Grow Facebook Group: 22 Ways to Increase FB Group Members & Engagement

FB groups are a committee of relevant peoples. Here you will get ✅ tips about how to grow your Facebook group. Guide for your đŸ”„ FB group in the manner of increasing members, engagement and how to do it step by step.

If you own a Facebook group then you’ve lots of opportunities.

You can get sponsorship, drive more traffic on target pages and much more.

SO in this post, I’ll show you how you can grow your Fb group.

Before starting this post, let’s see mine growing FB group which has near 40k+ members. I created this group from the beginning and day by day new members get added here.


My growing Facebook Group

Before starting a guide you about how to get more members in the Facebook group to let me show you my Facebook group.

Here is my Facebook Group which is Started I also start my Youtube channel.

But Because now I’m not active on youtube so my growth of Facebook group is also slow.

how to get more members in facebook group
Indian YouTube Subscriber – Facebook Group Home

This is an image of my Facebook home page.

Here you can see my total 42,564 Facebook Members.

This Facebook group is also managed by this site page.

how to grow facebook group
Facebook Group Growth

The second image with a growth chart of Facebook groups.

So first I add members in Facebook group & then start promoting Facebook group.

When you start a Facebook group and add approx 5k members than new members automatically apply for join & then you just need to manage, promote and increase engagement with your audience.

A blogger or website owner also use Facebook groups to live with some other bloggers and share his/her new posts, problems and any other things relevant to blogging.

This Post helps you in:

  • how to grow Facebook group
  • Show the importance of Facebook group
  • Create a stunning Facebook Group
  • Optimize Facebook group
  • how to get more members in Facebook group
  • Increase members of the Facebook group
  • get more engagement with users
  • how to add more members in Facebook group
  • Free Social tools to manage FB group



What is a Facebook Group?

A Facebook Group is a Group on Facebook where Facebook users can join the group, post in the group, do like or comment on a post and start a conversation with other Facebook members.

Any Facebook user can create a new Facebook group and add their friends in the group. Other FB users who want to add into your group can make a request to you. It has some rules which set up by the admin of the Facebook group.


Do I need to create a Facebook Group?

grow facebook group

Facebook Group is the best marketing tool for digital marketers, where they can build an audience, create a shop, and promote their services.

Facebook is #1 top social channel worldwide. that is using by 2.2 billion users monthly.

This image has clear that there is a huge opportunity for you to grow biz or sales with massive numbers of Facebook users. As well more than 1.5 Billion FB users are engaged with any Facebook group.

You also need to create a Facebook group to grow biz, blog traffic and find a new audience.


Benefits of Creating a Facebook Group

A Facebook group has a lot of benefits from creating a new audience to share services. Facebook group is a medium to connect with more people who are relevant to your interest and live in an active community.

Facebook is beneficial for biz owners to keep engage with customers, share new offers/services and get regular feedback. It also builds a trust of your biz and customers find this a medium to keep with biz services.

And for bloggers, the Facebook group is a great source to drive traffic to the blog. Share your latest post, stay with your audience, helping others and a lot of things from a person to person. If you haven’t started a blog, here is a complete guide of Start a Profitable Blog and make $1000.

You can also create a Facebook Group, to live with people who are like you.  💡

Some more benefits of Facebook Group, I’ve listed below:

  • Drive traffic to the website
  • Find a new audience
  • More personal engagement
  • Get feedback from polls
  • Expand services of biz
  • Announce your offers/sale


First Create a Facebook Group and Add Members

Yet, you have got benefits of creating a Facebook group and FB group is now really essential for every blogger or biz owner. Creating a stupendous FB group, make it elegant then everyone wants to become a part of your group.

So, if you not have created a Facebook group. Let’s make a blazing Facebook Group.

Or if you already have a Facebook group, check that you have done all the steps correctly or not.


Step-1 To create a Facebook Group first you need to log in to Facebook. Select the right drop-down from the top menu. Here’s you find some segments to create pages, groups and manage another thing on Facebook. Select Create group in this.

manage and grow facebook group

Step -2 Enter your group name, add some lovable peoples in the group. You need to add at least one member in the group. Select group privacy. Enter an attractive Fb Group name for this you can use a catchy blog title generator tools.

manage and grow facebook group

For a Facebook group, FB has 3types of privacy options:

  1. Public Group – Anyone will able to see the group, its members and post, photos and other content of the groups
  2. Closed Group – Anyone can find the group, see who’s in it. But Group content only visible for members.
  3. Secret Group – Only members can find the group and see posts.

Select a choice and hit on create.

Tip-off: Don’t forget to pin this FB group in the shortcut.
Congratulation your new Facebook group has been created. 😎

Let’s make it elegant and impactable.

To do some advance change you need to configure some additional setting of the Facebook group. for this give a look on Group menu that presents in the downside of Group photo and select More >> Edit Group Setting

Give close attention to below checklist to configure the Facebook Group in the right way, there are more option to set up FB group but below options are enough to optimize an FB group.

After creating a Facebook group, add some members in your group. Your relevant friends, employee or whatever. Increase some members in Facebook group so you won’t be also there.


Growable Facebook Group Checklist:

  • Upload a stunning group photo
  • Select a Group type
  • Write a helpful Group description with keywords
  • Don’t forget to add relevant tags
  • Add your Biz service location (Bloggers don’t need to add location)
  • Link your FB page(it”ll helpful for FB page)
  • Link it with your other FB groups


Increase Members & Grow your Facebook Group

Growing of a Facebook Group is not just increase the Facebook group members, even you need to keep engage yourself with other group members.

So here I divide the fully growing process into two parts:

  1. Get more members in the Facebook group
  2. keep engagement with the audience

Explore each one by one and do things in practical, grab tricks that you love most and apply them to your group, Now without taking too much time to let’s start to grow Facebook group.


How to Grow Facebook Group – 13 Ways

There are hundreds of ways to increase Facebook Group members but here I’m going to sharing 13 ways with you which are highly effective and easily actionable.

One more hack, To get these ideas easily I’ve divided it into 2 section same as SEO.

  1. On-page
  2. Off-page

On-page ways are some tactics that you add to your blog or website and when someone visits the blog they get an opportunity of joining FB group.

On the opposite hand, Off-page ways are outside of your site. It is like promotion, suggestion and some request.

Info: 1-5 points are on-page tricks and rest of off-page


1. Add Facebook Group in Sidebar Widget

Website sidebar is a great palace to show Ads and anything that you wanna promote. then why don’t use this paradise to grow Facebook group?

My 53% blog visitors use desktop devices to explore my site. And my Publisher theme‘s sticky sidebar is prominent for me to show my Fb group widget for a long time until a user does not reach the end of the page.

Grow Facebook Group: 22 Ways To Increase Members & Engagement

So I use, some of my innovative graphic design tools to create a stunning image and add it to the sidebar.


2. Add Facebook Group in site menu Items

Website menu is the navigation source of every visitor, using a menu we can also navigate a visitor to our FB group. Your visitors also want to join your Facebook group and you got your visitors into group members.

Add your Facebook group link or joining request on the menu. You can also add a join request for your Pinterest group boards with Facebook group on the menu.

Grow Facebook Group: 22 Ways To Increase Members & Engagement

I’ve got added a new navigation item on my menu and insert FB group and Pinterest board link with titles. Increase Facebook group members just adding your FB group link in Main Menu.

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3. Create some dazzling FB Ad

Ad?  😐

Yes Ads, on the site of your FB group inside posts!

Ads show on every post of the site and it will visible for all visitor. no matter of visitor devices and Adblocker. To Grow your Facebook group build some ads on your site (It’s FREE!) and start sending website visitors to your Fb group.

You can easily create an Ad using graphic design tools and add this graphic to posts via your Ads plugin. Now your Ad will be shown on every post and for every visitors who come on site. It’s faster ways to grow Facebook members because you get more impression here.


4. Create a post about FB Groups and mention it

Create an FB post like this and any other then you got a chance to insert your FB group link there. Everyone who visits on the post, after reading your imposing post. they definitely wanna join the FB group.

Some ideas to create posts relevant to FB:

  • How to create an amazing Facebook group.
  • How to create a stunning FB page.
  • 12 ways to drive blog traffic from the Facebook group.
  • 16 ways to increase Facebook page followers.
  • How to keep more engaged with Facebook followers.

Write some posts related to social networks, drive traffic to manage Facebook groups, and add there your Facebook group. Best ways of How to grow Facebook group, writing about this. If we write something our change of getting success get higher by 53%.


5. Sprinkle FB group link all over the blog

At final, it’s time to spread Facebook grow link all over the blog. Attach Facebook Group link at all possible pages on site. Try to make this cool, a user should not get annoyed by the Facebook join button.

I’m not suggesting you add everywhere this, I’m just giving you an idea where you can add this. Get more members in Facebook group just by adding your group link in your site.

Add Facebook Group Join Button on:

  • Homepage
  • Footer menu
  • About page
  • Contact page
  • End of blog post

how to grow facebook group

These are the On-Page hacks to request/offer a website visitor to join the Facebook group. A polite request always works and a user would like to check-in group. Now we’re moving on Off-Page hacks that are like promotion, promotion and promotion.

6. Add your Friends in FB Group

If you want to

How to grow Facebook group?

Simply add your friends  😀

Now we’ve moved on Off-Page ways!

First easy and quick way to increase Facebook members is just added your Facebook friends to the group. you can easily do this by clicking on Add member button or send email invitations to friends.

We all have hundreds of friends, maybe you’ve got more than me. To get your first group audience just add your Facebook friends to the group.


7. Share it on Other Social Networks

Like our every new blog post or new service we share it on every social network, also do the same thing with this new Facebook group. Share this new FB group on every single social media platform that you’re using to get more members in the Facebook group.

Complete this checklist:

  • Share on Facebook Wall
  • Add this group in Insta story and Website
  • Make new status on Whatsapp
  • Pin it on Twitter profile
  • For Pinterest Scroll Below 😉


8. Show FB Group on Email Footer

We all know email noticed more than a social share or menu, agree?

And We all have the list of thousand emails excepting me 🙂 and send daily/weekly emails to our audience using our mail clients. We also usually add our social profile buttons in the bottom of the mail then why not add Facebook group join button?

To get this email listed audience into the Facebook group you just need to add a group join button in the mail. You can add a button like below example.

manage and grow facebook group

I got this idea from the Raelyn Tan mail, I saw the Fb group joining button from her mail.


9. Insert FB Group link in Pinterest Boards description

Pinterest is the best source to drive traffic to your blog or express your services. This visual content-based social network and used by 175+ million active users is a go-on medium for every marketers, bloggers and business owners.

manage and grow facebook group

Pinterest has got enough space to write a description for a board, Simply add your FB group URL there. It’ll give a bang to your board followers and everyone who visits on board.

Pinterest is also the best way to get more members in Facebook group, already it is a social media and many users are there. Move them from your Pinterest board/profile to Facebook group.


10. Comment on other’s Post

Well, I don’t know this method works or not?

Because approve comments are not in your hands, it depends on other blog owners. their desire they approve or remove your insert blog URL from the comments. In the ways of how to grow Facebook group I also added this weird method.

What you will lose in a try?

Write comments on Facebook or Facebook group relevant posts, insert your Facebook group URL into the website section or comment section. Try to write an honest comment that”ll get approve and this method to increase Facebook group members work.


11. Pin Group on Facebook Page

manage and grow facebook group

If you already have an FB page, you can attach this group to the Facebook page.

After this, it will show on the left menu of your website. This will get noticed by your audience who already has like your page and they also get a new option to stay with us. How to get more members in the Facebook group, just add your FB group in your page that is managed or owned by you.

How to Pin

Open your group page select More >> Edit Group Setting.

Here’s you find an option link this group with a page. that’s the one click on this and attach this new group to Facebook Page.


12. Make Stunning Pinterest Graphics of Facebook Group.

Join the facebook group especially for bloggers
Pinterest Pin Example

I again repeat my words, to share new Group on other social media networks. but Pinterest is pivotal than any others. Because Pinterest pin gets more impressive than any other social media post.

It’s the fastest way to show and share more your new FB Group that really works. Get more members in your Facebook group when you create new graphics of joining FB group.

Create some Pinterest graphics using my innovative graphic design tools.


13. Link new group with exit Facebook group

Facebook has got a feature to link your old FB groups with new Facebook groups. If you already have some FB groups you can link your new FB groups in the old group.

Your old group audience gets inform by seeing a linked new group. It is the best way to drive old audience in a new Facebook group.

How to link new group in exit group

Go to your old FB group and from menu select More >> Link Exiting Group

Here you found some of your Growing Facebook group, select new Facebook group. Now it will start showing on the new Facebook group on the old Facebook group.

Increasing the numbers of total members is not enough.

Until you don’t engage with your audience!

Engagement is just standing for how much your group active, how much people participate in the group activities. Stay with members is also a part of the growth of Facebook group. That’s why I added this subject here.


keep Engage with Facebook Group Members

Increasing Facebook members are not the real growth of FB group. You need to keep an engagement with your social group members. The real power of a social group is not massive numbers of group members, it is about how much members active, how much post, reactions and much more.

To check the engagement of group select group insight from the left menu and check your group insights.

5 ways to keep stay with your Facebook group members:

1. Go Live on Facebook Group

According to one post of Search Engine Journal, Facebook live videos generate 600%more attraction.

Besides this massive attraction, I found three reasons.

  1. We all love videos than writing content
  2. User get notified when you go live
  3. Usually, we like more live things

Now you’ve got live videos to work and provide huge attraction. Let’s click on Go Live and share your creativity, life moments and whatever you want.


2. Create Polls for members

Everyone wants to show their choice, opinion and suggesting something. Facebook polls work like this and drive engagement of members to the group.

Creating a poll for the user is a really good idea, here user get a chance to show their opinion.


3. Share Useful Information On Group

I also love useful information, everyone wants it.

Share useful and fruitful info with your members. Share your past experiences and new tactics to do something creative. All the thing It just about stays together do whatever you can do. If you wanna grow Facebook Group keep sharing useful info. People or Facebook user would like to join Facebook group and if they found yours shared info useful.


4. keep Regular Posting on Facebook Group

Don’t make your group lazy, keep posting regularly on FB group. I”ll keep an attachment with members.

If you won’t able to create post regularly then you can use some social media schedule tools and schedule your post. These tools will post on social channels. These tools grow your Facebook group as well other social media channels.

Social Media Schedule Tools

  • ViralTag – All in one Social Media Tool
  • HootSuite – Social Media Marketing & Management Dashboard
  • Buffer – Social Media management platform


5. Allow members to post in Facebook Group

This is the way, where you don’t need to do anything to increase group engagement.

Just allow your FB members to create an FB post and it will automatically increase involvement with your group. here’s you don’t need to do any more. You can also create some members as group moderator to keep an eye on FB groups and what users are sharing or find out is it not out of topic?

Many bloggers and freelance looking for Facebook groups where they can share their new posts, problems and ask for a recommendation. If you allow members to create posts, every blogger & other wants to join and your member’s list or engagement also increases.

Then, I also wanna join your Group.  😀
22 ways to grow facebook group, increase group members web tech preneur social media Pinterest pin another
Save me in your board.


How to Grow Facebook Group & Get More Members

Let’s end this post and start creating a great community with other Facebook members at your Group. How to get more members in the Facebook group by 22 effective ways shared with you.

Growth of a FB group direct belongs to how you perform its marketing. Here I’ve added Best Facebook Marketing Tool which can help you in not only growing FB group even for your all FB campaigns.

Now it’s your turn.

Facebook Group, is the best medium to develop biz, a blog and live with the same professional or same kinda people. Find out new possibilities with Facebook Group, however From building trust to drive traffic to website/blog Facebook group really pivotal with 2.2 billion Facebook users.

Create a optimize and stunning group, increase Facebook group members, keep engaging with group members, that’s the right way to thrive and expand yourself.

It was the process of how to add more members in Facebook group and grow Facebook group in the right way with an engagement.


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We’ve shared some FAQs so you can get more ideas about Facebook and Its groups.

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In this article, I’ve shared 22 best ways that will help you in getting new members & increase engagements with your audience.

🎯 Can I Earn with a Facebook Group?

Yes. If you’re an owner and admin you can make money from Facebook Group by promoting and sponsorship easily.

🎯 How can I grow my Facebook group in 2020?

Keep engage with members, do proper On-Page and Off-Page marketing which we’ve shared in details in this article.

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