MotoCMS Website Builder – A Complete Review

A review of the MotoCMS website builder, an easy to use CMS platform.

What exactly is the MotoCMS website builder and why should you use it to establish a website?

A website can be crucial if you are looking to gain an online presence, whether it is to digitally display your ideas or sell your products online.  Once you’ve decided that you are in need of one, you might be wondering how to start the process of creating one.

Enter a content management system or CMS, which is a software helping you to generate and organize digital content, often without much technical knowledge.

Simply put, CMS provides you with a set of tools to build a website – that is why they are also referred to as website builders.

There are many CMS platforms to choose from and your head might start spinning due to all the options out there.

Fear not! We are here to help your decision-making by taking a closer look at a particularly easy to use CMS provider – the MotoCMS website builder.

Hopefully, this review can serve as a starting point on your CMS journey or present you with a better alternative if you already are a CMS user.

Let’s dive right in!




Introducing MotoCMS

MotoCMS website builder was launched in 2008 and was actually originally named FlashMoto. Unlike some other CMS software, this platform is not open-source but entails purchasing a license, thus it can be categorized under software-as-a-service (SaaS). 

This can sometimes mean that you need to actually install the program as well as find your own web hosting provider, however, MotoCMS includes these actions in subscription plans it offers.

While the process of building and maintaining a website it might seem complex, MotoCMS takes care of many of the technical details for you, such as updates and possible bugs.

And there are many templates to assist you with getting your website up fast. But more on this in the next section.


Key Features

  • Drag & drop editor
  • Responsive templates
  • SEO functionality
  • E-commerce plugin
  • 24/7 support

We’ve mentioned the ease of use of MotoCMS website builder previously, but where does it come from?

It can be majorly attributed to the drag and drop principle this platform utilizes. You can work in a web browser of your choice, select the elements you want – such as buttons, text and galleries, and move them around.

This allows you to modify your website according to your needs and creativity, without a developers help.

The websites built with MotoCMS are cited to be responsive and adjustable to different screen sizes.

There are over 2500 themes to choose from in over 60 categories of businesses, meaning that the platform is also able to cater to some more niche businesses.

MotoCMS design
Source: MotoCMS

Another strength of this platform is the tools it offers to improve your websites search engine optimization (SEO), which can greatly impact the traffic of your website.

With the  MotoCMS website builder you are able to customize URLs for all of the pages as well as edit the heading tags, meta titles and descriptions – without having to dip into the code.

MotoCMS has also focused its efforts on ensuring a fast loading speed for its websites. The time it takes for a page to load is crucial for user experience and consequently also affects the SEO of a website.

Hence, it is a good idea to conduct a periodic website speed test so you can make sure your website is utilizing the pagespeed insights.

As it stands, Google suggests that the loading speed should be under 3 seconds for a user not to consider exiting, albeit this number is often even lower for mobile sites.

If you are looking to turn your website into an online merchant, you are more than able to do that by purchasing the MotoCMS’ eCommerce Shop plugin. There is also a variety of tailored online store templates, all of which cost around 10 USD/month to use.

The company is also praised for its support as it is available around-the-clock for free – even if you have just chosen a free trial. There is also an option for Advanced Support, which comes at a price of 39 USD/month.

Advanced Support reduces the guaranteed support ticket response time to 2 hours from the usual 6 hours and offers other extra perks.




Additional Services

  • On-page SEO – this SEO service with a minimum charge of 59 USD, provides additional, more tailored SEO information and tools for your website. While there are some fundamentals incorporated into MotoCMS templates, the on-page SEO offers you options for more comprehensive analytics next-level functions such as keywords mapping
  • Copywriting  – with a starting price at 79 USD, an expert writer from MotoCMS can provide you with written contents such as product descriptions or blog posts
  • Google Ads – the cost for this service ranges from 99 USD – 549 USD depending on the exact type and extent of your Google Ads needs. For instance, you can get help with basic setup or get MotoCMS to manage a full Shopping Campaign.
  • Logo design  – for 149 USD you are able to get a MotoCMS designer to work on a customized logo for your business



motocms pricing
Source: MotoCMS

As can be seen from the image above, the MotoCMS website builder actually offers several versions of CMS – the two main ones currently being Moto4 and MotoCMS3.

Moto4 is the newest addition, at the time of the writing, and utilizes AI technology for its intuitive website builder. It also offers access to an image library as well as built-in integrations for e-mail marketing and other marketing tools.

MotoCMS3 is the more traditional version, we have described above. It features the easy to use drag and drop editor, which allows you to more customize your site in real-time. You can utilize a variety of widgets and SEO tools.

MotoCMS strongly encourages you to purchase an annual or even a lifelong subscription.

For a year, your bill would be around 130 USD for Moto4 and around 120 USD for MotoCMS3.

While the lifelong option is not available for Moto4 yet, the annual payment plant comes with free regular updates. These come at an extra cost with the monthly plan.

Additionally, you could consider paying 139 USD more for the Website Template Customization package.

This will accelerate the setup process of the website even more as several actions would be performed for you, including the installation of the website on the server.





Websites can have many functions and are nowadays essential to most businesses and creators. However, constructing a website from the ground up can seem disheartening to many, who are unfamiliar with web design.

Here is where the content management systems (CMS) take the stage and help make this process, well manageable.

The MotoCMS website builder is one of such platforms, providing you with tools to easily and rather quickly build a website. Its features include 24/7 support, a drag and drop editor for its responsive templates and a good set of SEO tools.

There is also a range of additional services to choose from, such as logo design and GoogleAds set up, helping you to further elevate the specs of your website.

The end cost of using MotoCMS varies depending on the options, packages and services you choose. You can estimate the subscription fee to come to about 120 USD if you choose to pay annually.

We hope that this review familiarized you with the MotoCMS website builder and perhaps even prompted you to dive into using it for your website management needs!

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