dis rank from Google.

Always try to understand users intent, and then make your content accordingly by using the best article rewriter tool or article spinner tools.

At last, I would like to say that, be smart, tons of money waiting for you.

Thanks for reading this article and giving a part of your precious time


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