Best SEO Tactics for Blogs 2020: 13 Ways to Impress Google SERP

Apply new SEO Tactics on your WordPress Blog to Drive more Traffic.


An SEO strategy only takes effect when all the tasks/functions involved are aimed at improving the overall quality of the website or the web presence of the brand (for long-term). Best SEO Tactics for Blogs provides you best rank in SERP and drive traffic.

SEO Techniques for Blogs come in different forms because the focus of the approach is always necessary to address the site/business to be able to compete.

Let’s Impress Google and get a Good Rank on SERP.  😎

Best SEO Tactics for Blogs 2019 that work is not easy to find out you need to work hard on a Blog or a Website to get the attention of Google SERP, On Page SEO and OFF Page SEO are the biggest factor of this.

What is SEO Tactic?

You All know what is SEO.

But when it comes to SEO Tactics?  💡

How would you like to define this? Well As me It is great tips and tricks that work for a blog post to get them a better result on Google SERP as well Traffic. Because Both things are corresponding to each other and work together.

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Every year some new SEO Tactics Introduce here in 2019 We have to work on Some new SEO Strategies to increase traffic, keep maintain our rank and rank our new Articles.

12 Best SEO Tactics for Blog 2019

Here are I’ve shared some of best SEO Tactics of 2019 to get your Blog post in the top of SERP, To Rank your new Blog post.

I’ve divided them into categories and sub-category to understand them better and your works on blog or cPAnelwill become easy.

1. Technical Optimization

On the one hand, SEO and content tips, it is absolutely necessary to have a solid website, without worrying about any technical problem. It is being said that, here are some tips and techniques to help you make sure that your website is equal.

1.1 Switch to HTTPS

First of all, make yourself a favour and switch to HTTPS, the most widely used, secure version of the old HTTP web protocol. HTTPS is a secure version of HTTP.

This is a great practice that will help your website promote its SEO presence, stay safe, and make it difficult to break down malicious parties and take advantage of your website.

1.2 AMP for Mobile

The AMP, or Quick Mobile Page, started in the form of Google Supported Back Open Initiative to allow publishers to easily create responsive, mobile-optimized content.

1.3 Budget Money for Crawlers

To make sure that Google is crawling your favourite pages, and not those pages which do not appear in its index, turn to crawl programs like Deep crawl or Boty. These SEO crawler programs are similar to Google’s own crawler and will give you an overview of how your page will perform in SEO ranking.

1.4 Fix 404 errors

Compared to a 404 error, your website will rapidly drown in search rankings, when a search engine cannot find the desired web page and leads to a dead end. You are interested in fixing these broken or missing pages and can re-engage your users as soon as possible.

2. Local SEO and listings

In the digital age, it is easy to forget that people still go to physical shops and establishments. True, they can use online resources for research, but in real life, a lot of commerce is still organized. If you have a brick-mortar business, you want to be profitable, you cannot ignore local SEO and listings.

Best New SEO Tactics 2019
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Local SEO is one of Best SEO Tactics for Blogs or a Local Business because from here you won’t only get backlinks even you also get Target traffic.

2.1 Improving your listing

As powerful as a search engine such as Google or Bing, they cannot still be everywhere together and have to rely on additional information from sources of local, ground, which gather, collect and submit data relevant to the area businesses…

2.2 Technical SEO for Local

Taking technical SEO for a local search engine is a common procedure.

You are questioning the point of optimization of local search engines, especially considering Google’s undisputed dominance of the search scenario. Nevertheless, local search engines are still extremely useful.

3. Guest posting

Guest blogging is a method used by bloggers to increase traffic to blogs where they write posts to be published on any other blog.

A few years ago this method was deemed dead due to all spammy content and paid links. However, this is no longer true. Unless the blog post contains original and high-quality content, Google will not penalize you. Just be sure to avoid copy and used multiple times content.

You can Also write a Guest Post on Web Tech Preneur.

4. Building Backlink

best seo tactics for blogs
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Regardless of what you’ve heard, making Backlinks(Wiki) is still important for good rankings.

According to Google, the link is still the # 1 factor to determine search rank. , “Ranking without links is really, really difficult.”

Off Page SEO and Building backlinks are the biggest ranking factor for any post or site When Google crawls your site and found your post link and main domain links on different places it starts giving your high ranking.

What has changed if you want good results, you have to make backlinks. Low-quality links that are easily spam-blog comments paid links etc. – are no longer working and can actively harm your site.

5. Focus on topics instead of keywords

Google is developing and its algorithm is also there. Its purpose is to understand the intent of users now: what the users expect, what they are looking for, and more specifically, which searches results will best help answer their query.

The biggest SEO strategy of 2059 does not only focus a single keyword instead of this focus on multiple relevant keywords that indicate towards your post, for this you can use Google keywords panner or Google search Suggestion.

best New SEO techniques 2019

5.1 Know your target audience

The type of content you make will depend on your audience. The better you know them – their location, age, and likes – the better the content you create (and better you’re SEO).

5.2 Research Keywords- And Use Less

At the same time, the keyword still matters. Organizing the content is very important, but ignoring the keywords completely is a mistake because they work as Google’s spiders as signposts, point to topics and the nature of the content on the website Indicate in

6. Improve engagement in improving ranking

Simply put, the engagement is the ability to catch the user’s attention. In SEO terms, this is a measure of the time spent on one page.

Although Google has not officially announced it, there is evidence that this search engine rewards strong user engagement sites with huge high page ranking.

According to the research done by the Word Stream, there is a certain correlation between the page’s bounce rate and its organic condition. The higher the surge rate of a web page, the fewer searches will rank.

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Google’s argument is that if a user spends more time on a page, then perhaps it is because the page looks useful. And since Google only wants to provide the best possible results to its users, it will push sites with a strong engagement in search engine results pages.

6.1 Make your existing pages longer

A recent study by Backlink was concluded that the higher the content, the greater the likelihood of ranking at the top of the SERP.

However, writing 2,000+ words for each blog post is not for everyone; this is a deep, time-consuming process. Instead, it is easy to take a page from 1,200 words to 2,000 words to go from 0 words to 2,000 words.

The existing content already has authorization and an established reader. Instead of writing something entirely from scratch, Google is already performing well, refresh it with updated information and additional content, and rely on existing signals to rank for the conditions.

7. Focus on YouTube SEO

YouTube video ranks far more in the top 10 of Google search than any other type of video. According to Forbes, YouTube is also the second most popular search engine, with over 3 billion searches per month, crossing Bing, Yahoo and AOL combined.

Focusing on YouTube SEO will make your website reach the first page on Google and you will also get traffic from YouTube. Result? Traffic with the same content twice.

8. Catchy Blog Titles

After the RankBrain Algorithm, if your Post is getting more clicks on SERP and it is ranking at down of SERP, Algorithm will start giving it a high ranking due to the highest percentage of CTR.

So if you write Catchy Blog Titles you will start getting higher ranki9ng, for this you can also use Catchy Blog Title Generator Tools. To make your title notice.

9. Write SEO Friedly Post

Writing is important, it matters high on SEO.

On-Page SEO is the first SEO Tactic for Blog because google the first crawl your Blog then work on other factors. The primary key to getting high SERP result is Writing SEO friendly articles and focus more on On-Page SEO.

For this, you can use Yoast SEO that is SEO guide Plugin for WordPress.

Wrap NEW SEO Tactics 2019

These are the best SEO Tactics for blogs in 2019 to get high rank in SERP, I believe that these SEO Tactics will work for your Blog or Website and you will be noticed by Google.

seo tactics for blogs 2019

That time there are lots of SEO Factors in Blogging but if you only consider right and new tactics with a passion and do your best in these tactics, you will automatically get a better result. There are many SEO tactics that you should avoid like hidden text, keywords stuffing and spamming links.

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