How to Earn Money from YouTube In India- 12 Ways to Make $1000/mo

Get Name, Fame and Make Money on YouTube.

Internet is now best way of making money and get famous fast. Here is an article on ✅ how to earn money from Youtube in India. We’ve shared 12 best ways 🤑 for how to earn money on India Youtube and make $1000/mo easily.

Youtube has become the most lucrative platform to earn money online nowadays.

The famous YouTubers from all around the world have successfully quit their jobs and are maintaining an extravagant lifestyle.

PewDiePie, for example, earned $15.5 million in 2018.

Indian Youtubers like Mumbiker Nikhil, Be YouNick, and MostlySane are also earning a hefty amount of money from Youtube.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can just earn 10% of what these famous YouTubers are making?

If you also want to

Make money from YouTube India?


Earn from YouTube in India?


Earn money on Youtube India?

Then you’re at the right page.

This Post will completely help you in your profitable youtube carrier. 😀

In this article, I will show how to earn money from Youtube in India.



YouTube Carrier Overview

If you’re starting a YouTube channel just because it seems like a quick source of second income, then you’re highly mistaken.

In addition, YouTube is also not about creating just a few viral videos.

To become the next successful YouTuber, you’ll have to upload videos on regular-basis that are high in terms of both, quality and content.

Take any above-mentioned famous YouTuber for example. – Mumbiker Nikhil uploads almost daily. MostlySane follows a strict schedule of uploading videos 3 days a week.

If like above YouTubers or your favourite YouTuber stars you also want to earn money from Youtube you can follow below 12  steps by step guide on how to make money from youtube in India.

Casey Neistat, the guy who introduced vlogging niche on YouTube, uploaded videos every day for almost 3 straight years.

The point is, uploading high-quality and engaging videos consistently is the key to YouTube success.

Now, if you can commit to uploading high-quality videos regularly, then here are 12 different ways you can earn money from YouTube in India.


12 Ways to Earn Money From YouTube India

Here are easy ways to make money on youtube in India.

1. YouTube Adsense

Youtube AdSense or Youtube Partner Program is by far the easiest way to earn money from Youtube in India.

In this method, Youtube basically shows contextual ads on your videos and you earn money based on the number of times these ads are watched and/or clicked.

Although, Youtube has defined certain eligibility criteria for Youtube Adsense program.

  • Your country must be supported by the Youtube Partner Program.
  • Your content must meet Youtube Partner Program policies.
  • Your channel must have 4,000 watch hours.
  • Your channel must also have 10,000 subscribers.


Once you meet all these criteria, only then you can get your Adsense account approved and Youtube starts showing ads in your videos.

To join the Youtube Partner Program, you have to:

  • Open Creator Studio
  • Select Channel and click on Status and Features
  • Under Monetization, click Enable
  • Lastly, accept the Youtube Partner Program Terms.

Once Youtube approves your account, you can then choose to monetize either both existing and future videos or just the future videos.


2. Merchandising

Merchandising was once reserved only for the celebrities to earn money off their popularity. But, merchandising has now become a common and popular way for Youtubers to make money through their loyal subscribers.

In fact, Youtube also understands this money-making opportunity and it’s for that reason Youtube has partnered with dozens of merchandising companies. You can find the list of all eligible companies here.

how to earn money from youtube in india

So, if you have a good base of loyal subscribers, Merchandising could be a really profitable stream of revenue for your Youtube channel.

Sponsoring some products or merchants is the best way to promote your products to a huge range and you can use these ways to earn from youtube in India

All you’ll need to do is create an E-commerce website and provide a link to it in the description of all your videos. For website development, you can use Squarespace or Shopify to set up your store without any coding.

Best Merchandising Options:

  • T-shirts
  • Caps
  • Hoodies
  • Mugs
  • Smartphone Covers
  • Jewellery
  • Makeup items
  • Electronics


3. Sponsored Videos

In this method, YouTubers earn money by promoting brands and products in their videos. Most of the YouTubers do this in a smart way by portraying as if they regularly use a company’s product and encourage their loyal subscribers to buy it using their coupon code.

Here are a few popular sponsorship marketplaces to find a sponsor company for your next Youtube video:

Grapevine is a Youtube Sponsorship Marketplace company which is absolutely free to join with just one condition. – You need to have 10,000 subscribers to start applying for sponsorships on this platform.

Famebit is a product of Youtube that helps Youtubers connect with brands for sponsorships.

Similar to Grapevine, you need to have at least 5,000 subscribers in order to join and start applying for sponsorships on Famebit platform. Also, the company also charges a 10 percent commission on the final payment received by the Youtubers.

Channel Pages is a Youtube Certified Brand Sponsorship & Creators’ Collaboration company that is free to join.

The company helps Youtubers connect with brands and also introduces collaboration opportunities with other YouTubers.

Izea is an Influencer Marketing Company that works with big brands like Subway, Levi’s, eBay, WholeFoods, and many more.

The platform is free to join and helps companies to find the right content creators to run an influencer campaign through custom content. After Adsense now making sponsor, videos are new ways for YouTuber to make money on youtube.

Many companies and brands sponsor YouTubers to promote their services or products in their videos and now it is the best solution for how to earn from youtube in India. Mostly Indian YouTuber promotes Android application, websites and products as sponsorship.

Now, if you’re just starting out and don’t have a large subscriber-base, then I suggest reaching out local businesses for sponsorship deals.

Here are a few suggestions to reach out to local brands:

  1. Attend networking events
  2. Leverage your network’s connections
  3. Tweet to a company
  4. Send cold emails to prospective brands with an interesting pitch
  5. Start cold-calling and schedule face to face appointments


4. YouTube Super Chat

YouTube introduced YouTube Super Chat feature in 2017 and it is a perfect monetization option for YouTubers who prefers things to be simpler.

In this method, Youtubers go live on their channels and their subscribers usually pay to get their comment pinned for a while.

how to earn from youtube in india

In recent times, PUBG game streamers have leveraged this feature to give a shoutout to their subscribers while playing the game.

To enable this feature, you’ll need to meet the same Youtube Partner Program criteria to activate this feature on your Youtube channel.


5. Channel Membership

Channel Membership is a recent feature that Youtube introduced just a while back.

Under this feature, Youtubers can collect monthly subscription fees from their most loyal subscribers in exchange for the access of their exclusive videos, badges, and other custom perks.

However, the eligibility criteria are a bit difficult to apply for this monetization option on your Youtube channel.

Here’s what you need:

  • You must be over 18 years old
  • Your Youtube Partner Program must be approved.
  • Your Youtube channel must have over 30,000 subscribers.
  • You must agree to follow all Channel Membership terms and policies in your content.
  • You must have zero active strikes for both community guidelines and copyrights.

After hit 30,000+ subscribers you can enable channel membership where users get exclusive features and right now for each YouTuber it is the best solution for how to earn money from youtube in India.

If your channel meets the above-mentioned criteria, you will automatically get notified from Youtube. In case you don’t, you can check your current eligibility status from its official page.


6. Amazon Affiliate Program

Another way that many YouTubers are making a huge amount of money is through the Amazon Affiliate Program.

Amazon Affiliate Program, also called Amazon Associates, is a way to make money by promoting Amazon products in your Youtube videos.

To earn money using this method, all you need to do is pick the right product, create a video around that product, recommend your viewers to buy that product through your affiliate link shared in the description of the video.

You can join the Amazon Associates program by simply signing up on this website.


7. YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is a paid service for viewers to watch uninterrupted videos on Youtube. Under this service, Subscribers pay a fixed amount of fees to enjoy a couple of perks like ad-free videos, play Youtube app in the background, and download videos offline.

This feature has basically provided a secondary income stream to Youtubers by allowing them to create exclusive videos for the Youtube Premium platform.

Under this method, Youtubers generally make tutorial videos like WordPress, Makeup, Travel, Finance, Marketing, and Tech-related content which only paid viewers can access.

For every view, the creator receives the majority of the revenue while Youtube keeps a small amount.


8. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding sites like Ko-fi, Buy Me a Coffee, and Patreon are great tools for Youtubers to receive fundings from their loyal subscribers.

There are many Youtubers like Matt D’Avella, for example, who keep their channel ad-free and rely on their subscribers’ kind nature and goodwill to fund videos.

how to make money from youtube

In exchange for a fixed amount of donations, Youtubers offer access to their exclusive content as a thank you.

Matt D’Avella, for instance, posts his vlogging and day-to-day videos on Patreon to get fundings from his loyal subscribers.


9. Teach Your Skills

Once your Youtube channel gains a few hundred thousand subscribers, you’ll start receiving questions on how you did a particular thing.

This is a great opportunity to make some extra money by teaching your skills, whether it’s editing a video, doing a particular thing, or about anything that your videos are about. Teaching others using your skills is the best solution for how to earn money from youtube in India and it will also increase your knowledge.

There are platforms like Udemy and Skillshare where you can create video courses for your subscribers to purchase learn your skills.

In fact, both these platforms have a huge number of active users. Skillshare has more than 3 million users, while Udemy has over 20 million users.

how to earn money from youtube

So, if you’ve something to teach and if you’ve built your subscriber base to a substantial amount, there will always be students who want to learn what you know.

All you need to do is make and release your video course on any of these platforms, and invite your subscribers to check out your courses in your normal Youtube videos.


10. Sell Your Retail Products

If you have a retail business of any kind, you can also boost its sales by promoting on Youtube.

Gary Vaynerchuk, for example, did the same thing. He helped his father grow his Wine business by creating a viral TV show on Youtube called Wine Library TV.

make money on youtube

On this channel, he posted videos about Wine for almost 5 years and was able to grow his Wine business from 4 million a year to 45 million in revenues.


11. License Your Viral Content To Media Companies

If one of your Youtube videos happens to go viral, for example, a funny clip of your pet or baby, you can license your video to TV news and media outlets in exchange for money.

For example, one video of a mom wearing a character mask went viral and tons of media companies reached out to get a license to use her video.

earn from youtube

Similar to this lady, you can also list your viral videos on marketplaces like Juken Media to find the right people interested in purchasing it.


12. Provide Online Services

As you promote other company you can slow promote your own companies products services.

Sometimes a YouTuber can also make money by providing online services.

Online service category like

  • Creating a website
  • website SEO
  • Youtube channel SEO
  • Logo and Freelancing service

For your question about how to make money from youtube India, this is the best way. Even now you’ve found that outsourcing work has been increasing so far in a few years. You can also provide a service same as freelancers and make money from youtube.


Wrap It, How to Earn Money from YouTube in India

There are lots of other ways to earn money from Youtube in India. The possibilities are really endless, and so is the earnings.

But in this post, I have focused on only the best and most common ways to earn money from your Youtube channel.

These are the best way to earn money online and make yourself famous.

You can convert Youtube as money-making source easily but you’ve to keep yourself continue on youtube, regular videos upload and keep engage with our audience.


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