Kinsta Black Friday 2020 [2 Months for FREE]

Get awesome deals with Kinsta on Black Friday!

Looking to get started with Kinsta and grab a discount at the same time?

Kinsta doesn’t do coupons. Instead, Kinsta offers attractive perks that you can benefit from, including:

Kinsta Get 2 Free Months of Hosting

Just because Kinsta doesn’t have coupons doesn’t mean that you can’t save some money on their hosting plans. If you pay yearly, as a Black Friday promotion you will get 2 months hosting for free! Check out the savings below:

  • Starter plan ($60 savings)
  • Pro plan ($120 savings)
  • Business 1 plan ($200 savings)
  • Business 2 plan ($400 savings)
  • Business 3 plan ($600 savings)
  • Business 4 plan ($800 savings)
  • Enterprise 1 plan ($1,200 savings)
  • Enterprise 2 plan ($1,800 savings)
  • Enterprise 3 plan ($2,400 savings)
  • Enterprise 4 plan ($3,000 savings)

In addition to these stellar savings, Kinsta also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with no long-term contracts. In a nutshell, Kinsta stands behind their service and are confident that once you try, you won’t look back!

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