20 Catchy Blog Title Generator for Articles 2020 [++ CTR & Traffic]

Best Catchy Headline Generator tools for your next Article.

A title is a primary factor to get clicks from SERP here are some tested and best blog title generators to make catchy headlines for articles. you can also use these catchy headlines generator for essay and news.

Build your SEO optimized titles for clicks.

Now content is the only thing that can provide you with visitors & an audience. 💡

To get visitors, first, you need to make your blog title catchy.

And for this, you can get help from below 20 best article headlines generator to build catchy blog titles.

Are you looking for: 🙄

Creative Title Generator for blogs?


Catchy Article Headline Generator?

You have landed on the right page which has 20+ best title generators for blogs.

For this article, I have personally tested these article title generators to create new catchy headlines.


 catchy blog title generator tools web tech preneur bloggingYou can use these below Tools as:

  • Title generator for blogs
  • Book title generators
  • Title generator for story
  • Youtube title generator
  • Blog post title generator
  • Essay title generator
  • Title generator for a research paper

There are many ways where you can use these title generators for creating titles, headlines or any attractive line.

Article Title Generator gives lots of ideas to find out Catchy Headlines and SEO Optimized Titles.

Title of a post is a primary factor of traffic on the blog, A attractive and creative title catch audience’s attraction towards your blog. so here some of the best Blog Title Generators that can make post titles easily for your next post that gets clicks and make traffic.


How Blog Post Title Affect SEO?

A good Catchy Blog Titles helps you to get visitors from SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages) as well as from social media, blog submission sites and from everywhere where your URLs exits.

Click on the page from SERPs increase your CTR(Click Through Rate).  😮 you can check & analyze your CTR at Google Analytics.

Do you know: Google’s latest search algorithm RankBrain take CTR as an important factor to rank a page.

So now you got is, how important is making good titles.

SEO factor: did you know, the first search result on Google gets 33% traffic while the second gets 18%. and if you have great CTR & Dwell Time(Avg Time spend by a user on-site) your chance to become on top of SERP increases. and If a website page is at the top of SERPs it gets more traffic and now you have a better SEO than.

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Why should you Write Creative Post Title?

A good post headline gets users attraction towards the post and it increases website traffic that first wishes of making a site.

As well a creative post title gets clicks from SERPs that increases your organic traffic and CTR. both the factors increase your SEO in certain ways and the chance of showing your page at top of SERP increases. it starts giving you more organic traffic.

Even if you’re starting a new blog you need these tools so you can get more clicks.

But the definition of great content starts from the great post title so its time to add some spices to the title to make this tasty and delicious.  😛

Here is the list of our spices that we must add to our title.

  • Attractive – To make it Different in the Crowd.
  • Catchy – To make Likeable.
  • Powerful Words – To Show Confidence.
  • Emotional Words – To make a feeling.
  • Common & Uncommon Words – To show this title come from this planet but by a different way.

Before start countdown of blog post title generator, let me inform you.

To test all these tools

I choose “Blog Title Generator” perhaps to get more new Title Ideas.

And the result that I got from generator tools are also mentioned, so you can check and get your best title generator for essay or blogs.


20 Catchy Title and Headline Generators

here is List of 20 best title generators for blogs to create catchy headlines.

1. Title Generator

Title Generators is my one of favourite Catchy Blog Post Title Generator because it can create 700 blog titles with one signal word or keyword. 😮

It also adds some spices to blog title that make the title more attractive and chance to click on them increases. it gives you catchy, emotional, Ad campaign and emails titles based on your submitted keyword.

catchy free blog title generator tools

I take a test drive of this tool and enter blog title generator as my keywords and it shows me 300 titles in its first page less than in 1 minute. it is really impressive because in this less time it gives me emotional and powerful headlines that are lovable to me and you.  🙂

Here are some of the results of this Title Generator Tool on my keyword.

book title generator

So if you are looking for a free, faster and valuable title generator tool this can be a great opportunity for you.

Title Generator


2. FatJoe Title Generator

Let’s move on another tool, that is FatJoe Title Generator tool.

It gives you 110  sexy blog titles ideas relevant to the single keyword in free and it is unlimited to use. it gives 10 titles instantly and next 100 titles inside mail via a text file. ok, that’s fine… 😀

SEO title generator

When I entered my keyword Title Generator and click on Need Content?

it gives me 10 best titles in seconds on the same webpage that are really impressive. after some scroll I found a button written Generate 100 More Titles and I again click on it because I want to explore more it for me and for you,  then an email popup generator and I entered my email address correctly.

tumbler blog title generator

After sometime when I check my Gmail I found here a FatJoe mail and here is a text file inside mail with a welcome message. I opened this and I get 100 new Blog Post Titles based on my submitted keyword. 😎

catchy blog title generator

FatJoe Blog Title Generator


3. Linkbait Title Generator

This tool is another best story title generator because it shows possible results as it can. It shows a result relevant to submit keyword. You can also use this tool as a book title generator using keywords.

essay title generator free online

To check this tool, I entered my keyword Blog Title Generator and click on Get Link Bait. it shows me 25 search results and every title comes with the keyworAlthoughugh Titles are not more attractive for a blogger but it gives an idea of how you can design your post title.

Link Bait Title Generator


4. SEOPressor Post Title Generator

The next article headline generator is SEOPressor Generator.

free blog title generator online

Here is again a free SEO Title generator to get some free fresh titles ideas. it provides an endless suggestion of blog titles, eye catchy titles, and other creative blogging topics. as most title generator it accepts the only single word.

yes it says endless suggestion but it has a limit of showing these suggestions, it shows only 3 titles ideas on a webpage or at a time. but after click on Generetare more titles it shows next 3 title ideas repeat it again and again… I hope you get your headline soon.  💡

Here down I have mentioned an image of suggested titles by SEOPressor Title Generator.

catchy free blog title generator tools

But one thing that I like about this tool, it gives me a free eBook named “Essential Guide To Writing Magnetic Content” in return of email address that is all about how to write attractive content on the website that doesn’t give a chance to your visitors to feel boring. 😕  you can also get this for free.

SEO Pressor Title Generator



Hubspot’s blog idea tool gives you best and trending titles relevant to your entered 3 nouns. and at a one time, it shows up to 5 titles result and again clicks on the refresh button it shows next 5 tiles.

Yes, 3 Nouns 😀

3 Nouns mean you can enter 3 different words at the same time and it shows all possible headlines that come with these 3 words. so instead of changing words, again and again, it makes your work easy by adding 3 words at a single time.

Note: it doesn’t add all 3 words in a single title

For example:

article title generator

Here below I have entered my same keyword at 2 noun forms & leave blank 3rd noun form, now take a look at results by HubSpot.

catchy free blog title generator tools

Here you can see 5 results of Hubspot title generator & my both words appear in the result titles. the blog word comes in 3 titles and title generator word comes in 2 titles. but they are not together in any title. 😥

Hubspot show me possible titles with words and each title is ok ok… not so more attractive or not catchy but ok. we can use.

HubSpot Blog Topic Generator


6. Topical Brainstorm

Topical Brainstorm another best catchy title generator tool really.

For a single keyword, it provides me with many titles and most of them title are creative. it accepts only one keyword as most tools and totally free to use. Use this article title generator to get more ideas.

You can get some best list of keyword suggestions and also attractive headlines without having any strain. Here all you have to do is insert your topic keyword and hit enter and results are great with catchy titles.

Blog Title Generator

To test this tool I submit my keyword in the form and click on find. I get surprised after seeing titles on the result page.

Blog Title Generatorbook title generator using keywords

There are more than 100+ titles without any email popup or any kind of request and it also shows some titles in the category that make this process easier and a lot of more extra title to explore more about title idea. this tool really impressed me. 😀

Topical Brainstorm Title Maker


7. BacklinkGenerator’s Article Title Generator

Another last best Blog Headline Generator that gives pre-made headlines relevant to a single keyword. it is also a free tool from backlink generator.

This article title generator tool gives you instant 15 new title ideas.

To test this tool I entered my keyword you know what I have entered. 😉

catchy article headline generator

And it shows me 231 headlines with my entered keyword really it is a huge amount of headlines. so its time to take a look at headlines and most of the headlines are worst for me…..

oooppss 🙁 because most of the headlines don’t make any sense that I can use on my blog.

Yeah but these headlines give me some unique ideas and a different way of thinking that surely helpful for me in future while I will again thinking about post titles.

Backlink Title Generator


8. Blog Title Generator by IMPACT

This blog Titles Generator tool is provided by Impact with a great user interference that makes use of this tool for easy and appealing. This blog post title generator tool is something different from upper tools this works in a new way.

Instead of pre-made titles based on your submitted keyword, it gives you a title template with blank space. In these blank space, you can add your word and numbers.

Blog Title Generator

Here in the image, you can see that it gives me a lot of title templates with some blank space, in this blank space, we can add keyword and can replace already written numbers with new numbers.

By clicking on heart icon this title can be saved, for new title template again click on the refresh icon button. your new fresh title template is ready to be your post title.

Impactbnd | Visit tool


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9. Portent Title Maker

After some pre-build headlines, this title maker gives you just a single Title,  but this single title expresses all the value of words.

It doesn’t provide you single headline it provides new headlines when we click on the refresh icon button. After clicking on this button this shows a new title.

To check this title how it works I enter my same keyword here and click. it shows me a title with the expression of every word that is written in the title to understand what kind of this title and where you can use this.

here below is a screenshot of the result based on my entered keyword.

Catchy Headings Tools

For Best Result on this

  • Don’t capitalize keywords (except proper nouns)
  • Use the singular version of your keyword
  • Revise the result to create your own fantastic (grammatically correct) headline

Portent Title Maker


10. Link Bait Generator

This tools first give you suggestion about titles but it also has an option of replacing a word by your keyword in a sample title. that make a title ideal for your post.

catchy title generator

After one time entering your keyword, it shows you all possible titles on its next click. here in this image, my keyword is blog title and it replaces exit word from the sample title with my keyword.

Grab a post title and start writing.

Link Bait Generator


11. BYOB’s Post Idea Generator

This idea generator only gives you an idea about a title, not a pre-made title based on your entered keyword.

SEO title generator tools

Actually, there is no form for submit a keyword, Instead of this every click on Generate blog Post Idea button it provides randomly a title template that you can be used for your next post title.

So if you are looking for just a title template you can use this tool to get some ideas about titles.

Blog Post Idea Generator


12. InboundNow Post Idea Generator

This tool also similar to the previous tool this also suggest only post title templates on every next click. by simply hit on Generate button it gives you a sample title template in this template there is blank space for numbers and your keywords.

Enter your keywords and numbers in the template and make this template live as a blog title.

But really one thing that I like about this tool, it shows me all the catchy and emotional titles that are my all-time favourite title and make sense of being a post title.

Blog Title Idea Generator Inbound Now

Here’s you can use this tool to get some new, catchy, attractive and emotional title templates. If you are not introduced to title art yet I would like to suggest you visit this site at least one time.

Inboundnow kill Writers Block


13. BuzzSumo Headline Generator

Buzzsumo headline tool doesn’t generate titles but it gives an idea about the title and we can say this, BuzzSumo provide title templates.

You can also use this tool as a story title generator based on keywords.

it provides free 51 headlines formulas after submitting an email address in a popup.

title generator for blogs

I have seen some formula that is provided by Buzzsumo and I really found them useful and we can use these title template to make our post title.

Here is Example of how Title Template works

Type: The Ultimate List Headline

Formula: [Large Number] of Ways to [Achieve an Outcome]

Example: 28 Ideas for Content Upgrades To Grow Your Email List

Sumo Headline Formulas


14. Buzzfeed Title Generator

Blog Title Generator

Buzzfeed blog title generator shows directly titles and here no option to submit a keyword.

So if you want an idea about post title and direct headlines idea you can use Buzzfeed Title Generator.

Buzzfeed Title Generator


15. Visual Title Generator

Let me introduce a new title generator, that is suggested by Catherine in the comment section.

I personally tried this generator and found it really useful so I decided to add this tool in my list. It is also similar to the above tools and working method is very simple.

To test this tool same like above catchy title generator tools…

Insert my keyword Blog Title Generator here

Blog Title Ideas Generator

Each time when we click on the Generate button.

It gives us a new catchy headline.

This tool is very easy to use and by using this you can get many ideas about your title and make them more catchy to get more traffic on your blog.

Visual Title Generator


16. Other’s Post Title

The last method to generate some catchy title, enter your keyword into google search and check search results page titles.

Pick power and emotional words from there and arrange them according to you.

I hope you get some ideas from there and this can help you to get a post title.


17. Keyword Rich Title

Yeah, If you’re confused in selecting your Blog post headline, you can create new title according to keep post keywords in a blog title.

It will make your work easy because you’re going to cover 2-3 keywords so make a keyword rich title. Like I’ve created for this post.

  • 20 Catchy Blog Title Generator For Articles [++ CTR & Traffic]

My keywords:

  • Catchy Blog Title Generators
  • Title Generator for Article

[++CTR and Traffic] is just for, get users attraction.

So after seeing this, you’d like to click on my link.


18. Human Mind

We human use 10% of our mind and by using this 10% we have kissed the moon and now our human inventions are the at the edge of the galaxy.

So making a title is not hard work for our mind we can do it easily.

I think making a title for another human is not so tougher.

We can easily do this because in our daily life we listen and speak many lines that are really impressive and get other’s attraction, then we can’t use these lines at our Blog.

if these lines can work in our daily life I sure this also work on the internet.


Wrap it, Catchy Blog Title Generators

Use above catchy title generators to create your blog post title, essay headlines, tumbler titles, new book headlines and even whatever you’re writing, you can use these article title generator to the attract users and audience towards your content.

Like these Catchy Title tools, we’ve also shared the best article rewriter tools. It will help you in writing a new article fast, simple with new content. It will save your time and money both. [Must Tried]

As you know If you’re getting good clicks from SERP and people like your content. Your rank on google will be higher mean if you’re able to drive traffic there are lots of opportunities become to drive more traffic.

But to impress people with your link, first, you need some tools.

That makes your SERP title and description elegant and catchy so users click there and rich our site.

For clicks, traffic and share a post, the post title must be creative & catchy.

A good title gets clicks as well as it also increases CTR that improve page rank and with every click on title chance of getting a high position in SERPs increase.

These blog headline generator tools can make your work easy to build title for your blog


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