Dynadot Domains – A Complete Review

Everything you need to know about one of the cheapest web hosting companies

Welcome to Dynadot review and prepare to become informed about everything Dynadot-related.

But first of all, what is Dynadot?

Dynadot, previously known as INamePro LLC, is mainly recognized for its cheap domain registering and web hosting services that are ICANN-accredited.

The California-based company was founded by software engineer Todd Han in 2002 and its ultimate goal was, and still is, to combine cheap and easy to use service with only the best speed and designing options to offer.

Now, 19 years from its establishment date, Dynadot has thousands of loyal customers from 108 different countries around the world who not only bid on domains but also build their websites using Dynadot.

Without further ado, let’s go more in-depth into the Dynadot universe and find out if it’s something for you.



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Introduction to Dynadot

We already established earlier in Dynadot review that the company is best known for domain registrations, renewals, and transfers through its large database that has over 500 country code domains.

But how exactly does it work?

The easiest way to understand it is by seeing it as a domain marketplace, where anyone can bid on domains that are reaching the expiration date or placing a back-order for domains that await their eternal sleep because of the deletion that the original users requested.

In addition, while Dynadot is the one that is in control of this marketplace for domains, anyone can put up their own domain for an auction and sell for potential buyers.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?


Dynadot’s Domain Suggestion Tool

Okay, but what if you want to create your own domain name but you’re simply not inspired at the moment?

No worries, Dynadot can assist you with generating the most suitable domain with its free Domain Suggestion Tool.

All you have to do is enter a keyword, something you’d like your website to be associated with.

A second later, the Domain Suggestion Tool will display customized suggestions for similar keywords, prefixes, suffixes, and various TLDs.

Voila! All that is left now is to take your pick.

Dynadot reviews shows how one can generate ideas for the most suitable domain with its free Domain Suggestion Tool.
Source: dynadot.com


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Dynadot’s Website Hosting

Now, let’s go back to the poster product of Dynadot review – website hosting.

That’s right, it’s another of the many services from Dynadot. Dynadot’s website hosting offers basic and advanced hosting types to choose from, the advanced one being more efficient for using cPanel and granting perfect integration with WordPress for its users.

However, Dynadot is a firm believer that their clients shouldn’t be left on their own after getting a domain name and website hosting. Instead of letting their customers deal with the more complex parts by themselves, Dynadot assures its clients and potential clients that they are there every step of the way, leading their customers into success.

More specifically, the company complements its base services with a free website building plan with stunning templates, domain parking, DNS settings, and many more.

Dynadot review reveals what makes Dynadot an excellent web hosting company.
Source: dynadot.com


Your Security is a Priority

In the age of data, privacy is targeted more than ever, so it’s important to know that our hard work and confidential data will be protected by those we entrust it with.

Luckily, as you’ll discover in the Dynadot review, security is Dynadot’s top priority.

So how exactly is it keeping you secure and private?

First off, Dynadot accounts, similarly to Google accounts, are protected with a double lock for no extra fee. This means that when you sign up for your account, like most pages, Dynadot requires you to use a username and password.

In addition to that, to make it even safer, you will also be required to enter a specific memorable date, such as your birthday, your graduation date, etc. The general idea is to make it safer with something you will remember even if you’re woken up in the middle of the night.

Moreover, in case you forget your memorable date (yes, sometimes even the memorable ones are forgotten), you will be able to submit a request to be verified by the Dynadot itself and determine whether or not you are the real owner of the account.


Payment Options

In order to determine whether any kind of deal is favorable to you or not, price is always one of the most significant elements that can give you a clear image and that’s what you’re about to get from Dynadot review.

When it comes specifically to Dynadot, not only are the prices clearly stated in a straightforward manner, but the payment flexibility is one of the best ones out there, as Dynadot accepts 12 different methods of payment, and supports 9 different currencies.

Furthermore, the company even expresses flexibility and care by encouraging its customers and potential customers to contact them if the current 12 payment methods are not enough – Dynadot wants to know if their customers would like more specific payment methods to be included in the system.

So, if you’re considering Dynadot but can’t find a suitable payment method – feel free to contact them, Dynadot would love to hear from you!

A visual in Dynadot review showing what payment methods are accepted by Dynadot.
Source: dynadot.com


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Prepay Will Help You Organize Your Finances

Speaking of payment methods…

If you like carefully organizing your finances, you’ll likely grow to appreciate the prepay option that Dynadot offers.

How does it work?

It’s very simple, really.

Let’s say that after reading this Dynadot review you decided to give it a shot and there’s a specific amount of money that you planned to spend for a domain name and website hosting.

Sometimes it’s very easy to get carried away when shopping and spend more than originally planned.

Luckily, Dynadot allows you to put your chosen amount of money into your Dynadot account and this function can also serve as a limitation and a reminder to stick to your financial plans.

But wait, it gets even better!

The prepay function allows you to pay for your cart faster, your money doesn’t expire, and depending on the prepaid amount, you can even get discounts.

Benefits of Dynadot's account prepay on Dynadot review.
Source: dynadot.com


Additional Services from Dynadot

So far in the Dynadot review, we have discussed what Dynadot is best-known for.

But enough about domain markets and website hosting. You already know that Dynadot has more to offer and the time has come to review the other services more in-depth.


Free Dynadot Website Builder

Many people believe that a free product doesn’t provide high quality. However, as you probably began to realize in this Dynadot review, the thought is completely false in this case and by now it’s clear that Dynadot simply loves proving common theories wrong.

So what makes Dynadot website builder a quality feature?

Let’s just start from something that many people find to be the most important factor when choosing a website builder: coding experience is not required, as Dynadot website builder is highly intuitive.

However, if you happen to be a more advanced user, we have great news for you too – Dynadot website builder includes a Code Editor that provides an opportunity to insert a custom code.

Not unlike the most recognized website builders, Dynadot has designed its website builder to be easy to use with the drag-and-drop editing style, the option to create forms, implement social media icons, customize various elements of a website’s design, and of course apply SEO-related functions.

Moreover, Dynadot has many fantastic templates at hand that are 100% customizable and mobile-friendly.

Finally, if for any reason your chosen template turns out to be disappointing – no need to fret, it’s completely free of charge to switch to a new one and the process is surprisingly easy!


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VPN Hosting

Dynadot review would not be complete if VPN hosting wasn’t a part of it.

VPN hosting is a Virtual Private Server that is more cloud-friendly, secure and gives you more control over some aspects of the server.

In addition, VPN hosting grants SSH and full root access to your virtual server, allowing you to install various software on the operating system.

Finally, Dynadot guarantees 99.9% uptime to ensure your website’s speed quality, and offers easy WordPress install, as it’s the most popular website building platform there is.

The benefits of VPN Hosting on Dynadot displayed in Dynadot review.
Source: dynadot.com


Email Hosting

If you’re considering using Dynadot on behalf of a business or organization, email hosting might be something to consider.

Not only does it grant you relevant website insights, but also makes your workflow run much smoother with a well-organized system for you and your team.

In addition, your team will be completely in sync having email addresses with the company’s or organization’s official name. Looks professional, right?

Email hosting benefits on Dynadot review.
Source: dynadot.com



SSL Certificate

When your website receives visitors, especially if you have an online store, it’s essential to have the SSL certificate to protect your own and your visitor’s data, especially the sensitive kind.

In addition, any website analysis will confirm that have the SSL certificate will improve your website in many ways.

Nowadays SSL is a well-known and highly desired measure that online visitors and browsers want to see on a website to be sure that their browsing is safe and protected from unwanted third parties.

In other words, your website’s reputation will be negatively affected and the online traffic reduced if your website visitors don’t feel safe.

SSL certificate is one of the other services that you can get from Dynadot without any reservation – the service is mobile-friendly, recognized by 99% of browsers, and it even secures multiple subdomains.

Benefits of SSL on Dynadot review.
Source: dynadot.com


Customer Reviews

So, let’s discuss the elephant in the room or more specifically – mixed reviews that Dynadot is receiving.

If you check the Dynadot reviews on Trustpilot, the first thing that stands out is two main barricades of reviews – Excellent and Bad.

As you can see, no one is neutral to it and it appears that Dynadot is either loved or hated, and there’s not much in-between.

You might wonder what it means to you, so let’s investigate.

The fact of the matter is that Dynadot is great but not perfect.

While many people are tempted to use Dynadot for lower prices and the opportunity to build a website for free (if you register a domain name with them), people who are completely new to online endeavors might find it a bit more difficult to crack.

You know the saying: everything worth doing doesn’t come easy.

Another reason for dissatisfaction from some of its users is the communication. We all know that communication is key but it’s easier said than done.

In other words, even the best-performing companies experience mistakes and errors in their systems. Although it might occasionally disrupt its users’ experience, Dynadot is very responsive to its critics and it shows strong motivation to fix and improve every misunderstanding by reaching out to specific critics.

Other than that, many people do enjoy Dynadot and the most emphasized positive feedbacks agree that Dynadot is cheaper than its competitors, it works fast, and the customer support is quick to respond.

Dynadot reviews on Trustpilot are very dual without much of a middle ground.
Source: trustpilot.com


Advantages of Using Dynadot

  • Huge variety of TLDs and domain names to choose from
  • It offers a free Domain Suggestion Tool to help you brainstorm for the best domain name
  • Cheaper than competitors but still high-quality service
  • If you buy a domain name from them, you can build a website from scratch for free via Dynadot website builder
  • Dynadot protects your privacy and data with a double lock
  • Flexible and transparent payment organization: Dynadot supports 12 different payment methods and 9 currencies
  • Fast and highly responsive customer service


Disadvantages of Using Dynadot

  • Domain management on Dynadot isn’t very clear and normally requires assistance from customer support
  • Forwarding your email or connecting with email hosting can be tricky if you’re new to this
  • Unlike some other remarkable hosting companies, Dynadot doesn’t offer marketing service for their customer process



Dynadot has stated that it doesn’t want to overcharge its users, hence it offers lower prices for its services and even supports its customers in the whole process of website creation, minus marketing practices.

In addition, the free Dynadot website builder, which comes as a separate and usually costly service, is free of charge if you buy a domain name from Dynadot, which we consider to be a great deal.

Finally, the payment flexibility will ensure your comfort and Dynadot’s customer service is improving every day while expressing care and attention to everyone, critics included.

All things considered, if you’re completely new to website creation, for a little while you might be quite dependent on Dynadot’s customer support, but luckily for you, the company’s service is regarded as fast, capable and amicable.

If you’re more advanced or even have experience in coding and would like to spend a reasonable amount of money on your website, Dynadot is the perfect choice for you.

We hope that you found the Dynadot review to be useful and wish you luck on your new projects!


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