Ideas and suggestion for WTP

Date: 24 Aug 2020

1. Improve Loading Speed

The website loading speed is too high.

I checked out one of the top articles on GTMetrix and PageSpeed Insight.

1st-time Result:

GTMextrix Score

Fully Loaded Time: 19.2 sec

PageSpeed Score: 77%

Yslow Score: 73%

  • Add Expired Headers
  • Serve scaled image


PageSpeed Score

Mobile (17) and Desktop (41)

  • Remove unused javascript 9.93sec
  • Reduce initial server response time 2.71sec


2nd Time Result:

GTMextrix Score

Fully Loaded Time: 19.0 sec

PageSpeed Score: 77%

Yslow Score: 73%

  • Add Expired Headers
  • Serve scaled image


PageSpeed Score

Mobile (18) and Desktop (47)

  • Remove unused javascript 9.9sec
  • Remove unused CSS 2.95sec
  • Reduce initial server response time .79sec


// My Suggestion

Check the Which javascript file increasing loading time and remove/merge it.


Date: 10 Aug 2020

1. Space for Improvements

Recently I wrote 2 articles:


Start a Blog on Hostinger:

  • Well Written In-Depth article
  • 3500+ Unique Words and Lots of Images
  • Low Competition so we may get Rank Easily


  • Try to get in Featured Snippet for the Keywords
  • Build Backlinks for this


Greengeeks Coupon

  • 2300+ Words
  • Images Attached
  • Good Search volume
  • Made for Making Money $$$


To improve our rank we can do later

  • Increase the number of Coupons using Coupon Plugin (Like: Bluehost Coupon Post)
  • Add more content/points in why use GreenGeeks Coupon
  • Describe Different GreenGeeks Hosting (Add WordPress, VPS, Reseller Like: iPage Coupon Post)


2. Black Friday is Coming

All of you know Black Friday/Cyber Monday is a great festival for digital marketers. this time companies offer big discounts and offer and almost every marketer buys during this time.

We also have many Black Friday post or we can create some new posts.

Start Targeting Black Friday from Today, so we can rank and make sales.


  • Update the Black Friday post for 2020
  • Create some new post for Black Friday


Date: 7 Aug 2020

1. Show Rich Snippet & Review

Before September 2019, It was easy to show reviews or Rich snippets on Google. But after Sept, Google taken a big decision and now showing Rich Snippet only for few sites where users review them.

But still, after 1 year, It is not clear in the industry that how Google showing a rich snippet.

For Rich Snippet, we’re using WP Review Pro plugin, But still, it doesn’t show Start Rating and other information on the Google Search result page.

My Advise is because you have a developer’s team.

Try all possible methods to get Rich Snippets for your post.

For this you can:

  1. Use Another WP Plugin (Schema Pro)
  2. Insert Snippet Code Yourself
  3. Do some experiment with your team

But achieve and show Rich Snippet on Google SERP.


2. Keywords Rank Improvements:

Today I found 2 potential keywords where you can get more conversion.


  1. A2 Hosting Coupon 2020 [Current Rank  – 9]
  2. Ipage Coupon Code [Rank  – 13]

Both are good keywords and only the right audience search for them who wanna buy these tools. So we should try to improve our rank here and for this, we can do:

  • Update Content [Important]
  • Add more keywords
  • New Backlinks
  • Fresh Social Media Sharing


Date: 31 July 2020

1. Some New MMPs

Its time to write some new MMPs(Money Making Post), We can create new post on highly conversion keywords which can rank.

Here Today I’m mentioning 3 Keywords for Increase income.

S. No. Keywords Competition Reson
1. GreenGeeks Coupon


Rankable if we use 3000+ words

Less search result

After SG, now bloggers recommend this.

A good spike in search volume.



Date: 25 July 2020

1. Start using Gutenberg:

After this, we can add FAQs schema using Rank Math Plugin and It will increase our CTR and Position both. A good idea

But our theme Publisher has not updated for Gutenberg yet I know!

Let me check, Gotcha

Yes, the Publisher theme is compatible with Gutenberg so we can use it.


2. Get Rank Back

Early when I was doing work on the only Webtechpreneur, I’ve some good rank for target keywords that delivers me a great commission for affiliate sales.

But now I’ve lost some post rank, so the next idea is Get Rank Back.

But How??

Google keeps update its ranking algorithms, competitors update their content, and new sites also write posts for those keywords. So overall there are 3 things that we’ve to take over.

  1. Google Algorithms: For this, we should search those keywords on Google and check results. Which websites are showing, how their content is written, backlinks, and Titles. Soln: We can also create our site like other sites my mean if a coupon keyword search result shows only coupon websites we can create our post like coupon site (With lots of coupons) + we can use the same heading and content strategy.
  2. Competitors Updates: Because now you’re a team of content writers and SEO enthusiastic. So you can also update your content on regular basics.
  3. New Sites: They are new but if they have good authority and in-depth content they can rank. And I respect those sites, to beat them we’ve to continue to update and understand how SERP is working for our target keywords.


3. Tricks for Content Update

Here are some tricks which you can use to update your content on a regular basis.

3.1 Remove OLD, Put NEW after Headings

I suppose content written just after the heading is more important in SEO.

So we should keep change or update content written after Heading Tags.




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