Weblium Website Builder – A Complete Review

A fast, effortless and affordable way to build your website

It’s not a chemical element, and it’s not helium nor calcium; it’s Weblium. Yes, if you have lately been dreaming of a “WaaS” or Website builder as a Service (a spinoff from “SaaS”), then this Weblium complete review is for you.

Weblium, a complete review looks at what is Weblium, who is Weblium suitable for, and what does Weblium as a company offer.

Besides, we look at the features and benefits of Weblium that sets it apart from other website builders, and we summarize the advantages and disadvantages of Weblium before concluding the Weblium review.



What is Weblium?

Weblium is a website builder just like many others, and it came into the market in 2018, with the company behind it based in the United States.

Moreover, Weblium is also affiliated with draftium – used for making prototypes. And, since Weblium is new in the market, it continuously undergoes positive changes reflecting the user’s desires.

One can create a modern, responsive website within an hour as the website builder comes with over 270 AI templates and blocks for use at just a click of a mouse.

Needless to say, Weblium is among the great alternatives to WordPress, thanks to its many features that surpass those contained in the “traditional” WordPress block builder.

As a user not versed with website development or design, you do not have to worry about “what if things go wrong?”.

Weblium has an inbuilt AI Design Supervisor that monitors the changes and works under the hood to keep things perfect and pretty.



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    Who Needs Weblium?

    1. It would be best to have quality websites without going through a complicated process as a web designer.
    2. You have little to no skills in website design/development.
    3. You need your website in the shortest possible time – under one hour.
    4. A reseller that is dreaming of “WaaS” and availability of white labeling at affordable price.



    Overview of Weblium’s Top Features

    Content Export/Import YES Drag & Drop YES
    Auto Update YES Pre-built Templates YES
    Landing Pages/Web Forms YES SEO Management YES
    Online Booking Tools NOT YET Real-Time Editing YES
    Survey Builder NOT YET Online Store Builder NO YET
    Built-In Integration YES CRM Management YES




    Weblium Website Builder – The Complete Review

    Ok, now that we have an overview of what Weblium is and what it has to offer, it’s time to dig deep into this wonderful tool’s core and see – is it really as great as it sounds?

    Let’s find out!


    1. Intuitive Website Builder

    Weblium has an AI design supervisor for those who have no website design skills—wondering what color scheme to use for your website?

    Or whether the images are the right size, and is the block positioning perfect? No worries- the AI design supervisor is there to assist you.

    Creating your website guided along by the intuitive website builder is like a breeze – just your creativity and the online editor. Besides, navigation is easy for the user as well.

    Just use your imagination and Weblium’s online editor. Our AI design supervisor will help you with the color scheme, block position, image adjustments, etc.


    2. No Coding

    Drag and drop features and an editor will enable you to create a fantastic website without writing a single code.

    With the Drag and drop feature, you can create your secure website fast and spend your energy on other pressing tasks. You also save the money you would have to pay a website designer or developer.


    3. Pricing

    One would say that the pricing is proportional to their service and features present because the product is still under development.

    The prices are affordable, and some of the plans that Weblium offers are also tempting, particularly to freelancers and agencies.

    Weblium, as of now, does not provide a free trial. However, one has a free version. Weblium pricing starts from $10 per month.

    The best way to know if Weblium builder is for you or not is by registering and trying out the free version.

    To check and confirm if the website’s performance is fast, one can do a website analysis. As a user, it is essential to have a website builder that gives websites with light code, which means fast loading times.


    4. Ease of Use

    Weblium has become popular despite the short period in the market because of how easy it is to use the website builder compared to some of its competitors.

    Also, the overall finished website design, including style, and quality, are superb. Since it is easy to use, one can imagine how many websites you can build in a day or week, or a given period if you are an agency.


    5. Over 270+ AI Templates

    Weblium has over 270 AI templates to choose from for your website. The templates are a representation of every sector that one would think of to create a website.

    There are also blocks available to use as inspiration and create your unique site.



    6. Support

    We all need someone to contact and quickly respond should we have a problem creating our websites or running any other operation or administration issues.

    Do you have any problems with creating your website? With Weblium, you get a response and assistance if stuck while making a website.

    All one has to do is reach support through online chat, which is available 24/7.


    7. SEO Optimized

    Most website builders are now offering SEO (Social Engine Optimisation) settings not as a bonus but as essential.

    Users want their websites to gain visibility online and rank higher on Google. Weblium is not left behind in helping you employ an excellent user experience by including SEO-optimized templates.

    The code used to make the templates is also lite to help improve website speed and loading time.


    8. Reseller Plan

    Weblium has a brilliant idea- to partner with users who want to offer their own branded websites, such as freelancers or agencies.

    The price of partnering is $49. Depending on the subscription plan, one can receive a discount of 20% to 50% on the white label.


    In this partnership, one can be seen as a reseller. Instead of the Weblium brand tag on your site, you replace it with your agency or freelancer tag/name.

    Besides, you can still have Weblium do the maintenance and hosting, and support. In a way enabling white label and partnership is like you have your website builder without having technically developed it.

    Also, after you pay your partnership fee, it is you and not Weblium to decide how much you charge those that you create websites for.



    8.1. What Does it Mean to be a Weblium Reseller?

    After you purchase a partnership with Weblium, you can have users or clients who pay you to build websites and hosting, support, and maintenance.

    All your clients have to do is register and log into your app.yourdomain.com granted by Weblium. As per Weblium, you can also earn more by charging clients for storage on google cloud storage and even unlimited bandwidth.

    Besides, even if you don’t know anything about website design or have more clients than you can handle, you can outsource Weblium studio services and have your cut.

    Not yet convinced of how through being a Weblium reseller, you can earn big from Waas, then read on. Imagine also creating packages for your clients who need websites, including other services they need like branding, designing logos, making videos, etc.- sort of a one-stop-shop.

    In the end, the Weblium reseller plan (Waas) is a win-win if you are asking particularly for agencies.

    Of course, since Weblium is still in its growth stages, just like any other software product under development, there are also iterations and improvements.

    Specifically, there are some areas that Weblium should absolutely consider working on if they are not yet doing so.

    One such example is expanding the number of CRMs that clients can connect to and making it possible for a reseller to get notifications and see at a glance when a client signs up to a reseller’s subdomain/account.

    Another example, more features are needed when it comes to blogs and eCommerce, like more payment integrations.


    9. Maintenance

    Weblium includes maintenance and hosting in their services.

    So, novice users or those who want to focus on their website content and leave the expert to take care of the technical aspects may find Weblium’s hosting and maintenance idea a breath of fresh air.

    On the other hand, those who are well-versed in hosting and maintaining websites see it as a minus.

    All in all, for any WordPress users out there who are suffering, when it comes to hosting, maintaining security, and updating your website(s), Weblium may be a solution for you.


    10. Responsiveness

    After the latest Google ranking changes on their algorithm that take off soon in May 2021, having a responsive website is no longer an option.

    Responsive websites that adjust accordingly no matter what mobile device we access them from is a requirement.

    As a non-techy- user, fixing your responsiveness without a website developer can be a hectic experience; You might end up breaking your website.

    Weblium, which offers responsive templates, takes away that nightmare of trying to make your website responsive on your own or paying extra for a website developer to do it for you.

    When using Weblium site builder, you only work with the desktop version; you don’t have to shuffle around testing for different mobile devices.

    As a user, you should rest assured the websites created with Weblium are fully responsive.


    11. Site Styles Manager

    One can customize your website look and feel with the site styles manager by adjusting the fonts, theme styles, and color palette.


    12. Marketing Tools

    Besides, Weblium has in-place analytics and marketing settings that are more than sufficient for beginners.

    With Weblium, one can integrate into their site-specific analytics tools that will help track website performance. The analytics tools come at no additional plan.

    The site builder is also being revamped as per user’s requests with new features to uplift their experience to the next level.



    13. In-built Integrations

    With Weblium, one can connect their website to some email and market automation tools. One can also add useful features like chat, contact forms, email marketing tools, among other things.






    Advantages of Weblium

    • The price is affordable for those who need a website but cannot hire a designer for a custom website due to financial constraints.
    • They have a free plan for those who need to test the service before buying a plan
    • It has more than 270 AI templates to use and building blocks to choose from as well.
    • Weblium is easy to use for those with no time and sets it apart from other website builders with some learning curve that one may not have time for.
    • Saves time; you can create a great landing page in just an hour. Just select a template, then fix in the content and your brand colors, and voila! The great website is done.
    • SEO optimized templates and lightweight for fast-loading.
    • Friendly user Interface – UI and easy to navigate even for beginners and non-techies.
    • Has a reseller Waas -Weblium as a service– partnership where one can earn 50% and more profits.
    • Weblium offers support for any inquiries through 24/7 chat.
    • White label is available for those who want to market your brand and not Weblium’s on the websites created.
    • Weblium has an inbuilt ‘AI Design Supervisor’ that helps you create a perfect website, automatically corrects any errors as you build your website. You don’t have as a user to freak out if you make a mistake, especially if you have never designed a website before…
    • Extra features at no additional cost.

    Disadvantages of Weblium

    • One has to rely on their hosting services, which can be a limitation for those hosting elsewhere.
    • No way to export a website one has made with the free version.
    • Not for those who are eCommerce focused, some features still lacking.
    • As stated, Weblium has proved to be worth its salt even though just slightly over two years in the market, some features lacking that its competitors offer. It could be hard for a user to find an alternative to a missing feature within the website builder.



    We hope our Weblium review will settle any unanswered questions and curiosity. The website builder turns out to be user-friendly (User Interface) with an AI design supervisor and, at the same time, pocket-friendly.

    Unlike other websites with a learning curve, Weblium is a convenient tool for those who need a great-looking website fast!

    For those who have used WordPress before and need another alternative, Weblium is an alternative; it is faster and relatively easy to use. One also does not need to think about how to update, maintain security, cache, and so forth with Weblium as is the case with WordPress.

    Are you a freelancer or an agency? Weblium is perfect for customers who need great-looking websites but short on budget. With Weblium, you can build many quality websites in no time.

    So as it turns out, Weblium may not be a reactive chemical element going by the name, but rather a tremendous creative website design element. Weblium website builder promises to bring your website creation experience to the next level.

    If all things are constant, Weblium is employing, among other things, the AI design supervisor and the Waas (Weblium as a service) partnership into luring in users in an already captivating creative mix. Say ‘yes’ and subscribe to Weblium for your great website(s) if you are in!




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