Ultimate Comparison of Best WordPress Hosting Solutions

Choosing the best WordPress hosting solution for your new website is a crucial step in your digital journey. For one, a website cannot exist without it being hosted somewhere. Secondly, the quality of a hosting provider has a great impact on your users’ experience. However, there are hundreds of thousands of hosting companies available worldwide, so finding the right one is a tricky task. In today’s article, we will do the work for you. We compiled the ultimate comparison of the best WordPress hosting solutions available. But first, what is web hosting?


What is WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting, like any other web hosting, is an online service through which companies publish their platforms and “release them into the wild”. The data that forms the website, including code, databases, media, users, etc. are stored on a physical server that is connected to the internet. Basically, websites exist on the internet trough hosting. Today there are four types of hosting – Shared, Dedicated, VPS, and Cloud.

Shared hosting means that multiple websites are stored on a single, shared server. This option is usually more affordable, therefore it is recommended for smaller sites. In contrast, dedicated servers mean just that, one server is dedicated specifically to one platform. This type of hosting is usually recommended to medium-to-large websites and requires a great deal of server-side knowledge.

VPS hosting and Cloud hosting are a bit different. By definition VPS, or virtual private server is one dedicated physical server divided into multiple digital servers. This is a secure way to store data, as it reduces the risk of losing everything in case of hardware failure. Similarly, Cloud hosting is also divided into multiple virtual servers. But, unlike VPS, Cloud hosting consists of a network of servers instead of just one. Naturally, Cloud hosting is the most secure option, from every aspect. However, it is also usually more expensive.


How to choose the right WordPress hosting solution

There are three key factors to consider when choosing a hosting service – Speed, Performance, and Security. Simply put, the servers should have a fast loading speed, should have high up-time, and should be secure.

WordPres hosting

Aside from these three key characteristics, each web technology has different requirements from hosting services, depending on the situation. For WordPress specifically, the servers should support PHP 7.4 or above. As for the database, the minimum requirements are either MySQL v.5.6 or MariaDB v10.1. But as there are so many available, which are the best WordPress hosting companies in 2020?


Best WordPress hosting companies

So, we now know websites cannot exist without hosting, and there are four types of hosting a company can choose from, depending on their needs and budget. When it comes to WordPress, there are also specific technical requirements a hosting service should meet. Based on this knowledge, here are the best WordPress hosting companies available today.


1. Bluehost

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The main reason Bluehost takes the first place is because of their amazing up-time. Bluehost records an impressive average of 99.9% uptime. Also, Bluehost recorded an average 405ms loading time within the last 12 months. That is impressive.

bluehost homepage
Bluehost home page

Their WordPress hosting services are officially recommended by WordPress and include different shared hosting plans. The most affordable option is, of course, the Basic plan, which amounts to a discounted price of approx. $4/month for the first term. This comes with a free domain for a year, an SSL certificate, and hosting for one website. It also includes 24/7 customer support, 50GB of storage, and 100 credits for both Microsoft and Google ads but, unfortunately, it does not include eCommerce support, as that is a separate plan.

On the downside, the price mentioned above is a promotional price and it is only available for the first term, which is 36 months. After that term, the service is renewed at the normal price of $9/month. Another downside is that although the prices are expressed as monthly rates, the payments are on a yearly base. Nevertheless, their prices are still really affordable even with a year-by-year payment option, making BlueHost an absolutely perfect solution for all big and small WordPress sites.


2. HostGator

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HostGator is both a hosting provider as well as a website builder. Like Bluehost, HostGator has a separate set of plans specifically for WordPress, which include the Starter, Standard, and Business packs. Ranging from $5.95/month to $9.95/month, the different plans cover one, two, or three sites. This is a bit of a downside, as Bluehost only limits the number of supported sites on their Basic plan.

HostGator WordPress hosting solutions

However, one key feature that we see with HostGator is the backup solution they have in each plan. In this case, the WordPress community recommends the Standard pack, as is supports 200.000 visitors a month, as well as 2GB of daily backups. And, like Bluehost, HostGator’s plans also come with free SSL certificates and 100 credits in Google Ads.

Performance-wise, HostGator is a strong competitor on the market, as their average loading speed in the last 12 months was 369ms, with an average of 99.99% uptime. So, the only downside of HostGator compared with Bluehost is that their prices are a bit higher.


3. Hostinger

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At first glance, Hostinger WordPress hosting plans seem a bit more pricey. However, when looking at their services, the prices soon make complete sense. For one, Hostinger’s basic plan normally costs $11.95/month. But, they do offer a discount, bringing down the price at $2.15/month. At the same time, this plan supports up to one hundred websites and a hundred email account. It also comes with a free SSL certificate and domain name, along with 20GB storage and unlimited bandwidth. More importantly, the basic plan also supports eCommerce, 24/7 support, 99.9% uptime guaranteed, and many other features. And, Hostinger currently offers an 82% discount for first-time customers.

Hostinger WordPress hosting

That said, the biggest advantage Hostinger has over the two previously mentioned WordPress hosting solutions is the renewal prices. While both Bluehost and Hostgator become more expensive once a term expires, Hostinger becomes more affordable. For example, renewing the Basic Hostinger WordPress hosting plan costs only $3.49. Hostinger also comes with their own website builder, Zyro, which, just like HostGator, support a plethora of beautiful themes and cool plugins. Everything you need to build a professional website in minutes.

All in all, while it’s true that Hostinger might be a bit more expensive, the number of services and benefits that come with each plan make it worth your while. In fact, the only downside for Hostinger is the fact that within the basic plan, they only provide weekly backups instead of daily backups.


4. SiteGround

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SiteGround is one of the highest praised WordPress hosting solutions we’ve discussed so far, with their excellent customer support being their strongest quality. And, they are on the list of officially recommended WordPress hosting solutions as well. However, that is not all that sets SiteGround apart. They also put a high emphasis on security and performance. In fact, SiteGround provides a ton of security-oriented services including unique account isolation, anti-hack systems, anti-spam solutions, daily backups even for the basic plan, and more.

SiteGround WordPress hosting solutions

Performance-wise, SiteGround averages a 99.98% uptime rate. But speed-wise it lags a bit behind Bluehost and HostGator, with only 629ms loading time. Moreover, all of their services come at a price, as SiteGround is the most expensive service we presented so far. Their basic plan costs around $7/month with a discount and only supports hosting for one website, with only 10GB of storage.


5. A2 Hosting

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A2 Hosting ranks as the fastest WordPress hosting solution so far, with an impressive 295ms loading speed. It is also a strong contestant when talking about uptime, with an average of 99.94%. On top of this, A2 Hosting’s most affordable package starts at a discounted price of $2.70/month with “always money-back”, making it one of the most affordable solutions on this list.

A2 Hosting for WordPress

However, there are some limitations to the A2 Hosting Startup package. For one, they only support one website and five databases. In fact, so far A2 Hosting is the only service that actually puts a cap on the number of databases supported by a plan. Also, the basic plan doesn’t support data backups, this service becomes available only with the next tier package. And, However, all of their solutions come with enhances security and speed provided by their very own A2 Optimized tool. Moreover, A2 Hosting supports eCommerce, including features like PayPal Merchant and Woocommerce.


6. GreenGeeks

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With an average uptime of 99.99% and a 375ms loading speed, GreenGeeks has earned a place on this list. Moreover, GreenGeeks is an affordable, guilt-free WordPress hosting solution. Their plans start at a discounted price of $2.95/month and promise a 300% green energy match.

GreenGeeks WordPress hosting solutions

Also, GreenGeeks packages come with unlimited bandwidth and webspace, a free SSL certificate and a free domain for one year, unlimited email addresses and databases, and more. Not to mention that they also provide a free nightly backup so their customers’ data is always safe. And, to top it all of, GreenGeeks offer 24/7 support via email, phone, and live chat, as well as WordPress tutorials to get you started. However, unlike A2 Hosting, GreenGeeks’ regular WordPress Hosting services do not support eCommerce. So, for those looking for WooCommerce hosting, GreenGeeks offer a different plan.


7. GoDaddy

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GoDaddy has been on the market since 1997 and is currently one of the best-known hosting and domain providers in the world. On average, GoDaddy records an average uptime of 99.96% and a 554ms loading time, ranking among the best services available.

GoDaddy WordPress hosting solutions

GoDaddy’s services start at a discounted rate of approx. $2.50/month for the most affordable plan, and supports one website and up to 25.000 visitors/month. The basic plan also comes with a free domain when choosing a minimum of a one-year commitment. Also, the plan includes free one-click backups, 30GB storage, and free business email for one year. Unfortunately, this plan doesn’t come with free SSL, compared with other providers, adding an extra expense for their users. Moreover, all GoDaddy WordPress Hosting plans cover only one website, unlike the rest of our examples. However, the biggest downside to GoDaddy is that their eCommerce is not included in the WordPress plans. Instead, the separate eCommerce hosting plan is also the most expensive we’ve seen so far with a rate of approx. $17.50/month for the first term.


8. iPage

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iPage is an affordable WordPress hosting solution with an average uptime of 99.94%, and a 709ms loading time. Their prices are more accommodating than InMotion Hosting price, with the most attractive plan starting at $4.50/month.

iPage WordPress hosting

Like with some of the other hosting providers on this list, iPage provides a free domain for a year and SSL certificate, as well as unlimited storage and bandwidth. However, the minimum commitment period for the basic plan is 1 year, and there is no specialized WordPress support attached to it. Also, features like backups, site security are considered extras. Therefore, users that want those services will have to pay extra.


9. DreamHost

WordPress collaborates with thousands of hosting companies that meet the minimum requirement. However, they only recommend three. Two of the three we’ve already met – Bluehost and SiteGround. It’s not time to meet the third, DreamHost. This affordable solution starts at the low price of $2.95/month and comes with three different plans, the basic, managed WordPress and VPS.

DreamHost WordPress Hosting Solutions

Like many other examples on this list, DreamHost’s most affordable plan only supports 1 website. But, it does come with unlimited traffic and free SSL. However, there are a few drawbacks to this specific WordPress hosting solution. For one, they only offer a free domain with a one-year commitment or above. If customers select the monthly plan, buying a domain will take them back another $6.99. Secondly, there are no free emails. If users want this option, they will have to pay an extra $1.67/month, no matter the plan. Moreover, while DreamHost has a good uptime rate of 99.92%, its loading time is lagging behind at an average of 569ms.

On the bright side, the DreamHost WordPress hosting solutions do come with free SSL certificates, automated WordPress migrations, and their own WordPress website builder. They also provide 24/7 ticket support, live chat, and phone support, as well as 97 days money-back guarantee.


10. Site5

Site5, compared with the rest of today’s examples is a more expensive option. Also, a slower option. On average, Site5 records a 575ms loading time, and their most affordable plan starts at $6.95/month. However, Site5 is one of the most reliable WordPress hosting solutions out there, with 99.99% uptime.

Site5 WordPress hosting solutions

Moreover, all Site5 packages come with nightly backups, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited storage. But, there are some drawbacks to Site5, starting with the pricing. The amount mentioned above is only available with a two-year commitment. In fact, the basic plan only comes with a yearly commitment, at minimum. Also, as Site5 does not provide domains, they also don’t provide any free emails. Also, there are no redundant failover solutions for non-cloud plans.


Wrapping up

After looking into these top 10 WordPress hosting providers, the conclusion is that Bluehost, HostGator, and Hostinger are the best ones available today. However, like with every other service provider, they also have their ups and downs. At the end of the day, each of these companies has a key-value point. Whether they provide the best price, the best uptime, speed, or customer service, each of them is worth looking into.

So, before choosing a hosting provider for your WordPress website, make a list of all of your needs. Then, compare those needs with each provider and their different plans. Only this way you will find the right plan for your business.

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