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7 Rich Snippets Plugins to Add Schema Structured Data into Site and Improve Page Rank

Rich snippet impact SEO and get a great role to drive traffic from SERPs.

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Rich snippets WordPress plugins add snippets and markup data into your site, that helps to search engines to find what kind of your site and what data it has. Google crawling bots consider schema data to rank a page and now in 2018, it is a measure fact to get a good SEO rank.

Rich snippets are a next level SEO, it is not so hard to add a schema data in a website. Schema data can be added easily by a plugin if you are using a CSM like WordPress.

Read/scroll the whole article until the end, I will tell you my techniques to add schemas data on a page and how to show a rich snippet. 😎

Let’s Take A vs B Test

Before starting this article I would like to show you how Rich Snippet has a huge effect on page rank and to get a click on it.

To check Rich Snippet effect here’s I am going to test to different search results of my search keyword Pineapple shake. 😛

Rich Snippets WordPress Plugins: Add Schema Structured Data
Search Result B

Search Result B just showing its Post title and Post Description that is not so appealing.

Rich Snippets WordPress Plugins: Add Schema Structured Data
Search Result A

Now take a look at Search Result A here’s not just title and description, even there are an image, star rating, recipe time and how much calories it contains.

Now time to give an answer to my question.

On which search result you will click?

If I am not thinking wrong, probably you will click on Search Result A. am I right?

Because it is more attracting and lookit to pretty, it also providing some of the extra information that is not providing the first result.

And that’s the reason I found Search result A on the first page and search result B on the third page of search result pages. that’s the effect of Rich Snippet. Now Without taking too much time let’s start this post and get Rich Snippet for your site and also add schema data on site.

What are Rich Snippets?

Rich Snippets is an umbrella term that refers to a range of structured data markup created to help search engines better understand what kind of content web pages contain.

Let’s take a look at an example. Say you’re running a movie review website. Under normal conditions, your review of a particular movie will show the page title, page description, date and page URL in the search engine results. However, with the help of structured data markup, you can also add things such as the name of the person/author writing the review, and a star rating.

Let’s take a look below example both of first two search result have Rich Snippet. but 3rd search result don’t have snippet.

Image source – Code Canyon

In a nutshell,

A Rich Snippet displays additional data such as images, star-ratings, etc. in search results.

What is Schema.org?

“Schema.org is a collaborative, community activity with a mission to create, maintain, and promote schemas for structured data on the Internet”.

Schema.org says these lines at their homepage. Schema project is a combine of All major search engines Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Yandex to make web pages more understandable for bots. if you add schemas on your site, a search engine will have a better understanding of the things on your site.

For example, you can tell them:

  • where the header is;
  • what the main item (like the blogpost content) is;
  • who the author of a blogpost is;
  • what topic you’re writing about (like product review);
  • what rating you give to products and other things;
  • and many more.

Is Rich Snippet important in SEO?

Of course, it is. schema.org is out for years now and has been tested very well. So it’s not a “hype” anymore. Search engines using it frequently as mentioned above:

  • Search Engines are showing Rich Snippets that provides more information to the end user (like images, ratings, etc.).
  • Google Webmaster Tools shows up structured data in its Search Console website.

So it’s not a secret that using structured data has become an important ranking factor.

Benefits of Rich Snippets(Next Level SEO)

Rich snippets show additional data in search result page that shows more information like image, rating, author name and etc. about the page.

If your page is showing with more information it will more be attracting on the search result and chance of click on this page get high.

  • Rich Snippets can help users quickly determine the relevance of particular search results.
  • Rich Snippets can significantly help reduce a website’s bounce rate. Which are you more likely to click? A result of an app or movie review that’s pure text, or one that gives additional info, such as ratings and further details? This is where Rich Snippets can prove extremely useful.
  • Rich Snippets can help search engines better understand your content, and return additional useful results to particular users.
  • Best For Visitor Attraction that increases visitor to the site.
  • Display many details of a post and about an author, post review can be displayed.


7 Best Rich Snippet Plugins for WordPress

Let’s take a look at six of the very best WordPress Rich Snippet plugins (both free and premium).

1 WP-Rich Snippet

Rich Snippets WordPress Plugins

WP-Rich Snippet is a great premium plugin for all kind of Google rich snippets. this plugin adds structured data for reviews, recipes, articles, video, and even author/editor ratings. this plugin also comes with custom add-ons that add more functionality and integrations for WooCommerce Review, Shortcodes, Data tables, snippet for location and maps and so on.

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2 Rich Snippet WP Plugin

This Rich Snippet WordPress plugin is developed by Florian a web developer and specialized in WordPress plugins. This plugin will skyrocket structured data on your site. it is a premium plugin that is available on codecanyon and its price is $66.

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google rich snippet wordpress plugins

All in One Schema.org Rich Snippets is an excellent option for adding Rich Snippets to WordPress, especially if you’re unwilling (or unable) to go for a premium option. Much like WP Rich Snippets (mentioned above), it’s particularly good for adding specific Rich Snippets to a wide variety of different content, such as reviews, events, apps, people, products, recipes, video, articles, and so on.

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If you’re running a pure product review-type website, WP Product Review is one you’ll definitely want to consider. It lets you add details such as the pros and cons of the products being reviewed, as well as the ability to rate them under different segments.

For example, let’s say you’re running a smartphone review site. WP Product Review will give you the ability to add the specific advantages of the smartphone in question, as well as its cons or negative points. You could then rate it on different scales, such as battery life, processor and hardware, support, camera quality, and so on.

What’s more, as with Rich Reviews (mentioned above), WP Product Review also supports user-submitted reviews, and boasts more than 50,000 active installations so far — making it the most popular plugin on this list!

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4. Wp-Review

WP Review plugin is an easy yet powerful way to review content easily, without affecting the speed of your site. If you’re a blogger, you probably occasionally review or rank products, services, tools, recipes, or other content on your site. WP Review plugin is a customizable and lightweight way to create reviews, using stars, percentage or point rating, and it includes support for translation, WPMU, Google rich snippets and unlimited colors.

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5. Schema App Structured Data

google rich snippet wordpress plugins


By activating the plugin Schema App WordPress plugin automatically creates schema.org markup for the all your pages, posts, author and category content leveraging information that already exists in your WordPress website. Just activate the plugin, adding your logo and name of your business, BAM, your content is optimized to be fully understood by search engines resulting in higher traffic, higher click-through rates and more.

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6. WP SEO Structured Data Schema

Structured data and schema are becoming more and more important for search engine optimization. this plugin after trying dozens of free and premium schema and rich snippet plugins for WordPress. There are some great ones out there for specific kinds of content, but we could not find an easy-to-use, comprehensive JSON-LD plugin that provided features that most business websites need.

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7. Google SEO Pressor for Rich snippets

Google SEO Author Snippet Plugin automatically structures your website content with schema.org. The standardization helps you to come up in Google search with easy addition of SEO friendly snippets. You can uniquely define for each Post, Page, Custom Post and Product. You can also add social shares to your website authors to catch followers.

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Conclusion Behind Rich Snippets

These are the best collection of rich snippets WordPress plugins, you can also use them and get more visitors via their attraction toward blog or help Google to understand your website.

As I have said earlier Rich snippets are not just a couple lines of code, it is important in page ranking and drives more information to users.

At last, I just wanna say two lines:

  1. Add Rich Snippets for SEO ranking.
  2. Add Rich Snippet to make your search result attractive.

What Technique do I use?

Want to know what kind of technique I use to show a Rich Snippet on search result page or how I add Schema.org codes on my site.

Well as a blogger I like to share What I do to run this blog and What kind of things I use here.

So to add Schemas data on site I don’t use any kind of WordPress plugin or any 3rd party service. this most important task is done by my lovable WordPress theme Publisher. Publisher automatically adds schemas data on the page without a need for a single plugin.

Just by enabling this feature you can add schema data on a page.

Theme option >> Advance  >> SEO 

Enable JSON-LD



here is schemas code on my page that is added by my Publisher theme.

I would like to share one fact with you, the best, perfect and pretty Rich snippets come from just Food Blog, not for a blog who is writing articles on the rich snippet. 🙁

On this blog, I can add only start rating, author name and Image in rich snippet. So I just choose to show star rating to show in my rich snippet and for this, I use KK Start Rating plugin a free WordPress plugin. the best thing that I like about this plugin users can also rate a post and overall rating will be shown in search result page as Rich Snippet.

Save it-

Rich Snippet Plugins for WordPress


7 Rich Snippets Plugins to Add Schema Structured Data into Site and Improve Page Rank
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