Elementor Pro Website Builder – A Complete Review

Learn everything about Elementor Pro pricing, features and what makes it the best

It’s probably not the first time you hear about Elementor if you’re aiming to build a majestic website with stunning and unique design, perfect functionality, and an easy building process.

As the title of the article implies, today we’ll be talking specifically about Elementor Pro – one of the many great achievements designed for your business to succeed.

More specifically, we have prepared the ultimate review that consists of:

  • Elementor Pro features
  • Who can use Elementor Pro
  • Elementor Pro pricing
  • Elementor Pro advantages & disadvantges

Before we move ahead, however, let’s familiarize ourselves with Elementor Pro’s origins, purpose, and others.

Introduction to Elementor Pro

Elementor is a WordPress plugin that is best-known as a website builder, though its products are not limited to just that.

In fact, the Elementor Pro plugin covers the whole process of website creation – from building to marketing initiatives.

Like all the best website builders, Elementor Pro is extremely easy to use thanks to the drag-and-drop functionality technique, as well as its built-in responsive mode.

In general, Elementor is a huge success in the industry and some even find it surprising that it was only founded in 2016, making it a fairly young company.

Today Elementor is available in over 57 languages and it is recognized as the 5th most popular WordPress plugin with impressive results that mark more than 5 million worldwide installations that are, in fact, active!




Why Elementor Pro?

Oh boy. Beware, there will be many features to name!

Have you ever wondered why Elementor Pro is so popular out there?

The short and straightforward answer would be: it’s limitless thanks to its many outstanding features and possibilities.

The short answer is, however, rather vague, so let’s dig a bit deeper into specific categories that prove Elementor Pro to be worthy of your investment.

Let’s start with…


Elementor Theme Builder

If you don’t care about any other features that Elementor offers, the Elementor Theme Builder is a reason alone to get Elementor Pro.

Why is that?

This feature alone is capable of building the whole website for you and, as it always is with Elementor, not a single line of coding is required to achieve it.

Moreover, Elementor Theme Builder doesn’t discriminate – if you want a blogging site, no problem.

Does an online store make more sense? No worries, Elementor Theme Builder will make it happen.

In other words, Elementor Theme Builder has a perfect structure to fasten and improve your workflow by guiding you step-by-step to successfully accomplish your website vision with functions to create, customize, and adjust every fundamental function every website must have – Header, Footer, Archive Pages, Single Pages, WooCommerce online store as a whole, as well as its product pages.


90+ Widgets

A website’s functionality is probably unimaginable without widgets, so it’s only natural that Elementor Pro offers a great amount to choose from.

The amount of the widget assortment ranges from menu and search bar to marketing and conversion widgets, among other things.

In addition, Elementor Pro places all basic widgets at your disposal and not just the Pro Elements.

One of our personal favorites is the Call To Action widget, as a well-designed and placed Call To Action element will bring tangible results.

Finally, as per usual with Elementor, no coding skills are necessary, but the coding option is there, as seen below from the Code Highlight widget.

Pro Elements are included in the Elementor Pro pricing.
Source: elementor.com




WooCommerce Online Store Builder

Do you want to sell online?

Then it’ll probably come as no surprise that no matter how attractive your products and services might be, your customers will choose not to commit to your company financially if your online store is messy, unprofessional, and without essential functions that make shopping easy and fun.

Let’s face it – a dysfunctional online store does not appear reliable enough for monetary transfers. Just ask a website checker!

Luckily, Elementor Pro has your back in building a functional, user-friendly, and visually appealing online store thanks to:

  • Already existant stunning WooCommerce templates for both single product and product archive pages
  • A high selection of customization options
  • 18 dynamic WooCommerce widgets
  • Easy and flexible placement of product widgets


200+ Elementor Pro Templates

Sometimes the most difficult part of any project is getting started.

With Elementor Pro templates, you can overcome the struggle in just seconds and start your new project confidently and without any reservation, as stunning templates will also guide you through the customization process and details.

Moreover, the massive assortment of 200+ templates ensures that companies of all sizes, all industries, and needs will find what they’re looking for in terms of design, layout, and placement.

Finally, no matter which template you end up choosing, it doesn’t have to be the final result, just a strong starting point. All customization functions still apply and you have to freedom to adjust, change, add, and delete elements of your choice!


Interactive Animations

There are millions of websites out there on the almighty internet and it’s crucial to be authentic, unique, and interactive in order to stand out.

One way to do it is by implementing interactive functionality on your website, such as motion effects and animations.

Another feature that Elementor Pro offers its customers is exactly this!

Although it might sound like a complex element to implement, once again Elementor designed the feature to make it easy, flexible, and with no coding required, meaning that as it is usual with Elementor in general – you will save hours of your life by using it.

But enough about the feature as a whole. Here’s what you’ll get specifically with Elementor Pro:

  • 3D Tilt
  • Transparency
  • Horizontal Scroll
  • Vertical Scroll (aka Parallax Scrolling Effect)
  • Blur
  • Scale
  • Mouse Track

These effects can be applied to columns, widgets, and sections of your choice, as well as images embedded on your site.




WordPress Popups

Have you ever wondered what could make your website more alive and interactive? Perhaps you have a new discount season and wish to let your customers know about it?

Elementor Pro Popup Builder has multiple features that can get people’s attention and strongly contribute to the conversion rates and their significant growth.

More specifically, Elementor Pro Popup builder can be used for login forms, announcements, promotions and sales, email subscription, leads, a warm welcome, and exit intent.

Just like with every other Elementor Pro feature, Elementor Pro templates are at your disposal, along with multiple design and customization options, and of course, no coding requirements are involved.


Integrated Form Builder

Okay, so now you have a stunning website with beautifully customized elements, interactive popups, and motion effects.

Your potential customers had a fun experience while playing around with the smooth effects and enjoyed navigating the online store.

Before buying, however, your potential customers are uncertain about important specifics or simply wish to stay updated with your business by signing up for a newsletter.

As you’re about to receive real leads and possibly customers, it’s crucial to follow through with your site’s success so far by making the forms 100% functional and integrating marketing tools to get the best out of it.

Not only does Elementor Pro Form Builder grant your spectacular design tools, protect you from spam, and add advanced form fields, but allows you to integrate marketing tools of your choice to turn interest into sales and loyal customers.



After reading all about the great number of majestic features that Elementor Pro has in store, the grown-up part of your brain might be quietly whispering into your ear:

“So what does it all cost?”

The cheapest plan called Personal costs $49 per year and it grants the Elementor Pro access to one website and all features mentioned earlier in this article.

The next pricing plan is called Plus and it costs $99 per year along with a possibility to implement it on 3 websites. Also, note that it offers all the same features that the Personal plan offers.

Finally, the luxurious and the most popular pricing plan is called humbly called Expert and is devised to be able to work with 1,000 websites for $199 per year. Once again, it grants the exact same features that the previous two do.

So what is interesting about this Elementor Pro pricing strategy?

First of all, we can see that the difference between the Personal and the Plus plans in terms of price and the amount of websites Elementor Pro can be used on is not significant and it’s really logical.

Okay, so far so good!

Now, if you look between the Elementor Pro pricing plans between the Plus and the Expert plans, there’s quite a difference in terms of the number of websites offered.

We have to admit – $199 per year for 1,000 websites is a very favorable pricing plan for the customer. However, there is a huge gap between the Plus and the Expert plans.

In other words, a customer who is in charge of 4 websites might find this rather unbalanced. This difference suggests that a fourth plan placed between Plus and Expert could even things out greatly.

One final interesting factor that we would like to emphasize is that despite different pricing and different amounts of websites allowed on each plan, all of them share the exact same features.

While some might argue, we strongly believe that it’s a real integrity move from Elementor, as different Elementor Pro pricing packages don’t exclude users with a cheaper pricing plan from the amazing features, only decrease the capability and extent, which requires slightly more investment.

Elementor Pro pricing offers 3 types of pricing plans - Personal, Plus, and Expert.
Source: elementor.com




Who is it For?

Many of us are just so used to getting excited by certain products but what’s normally stopping us is a lack of certain skills required (pssst, coding!), the general difficult usage that would require additional learning just to master that one tool, or unrealistic pricing.

All of the mentioned reasons make us invest our time in a long research process, trying to determine “What is MY perfect tool?”.

Therefore, it’s only natural that you, the reader, will wonder if Elementor Pro is something for you, but wonder no more.

The truth of the matter is that Elementor Pro is for everyone.

It doesn’t matter what purpose your website serves – anyone from a casual hobby blogger to a large corporation will benefit from it no matter what skill set you’ve got, what you know, or don’t know.

When it comes to Elementor Pro pricing plans, $49 for a year is a reasonable price for all that Elementor Pro has to offer and $199 per year for 1,000 sites is a real catch of a deal.

All in all, as mentioned earlier, Elementor Pro is for everyone!


Advantages of Elementor Pro

  • No coding skills are required to succeed with Elementor Pro
  • Website building is faster than ever thanks to 300+ Pro templates
  • Easy and flexible customization options
  • Elementor Pro covers every part of website creation – from website building to marketing widgets and synchronization
  • Everyone can use Elementor Pro thanks to 3 different pricing options, integration to WooCommerce, and other features
  • Superb functionality and website performance improvement thanks to Popup Builder, Form Builder, Motion Effects, and 90+ Widgets
  • Different Elementor Pro pricing plans don’t discriminate the users based on the plan, as all plans give access to the exact same features, just different extents


Disadvantages of Elementor Pro

  • Plus and Expert pricing plans have a huge gap in terms of the number of websites allowed to use with Elementor Pro, possibly causing discomfort to customers who are in charge on just a few websites, but more than 3.



As expected, Elementor has a lot to be proud of, Elementor Pro being a big part of the general achievements.

It becomes difficult to imagine what else Elementor can come up with after producing Elementor Pro and its fantastic features like Motion Effects, a huge amount of templates, widgets, as well as Popup and Form builders.

The only small thing that could be improved is an introduction of an additional Elementor Pro pricing plan that would be an alternative between the Plus and the Expert plans.

This, however, does not cause harm and it is the only factor after having used it extensively.

We hope that you found this review useful and we do want to encourage you to try Elementor Pro for yourself and move up in the online ranking with the fantastic features and possibilities!




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