How to Boost Site Speed and Improve Google Ranking

Explaining the importance of site speed, its relation to Google ranking and how the MosnterInsights Site Speed report can help you improve it.

Growing your business’ online presence is in direct correlation with being visible when people enter a phrase or a keyword into a search engine such as Google.

But how can you help your website to get those coveted, better-ranking positions?

Well, improving site speed would definitely be a big step in the right direction.

Let us dive in and discuss how the MonsterInsight’s Site Speed report can help you boost your WordPress site speed and improve website performance overall.


Why Should you Care about Site Speed?

Site speed measures how quickly your website is loading as the users manoeuvre through it. Meaning how fast are they able to view and interact with the content.

The speed of your website can majorly impact two crucial aspects  – its Google ranking and user experience.

Google ranking is closely connected to a website’s traffic or in other words the number of web visitors on a site. The higher up your website is displayed, when a user is searching for information that is relevant to your business, the higher is your chance to get noticed and clicked on.

Beginning from May 2021, Google will make loading speed a part of its Core Web Vitals – a set of particular attributes Google considers significant in the overall user experience.

In relation to Google and how it conducts its website ranking, there are often discussions focused on page speed in particular, referring to the load time of all the content of a specific page on your website or blog.

To clarify, site speed measures a sample of pageviews on your site.

While site speed and page speed can be understood as separate concepts, they are interrelated and thus both significant to our topic at hand.


site speed
Source: Pxhere

Google indicates that a landing page’s loading speed that is over 3 seconds can prompt more than half of the users to abandon their visits – especially so if they are on a mobile site.

This abandonment increases the website’s bounce rate, which is a metric indicating the number of people who do not engage with a website upon their website. Meaning that the user left from the landing page, without clicking and checking out something else on the site.

Higher bounce rate is a negative metric if your home page acts as an access point to other pages (e.g. products, news, services) and you thus consider your site as a success if the visitors view more than one page.

From these correlations, it is not hard to make a further connection between user experience and site speed.

Use experience on its own is also an important Google ranking factor and is inherently about how convenient and pleasant it is for the user to find what they are looking for.

Along with loading speed, Google judges users’ perception of a web page by characteristics such as mobile-friendliness and safety.

If a user has a negative experience when visiting your website, it is more difficult to keep their attention, they are less likely to follow through with a purchase or become a returning visitor.

Essentially, it a lose-lose scenario for both you and the website visitor.

As such you should definitely be mindful of how quickly your website and its pages load for users and which actions could you undertake in order to further optimize site speed.

This is where MonsterInsights Site Speed Report can lend you a helping hand if WordPress is your website builder of choice.


Introducing Site Speed Report by MonsterInsights

First, let’s begin with a  brief introduction of MonsterInsights, in case you are unfamiliar.

MosnterInsights is a highly-rated WordPress analytics plugin, which allows you to easily integrate Google Analytics with your WordPress site.

Among other things, the plugin allows you to get to know your visitors, how did they find the website and what do they click on the most while on it.

Let’s take a look at some of the core features below.


Top Features of MonsterInsights

  • Easy set up of Google Analytics
  • Real-time stats
  • Audience report
  • Behaviour report
  • E-commerce metrics

MonsterInsights enables you to easily set up Googe Analytics for your website, without having extensive knowledge about web development or coding.

You can see information about the users of your website right as they visit, in real-time and learn more about them through audience and behaviour reports.

The audience report can provide details on who your visitors are through letting you know their age, gender, their country of origin, the device they are using and so on.

The behaviour report, as the name suggests, provide insight into user behaviour in connection to your website. More specifically, you can discover how people find your website, what did they click on while on there, who referred them and more.

If you are planning to sell products and/or services through your website, MonsterInsights can also showcase e-commerce specific metrics like conversion rate and top products. This way you can keep track of how your e-commerce store is doing and how it could potentially be expanded.



MonsterInsights currently has 3 pricing plans, which are:

  • Plus – The cheapest plan comes with a selection of essential tools: analytics dashboard, page insights, EU compliance, real-time report, engagement tracking and so much more. It’s a great plan for smaller publishers and businesses, as it enables you to use MonsterInsights one 1 website only and won’t provide you with an e-commerce report.  The normal price for the Plus plan is 99.50 USD/year.
  • Pro –  With the Pro plan you can utilize MonsterInsights on 5 sites. It includes everything in the Plus plan and additions such as e-commerce report, category/tags tracking and priority support. Recommended for e-commerce businesses. The normal price for the Pro plan is 199.50 USD/year.
  • Agency – The Agency plan raises the website limit to 25. On top of the Pro plan features, it also offers extras like client management and WordPress multisite support. Recommended for marketing and web development agencies. The normal price for the Agency plan is 399.50 USD/year.

The plans are billed annually and have 14 days money-back guarantee. If you are interested in any of the plans, now is the time to check them out as MonsterInsights is currently running a 50% off sale on all of its plans.

If you are want to know more, especially about the setup process, you can check out our comprehensive, step-by-step guide for MonsterInsights by clicking here.

Now, let’s discuss the new addition to MonsterInsights and as such yet another reason to check out this WordPress plugin.


The Site Speed Report

The Site Speed Report is part of the newest version of MonsterInsights (at the time of the writing) -MonsterInsights 7.14.

It focuses on improving the user experience by conducting an in-depth analysis of your WordPress website’s speed.

site speed report
Source: MonsterInsights

The Site Speed report will even allow you to break down the speed metrics and will showcase more specific stats such as:

  • Server Response Time
  • First Contentful Paint
  • Time to Interactive
  • Total Blocking Time

Here comes the best part. The report does not stop there. MonsterInsights will also come up with tailored suggestions on how to improve your weaker stats.

This is a great feature considering that site speed can be affected by a variety of factors such as the hosting server you have chosen, the size of the files (images, code) you use and your cache settings.

As such, there is also a selection of actions you potentially need to take in order to improve, from image compression to CDN (Content Delivery Network) implementation.

The Site Speed Report can help you pinpoint and prioritize the actions you need to take for optimizing the speed of your website – no extra effort needed.

site speed recommendations
Source: MonsterInsights

As you can see, MonsterInsights Site Speed Report will give you an overview of the common reasons, which could result in the speed issues you are facing. It will then redirect you to more detailed articles and guides in order to help you tackle said issues.



Wrapping Up

Getting the name of your website out there in the digital space is not an easy task, especially considering the increasing amount of competition.

One important factor which can help you improve both the Google Ranking of your site and the experience of its users is site speed.

However, site speed can be affected by numerous things and it can be difficult to figure out what is lacking in your website specifically.

Enter MonterInsights’ Site Speed Report, which offers a thorough overview of your WordPress site’s speed status and providing insights on how to counter the loading time problems it might be experiencing.

The Site Speed Report is a part of the features offered by MonsterInsights – the Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress and allows you to begin the analysis of your website in just a few clicks.

Hopefully, this post has inspired you to utilize the Site Speed Report to boost your site speed and thus be on your way to a better Google Ranking.


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