22 Best Canva Alternatives for Stunning Graphic Design

Try new Canva Alternatives for your new designs.

Canva is one of the best visual content creator, but if you want something âś… better than Canva. In this post, we’ve shared 22 Best Canva Alternatives 🔥 which will help you design next-gen graphic content.

Having trouble in using canva? Or want to try some best Canva alternatives for graphic designing?

If yes, then definitely you are in right place.

In this article, I am going to tell you about the best Canva alternative, which will help you to make the best graphic of your need.

First of all, I would like to tell you that,

I write this article as per my own experience, and I personally try all these tools so that I can provide the best result to all my readers.



About Canva

Canva is best and easy to use Graphics designing tool, which provides Free and Premium ready to use layouts, graphic design, fonts, stock images and stunning backgrounds. Using all these assets we can create stunning visual content for us.

About Canva and How to Use

But as we know there is always someone better than another. So Canva also have its alternatives which are similar or same as it. Which are also good tools for design new photos or infographics?

So in this post, you’ll introduce by some great Canva alternatives to make your design better.

Before this Canva Similar site posts, I’ve written a post on design tool which have 12 best creative graphic designing tools for your Blog & Social Medias.


In this article, first I share some free website then go on paid ones.

Being a professional blogger, and knowing the importance of time, so without wasting it, let begin with the article.


20 Best Canva Alternatives

Here I’m sharing best of sites like Canva, which are best for designing new graphics for your blog & business.

1. Snappa

This is totally free platform for image editing and creation of a unique image.

Snappa Best Canva Alternative


Snappa is best for those who don’t want to waste much time on long training videos and interactive lessons.

This site does not contain duplicate content so, pics and graphical content are exclusive.

Snappa offers more than 50000 template, which is enough to provide the best user experience to their customers.

I would say that if you are a beginner then snappa will be best canva alternative for you.

The only limitation of this tool is, it will not offer more than 5 images edit per month of you are going with the free version.


2. Luminar

The tool is best in all aspects. Like if you don’t have an internet connection, then you can’t use canva, but you use this tool after installing it on windows or mac.

Skylum Canva Alternative

It provides many advance editing tools, tools for rating images, raw support, batch processing and etc.

It contains all features of canva. You can use this tool for many editing purposes like adjusting if contrast, applying signatures, adjusting saturation and many more.

It comes with more then 80+ looks, and if you want more, then you can download from luminar marketplace.

Luminar is much more than a normal editing software or tool. It uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to provide the best results to their customers.

The best part of this tool is, it comes with 7 days free trial.


3. Pablo

It is a free tool and its extension is available in google chrome extension.

Pablo by Buffer Alternatives

It is an amazing tool for those who are looking for creating unique and interesting images for their social media platforms.

Their editing feature is also too good, you can do anything with it, starting from uploading your own images to realizing to changing and fonts.

After creating your desire image, you can share that with your loved ones on Instagram, Twitter and many more social media platforms.

Only you can access the image, that you have created, no other user has access to your creations.


4. Crello

Crello is our favourite tool when it comes to Canva Alternative. It is completely similar to Canva. But it has some more options, designs and layout that Canva.

Best Canva Alternative Crello

Cello is a great tool for creative thinkers, this tool proves that if you are having a creative idea in your mind then you don’t need to invest much time as well as high budget.

They have different categories like social media, blog, advertising, animated designs and etc, you can go will the one, for which purpose you are looking for.

It’s very interesting to note that crello offers 60 million photos, 11000+ templates, 30+ design format, 12000 free photos, which will be more than right for anyone, to a select and make a creative design.


5. Polarr

Polar is best for those who are always having their own unique and having creative ideas.

Polarr Photo Editor Best Canva Option

If you think you are an expert graphic or image designer, then try this tool only once, and I am damn sure, you will love this tool.

It doesn’t not having any pre-installed read templates, fonts and photos. And that’s something that makes an expert in graphic designer.

This is a free tool, it comes with the subscription plan also, but as per my opinion, you can go with a free version, its enough for you.

The best feature of this tool is, it allows you to edit your videos and if your creation is great, then it will be shown in their polar Album.


6. Gravit

This tool is best for all kind of people or I can say best canva alternative, no matter whether you are a professional graphic designer or a newbie, it is much easy to use this tool.

Gravit Designer Similer to Canva

This tool having all the brand new features and two full-fledged platforms for personal use as well as professional use.

Gravit-klex is another great product of the company.

This tool is made for beginners so that it is very effective and minimum complicated things are there.

Both the website is completely free, the only money that you have to pay is for additional features that you wish to implement.


7. Easil

Easil is the best tool for marketers, designers and content creator, who is looking for its creative designs and templates.


You can use this tool for creating social media posts, unique posters, Gifs, menus, catalogues and much more.

It offers more than 1000 trending layouts to their customers so that can they get beat results.

If you want to download transparent pics, then you have to pay for their plus plan.

It is available in 2 plans, free basic plan which is for 30 days and pro plan for which you have pay extra charges.


8. Relay that

Using this tool, anyone can create their desirable images passed per their idea and creativity.

Relay That best Canva alternative

You can check their gallery also, it will give you a huge inspiration and ideas on how you can create the best of the best images.

This tool contains a super convenient important theme, it means they will add URLs from any homepage and social media.

The best part of this tool is, it offers image SEO automation. So that you can implement keywords on your images to increase search and find the process easier.


9. Befunky

This tool is ideal for those, who don’t not have money to hire a professional designer for creating graphics and also for those who don’t want wants to deal with sophisticated software.

22 Canva Alternatives BeFunky Free Online Photo Editor

You can make amazing images for your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more.

The best part of this tool is, you can simply make the best images by drag and drop method.

If you are not a pro, you can go with their free version, believe me, their free version is more than enough for you.


10. Shutterstock editor

This tools categorised everything in sorted order so that they can serve the best user experience to their users.

Canva vs Shutterstock Editor

In this tool, you will find quite Descend categories of free images like vantage, symbols, fashion, people, and many more.

Once you sign-up here, your personal collection gets bigger every week.

If you have a great idea, then you can easily take help of their features like good customization, high-quality footage, music, icons, vectors and etc, to make the best graphic design.

You cannot get everything, free of cost here.


11. Fotojet

If you are someone who is looking for branding, then this tool is only for you.

FotoJet replacment of Canva

Apart from editing, this tool offers you super easy tools for posters, wedding invitation, collages and many more.

The one thing that you should take consideration of is, saving your projects is not free here.

It uploads many tutorials and guides to help their user in getting the best user experience without any issue.

Here you will get an unlimited number of temples for your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc.


12. Desygner

It is almost similar to Canva, it works on the principle of drag and drop.

Desygner - Graphic Design Software Made For You, The Non-Designer.

Changing colour, fonts, backgrounds, text is much easier in this tool in comparison to others.

Like all the above-listed tool, it also helps you a lot in making a post for your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more.

All the formats are free to use like PPT, PSD, etc. Only PDFs are not free to use, you have to pay at least $6.95/month.


13. Fotor

This tool is having so many templates as well as unique images.

There are more than 300+million people and billion of processed photos, you can check if you are having a single doubt.

All the basic and moderate thing that you need to be a good graphic is available in their version also, no need to buy paid version until and unless you don’t have much work to do.

You can use their amazing fonts and stickers to make your photos even more interesting and funny.


14. Stencil

It has some limitations and restriction, but then also it offers more than 1 million royalty-free images, quotes, effects, fonts and amazing features.

With its free version, you cannot create more than 10 images per month.

As per their website, they claimed that they are best for a professional graphic designer as well as for beginners also, they offer ridiculously simple online editor.

It is a very user-friendly and simple tool. It also offers incredible speed.


15. Picmonkey

It is one of the right canva alternatives which is also Freemium. It is also much affordable in price and much well in terms of editing.

You can also go with their 7 days of a free trial. It offers tons of effect, filter, layers and many more.

With this tool, you can design your business cards, logos, graphics, invites, announcements and anything as per your need.

I guarantee if you use this tool once, you won’t go on another tool. It is just an amazing tool.


16. Limitless Designs

This tool offers you to work with their best designers and the best part is that they take care of your each and every consideration.

With the tool, you feel very free, and also get enough amount of time to work on your projects rather than giving it’s a portion to graphic designing.

This tool is surely worth of money for you.

The owner of this company is so confident I’m this tool that why they offer a 14-day satisfaction guarantee. And in case you don’t like their tool, they will refund your full money.

As per my opinion, try this tool once in your life. It will be definitely your best experience in the field of graphic designing.


17. Design Wizard

If you are a person with creative thinking and having your own personalized designs, then this tool is for you.

The best feature of this tool is, it offers online video creators, Facebook video maker, free font liberally and many more other features.

You can either download your image or directly print it.

The video created on a platform is of very high quality and seems to be standard.

In case you are facing some issue, then you can easily take help from their support team.


18. Piktochart

It is again very popular and best Canva replacement, this tool is mainly designed for real graphic designer and creative thinkers.

This tool dost does not have any pre-installed templates for social media, their main motive is to give you full freedom to make an image of your choice and implement your creativity.

If you face any issue, you can watch their video lessons and tutorials, and get easily get rid out your problem.

If you don’t have money to invest, then don’t go with this tool, because their free version comes with many restrictions.

This tool is a little bit expensive but worth of money.


19. Photoshop

This is a very popular tool, I guess you already heard about this tool.

This tool is only number 1 graphic designing softer from last certain years.

It is saying that it anyone wants to do mastery in graphic designing, then ha has to master in photoshop. And of you mastered in photoshop, you will master in graphic designing.

This tool offers many unique features, their team’s members are always available to help you.

They provide incredible designs and top-notch images.

The one thing which I didn’t like in this tool is they don’t offer any sample or temples. And you will face many difficulties in uploading images as compared to other tools mentioned in this article.


20. Design pickle

This is also one of my favourite tools and you can call it another good option of Canva.

There pricing is very low, and their platform is much user friendly.

As per my experience, this tool is amazing for businessmen and also for marketing purpose.

The best part of this tool is, they offer access to premium photos and live chat support.

The company’s owner is much confident that they offer 21 days money-back guarantee, if you don’t like their tool or services, then you can apply for refund policy.


Wrap it, Best Canva Alternatives

Canva is already an industry leader in graphic designing, due to its Free version and lots of ready to use visual content. It is Free and Premium tool which have stunning layouts and formats to use. But as we know there is something better in-universe always, So other visual creators websites also good as compared to Canva.

After discovering the best graphic designs tools, here I’ve mentioned 22 Best Canva Alternatives sites which will help you in managing your social media, blogging content and infographics. These sites like Canva are best in designing new visual content.

I hope using these tools you will create new and creative stunning graphics and get more attachment with users.

Visual content is demand for the next-gen internet audience, now instead of reading text, people like to see visual images, infographics and such relevant. Quality images always get more shares, embedded and links from another website.



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