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Are you new in this blogging industry?

or feel exhausted now in buying costly SEO tools? And Looking forward to knowing about some best and cheap group buy SEO tools services?

Millions of bloggers around the world use these Best and Cheap Group buy SEO Tools as it costs much cheaper than the actual price.

I think, now you might be thinking like- which are the best SEO group buy services and which SEO tool you must prefer.

So don’t worry, you will get all the answers to your questions in this article.

Without moving further, let me tell you about my experience.

I started using group buy SEO tools in 2014 and really having such an amazing experience in it.

And as per my own experience, I will give you a detailed explanation of group buy SEO tools in this article.



What is Group buy SEO Tools

Group buy SEO tools are a platform, which tool access to SEO tools in very cheap and affordable price.

Best Group Buy Seo Tools Service 2020

This service helps a lot to entrepreneurs, starters, web developers, website owners, bloggers, professionals, and many more others to check for the competition and rank high on search engine results.

Group Buy SEO Tools not only provide you SEO Tools but Even it also provides you with Graphics Tools and Writing Tools. Which are helpful for each Digi Marketer. So According to our tea, suggestion Group Buy Services can be the best solution for everyone who wants to get all tools and be a Pro.

Many SEO tools like Ahref, Semrush, Moz pro and etc are much costlier for Netflix bloggers, so group buy is just an amazing option for them.

These SEO Tools will help you in Writing an SEO Optimized Post, which delivers good traffic and increase our site authority.


Some Best SEO tools that you Need:

Keyword Research:

1. Google keyword planner- It is a major part of Google’s Adwords advertising platform. It is totally free and it allows users to research, analyze, and look for exact search volume.

2. SEMrush- It is an online SEO tool which gives data for Domain’s positioning in search results. It also gives other related keywords along their search volume which helps you to drive more traffic to your blog.

3. longTail pro- It is much easier or, we can say, a User-friendly SEO tool. longTail pro is not just a keyword research tool, it is having tons of features in it.


Technical SEO:

1. Screaming Frog: It fully crawls your blog/website and creates a list of internal linking, external linking, HTTP status codes, keyword elements, and many more.

2. Deep Crawl: It is one of my favorite SEO tools. It crawls my website at the deepest level and provides accurate information on a variety of topics.

3. Woorank: this tool is free and it evaluates your website on the basis of 50 criteria and gives you information about helpful SEO and other tips.


Backlink Monitoring And Analysis:

1. Ahref: It is a very popular link research and keyword research tool and used by every digital marketer around the world.

It comes with many built-in features which might increase your ranking on a google search result if you use it properly.

2. Open Site Explorer: This tool is created by moz.com. It tracks leading links to one’s website.

It counts total domains along with anchor text on which backlink has been given.

3. Majestic: They claim that they are the largest Link Index database on the planet. It shows the world’s most comprehensive backlink data.


Some other Important SEO tools:

1. Buzzsumo: It is an amazing tool for getting content ideas as you can see which content is viral in social media platforms.

2. Alexa: It is also a great SEO tool used for Keyword research, Analytics, and Reporting. It shows worldwide, nation-wide, and category-wise ranking of your domain.

3. Moz: It provides complete information about link building, Content marketing, and many more which helps you to increase your ranking and improve SEO.

4. Keyword Revealer: It is best for those who are looking to uncover low-competition keywords. This tool provides an easy to rank keywords without much difficulty.


Benefits of Group Buy SEO Tools

For Bloggers and Digital marketers, SEO tools are very important. They can service without it. But as they have importance, it also has an expensive price.

Premium SEOTools start from minimum Avg $40/mo, For a Beginner, it can be expensive. So Group buy SEO tools allow us to buy all those tools in a less price which we can easily afford.

Here are some benefits of Group Buy or Bulk SEO Tools Services:

  • Cheap Price
  • Local Currency Price
  • Access All Tools from One Dashboard


But with all above Pros, it also has some cons like here you can’t save your projects. Mean you can easily do keyword research or competitive research but don’t put your website for daily rank checking.




I will also put some tips at the end of this article which will help you in your blogging industry, so read this article till the end.

As a professional blogger, Knowing the importance of time, so without wasting it, let’s begin with the article.

Don’t Confuse over Name, there are lots of Same and Mixed Names.


10 Best and Cheap Group buy SEO Tool Providers

Here are list of 10 Best Group Buy SEO Tool Services 2020.

1. Flikover

Flikover is a very popular group buy SEO services which gives you access to many premium tools at very low or affordable price.

Flikover is also an Indian Group Buy SEO Tools service, which allows you to pay the payment in local currency rupees.

It provides 2 chrome extensions, which you need to install in your browser before using it.

Their support system is very active and always available to solve your issues.

Important: Never share your login details with anyone, if you do so, they will block your account. As they are providing “one account, one user access “.

They claimed for 95% uptime.

They offer 19 SEO tools and their combo pack, which is having all the 19 SEO tools, costs INR 1200.

P.s.- Flikover ensures that all the activities that you do on any of their tools are secure and private.


2. Toolszap

They are providing instant login access and update their tools regularly. They claimed to have 99% uptime and lowest price in the industry.

ToolsZap is one of best group buy SEO tools India service for newbies to use Professional SEO tools.

They are also providing 2 extensions like Flikover does, which you need to install in your chrome browser before accessing it.
Toolzap provides 3 days money-back guarantee, which makes it different from other group buy SEO tools providers.

You can claim your refund via ticket system or through a live chat.

They also offer exclusive deals on the minimum purchase value of INR 399 or above.

Important: like flikover, they also work on the principle of ” one user, one login access“. If you share your login details with anyone, your account will be blocked.

Their customer support is also very active, they available 24*7 to solve your issues.


3. SEOToolAdda

They offer a variety of SEO tools at an affordable price. They are having different types of packs, you can choose one based upon your scope of use.

Seotooladda is one of the trusted websites in the field of group buy SEO tool providers. Digital marketers for all around the world prefer this website.

They are selling SEO tells for more than 1 year and claim to have an uptime of 95% for each and every tool they offer.

They are also having the best support team which is available 24*7 to solve your issues.

Customer’s privacy is their first choice. And because of that, your data will not leak in any medium.

They block features like – site audit and adding projects in SEO tool so that they can enhance your security.

They are also having a refund policy only in case if their tool is not working properly.


4. ProSEOTools

ProSEOtools is a new group buy SEO service provider in this field.

They are offering 20 SEO tools. And their combo offer of 20 SEO tools is available in just INR 599 for 1 month.

Pricing of tools starts from INR 149 for Moz and goes up to INR 299, which is for ahref.

They are also available 24*7 to solve your issues. You can easily connect with them via messenger, live chat support.

What I like in proseotools is they are not polished like others, they remain true and are straight forward.

It is built on one of the top API, and when it comes to executions, they are a bit slow.


5. SupremSEO

Supremseo is also a well-known group buy SEO tool, service provider.

Users’ privacy is their first choice, and for that, they block features like site Audit and adding projects, so that your data will be secure.

Their chat support is available every time, if something went wrong, you can approach them directly.

Their plan starts from $3 and goes up to $16.99.

Based on your requirement you can choose the better one.

Supremseo provides instant access without any third-party plugin. Their system is fully automated.


6. SEOGroupBuyKit

SeogroupBuykit is an award-winning group buy SEO tool provider of 2019.

They are available 24*7 for your support. In case you have fallen into some issues, you can directly connect with them, they will solve your issue.

They claim to be safe, secure and affordable in price.

Seogroupbuykit offers 2 plans, namely – starter plan and daddy plan.

Their starter plan is available at $12.99/month which is a group of 6 tools and their daddy plans are available at $22.99/month and in daddy plan, they cover almost every SEO tool.


7. Frozenfry

Frozenfry provides instant access to the SEO group buys tools and claims to have 90% uptime.

They also claim to be the cheapest Group Buy SEO tools provider in the market.

Their combo plan starts from $9/month and goes up to $19/month. And their individual plan starts from $4.4/months and goes up-to $9.9/month.

Unlikely toolzap and Flikover, they are not working on working on the principle of ” one user, one access”. You can share your login details with others also without any issue of getting banned.


8. SEOToolsAccess

They offer more than 30+ SEO tools in much affordable prince. They claim to have the most reliable and best group buy SEO tools service providers.

They have safe and secure payment, and for payment purposes, they offer visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Payoneer and credit/debit cards.

They are providing group but SEO tool service for two years and also offer 7 days money-back guarantee.

As per their website they also claim to have 100% uptime, I don’t know this is true or not, but as per customers requires they offer really great uptime.

It comes with 3 plan namely,

Standard – $10/month

Professional – $20/month

Elite – $25/month

They offer their services to only limited members so that their users can get the best user experience, without any kind of issue.


9. GroupBuySEOTool

They offer instant access after installing the chrome plugin. And they guarantee to have an uptime of 95%, which is really amazing.

If you face any type of use, you can directly connect with their customer’s support team, they are available 24*7 to help their users.

First, you need to sign-up on their website, then you will get the list of all the tools, which they offer.

They also have a refund policy, in case you don’t like their service you can apply request for a refund, they will refund in very sort of time.

It also works on the principle of “ one user, one access“, hence you can not share your logins details with anyone if you do so your account will be ban.


10. SeoToolsGroupBuys

They offer more than 35+ powerful and essential SEO tools, which can increase your websites ranking very rapidly.

They play a major role In terms of safety and security. They provide you Firefox browser to enhance your security by saving the details of logins within the browser.

The major advantage of this tool is they offer three medium of customer support i.e. Skype, email, and ticket system.

They are super affordable group buy SEO service providers.

In order to complete you order, you have to take 3 steps,

  1. Choose which tool you want to buy
  2. Email or Skype them, which tool you want to buy
  3. After payment, get a link of your purchase.

They come with 5 packs namely,

  1. Bumper optional pack – $10.95/month
  2. Small optional pack – $15.95/month
  3. Medium optional pack – $17.95/month
  4. Mega optional pack – $19.95/month
  5. Mega combo pack – $22.95/month

Their individual pack starts from $7 per month and goes up to $13 per month.


Best Group buy SEO Tools Service 2020

There are lots of options for choosing a Group Buy SEO services.

It may confuse you which is best for me and why?

So here I’m also sharing some selecting points which will help you in choosing the right Best Group Buy SEO Tools Service in the following way:

  • Check their Uptime
  • Contact to Support
  • Have a less but real price
  • Read their reviews
  • Payments in local currency

Showing the above points you can easily choose an SEO Tools Bulk service.

By using a Group Buy SEO Tools service you can also save thousands of dollars on SEO tools. Because SEO Tools are very expensive and these services provide you at very cheap.

This Saved money you can invest somewhere or buy any other service like content writing. I hope you enjoyed this new article and give feedback in the comment section.


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