Rank Higher on Google Maps in 7 Quick Steps

Learn to Drive Customers to Your Business with High Local Ranking on Google Maps

Raise your hand if you‘ve ever used Google Maps! I know I have.

It‘s no secret that Google Maps, like most of Google’s tools, is a powerful tool to find a place you‘re looking for quickly, and only very little effort needs to be spared.

In fact, researches show that 67% of consumers consider Google Maps to be the most user-friendly and popular navigation tool.



The high numbers of Google Maps users and favorable feedback clearly create great opportunities for your business to succeed in keeping your customers satisfied and show them you care.

That is why today you will learn how to rank your business higher on Google Maps and make Google Maps work for your business.

We prepared a 7 step plan with Google Maps ranking factors for you to succeed faster than your competitors!

Let‘s dive in!




1. Register your business on Google My Business (GMB)

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

Google wants to help your business, but you need to make it easy for it by feeding it with information. So, make sure that you present your information correctly and use your Google account to get started.



Before we start, however, here’s a piece of advice: fill in as much information as possible to avoid misunderstandings with Google. Communication is key!


1.1. Business name and address

Google likes consistency when it comes to information. Remember, details matter and it’s important to type in the information exactly the same way as it is on your website and social media channels to demonstrate reliability.


1.2. Business Category

This information will display your business to relevant searchers and direct the perfect customers your way. This is how we get the perfect win-win-win scenario – for your business, potential customers, and Google. Naturally, if you sell cakes, you probably don’t want customers who are searching for used bikes.


1.3. Contact information and business hours

Adding your phone number and a link to your website will make you appear open and ready to communicate, it will also make it much easier for existing and new customers to contact you in just one click. Can it get any easier?

Moreover, business hours will be extremely helpful for your customers when they are unsure if and how long your business is open during holidays, weekends, and later hours. It’s much easier than checking on a door sign of your physical company, right?


1.4. Verifying your account

You will receive the verification via mail and it can take 1 to 2 weeks for it to arrive. Everything good takes time.


2. Get quality backlinks

Google’s algorithm will appreciate your backlinks from similar websites, as they give additional context about your company.


The more confident Google is about your content and your activities, the higher ranking you will get!


Beware of irrelevant and full of spam websites – they won’t do much good and could cause harm to your reputation. Instead, focus on the quality backlinks that will make your company more credible and reliable.



3. Get Google reviews

The great thing about Google is that it encourages the good, old word-of-mouth, which demonstrates the value of customer feedback.

Of course, you should seek the best reviews, as they guarantee a higher display, but don‘t be afraid of a few negative ones. If anything, they could help you improve your business.

Therefore, you should focus on taking negative feedback into consideration as well, not just the nice words. By acknowledging this not-so-flattering feedback you are showing your users that you listen, you care, and you are willing to be better.

Communicating with both your happy and unhappy customers is the key to a thriving business and it shows them that you seek the highest customer satisfaction – people (and Google!) will love it, especially if your competitors don’t have this feature.

People like being heard. Remember to show appreciation to both negative reviews and the positive ones, then the customers remember you positively.


4. Optimize your website

So, Google needs to know as much as possible about your business. Check. Then you need to create a relationship with your users. Check. The next step, give Google crawlers and human visitors an amazing experience on your website.

SEO or search engine optimization is the set of rules or standards Google sets for website owners in order to provide the best user experience possible.

This means that Google looks at ranking factors like Page Speed, User data Security measures like SSL certificates, Mobile responsiveness, and the overall page experience.


5. Embed Google Maps on your website

Speaking of your website… You might want to consider embedding Google Maps navigation on your website, as it will clarify that the location you provided to Google is the right one.

Not to mention the convenience for your website visitors to find the location straight from the website!

For your convenience, we found the Google Maps Embedment step-by-step tutorial published by Google Maps to get you started.


6. Upload photos and videos

Your business will appear more trustworthy if your customers know what to expect visually, so now is the time to finally use the best photos you have and show off your business!

In addition, you can add promotional videos featuring your workplace and team, perhaps even a company pet – who wouldn’t want to see that.


7. Update business information

It sounds simple, but it is also crucial to update changes in business hours, upload new relevant photos and videos, as well as other relevant information that we covered earlier.

Your customers will appreciate the updates and information and your business will stay relevant and efficient.


To sum up

By now you might have noticed that Google is a highly customer-oriented organization and it prioritizes businesses that are user-friendly, active, up-to-date, and consistent. The described 7 steps will guide your business to nail the ranking system and Google will make sure that the right customers find you easily.

The fundamental rule that you will need to remember from this article, is that in order to succeed, your business must stay active, curious, and greedy for the best results (in this case ranking). After all, only a dead fish goes with the flow, right?

Follow these simple steps now to get a higher Google Maps ranking and enjoy the sweet results sooner than you think! May the force of Google Maps be with you.


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