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The best WordPress Themes by category

It is difficult to get started with your own website, you have to do a lot of things, such as register your domain name, choose your hosting solution, prepare content. All of this can become a long and hard process.

Using a WordPress theme is incredibly helpful if you don’t have the time, or just don’t want to build a brand-new website design and layout from scratch. All that you have to do is to select the theme you like best and import it to your WordPress, then customize it to your needs and wants.

There are thousands of themes to choose from, so to help you with finding the best fit for you, I will introduce some of the most popular WordPress themes based on what type of website you are making.




Photography Themes


Photography by ThemeGoods is the most popular WordPress photography theme on ThemeForest. Its popularity comes from its wide range of more than 70 amazing designs.

Photography WordPress theme
Source: www.themeforest.net

It supports the WooCommerce plugin if you want to start selling your photographs and artwork on your site. You can also be sure that all templates support the direct purchase link option, meaning that your website visitors can buy instantly from your gallery slideshow.

To make sure your photographs are protected from downloading, there is password protection, as well as right-click and image dragging protection.

It also offers options for presenting client works, like client login, photo proofing gallery, and client’s galleries archive. This way you can store and easily show all your client works on your website without it being public and visible for everyone.

For those who have large images in a single gallery, this theme also makes sure it does not slow down the site loading speed. It does this by advanced progressive image loading, this option supports infinite scroll, so the images load while scrolling rather than all at the same time.

You can buy a regular license of Photography on ThemeForest.net for $59 with 6 months support, if you want support for a year it costs an additional $17.63.



Avada has become the most popular WordPress theme on ThemeForest. It offers 70+ design elements that are versatile, providing a great base for creating a dynamic website. All the designs are highly flexible so you can easily tailor them to fit your style.

Avada WordPress Theme
Source: www.avada.theme-fusion.com

Avada offers a great range of features, it is flexible and comes with free updates. It is a fully responsive WordPress theme, which is essential nowadays as smartphones become a bigger portion of online traffic each year. Avada makes sure your website looks amazing on both larger and smaller screens. It is also retina-ready, meaning it will appear with great sharpness even on high-resolution screens.

Apart from this, what might be some of the more important features to mention are its image hover effects, grid, and masonry layouts. These are essential for any photographer, and another great news is that Avada was built with Fusion Builder. This allows users to easily drag and drop any element into the precise place they want. With this, anyone can create their own unique layout for their website.

You can purchase Avada’s regular license on the ThemeForest website for $60 with a base 6-month support, or you can choose 12-month support for an additional $18.


News Themes


Newspaper is a WordPress theme that was designed to manage a large amount of content by tagDiv. It is the most popular news theme on ThemeForest.

It offers over 90 unique and astonishing post styles to make sure everyone can find the best design for their own website. After you chose a basic layout, you can also be sure that there won’t be any problems with customizing it to perfection.

Newspaper WordPress Theme
Source: www.demo.tagdiv.com

Newspaper has a powerful header manager, which is an important part of any news site as it is the first thing that your website visitor sees. It has to catch the visitor’s attention and present the website’s core intention.

While taking all this into consideration, tagDiv’s team made sure Newspaper came up with new and exciting customization possibilities for the header. You can set different headers for every single page on your website and customize them however you want.

Newspaper costs only $59 on ThemeForest with a regular license and half a year of support, if you want an additional half-year of support it will cost $17.63 more.



Jannah is a powerful, fast, responsive, modern, and beautiful news WordPress theme made by TieLabs. It is highly customizable, you can choose from more than 1000 different font options, multiple layouts and unlimited header styles.

Jannah WordPress theme
Source: www.jannah.tielabs.com

Among many other features, it offers a day and night mode toggle, which can be an important part for readers as it is easier on the eyes and a better option for reading in the dark.

It also has an unlimited sidebar, mega menus, weather widget, gif image support, and many more other features, but maybe the most important among them is that it is SEO and AMP optimized.

This means that Jannah comes with SEO-friendly coding practices and allows you to optimize your site to get a higher ranking on the search engine result page.

Jannah is also accelerated mobile pages (AMP) supported, meaning that your site will load just as fast on mobiles, or any other device as it would on a computer.

A regular license and six months of support of Jannah cost $60 on ThemeForest and $78 for the same with one year of support.


Blog Themes


OceanWP is a WordPress theme that is a great choice for bloggers. It has great page layout builder support, responsive layout, SEO friendly, and is lightweight. It is a truly beginner-friendly theme, it delivers greatly on its claim of being easy to use and simple to set up.

OceanWP blogging theme
Source: www.blogger.oceanwp.org

One truly standout feature of OceanWP is its individual post controls. With these, you will have the ability to control and change specific settings for each individual post or page.

For example, you can enable or disable the website’s sidebar, disable the header, change your content’s layout, or many other options. This adds a layer of flexibility for creating unique, different pages and posts.

Another feature that many look for is that it lets you have custom hooks. If you are a beginner and do not want to mess with codes, you are going to like this feature. It allows you to insert content like Adsense, Google Analytics, and subscription box without having to change the theme’s code yourself.

You can buy OceanWP on its own website for a discounted cost of $27 for 1 site, $47 for 3 sites, or $77 for 25 websites.



Olsen is a beautiful and stylish blogging WordPress theme. It was created mainly for lifestyle and fashion bloggers. The developers kept the design minimalistic and made sure the colour palette is unobtrusive, they did this to ensure that every picture is truly eye-catching next to the content.

Olsen WordPress Theme
Source: www.wordpress.com

There are two unique features that Olsen offers its users, one of them is its Instagram Widget. It is in the Footer Widget area and you can style it as you want. The latest images that were uploaded appear here in a single row. It is a great tool to showcase your work as it easily draws the attention of your website’s visitors.

The other unique feature we need to mention is its Featured Slider. This slider displays six of your chosen posts. This way you can show off the best of your works on your front page, above the rest of your other posts, making sure that the top posts stand out and are easily noticeable for every visitor.

You can buy the Olsen theme on WordPress.com for $45.60 for your website.


E-commerce Themes


Savoy is an e-commerce WordPress theme with a great responsive layout that works perfectly on all devices. It is an easily customizable theme that provides a Theme Customizer option, which allows you to preview any changes you are making.

savoy wordpress
Source: www.purposethemes.com

Savoy has a modern and minimalist design that puts your products into focus. It creates the basis for a great e-commerce store. Savoy has a wide range of features, among many others, it offers a full-width layout option, advanced header, and retina ready option.

To make sure the user experience is seamless it is optimized for touchscreen devices, the touch-enabled sliders and galleries will make it easy to use your site on mobile devices. It also looks out for user experience in other parts, like the speed of your website.

One way to achieve faster loading is its Image “Lazy Loading” feature. This makes sure the base of your page loads first as fast as possible, then the images load after.

Savoy costs $59 on ThemeForest, with a possible extended 12-month extended support for an additional $17.63.



Shoptimizer was created by CommerceGurus, this company is well known for creating intuitive and easy-to-manage WordPress e-commerce themes. If you are launching an e-commerce store for the very first time, this theme is possibly the best choice for you.

shoptimizer ecommerce theme
Source: www.cloudways.com

To make sure it uses the best practices, it was built following the recommendations of Baymard, an e-commerce user experience research institute.

Shoptimizer tries to give the best shopping experience for every customer. For this to be possible, it includes features that are proven to help grow an e-commerce business.

Among these features are easy product discovery and mega menu support. Visitors can use the auto-complete search feature or the top navigation bar to find what they are looking for in a matter of seconds.

With over 5,000 different extensions, this WordPress theme offers multiple ways to add additional functionality to your online shop. There are really no limits when it comes to different variations, you are fully in control.

You can find Shoptimizer on Commercegurus.com, this theme regularly costs $99, but is now on sale for $39.


Portfolio Themes


Oshine is perfect for a modern and stylish portfolio website. It can be used by freelancers, illustrators, videographers, or any other professional in the creative field.

oshine portfolio wordpress theme
Source: www.themeforest.net

It offers a great amount of pre-made layouts and allows you to customize it and make it unique. It has included features for complete customization of fonts, color, hover styles, grids, and slides.

If you are looking for a WordPress theme that gives you the possibility to show off pictures or videos, Oshine is a great choice. It was created with the purpose of making sure the websites load fast and offer a great experience to visitors, even if it has to display high-quality images.

Oshine costs $59 on ThemeForest, with the basic plan of a regular license and 6 months of support. For $17.63 more you can get 6 additional months of support.



Ohio is an exceptional portfolio WordPress theme that is powered by WooCommerce. It is a flexible theme that offers an impressive number of customizable layout options and elements.

ohio portfolio theme
Source: www.ohio.clbthemes.com

Ohio supports WordPress plugins, it can accommodate many plugins and it also has 3 integrated ones: ACF Pro plugin, Slider Revolution and WPBakery Page Builder.  

Maybe the most exciting out of them is WPBakery, which allows you to access more than 50 different elements. Each one of these elements was designed by experts to offer the options you need for creating any layout you imagined.

It will allow you to change anything you want on your website within minutes. All of this is possible without writing any of the code yourself.

A regular license of Ohio only costs $39 on ThemeForest, with $10.13 for another half year of support.

When facing the task of finding the WordPress theme that is best for your business’ website, you can choose a specialized theme that is exactly tailored to fit websites within your niche. This option will give you possibly the best result, as they know and make sure what you get is just as good as what the top websites use in the industry.

But if you do not find any that you truly like, you can also choose to go with Multipurpose Themes. These themes are designed to adapt to anyone’s needs. They are highly customizable, and the same theme will fit for someone in the restaurant business just as much as for someone running a blog.

Let’s look at some of the best among these themes to see if they might be the best choice for you as well!


Multipurpose Themes


Divi was created by Elegant Themes and it is arguably one of the best WordPress themes. This theme is easily and highly customizable with more than 800 pre-made layout designs. These ready-to-use designs come with many different color palettes and layouts to help you fasten the setting up process of your own theme.

divi multipurpose website builder
Source: www.elegantthemes.com

To make sure that you can add anything you wish to your website, you have 46 elements at your disposal to choose from. These building blocks include buttons, video, audio player, bar counter, circle counter, contact form, and many more.

You can easily add these building blocks to your theme by just simply dragging and dropping one onto a page. Or you can also add it by going to the section you want on your page, clicking on the add (+) button in the Live Preview, and then choosing from the selection.

Additionally, to your page layout, you can customize the style of the theme by choosing different text, sizing, colors, borders, images, and more. With all these options, you have total control over how your WordPress theme looks and you can easily create a great and unique website.

You can only buy Divi as a part of a package on elegantthemes.com, it costs $89 per year. Elegant Themes offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you change your mind about purchasing Divi.



TheGem is a great multi-purpose WordPress theme that offers creative freedom for its users. It is a great choice for website owners who are new to website management and design but want to make great quality, modern sites.

It offers a drag-and-drop page builder, which makes it easy to customize the website. Apart from this, there are many other customization options and pre-made templates and layouts.

thegem multipurpose theme
Source: www.themeforest.net

TheGem developers researched the most popular websites in different industries to make sure that their pre-made layouts have the same key features. Their care and passion towards their WordPress theme designs following the best practices and focusing on UX trends is clearly shown in each one. They made sure that whoever uses them has the best shot at having a successful website.

There are 400 templates and layouts that you can choose from to be the base for your website. These designs are all unique and you can find a great one for whatever your website’s category might be. And even if you cannot find the perfect WordPress theme that is exactly how you want your website to look, the customization options will let you make any of them fit your wants.

A regular license with 6 months of support of TheGem can be purchased on ThemeForest for $59, or for one year of support for $76.63.



Astra is an increasingly popular free WordPress theme. It is easily customizable without having to write any code. All the customizations can be done through Astra’s customizer settings or with the page builder you use.

The great news is that Astra integrates greatly with WordPress page builders like Elementor, Gutenberg, Divi Builder, Beaver Builder, and more. So, if you already use one of them, you can easily figure out and get used to Astra.

Another great part of the customization process is that it is highly flexible and comes with powerful responsive controls. For example, you can define different colors, fonts, padding, or width depending on what device your website is accessed by.

astra wordpress themes
Source: www.wpastra.com

Apart from being highly customizable, another great feature of Astra is that it is incredibly lightweight, meaning that a website that uses it will possibly load in less than half a second.

The load time of a website is one of the most important factors, as people are increasingly more impatient and on average only wait 3 seconds for a page to load before leaving. You can check how fast your site is with a website speed test.

To have a better understanding of what are some of the factors you have to look out for and improve on your site, you can do a full analysis using an online website checker.

Astra costs $59 annually and $523 for lifetime access, but is now on sale for $47 each year or $249 one time.



Having the right theme will make a huge difference for your website and your users’ experience while visiting your site.

There are thousands of different WordPress themes, so whether you are a blogger, photographer, news reporter, or you are launching your online store, you will be able to find a theme that fits your needs.

We hope that our article helped you find the WordPress theme you were looking for! To make sure that the WordPress website you are creating is secure, you might want to see our Complete WordPress Security Guide.

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