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  • Which Hosting you should Choose?
  • Bluehost Plans/Features comparison
  • Which BH Plan is Best for you?
  • FAQ on Bluehost Discount Plans and Offers[Must Check]
  • Reasons to choose Bluehost Coupon
  • Mine Experience with Bluehost
  • Guide to Start Blogging with Bluehost

This page has all your answers and solutions. 🙂

This article will help you to get your best hosting, cheap or low price as possible.



Bluehost Hosting is well known as the popular name in web hosting companies. It is also recommended by WordPress since 2005 for WP Sites and Blog.

For new Bloggers who need a Domain Name, Right Hosting and Easy to use Hosting, For them, Bluehost WordPress Hosting is a good solution. Using Below Bluehost Coupons or Deals you can get all Features at maximum discount.


Bluehost Coupon 2021

All working and latest Bluehost coupon with all possible maximum discount and offers.

Bluehost offers different kinda hosting so here I’ve divided their all coupons separately, so you can choose the right one.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Coupon

Bluehost WordPress is right hosting for Bloggers and WordPress Developers.

Even you can use its WordPress hosting for creating Business, Resto and any site without coding.

75% OFF + $200 Ad Credit + Domain ▶ WordPress Basic Plan

75% OFF + $200 Ad Credit + Domain ▶ WordPress Basic Plan

Use this ✅ Coupon Code while Signup on Bluehost and get 72% on Price + FREE Domain + $200 Marketing Credit. This plan is best for Blog Beginners or who need WordPress Hosting only for 1 site 🔥 Perfect Deal for Everyone.
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    75% OFF + $200 Ad Credit + Domain ▶ WordPress Choice Plus Plan

    75% OFF + $200 Ad Credit + Domain ▶ WordPress Choice Plus Plan

    Use above Coupon for Bluehost WordPress Choice Plus Plan and get 75% on Price + $200 Credit + FREE Domain. This plan is best for Heavy Blog site and Who needs WordPress hosting for Multiple Sites.
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    70% Off Bluehost Hosting

    70% Off Bluehost Hosting

    Bluehost Coupon Code, 70% Discount Code & Promo Code
    On Going Offer
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    Bluehost Shared Hosting Coupon

    Shared hosting is best for Freelancers and Developers. Here you can also Install WordPress and use Shared space to host multiple clients site.

    72% OFF + Domain ▶ BH Shared Basic Plan

    72% OFF + Domain ▶ BH Shared Basic Plan

    Use above coupon for Shared Basic Plan and get 72% OFF + Free Domain for 12 months. This plan is good for who need hosting for 1 PHP/WordPress site.
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    75% OFF + $200 Ad Credit + Domain ▶ Shared Choice Plus Plan

    75% OFF + $200 Ad Credit + Domain ▶ Shared Choice Plus Plan

    Use above Coupon for Bluehost Unlimited Shared hosting and get FREE Domain + $200 Credit. This is the best plan for Agencies, Developers and Freelancers who need hosting for multiple sites.
    No Coupon Needed
    On Going Offer
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    Other Bluehost Coupons

    Here are some other offers on different BH hosting.

    50% OFF + Domain + Server Management ▶ Bluehost VPS Coupon

    50% OFF + Domain + Server Management ▶ Bluehost VPS Coupon

    Get 50% Off on Bluehost VPS hosting and a Free Domain name with privacy.
    On Going Offer
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  • 60% Off + Unlimited Online Stores ▶ Bluehost WooCommerce Hosting Coupon

    60% Off + Unlimited Online Stores ▶ Bluehost WooCommerce Hosting Coupon

    Start your online store with Bluehost Woocommmercer hosting coupon and save 60% on regular plans.
    On Going Offer
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    Bluehost Plans, Pricing and Discount

    To suggest you a right plan with Bluehost discount deal here I’ve added all Bluehost plans and right suggestion. Using mine 4 years different hosting experience and after using Bluehost here I’m going to describe you Bluehost plans shortly.

    So you can find out which plan Is best for you?

    Let me help you to choose your best Bluehost Deal.

    You Should Choose:

    1. Bluehost WordPress Hosting

    Bluehost WordPress Hosting is the best solution for Bloggers & Web Developers who build websites on the WordPress Platform. So using this Bluehost discount you can start your Blog with Bluehost and Make sites for your clients.

    bluehost wordpress pricing plans
    BlueHost WordPress Plans

    Here you also get the same 3 plan as Shared Hosting Plans.

    1.1 WordPress Basic Plan

    • Host 1 WordPress Site
    • Free Domain Name
    • Free SSL Certificate
    • For WordPress 1 Site 50 GB Storage is enough
    Best For >> New Bloggers or WordPress User who need hosting for 1 Site.

    1.2 WordPress Choice Plan

    • Host WordPress Unlimited Websites
    • Unlimited space
    • Free SSL
    • Free office 365 – 30 days


    1.3. WordPress Choice Plus Plan

    • Host WordPress Unlimited Websites
    • Unlimited space
    • Free SSL
    • Free office 365 – 30 days
    • Free Domain Privacy
    • Free Automated Backup
    Best For >> Big Blogging Sites + Multiple WordPress Sites



    Bluehost WordPress Plans & Features Basic Plan Choice Plan Choice Plus Plan
    Price $3.95/mo $5.95/mo $6.95/mo
    Websites can host 1 Unlimited Unlimited
    Auotomated backup No Yes Yes
    Web Space 50GB Unlimited Unlimited
    Best For  New Blog & 1 Website Small business & Developers Agencies & Big Websites[High Traffic]


    2. Bluehost Shared Hosting

    It is the best hosting solution if you’re going to host a single website or Multiple websites, It is the best option for Developers and the guys who manage multiple websites on a different platform.

    BlueHost shared hosting plans

    Here I’ve some more described which plan you should choose in Shared Hosting.

    2.1 Shared Basic Plan

    • Host 1 Website
    • Free SSL
    • Free Domain
    • 50 GB Storage is enough to host a site
    Best For >> Want to host only 1 site on any script or codes.

    2.2 Shared Plus


    • Host Unlimited Websites
    • Unlimited Space for Sites
    • Free SSL and Domain
    • Free Office 365 – 30 days
    Best For >> Freelancers

    2.2 Shared Choice Plus

    • Host Unlimited Websites
    • Unlimited Space for Sites
    • Free SSL and Domain
    • Free domain privacy
    • Free automated backup – 1 year
    Best For >> Web Agencies

    2.3 Shared Pro

    • Host Unlimited Websites
    • Unlimited Space for Sites
    • Free SSL and Domain
    • Free domain privacy
    • Free automated backup – 1 year
    • Free dedicated IP
    • Optimized CPU resources
    Best For >> Large Sites.



    BH Shared Features\Plans
    Basic Plan
    Choice Plus Plan
    Price $3.95/mo $6.95/mo
    Websites 1 Unlimited
    Web Space 50GB Unlimited
    Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered
    FREE Domain Yes Yes
    FREE SSL Yes Yes
    Get Basic Plan Get Choice Plus Plan


    3. Bluehost VPS Hosting

    VPS hosting provides virtual private servers on SSD storage to provide you maximum speed and security. Here you get specified RAM, CPU power, Fixed bandwidth and Dedicated IP address. This system didn’t share by any other user and make your website safe.

    Bluehost VPS provides 3 kinda plans with maximum 50% discount on regular price. Here you get a FREE Domain + privacy and Sitelock to make it more secure. Using server management features you can even add shared and dedicated accounts.

    Get Bluehost VPS Hosting | 50% OFF


    4. Bluehost Cloud Hosting

    This kind of hosting is based on Cloud server which is more faster and secure than shared servers. It has made this Cloud Hosting easy for users so they can easily install their application and make it live. Bluehost is next level smart hosting with more features and configurations.

    Cloud hosting much Safer, Faster and with Integrated Caching Features. So you don’t need to worry about your site security and page load speed. Bluehost server will take care of it.

    It has 3 kinds of plan you can choose a plan based on your need.



    5. Bluehost eCommerce Hosting

    Bluehost eCommerce Hosting is a kind of WordPress Hosting, Here yo get more features of WooCommerce plugins, dedicated IP address and Storefront theme. The best part of his hosting is yet here you can seta gateway to receive money from your customers.

    So if you want to build an Online Store, you can go with eCommerce Bluehost Hosting.

    There are 3 plans available if you’re a beginner then go with Starter Plan and if already have an experience with eCommerce and WordPress you can choose Plus and Pro plan.



    FAQs – Bluehost Coupons 2021, Plans and Pricing

    I know you have some questions about Bluehost hosting and its plans.

    What, where, which or…..?????

    But no problem is there, I’m in this field for 4 years and tried out approx 6-7 web hosting. I’ll try to share my experience here, so you get your best source.

    1. How long should I buy Bluehost Plans?

    To understand this

    Let’s take a look a below table.

    Bluehost Plans  WordPress/Shared Basic Plan
    12 Months


    $5.95*12 = $71.4
    24 Months


    $4.95*24 = $94.8
    36 Months


    $3.95*36 = $142.2



    If you’re planning to buy hosting for 2 years, you should choose 3 years pan.

    Or if you don’t want to invest more and need hosting just for 1 year, you can simply buy Bluehost for 1 year.

    But if you want to buy Bluehost Choice Plus plan then?

    again a table with your solution.

    Bluehost Plans  Shared Choice Plus Plan
    12 Months


    $8.95*12 = $107.4
    24 Months


    $7.95*24 = $190.8
    36 Months


    $6.95*36 = $250.2



    Again our results are mostly the same about Bluehost Choice plus plans.

    Again my same suggestion if you’re going to buying hosting for 3 years Instead of this buy for 2 years.

    And if you want this unlimited hosting for just 1 year, you can buy 12 months plan.

    But in my suggestion, if you’re going to buy a choice plus plan for your multiple sites or blogs you should buy 3 years plan. so you can take full advantage of this unlimited plan. you can use above Bluehost Coupon 2021 to get latest Maximum Offers.

    Visit on Bluehost Site


    2. Is Bluehost only best Hosting for Blogger?

    If the answers are in yes or no.

    I’d go with YES!


    Blogging is not a short game, it is a long practice.

    Even to make decent money from Blogging you need minimum 1 year, to understand the Blog content, SEO, Marketing, How to make money and much.

    So on Bluehost, you get a FREE Domain name + cheap hosting. When you buy it for 36 months you have 3 years to make your blogging into a passive income source.

    Till 3 years, you can learn more, do more and earn more.

    In simple words, here in a good investment, you get sources and valuable hosting where you can build your blogging carrier. And using Bluehost discount coupon you get a maximum saving on 3 years plan.

    Check Bluehost WP Advantages


    3. What is Bluehost Special event/festival offers?

    Bluehost offers a big discount at the time of Black Friday, but there is no big difference in plans.

    During this season you can get Bluehost at $2.65/mo mean you’ll save just $10.8 when you buy for 36 months. 😕

    Mean not a big saving. 💡

    So after this data, there is no mean to wait Bluehost Black Friday coupons.

    If you want to start blogging or host your site on Bluehost, you can Bluehost at $2.95/mo which is also exclusive Bluehost 75% OFF offer.


    4. Where will apply Bluehost Discount Coupons?

    At Bluehost, while you check out take a look at the left of the centre-right corner of left corner.

    Sorry! 😀

    Actually, there is no option at Bluehost checkout page where you can apply Bluehost Coupon codes.

    All the Bluehost exclusive offers got activated when you click on offer links.

    To grab Bluehost offers + discount, just click on the offer link and claim your offers.


    5. How can I get Bluehost renewal coupons?

    Bluehost provides there exclusive discount only 1-time per user.

    That’s why I also suggest you buy Bluehost hosting for a long time simply 36 months, so you don’t need to renew your hosting account after 1 year.

    For buying it long, you can save your money on renewals.

    At the time of hosting renewals, you have to pay according to their actual charges. But don’t think first too much, just start it.


    About BlueHost Web Hosting

    bluehost homepage
    Bluehost home page

    Bluehost is the oldest hosting companies, which was founded in 1996 by Matt Heaton. At that time Bluehost host more than 2 million websites on their server. Bluehost web hosting is all-time favourite hosting of Boggers/Developers.

    It offers a wide range of website services like domain, hosting and other web tools. The most popular product of Bluehost is their hosting for WordPress. because WordPress also recommended this hosting.

    Bluehost Hosting Features(Key Points):

    • Best Budget Shared Hosting
    • Free SSL certificate
    • 24/7 Expert support
    • Recommended by WordPress
    • Free Domain Name(1 year)
    • Hotlink Protection(Built-in Security)
    • $200 Marketing Credit
    • E-commerce Ready Hosting
    • Host unlimited Sites(Not in Basic Plan)
    • 30 Days money-back guarantee
    • Unmetered Bandwidth




    Why grab this Bluehost Discount Coupon 2021

    Bluehost is also recommended hosting by WordPress. It is already a famous name in the hosting industry. Bluehost offers are providing you with the best features, services at a discount price.

    Here below some of the reason to choose Bluehost hosting.

    1. Powerful Bluehost Dashboard

    Its Hosting Dashboard or cPanel is really amazing you can control your whole website from here. You can update, remove old threads, Updates plugin and much more at just a single click.

    Bluehost Hosting Dashboard
    Bluehost Hosting Dashboard

    After this here below is another screenshot of Bluehost cPanel from where you can manage the whole site manually, Its interference is amazing and cool while you work on this you won’t face any problem expect WordPress installation.

    To Install WordPress Marketplace >> WordPress Install

    here you’ll see the option to Install WordPress in your Domain FTP.

    bluehost coupon code 2019

    here I’ve added Bluehost Dashboard It is important because if you face problem while working on cPanel, then how can we say that I’ve good Host.

    So Bluehost Hosting provides you with an easy to use Dashboard.

    2. WP Pro – Be WordPress Expert

    Peak Managed WordPress Hosting Performance

    With Bluehost WP Pro you can become a wordpress expert and handle your blogs/site like a pro.

    Peak Managed WordPress Hosting Performance
    WP Pro Screenshot

    WP PRO gives you a powerful WordPRess dashboard to where you can see your site SEO score, Social Media trends, even track your keywords and new suggestions for your blog content.

    All the things that you need to build your market value and improve your blog. Then you don’t need any external tool like SEO tools, Content tools or etc. Grab this Bluehost coupon and be a WordPress expert with Bluehost hosting WP Pro feature.

    This Pro feature allows social media auto-sharing function with daily visitors trends.


    3. Ultra-Fast Page Speed

    Bluehost loading speed is very fat it loads your website under 2 seconds. Bluehost uses NGINX server to optimize your site and It is optimized for WordPress Hosting especially. Using cache plugins we can also reduce its loading time by using W3 Total cache or wp Super cache plugin.

    bluehost coupon 90% off

    Here I added another screenshot from and in this, you can see the Speed and Uptime of Bluehost.

    Using the optimization function like CDN, Cache plugin, LAzy image load and CSS/JS minimization you can improve its page speed more. So this Bluehost Discount Code you can get this fastest hosting at a very cheap price of the year.

    Here are some of the images of Speed Test Result using Bluehost Hosting:

    Bluehost speed for Black friday sale
    Bluehost Speed Test -1
    Loading time of Bluehost Cyber Monday 2019
    Bluehost Speed Test -2

    In the above images, you’ve seen the loading time of Bluehost hosting web pages. I’m again saying using the right optimization you can improve it more.

    It is really a superfast web hosting which never sleeps. So Grab the Bluehost Coupon and get this Amazing hosting for your websites.


    4. Bluehost 99.9% Server Uptime

    Bluehost server never sleep!

    Server uptime is an important key feature, Bluehost provides you 99.99% live server which keeps your websites always live.

    Mean Its server always keep alive your website, Bluehost uses the latest technology to always working its server. A Bluehost server uptime test result below you can check here.bluehost coupon code 2019

    Bluehost(Wiki) is deferentially one of that server who never sleep and It loading time is also fast. the response time of the server is also very less, in the last 24 hours it was just 590.34ms so we can say that Bluehost server is best for your new upcoming site.

    According to HostingFact site test, it has 99.99% server uptime that keeps your site always live. Use Bluehost discount code to get this host.


    5. Powerful Features & Tools

    Bluehost hosting comes with so many features, Bluehost Features are enough for a blogger or a web developer to grow their business. this hosting has so many powerful tools and services to operate a website like a pro from its cPanel.

    You need a hosting which has worthy features, great support and value for money. But you have to buy this Hosting for a long time.

    bluehost features

    Bluehost Hosting has every single essential feature that a Blogger or Developers want, It has all features that can manage and handle your online business, use Bluehost promo codes to avail the discount and build your dreams online.

    Do You Know! Bluehost is Recommended by Since 2005.


    6. Bluehost is Ecommerce Ready

    bluehost ecommerce

    This amazing hosting is ready for your upcoming E-commerce store. there are lots of shopping script and applications are available so you can choose one of application and Install it on your domain name director.

    The FREE SSL service of Bluehost(Crunchbase) make your transaction secure and build trust in customers. Well, Bluehost also provides $200 advertisement credits to their Online storer, so you can promote your Business through google, bing, and social media platforms.


    7. Excellent Support by Bluehost Experts

    Bluehost provides live chat, tickets, and system status for support to their customers. all of these they also provide to call to their dedicated team at any time. Bluehost Experts(LinkedIn) are always ready to help their customers.

    live chat reply comes in up to 5 minutes. one techie expert from BlueHost contact you and solve your issue.

    System status is Bluehost service that checks your website status by submitting a domain name. Apply this latest Bluehost coupon code and get a hosting that is supportive.

    bluehost support


    8. Keep Website Secure with Bluehost

    Website safety should be first priority while selecting any host.

    Bluehost includes 2 exclusive add-ons SiteLock WAF and SiteLock Security.

    Using these tools Bluehost keep secure your website. There are below 3 guard or tools available for your site security:

    • SiteLock Security
    • Spam Experts
    • SiteLock WAF
    • Domain Privacy + Protection
    • Site Backup – CodeGuard Basic

    Bluehost hosting plans come with integrated powerful SiteLock features to keep your WordPress websites secure and safe. To get this ultimate secure web hosting to use Bluehost discount code and be carefree.


    9. New Era Hosting Technology

    New Tech always makes our work smart and easy.

    And if or hosting is also based on new technology then we can do more.

    With some simple configuration and powerful dashboard, we can manage our site or blogs more smartly. It makes your website future-ready. Use Bluehost coupon 2021 to get this advance host at the right price with all new features.

    bluehost renewal coupon

    Built on revolutionary VPS technology, we’ve engineered a unique architecture designed to make WordPress scream. Everything you need to make WordPress websites secure, easy to use, and extremely fast comes standard.


    10. Knowledge Base & Blog

    Bluehost has a great hub of the articles in its knowledge base that helps to set up and customization in cPanel. Bluehost also has its youtube channel that has tutorials for beginners to create their website and how to start with Bluehost. Every tutorial guides you step by step and helps you to set up on your website.

    With a knowledge base, Bluehost also has its active blog that post related to the website set up, what things essential and what is trending in the web world with great authors.


    Bluehost Deal is Best For?

    Should you go with Bluehosting hosting or not?

    If still, you’ve got this confusion, I’d like to inform you Bluehost also provides 30 Days money-back promise. Under 30 Days of purchase if you don’t find this host useful or not satisfied. You can get your money back again.

    But still, you’ve some confusion let me write some points to clear it more, you should go with this Bluehost Discount deal:

    • Best for WordPress users
    • Bloggers to get more WP feature
    • If you want a reliable & trusty web host
    • Owner of larger and medium business to host their website
    • Recommended for Affiliate marketers


    Get Bluehost Coupon Code 2021 and Discount

    Bluehost Hosting offers 75% Discount with Free Domain and $200 Marketing credit. Which make this Bluehost promo code best for New Bloggers, Developers and Marketers.

    Bluehost managed WordPress hosting is also built for Fast, Secure and SEO optimized blog. It is specially built for WP application provides you with a more optimized environment.

    All Bluehost plans with their maximum offers and low price as possible.

    Bluehost Plans

    Regular Price

    Bluehost Offers

    Offer Link

    WordPress Hosting

    [Basic Plan | 72% OFF]

    $7.99/mo $2.95/month


    Free Domain


    $50 Credit

    WordPress Hosting

    [Choice Plus Plan | 75% OFF]

    $14.99 $5.45/month


    Free Domain


    $200 Credit

    Get Offer
    Shared Hosting

    [Basic Plan | 72% OFF]

    $7.99/mo $2.95/month


    Free Domain

    Get Offer
    WordPress Ecommerce $13.99/mo $6.95/month


    $50 Credit

    Get Offer
    WordPress Pro $22.99 $19.95/month


    Free Domain

    Get Offer
    VPS Hosting $29.99/mo $18.99/month Get Offer
    Domains 50% OFF Get Offer


    Even at the Bluehost Black Friday deal, you get the same offer and same price. It is the best way to get this amazing web hosting at low prices. I’ve also included Bluehost renewal coupon so If you want to renew your services you can use those Bluehost Coupons.

    I’ve also written a post on Bluehost WordPress Review after using this hosting services for my blog. You can also check my this post.

    If you want this hosting cheaper you can also try some web hacks that allowed users to get Bluehost special price of $2.65/mo. But in this whole process, you just save $10 for 3 years.

    Here is Bluehost Special Price ($2.95/mo) which is also 75% Off Exclusive Offer.
    But If you need Bluehost at $2.65/mo [Save $10 for 3 Years (75% OFF) ” /> ] you can hustle for it in below Article.

    In the upper table, I’ve mentioned all the offer links you don’t need any coupon to avail this offer. Just click on Blue Bluehost Offer Button and get discount.



    Want to Start Blog on Bluehost?

    If you also want to start a money-making blog with Bluehost WordPress Hosting, here is my complete guide for a beginner to start Blogging.

    This post is my best evert post with 5000+ words… Includes:

    • Get a free Domain and Hosting
    • Install WordPress Step-by-step
    • How to write Articles/Post
    • Tricks to get Traffic
    • How to make money from Blogging 




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