TemplateMonster – The Complete Review

A complete review of the digital marketplace TemplateMonster

TemplateMonster is a digital marketplace of creative products. With their high-quality designs, you can build and customize a website or create anything that relies on digital products.

To make sure TemplateMonster provides the highest possible quality, they have in-house customer support and a quality assurance team.

The company was founded in 2002; even just the amount of years they have been in operation shows that they must be doing something right. In this article, I will show you what TemplateMonster has to offer.


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    TemplateMonster Pricing

    The marketplace offers individual purchases for those who want just a couple of products from the ones on offer.

    Before you decide on buying a product, you can also choose to try it out through a Live Demo to make sure it is what you want.

    All the purchases are made through secure, trusted payment methods, with the possibility of cancellation anytime you want.

    However, for the people interested in a larger amount, there are monthly plans offered on the website:

    TemplateMonster Price
    Source: www.monsterone.com


    With their cheapest plan, which you can purchase from $82/year, you get Graphic & Design assets, Presentation templates, Video & Audio Assets.

    The newest category additions to their templates are Video, Audio, and 3D models.


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    There are over 14,500 stock videos available in their Video category and over 550 After Effects templates. Additionally, with the available 450 stock music in their Audio section, anyone can make a great quality video.

    As 3D models are one of the newest groups introduced, so far, they only have 70 of them. Most of these are compatible with 3DS Max, but you can find templates for Blender, Cinema 4D, and many other 3D modeling software.

    TemplateMonster 3D template
    Source: www.templatemonster.com

    This plan also includes the possibility of Unlimited Projects, which means you can use any items you need for unlimited domains and one-year-long technical support.

    The offered graphic assets include logo, resume, certificate, sketch, magazine, and many other design templates. 

    The largest amount of available products are logo templates in the Graphics category, with over 12,000 to choose from. You can find genuinely creative, impressive designs for any type of business.

    To make sure you get what you are looking for, you can define tags, price, or even colors the template must-have in your search.

    TemplateMonster Logo Template
    Source: www.monsterone.com

    The second-largest category in Graphics is Corporate Identity themes, with over 9,200 templates. You can find creative designs for your cards, menus, brochures, or flyers.

    TemplateMonster Menu Design
    Source: www.templatemonster.com

    There are also great templates for individuals who just want a better design for their resume. With the selection of over 1,800 templates, you can make sure that your resume will catch the eye of the human resources recruiter.

    template monster resume template
    Source: www.templatemonster.com

    For those who do not wish to build a website but are interested in making graphic designs or videos, or just to have a better-looking CV, this is the plan to go for.


    ALL-IN-ONE Plan

    TemplateMonster also offers its ALL-IN-ONE or better known as ONE Membership, for $169/year, or you can also purchase its lifetime access with Infinity for a one-time fee of $599, which gives you access to 62.000 digital items. 

    One of the most important features of this subscription is WordPress themes for those building their own websites from scratch.

    These themes have essential characteristics that satisfy any needs. All of them are easy to use with a built-in drag & drop builder.

    You can find website templates in several different topics like Food & Restaurant, Cars & Motorcycles, Design & Photography, etcetera.

    To make sure that you can find the best fitting theme for you, you can also choose what tags, features the template must have and what you want it to be compatible with.

    If you already chose what criteria the theme must-have but do not want to scroll through the hundreds of possible matches, you can also sort them by newest, most popular, trending, or undiscovered.


    TemplateMonster Popular Themes

    WordPress themes on TemplateMonster are an easy way to build modern websites. The templates are customizable and meet all requirements one might have.

    The themes come with a detailed explanation of how to install and setup. On each topic, the bundles that contain multipurpose collections of templates are the most favorite.


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    Here are some of the most popular of their WordPress themes that come after the bundles:

    In the Entertainment, Games & Nightlife topic, the favorite is Richard Dream, a podcast website template. This template is ideal for promoting audio projects. It will fully satisfy the needs of bloggers and creative people who create podcasts.

    Richard Dream Podcast Template
    Source: www.monsterone.com

    While in the Sports, Outdoors & Travel topic, the favorite is Tripster, a travel agency theme. It is an easy to use and easily editable theme dedicated to booking, travel, and vacation.

    Tripster Travel WordPress Theme
    Source: www.monsterone.com

    TemplateMonster’s templates come with easy to use built-in drag & drop builder; this enables users to create a website in a few clicks. Some other key features of the templates that are worth mentioning:

    • Original designs
    • Responsive look
    • Appointment Booking and Schedule features
    • Dropdown menu for straightforward navigation
    • Transaction option
    • Browser compatibility
    • Mobile Ready Layout
    • SEO for quality website traffic

    Maybe the most important out of all of these is SEO, as it will help your website the most. Search Engine Optimization increases the quantity and quality of the traffic that your website gets.

    When people search for something, they do not go to the second page of the search engine results. That is why your website needs to be as close to the top results as possible.

    To improve website ranking, you need to watch out for a lot of important things, such as:

    • Publishing relevant and high-quality content
    • Improving page loading speed
    • Optimizing your images
    • Using outbound links
    • Optimizing your site for mobile devices
    • Using keywords

    All these are good to keep in mind, but to know more about what you should look out for most, you can conduct a website analysis.

    To start your analysis, you can use a website checker online to see how your site ranks in different elements. You can also concentrate on one section that you would want to rank better in and check it with a relevant tool.

    For example, if you are having problems with your page’s loading, you will want to check it with a website speed test to know how your performance is now.

    One of the best tools for this is PageSpeed Insights. This website helps you break down which part you need to improve for your website to be faster and rank higher in search engines.


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    TemplateMonster Available WordPress Plugins

    Although TemplateMonster‘s popularity is due to its WordPress themes, they also offer plugins. These help people make sure their pages are just how they want them to be without any coding involved.

    The plugins available on the website are all compatible with WordPress themes from any provider and are professionally built. There are currently 43 plugins available, the three most popular among them being MotoPress Content Editor, WooCommerce, and Motopress Slider.

    templatemonster bestseller plugin
    Source: www.templatemonster.com

    MotoPress Content Editor is the most popular with over 950 sales. It gives you full control over your site with its powerful features. You can easily format your text, add images, sliders, buttons, or charts to your content with it.

    It allows you to structure your content with a drag and drop interface, making it as simple as possible. You can also create eye-catching video backgrounds on your website with only a few clicks, giving it a beautiful illusion of depth.

    WooCommerce, the second best selling plugin on the site. You can duplicate any product variations with just a few clicks using this plugin

    MotoPress Slider takes third place on the podium. It will make sure your sliders look perfect on any device and screen size. It helps you add different text, links, images, or videos to each slide.

    You can choose to differentiate your content depending on the screen it will be viewed on. You can replace high-resolution videos and images that might be great on desktop screens with the appropriate resolution for mobile phones.

    You can create your own design sliders or choose from examples of popular store brands to make sure you increase customer engagement.


    TemplateMonster’s Customer Reviews

    As of today, TemplateMonster has 4,285 reviews on Trustpilot; out of these, 94% rated the company excellent.

    TemplateMonster Trustpilot Reviews
    Source: www.trustpilot.com

    Reviews left for the company praise their customer support team, talking about how helpful and quick they are. You are not likely to be stranded alone, trying to figure out something on your own.

    The company tries to make sure that you never get stuck in the first place. They offer product descriptions, quick start guides, and tutorials covering any topic you might need on their page called MonsterHelp.


    Final Thoughts

    TemplateMonster is a great marketplace for those looking for easy to use products. While most customers come here to find digital items to make their website, there are many available templates for other purposes as well.

    With TemplateMonster’s offered subscriptions, you can be sure that it won’t cost a fortune to make your own website just the way you want it.

    It is easy to find a WordPress theme for any topic your website is focused around. These themes are simple to use, and there are always new products coming out, making it sure to be up to date with designs.


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