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Start a WordPress Blog on Godaddy in Just $1/month [2019 Guide]

Want to be a blogger, But not sure how to start? Here's A-Z Blogging Guide for you.

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Start Blogging is really a great step, Blog not only increases your knowledge and experience It also gives you many opportunities. Here is the best way to Start a WordPress Blog with GoDaddy Hosting at a low budget and make your Dreams online.

So Here is a Complete process of How to Start a Blog with WordPress using GoDaddy Hosting.

Want to Be a Blogger?  💡 


Want to make money online? 🙂 

This Post Will helps you to Start your Money Making Blog.

This post helps you in

  • Start a WordPress Blog
  • Install WordPress on GoDaddy
  • Suggest you Right Plugins
  • Free Blogging Tools
  • Creating useful pages
  • Writing your first optimized post
  • Get traffic on Blog

Take a look at 1-10 below Steps to start your self-hosted WordPress Blog, So you can take whole Advantage of WordPress Blogging Platform.

If you ask me about blogging… 

What is Blogging?

A palace where you share knowledge, learn new things to write them on your post, do so many actions to get traffic, apply hug tactics to increase revenue and engagement, get closer to this world and lots of fun.

Really blogging increase your expertise and skills. Blogging shows you many new paths on that you never walked before. Be a blogger to find out new possibilities of life and magnify your potential.

Benefits of Start Blogging:

Blogging has a lot of advantages for biz or personally both. you can start a blog to make money or to boost your biz.

  • Express yourself and share your passion.
  • You can share your experience.
  • Enhance your biz services.
  • To make contacts with new peoples.
  • Promote your business.
  • Make money online from monetizing.

In whatever trade you’re, you must start a blog to boost your biz, enhance services and expose your observation.

I know you are so excited to start your blog, But first, we need to find out what things we need to start a blog.

What things require to start a Blog?

It is a very common question between us when we think about any new action.

  • No Technical Knowledge
  • No Computer Programming
  • Not a Huge amount of Money
  • Not a team

If I say everything no, then what’s the thing is actually required. 😼

The only one thing is required to start a blog and it is only and only you.

Yes, my dear friend! you are enough to start a Blog.

If you are ready to be a blogger then we start together our 10-minute process to make you a blogger.

How Much Blogging Cost?

Well, you can start a Blog in just $15 or $1500. it depends on you how much you want to invest in your Blog.

But in the beginning, I’d like to recommend you to invest less so here in this blog I’m going to using Godaddy WordPress Hosting to you because it is very cheap, you”ll get a FREE domain here also and It is one of most trusted hosting.

So in this tutorial, we’re going to Start a Blog with Godaddy WordPress Hosting.

That will cost you just $1/month only.  😯

I hope, now you have understood, that start blogging is very cheap and it is easy because there is no need of big investment and any kind of much technical knowledge. You can start blogging for your diversion and can also make real money with blogging.

Start a WordPress Blog With Godaddy

There are some steps that will help you to start a blog and guide you for further actions. I divided the whole process into 10 steps to understanding the things better and easily start a blog.

1. Select A Blogging Niche

The first thing that you need to start a blog, A niche.

Niche means a topic, a subject and a field in which you want to write on your blog.

If you have your own skills in a specific field and have an experience with anything, you can choose your experience in your blogging niche.

And if you are just beginner and don’t have any niche you can go with that is mostly Indian bloggers doing.

  • Tech tricks(Mostly)
  • Affiliate marketing

One last thing that I wanna say don’t get confused too much to select a niche, start with a name and write that you really want to share.

2. Get A Domain Name

After Selecting a niche its time to get a domain name.

Domain Name is the address of your blogs like facebook.com, webtechpreneur.com or etc…

Choose a domain name that is relevant to your niche or that express your vision behind the blog.
I know you’re confusing about your domain name and trying your six sense to find a kick-ass name. But in reality, it is not easy and not so hard.

Before you choose your domain name I’d love to share some domain name selecting tips with you, take a look below and proceed your mind again for a rocking domain name.

Some Tips to Choose a Domain Name

  • Select a short name
  • Add at least one keyword
  • Make it easy to type & remember
  • Avoid number & hyphens

Always Try to Choose a TLD(Top Level Domain or .com) name

I know choosing a domain name is not so easy. Even webtechpreneur.com is the third domain name that I choose for my blogging.

But I want to keep you far from this silly mistake.

Finding a domain name becomes easy if we use some tricks, like

A Crazy Process to Build a Domain Name

We are using the internet for a while and see many domains. Sometimes we found some extraordinary domain name which contains a stunning in their name.

From inspiring of some blogging site here’s I am sharing with you some crazy ideas to build your domain name.

Use a Fire Word + Niche Keyword:

hotrecipez.com, bloggingforsuccess.com

Misspelling your Niche + Fire Word:

tekhacks.com, cooltrickz.com,

Your name + Niche Keyword:

rahultricks.com, arjundigitalmarketing.com

If you also have some crazy ideas about how to make a domain name, please share with us in comments. Thanks!

but always remember one thing.
Brands get popular not due to their name, Due to their Hard Work, Passion and their Services.
You don’t need to buy domain name first, you’ll get it free while you purchase a hosting. 😀

3. Get a Website Hosting

Website Hosting is the home of your site where the content of your blog saves. And we don’t want to live in an ugly/dreadful home. So why keep your site there.

You should go with a good and reliable hosting, don’t get a cheap and slow Hosting that suck.

I hope you have heard about Godaddy before, Godaddy is one of biggest domain name registrar and hosting company. they have 75+ Million customers worldwide and manage 76+ Million domain names.

That’s the reason behind my recommendation of Godaddy Managed Hosting. To find more out more benefits of starting a blog on GoDaddy, give an eye on below topic.

Why Choose GoDaddy Hosting for Blogging?

  • GoDaddy is the biggest reliable domain name registrar
  • Starting Plan $1/month or â‚č99/month (Best for new bloggers)
  • Free domain name (it save your $9-$12)
  • Fast loading time
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • 30 Days Money back guarantee
  • You can Pay with Debit Card, Credit Card and Paypal.
  • Pay with Debit card or Online Wallets

Features of Godaddy WordPress Hosting

Godaddy WordPress Managed Hosting has a lot of features to build, manage and grow your site.

Godaddy provides you free domain name if you purchase hosting for an annual if you don’t have domain name choose the Godaddy annual plan so you can grab the free domain unless you need to pay $10 or etc to get a domain name. Godaddy(Wiki) takes care of your site so it automatically takes backup of the site and updates all the essential software of WordPress.

GoDaddy Hosting Full Features and plans

After seeing a lot of Godaddy features and advantage, It’s the right time to start a blog on Godaddy.

Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Review web tech preneur

3.1 Get Started on Godaddy

To start your fast, secure and budget blog on Godaddy you first need to visit on Godaddy. Use my link to get your free domain and hosting at $1.00, it will automatically apply a coupon code on your cart and you get a fair 80% off discount.

Get 80% Discount on GoDaddy

When you land on Godaddy hosting page you see a banner WordPress hosting with a free domain on â‚č99/month. It is a basic plan of Godaddy Hosting that is specially made for new bloggers and especially for you to start a blog on Godaddy Platform.

Start A Blog On Godaddy In India At Less Than Your JIO Recharge

To keep your be a blogger process continue.

Click on Get Started

If you wanna explore more GoDaddy Hosting plans scroll below and take a look at Godaddy plans.

Godaddy Price Plans

Godaddy has 3 price plans that made for a new blogger to a professional developer.

1. Basic Plan


  • 1 website
  • 10 GB SSD storage
  • 25,000 monthly visitors

2. Delux Plan


  • 1 website
  • 15 GB SSD storage
  • 1,00,000 monthly visitors

3. Ultimate Plan


  • 2 websites
  • 30 GB SSD storage
  • 4,00,000 monthly visitors

You can choose a plan to require your need but if you just wanna start a blog, don’t select a higher plan. In the begging, you don’t need to invest a huge amount in the blog.

I recommended you to choose Godaddy Basic Plan for the new blog. it is enough! 🙂

Basic Plan Full Features 

After clicking on get started, it will send you a page where your free domain is waiting for you.

3.2 Get your Free Domain

The next step is selecting a domain name that is proving by GoDaddy free on your annual hosting plan. I recommended you to choose a .com domain. If .com is not available than you can choose any TLD extension like .in, .co, .net and .asia

To get your free domain, enter your desired domain name on which you want to start a blog on Godaddy.

How Start A WordPress Blog On Godaddy Managed Hosting

If you already have a domain name you can skip this process, but why leave a freebie. Get it! 😉

After entering domain name click on search…

How Start A WordPress Blog On Godaddy Managed Hosting

It will show you all available domain names and if .com is not registered it”ll show on the top of the list.

Without wasting too much time, grab your winning domain name else before someone gets it.

Click on Select and Continue.

3.3 Check & Configure your Godaddy Cart

You have got selected a Hosting and your free Domain name.

It’s time to check your cart that everything is right and the total amount is worthy.

Start A Blog On Godaddy In India At Less Than Your JIO Recharge
Godaddy Cart Billing

If everything is going right you can move on next step.

3.4 Sign Up or Sign In on Godaddy

You’re reaching the final step to be a blogger process, but to get the free domain and hosting from GoDaddy you need a GoDaddy account.

How Start A WordPress Blog On Godaddy Managed Hosting

If you’re exiting customer of Godaddy click on login and enter right login credentials.

And if you’re new on Godaddy you need to create a GoDaddy account, you can create it by simply enter your new email address, username, password and a 4-digit pin.

To save your time you can sign-up or sign-in with Facebook.  💡

3.5 Enter your Billing Information

If you’re exiting user on GoDaddy you don’t need to fill billing information again.

For new users, enter your right information in fields, it is for your domain Whois record.

How Start A WordPress Blog On Godaddy Managed Hosting

You don’t need to enter your TAX information, you can leave it blank.

Save your information.

3.6 Choose a Payment Method

After filling your info it will show you some payment methods.

If you have a credit card you can directly pay.

But, If you want to pay using Debit Card, Net Banking and Wallets you can select this option and save.

How Start A WordPress Blog On Godaddy Managed Hosting

After successful checking of your cart, entering your billing information and select a payment method, it’s time to make a purchase.

Click on Complete Purchase

How Start A WordPress Blog On Godaddy Managed Hosting

It will send you on the payment page choose your payment method and enter your payment details. Pay Godaddy hosting fee to access hosting and get your free domain name. If you made it:


< Welcome to the Blogging World />


4. Build a Website & Install WordPress

After you get Godaddy Managed Hosting, Now it’s time to build a website or blog on Godaddy on your Domain name. Because you’ve got purchased Godaddy Managed Hosting so now you’re able to visit on Godaddy Hosting dashboard.

How Start A WordPress Blog On Godaddy Managed Hosting
Godaddy User Dashboard

Here’s is the image of Godaddy user dashboard. It”ll shows you all your products that you buy or using on Godaddy.

At the top, you can see your domain name and later your managed GoDaddy WordPress hosting.

To build a website on Domain you need to click on set-up under managed hosting section. Follow the below instructions to build a website on the domain using hosting.

Build a Website on WordPress

1 Build or Migrate your site

Build or Migrate your site

2 Pick your Domain

Pick your Domain

3 Choose a Data Center

Choose a Data Center

4 Create a WordPress Login

Create a WordPress Login

5 WordPress Installing

WordPress Installing

6 WordPress install successfully.

WordPress install successfully.

Click on Get Started to keep continue WordPress setup.

Configure WordPress Setup

4 steps to configure your WordPress setup. You can skip this process and configure later manually.

Step-1 Setup Wizard

Start Wizard if you wanna configure more WordPress. If you don’t want it click on No-Thanks.

Step-2 Enter details of Website

Enter your site title, tagline and select what kind of your site. All the details you entered will save on your site and later you can change all the entered details.

Step-3 Enter Contact Details

Godaddy self-create about and contact page on your blog. Enter your contact details here and Godaddy will add them to your pages.

Step-3 Select a WordPress Theme

Select a theme from given themes, later you can change the theme from the WordPress dashboard or upload your premium theme.

When it has done you”ll finally reach WordPress Dashboard, where you”ll manage all the things that happen with a website. WordPress dashboard contains many functions that have the power to configure the blog and make it more worthy.

How Start A WordPress Blog On Godaddy Managed Hosting
WordPress Dashboard

5. Install Essential WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are the software that gives more features and functions to your blog.

To add something new feature on WordPress, some new functions, display additional content and improve your site you need WordPress plugins. WordPress.org also has its own plugin library where you can find more than 40k+ WordPress plugins.

Here’s I have listed some of the very useful WordPress plugins that are essential for every WordPress site. You don’t need to download from the given links unless you need to upload them to WordPress directory. You can easily find all the plugins from your blog dashboard.

Don’t Install Plugins from their Download Links, Install them from WordPress Dashboard.

Click on Plugins >> Add New >> Select Plugin >> Install > Active to add new plugins and find plugins there.

5.1 Yoast SEO | On-Page SEO

Yoast SEO is WordPress popular plugin that using by1 million+ WordPress websites and suggests you optimization points to do WordPress post SEO better.

It is a free plugin and suggests you on-page SEO possibilities around your focus keyword. It also creates a sitemap for your site and checks your readability.

Yoast SEO

5.2 JetPack | State, sharing& more

Jetpack plugin is a multifunctional plugin for your WordPress site that shows your site states, limit login attempts and create a sitemap.

Jetpack also has a feature of Jetpack Photon CDN that host your blog images on Jetpack servers.

JetPack Plugin

5.3 Contact Form 7 | Add a Contact form

Contact Form plugins add forms to your site. You can add a form on the contact page and other palaces where you need it.

Contact Form 7

5.4 TinyMCE Advanced | Post editor

This plugin will let you add, remove and arrange the buttons that are shown on the Visual Editor toolbar.

You can configure up to four rows of buttons including Font Sizes, Font Family, text and background colours, tables, etc.

TinyMCE Advanced

5.5 W3 Total Cache | Improve performance

W3 Total Cache improves your blog performance by saving caches in users device and decrease loading time. by using the W3 plugin you can also integrate a CDN service. It minimizes all the static files of the blog.

Use this plugin to enhance your WordPress performance. It has a lot of configuration, in begging of blogging keep its option as default.

W3 Total Cache

You can grab all the useful WordPress plugin slater from my past blog post.

6. Get a Professional Theme

Although WordPress has a lot of themes for blogs. But if you really wanna make blogging accomplish and money from blogging you need a professional theme that can boost your visitor’s engagement and provides you with fruitful WordPress features.

I use Publisher Theme for my blog, It is one of best theme that I ever found the internet for blogging.

The whole that you can see in this post I create using publisher, TinyMCE editor(WP Plugin) and some of my custom CSS codes. The PublisherTheme also deliver premium & exclusive plugins that add amplify my blogging and make my blogging more worthy.

Why I suggest Publisher Theme

  • A lot of theme configuration
  • Huge premium WordPress plugins
  • Well designed & Optimized for SEO
  • Exclusive Better-Studio plugin
  • Great Monetization features to increase revenue
  • Prominent WordPress Widgets

Publisher Theme Preview

7. Create Useful Pages

Now your website has made but you need to create some pages for the blog. that contain information about you, contact details, your services, disclaimer and etc..

Pages depend on your need you can create many pages as your requirement.

Create Page of

  • About
  • Contact
  • Discourse or Privacy

The best thing about Godaddy Managed Hosting is that it”ll create About and Contact page itself based on our entered information in the configuration wizard. So you need to create both the page again.

8. Recommended Free Blogging Tools

We know very well tools make our life easy and more productive.

Like our life in blogging, blogging tools our hard work easy and worthy. Here I have shared some of the useful tools that I use on Web Tech Preneur and one good news all the tools are free. Grab all the tools to make your blogging more fruitful.

8.1 Grammarly | Writing Tool

Grammarly is one of my favourite tool that I use daily and without Grammarly, I can’t able to write 2000 words daily.

Grammarly finds your writing errors like misspelling, wrong verb and gives you the right suggestion to improve your written content. Overall it is a perfect and first need tool for every blogger.

This writing tool is free to use and its free version is also a worthy tool for all bloggers. IF you want more features of Grammarly later you can upgrade your account.

This tools also has a browser extension that you install in your browser and while you write in any text field start working and start improving your content. you can easily download and use it free.

Get Grammarly Extension

8.2 ViralTag | Social Media Tool

ViralTag is all in one social media tool that is based on mostly visual content. ViralTag support all the major 6 social media platforms. You can manage all the social media accounts from just one single dashboard, schedule posts and analyze your traffic from social media.

ViralTag is a Premium tool but it has a 15-days trial option for new users, you can obtain their free offer to grow your social media and blog traffic.

Get ViralTag

8.3 DMCA | Protect your content

What happens if you write unique and worthy content and someone stole it? 😐

Don’t worry, to protect your content there is DMCA who keep an eye on your content and alert your when someone copy content from your site.

you just need a put DMCA badge on your site to keep safe your content.

Get DMCA Badge

8.4 KwFinder | Keyword Finding/SEO tool

KwFinder is one of my most lovable tools to find keywords for my new post.

Maybe you don’t know about the importance of keywords yet in blogging but as soon you start writing a post you soon find out the value of keywords.

KwFinder is a tool of mangools, that has many useful tools to increase your SEO and helps you to show your content on the search result page.


8.5 TailWind | Pinterest & Instagram Tool

Tailwind is a social tool to schedule your Pinterest Pins and Instagram post. It is one of the best schedule tool for Pinterest I ever found.

At the last of this post, I write how to use Pinterest to get traffic on your new blog and really this guide will become worthfully for you.

TailWind gives you the flexibility to share your Pins on multiple Pinterest group boards at once. that drive traffic to your site from Pinterest.

Start Using TailWind

8.6 MailerLite | Mail Clients

If you’re going start blogging, definitely you need a mail client.

So why you don’t use first a free and worthy mail client. That understand your needs and gives you very affordable plans and unlimited free trial. MaierLite I personally use on this blog.

On MailerLitete there is a free lifetime trail that allows you to send unlimited emails up to 1000 members. 😎

Start Using MailerLite

8.7 Creative Market | Free Designs

Creative Market is a hub of hand-made graphics, fonts, themes and more. Although it has all premium products every week it offers free-goods for its users.

You can also grab free creative graphics & fonts and use them on your social media & blog.

Get Free Goods

9. Create your First Post

You’ve got everything to start a blog and make money from blogging.

Let’s create the first post on the blog. to this watch out at the left side in WordPress dashboard. Here’s the option for creating and editing WordPress posts and pages.

Click/hover on Post and click on Add Post. 

How Start A WordPress Blog On Godaddy Managed Hosting

It will show an editor that will create a post for the blog. here you’ll meet with some more WordPress features, some of the plugins that we have got installed you find there and some WordPress post option.How Start A Blog On Godaddy Managed Hosting

Start Writing your First WordPress Post

  1. Enter Post Title
  2. Edit your slug/URL
  3. Write content on the editor
  4. Add some media on Post
  5. Give some style to the content
  6. Add category of post
  7. Add some tags
  8. Enter Yoast focus keyword and optimized it
  9. Upload featured image
  10. Hit on Publish Button
Well done you’ve published your first post on your blog.

Keep it continue, write SEO optimized articles, catchy headlines and explore more blogging.

10. Get Traffic on New Blog

Now you have:

  • A winning domain name
  • Best Managed Hosting
  • Well design and profitable blog theme
  • Useful blog pages
  • Worthy blogging tools
  • Post on blog

But still, there is something missing on your blog.

Guess What?  🙄

Blog traffic/visitors/ Followers/Audience

Without them, there is no sense of blog and you can’t complete your AIM from the blog.

Even you are writing a perfect SEO optimized post but there are more than 200+ Google ranking factors that decide your website rank on Google Search result page(SERP). And get a top position is not just a poker game you can’t get on top in just a night.

Always Remember: SEO is a long-term process and it takes time.

So Divesh, I forget traffic on my blog. 😕

No, you need to try different methods to get traffic on your new blog.

Now Social media is using by everyone, most of the peoples are engaged with social networks. so need to try social media to get instant traffic and promote your new post there.

I always suggest that I use and believe, But I recommended mostly Pinterest and Facebook Groups. Because of both the social networks always in my top 3 traffic source list.

Here is my Ultimate Pinterest Guide that will help you to get Pinterest followers, views and traffic on the blog.

Join My Pinterest Boards & Facebook Group

Here is my Article that will help you to Drive Traffic.

Wrap it, Start a WordPress Blog With GoDaddy

So this s my Guide for you so you can start your WordPress Blog at a low price with GoDaddy WordPress Hosting. GoDaddy is one of best-hosting provider and you can also start its affiliate to make money.

It is the right time to start a blog, and Godaddy is the best opportunity for new bloggers to start blogging(Wiki) at low investment. I just wanna say that don’t be too late, there is a short life and you should take actions fast. Take your time to plan on blogging and then perform a movement.

Start a Blog on GoDaddy

I don’t know you start blogging on Godaddy yet or not.

Maybe you have some doubts and questions regarding blogging and Hosting. Share your issues with me in comment or contact page, maybe I can help you and you”ll become a blogger.

Best of Luck

Divesh Diggiwal


Start a WordPress Blog on Godaddy in Just $1/month [2019 Guide]
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