12 Proven Ways to Get Traffic on a New Blog

Traffic is need of every blog. here I've shared my 12 Tricks which gives me a lots of traffic on my new blog.

Getting instant traffic on a new blog is easy to then get Organic Traffic on the blog. blog traffic is first needed for a blog that makes sense of your blog because huge traffic means more sale and more income from your blog.

There are some ways that can drive traffic to your new blog fast and easily.  😀

Organic search result take times to drive traffic on the blog because get top place in SERPs is not easy and quick. SEO is a long-term process and it takes times to gives you traffic.

Just a sec, If you haven’t started your Blog.

Here are my 2 best Articles for beginners to start blog today.

Getting high rank on Google is dependent on many factors. And Domain Age is also a factor for getting better rank in search result.

Do you want traffic to your new blog?

But have any idea about how to drive an internet user on your blog? 💡

Well everyone wants traffic on a blog and getting a traffic is not so easy like our traffic on roads but there is some tricks or ways by which we can get enough traffic on a new blog or it can be huge if we do it consistently.

So instead of waiting for organic traffic, follow these 12 tricks to get more traffic on your new blog. 😆 and keep alive your blog with real visitors not just by crawling bots.

Get More Traffic On a New blog

Here’s I am going to sharing some of best methods that can help you to drive an internet user on your blog.

Let’s explore and move ahead to get traffic.

1. Trending Post & share

Trending post & share is my first priority to get instant traffic to a blog or a blog. this trick also helpful for getting organic traffic from search engines.

People search more about trending topics and related so on.

So pick some trending topics around you or world and start writing one or more post related to this.

you can use Google Trend(FREE) Tool to select a trending point.  with this tool, you can choose a topic by filtering your country or globally.

There are some of the trending queries in past 30 days in Computers & Electronics category. that kind of data Google trends provide you and helps you to find out a trending topic or query to make a new trending post.

2. Quora Answers

This one is my fav.

Giving Answers make you geekier and more researcher.

Quora is using by 190 million monthly users in April 2017, At that time in 2018, we can assume Quora monthly users approx 200 million.

Quora is world’s biggest platform where users can question and answer. Many bloggers and Digital marketers are using Quora to get traffic or clients.

I also use Quora to share my thoughts and knowledge as I can.

Meet me on Quora

But I don’t recommend just put your blog URL in Quora Answer, Instead of this you may write an honest and right answer and put your blog link in answer words.


My Quora State – Divesh Diggiwal

Here’s my Quora state in past 30 days, yes 703 is not so high but I just give 6 Answers in past 30 days, And my all content got 1.3k views including questions, answers and blog.

Here’s is the result in front of you how you can drive a traffic to your blog or blog from Quora and increase your knowledge with right peoples and rights answers mostly.

People get their answer related to their question and you get traffic by inserting a link in answers. it’s a win-win 😎

3. Facebook Profile, Pages And Groups

Facebook is now using by 2 billion people on this universe and of course, I am also one of them who use Facebook.

We mostly use Facebook and have some friends on facebook, we can easily share our new articles in our profile that will be seen by our Facebook friends.

As well we can create a Facebook page related to any kind of service or a blog/Blog page to share new or old articles there.


Facebook Groups are mainstream to share blog because in a single Facebook group there can be more than 100k+ members. and it is a right palace to share your blog with the right audience.

There are many public or private groups on Facebook, you can join them according to your blog niche and share your blog post there.

I also have created some FB groups, one for bloggers to help, share a post and another for programmers to helps other programmers. you can join them and be a part of our community.

Even when you write a new blog post, you can share this first on the Facebook group it will provide you defiantly some traffic and new people get chance to visit on your blog.

4. Emails

Well, it’s fact but more than 205 billion emails are sent in just a single day but most of them are spammy or ignorable.

But an email gives more attachment to the user with your blog or blog. you can share your new or old post with the audience that has signed up for a newsletter on your blog.

But for this, you need a mail client because WordPress default mail system is not so perfect. so there are some of best freemium mail clients, you can choose one of them.

Mail Clients Free Service Price Start From
MailChimp Up to 2000 Subscribers $10/month
Mailliter Up to 1000 Subscribes $10/month
Convertkit No Free Service $29/month


If you are a newbie like me you can go with MailChimp or Mailliter, here’s you get free plans to understand how email works and what possibilities can be happened.

Do you know: Links that are attached to a mail get more clicks than a facebook or a twitter page shared link.

Create your Email bundle and use a mail client to send bulk emails to your audience.

5. Twitter Trending Tags

Twitter Sidebar shows trending tags on Twitter, many Twitter user clicks on a trending topic and then Twitter shows all Tweets that tagged with this trending topic.


Trick-5 Share your blog or posts with Twitter Trending Tags.

6. Forum blogs

Forum blogs are the blogs where people ask questions related to their problem and issues and joined a member of the blog can answer this questions.

Trick-6 Join Some Forum blogs Related to your Niche and give Answer with your blog links.

7. Pinterest Images

There are many bloggers that get more traffic from Pinterest than organic, social and any other referral traffic.

Yes! by simply upload some pretty images on Pinterest.

Pinterest is like Instagram but there are not just square images, there is a hub of Infographics.

To get traffic from Pinterest first you need to make a profile on Pinterest and then second join some Pinterest Group Boards. Group Boards are like Facebook groups where you can share your Pinterest graphics and inside this graphic, you can add your blog link. whenever someone clicks on these graphics he drives on your blog from Pinterest.

Here is my step by step guide from begging to drive massive traffic from Pinterest.

Pinterest is my second Lovable Social media after Facebook. For learning something new or best images.

8. Social Bookmarking blogs

Social bookmarking blogs are blogs on which Internet users share their web pages, articles, blog posts, images, and videos. There are a number of advantages to submitting your content to these blogs.

Here I am not telling about popular social media blogs, there are some other unheard blogs that provide DoFollow links for your blog that helps to get upper rank into the search engine.

Social Bookmarking blogs are the best platform for Link Building.

Some of Social Bookmarking blog

  1. Reddit
  2. StumbleUpon
  3. Dribble
  4. Pocket
  5. Digg

9. blog TrafficExchange blogs

Traffic Exchange blogs provide free traffic to your blog in return some of their tasks. this task is also related to viewing some other’s blog through Traffic Exchange blog when you do this you get some points and according to your points, you will get traffic to your blog.

Some Free Traffic Exchange blog

10. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing means not sharing the post on profile, pages and groups.

Instead of this create an Ad for your targeting audience on social media and reach to new peoples.

11. Buy Traffic

Buying Traffic!

In hearing this sound weird. but buying traffic is the easy and quick method for getting new visitors.

you can buy some targeted country or age visitors in few dollars.

Some of the blog to Buy Traffic

12. It’s your Trick

Share your trick that you use for your blog to get instant traffic or a long-term traffic.

12 Ways To Get Instant Real Website Traffic In 2018 #wordpress #blogging #blog #seo #pinterest #make #money #DIY #travel #pin
Save me 🙂


these are the tricks that you can use to show your blog to new peoples and engage them with your blog. Try these tricks to get traffic from all over to the world.

However, Upper tricks will not provide not Huge regular traffic because the organic source is the best resource for getting regular huge target audience.

Something More To Get More Blog Traffic

However, all upper ideas will provide you with some traffic instantly but these methods are not enough to get regular Huge traffic with the targeted audience.

An organic source is best for getting visitors and to become top on the organic search result, your blog SEO should be great.

There is some post to improve blog SEO.

Let’s Disqus

Let’s Disqus with your interweb friends which tricks are you using to get instant traffic on your blog and what tricks would you like to share with us.

And what’s review about my tricks? Is this helpful to you?

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