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Elegant, straightforward and responsive design themes up for grabs...find in our Superb themes review

Is choosing a website theme slowly veering towards being as complex as buying a car? You see as there are many reasons one buys a car, so it seems with the website themes and services. Do you need a Subaru for adventure and speed and can’t wait to hit the Texas State highway; cruising at the allowed accelerated maximum mph with hairs raised and screaming your lungs out? What about a Toyota Camry Hybrid for regular use, comfort, and daily use?

Can you afford a fuel guzzler or are you on a shoestring budget? A Bugatti or Mazda MX-5 Miata? Are you scouting for a car that is all about top performance ‘hög prestanda’ as the Swedish would say? Is it more of stroking your ego-status and affluence or more about the image – ‘the cool kid in town’ phenomenon that drives your choice?

Fasten your seat belt as we review specifically – Superb themes. Just like making a car purchase one needs knowledge and benchmarks upon which to make a decision before buying a theme for their website. Our Superb themes review looks at the nitty-gritty features that make a difference and sets the Superb themes apart and worth your penny.


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What is Superb Themes?

Superb themes as the name suggests provides website themes for individuals and businesses. It was established in 2014 and is based in central Europe. Compared to other well-established themes companies, Superb themes is relatively new.

It would seem an uphill task for the Superb themes company to make it through the cut-throat competition posed by the already established and know big names in the industry. However, Superb themes have proved to be worth their salt. The company has slightly almost a quarter a million users and still counting!

Superb themes have over 30 unique WordPress themes in their stable in addition to offering plugins. The themes company tagline is ‘The last WordPress themes you will need. Finally.’  

Themes and plugins sold at Suberb themes are optimized for speed, SEO, and ease of use. SEO, speed, and ease of use are some of the three critical qualities that one should be looking out for before purchasing a theme or plugin to improve website performance. Elegance yet not being over the top is also a hallmark for Superb themes.

One can conduct a web analysis or use a website checker to get pagespeed insights if wondering how to audit your website before and after buying your themes and plugins for quality control.

Superb themes have become popular because they have for most of their themes the free lite version for users to try out before purchasing if they wish.


Who are Superb Themes Created for?

If you need your website, SEO optimized and know nothing about SEO.
Ecommerce is your specialty or a lightweight website with high speed.
3.Highly responsive websites
Need your website looking good on the desktop and mobile devices.
If you are integrating your website to other technologies and plugins, then Superb themes are for you.
Need your website looking good and professional.


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Superb themes has great 24/7 support


What do Superb Themes Offer

1. Themes

Superb themes offer a package of over 30 themes that are multipurpose. They also offer free themes for users.


2. Plugins

Superb themes also offer plugins available to their users after they subscribe to one of the existing plans. The plugins are compatible with the superb themes as well and are SEO optimized. Unnecessary code has been avoided as plugins are known to cause bloating in a website and hence slow download speed. Superb themes have plugins for; Superb Tables, Superb Blocks, Reveal Buttons, and Social Share & Follow Buttons.

Superb themes plugin

3. Maintenance

Superb themes also offer maintenance services mainly for WordPress websites. One has to subscribe to one of the three packages available paid monthly.


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Superb Themes: A Review

Superb themes are popular because of the following features;

1. Responsive Design

If you are a minimalist and have a knack for clean, simple, uncluttered design, Superb themes are for you. With responsive design themes, users should have a great user experience when accessing your website via any device. Whether on their mobile or tablets, the users should have the best viewing experience. The webpage size should readjust automatically without sacrificing the look or quality of information presented on the website page when accessed from different devices.


2. Page Speed

Themes and plugins are notorious for bloating websites and increasing loading time. How, did you ask? Just conduct a website speed test and check the analysis report. If you want your website page loading time to improve, then think no further than Superb themes. The themes and plugins at Superb themes have been developed while considering the ratio of text to code. Besides, unnecessary code has been avoided. Therefore, the themes are lightweight as they state on their website page.


3. SEO Optimized

Google ranks SEO optimized webpages higher than those that are not SEO optimized. Now, the higher you rank on Google, the more traffic your website will receive. Increased traffic means getting leads for B2B companies and making sales for e-commerce websites. Are you looking for more traffic and an improved page experience?

Then we recommend Superb themes that have ensured SEO optimization is part of their themes. That is one of the voids they sought to fill in the market when they launched their themes. Most themes back then and even some now are not SEO optimized. Thus, with their SEO optimized themes, you are left with more time on marketing or creating more content for your website as a user.



Superb themes services


4. Compatibility and Flexibility

A great theme worth your penny should be compatible with the most used technologies and plugins. Superb themes are compatible with most of the plugins such as WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, EDD, Contact Form 7, W3 Cache, etc.


5. Translation Ready

As a business or user want your content, product, or services to reach a broad audience online. However, even though everyone can access the online environment, there are still cultural and language barriers. One can overcome the language barrier by getting Superb themes that come translation ready. The themes also have the essential pot files.


6. Availability of Customer Support

However great your products and services are, one has to offer their customers support if an issue arises. Things change so fast in technology and development, with different versions and updates like weeds sprouting up every other day. You can rest assure that Superb themes have vibrant customer support. They do assist with issues to do with the installation and use of themes or plugins. Superb themes are available via email.

Superb themes has great 24/7 support

7. Pricing Plans

Superb themes offer themes that are user friendly and easy to install. One can buy a theme individually or subscribe to a plan.

They have two pricing plans. The business subscription at $99 and renewed annually. With the business subscription plan, you can access all child themes, unlimited premium support and updates, premium plugins, and 30+ themes. However, support is limited to only 15 domains.

The lifetime access, a one-time renewal is priced at $249. The lifetime access package includes lifetime premium support, access to all plugins, child, and premium themes. Also, there is support for unlimited domains and unlimited lifetime premium updates.

Currently, Superb themes are having a February 2021 promotion with the business subscription plan for a 30% discount or $69. The lifetime access is going for a 20% discount at $199. There is a coupon code for our dear readers as you read on at the end of the post for those who would like to try using Superb themes.

Superb themes plan pricing

8. Money-back Guarantee

Just like nothing is guaranteed in life, so are themes, plugins, and other pieces of technology. Good service and the law in most parts of the world require that there should be a guarantee or warranty when something for goods and services sold to customers. Superb themes are generous and have a 60-day money-back guarantee.  So if you don’t like the themes you purchased, you can get a refund.


9.Free Themes

Superb themes are known for many free themes. You need to register to download the themes.  The free themes are the right way for a user to try various themes before making a purchase. Due to the limited budget, some users use the free themes anyway as they are lightweight and straightforward.

However, there is a downside. With free themes, your website will not be unique as many others have the free version. Second, the free lite version of the themes has limited features, therefore not customizable. For instance, the free Blogily theme lite version only has three more features than the premium version with 32 features. Superb themes offer discounts and promo codes, so get a premium theme for yourself at a low price.

Superbthemes and plugins for free

10. WordPress Website Maintenance

Superb themes also offer maintenance services for WordPress websites. They have three plans, and one can make a monthly subscription. Make a subscription with Superb themes. The team will do maintenance and monitor your website 24/7 for uptime, security optimization, emergency support, among other things. They will make cloud backups, carry out a website speed test, and do page speed optimization based on the pagespeed insights.

The three plans are personal maintenance at $99, business maintenance at $189, and premium maintenance at $249.

Superb themes maintenance pricing plans


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Some Three Popular Superb Themes Are:

1. Minimalist Blogger

What do you want to blog about? From sports to fashion, food to news or entertainment to pure new; Superb themes is for you. The theme like the others is multipurpose and optimized for ad space, including banners. One can easily customize the theme by creating an elegant and professional website.


2. Gutenshop

As we already stated, Superb themes are great for a minimalist look, and the Gutenshop theme exemplifies that. The theme is as the name suggests suitable for e-commerce and is easily integrated with WooCommerce.The Gutenshop theme has highlights that accentuate your store products, making them pop out. The theme is also user friendly when it comes to editing posts in Gutenberg editor.



 Creatively like all the Superb themes, is SEO optimized compatible with the Gutenberg editor. One can easily customize the Creatively theme to channel your brand. The theme is simple, with a minimalistic style as well. You might be wondering who can use the theme? It is for bloggers, those making portfolio sites or online magazines, and generally for creatives.

Superbthemes minimalist and responsive theme

Advantages of Superb Themes

  • Can easily integrate with third-party plugins.
  • SEO optimized.
  • User friendly.
  • Optimized for speed and does not use unnecessary code
  • Themes are highly customizable.
  • Elegant and professional look.
  • Minimalist and clean look.
  • The responsive design incorporated in all the themes.
  • Has a 60-day guarantee.
  • Excellent customer support available.
  • Has 30+ Superb themes to choose from with purchase of any of the pricing plans.

Disadvantages of Superb Themes

  • The monthly maintenance price is not practical for individuals.
  • The business subscription has a 15 domain limit; however, this should not be an issue for those with less than 15 domains.
  • Need more documentation on their website in addition to the customer support offered.
  • The free lite version has limited theme features.
Superb themes website meintenance service



 If you need an elegant website, that is uncluttered, focusing on your content; then Superb themes are for you.

The pricing comes just in two plans. The pricing is so close if not slightly higher than the competitors, especially with the yearly business subscription plan. However, the significant difference between Superb themes and other themes is that it offers various coupon codes and promotions from time to time. For instance our promo code and 93% discount below.

With 30+ themes, Superb themes are great for individuals, businesses, and freelancers. Also, the fact that Superb themes specialize in lightweight themes that are speed and SEO optimized. They are recommended to beginners and not technologically savvy. If you also need user-friendly themes, then Superb themes are for you.

Choosing a theme for your website need not be a hassle now that you have the right information from the Superb theme review. Here comes a 93% off discount and promo code – ‘ACSUPERBTHEMES’! If the 30+ Superb themes were cars, which one would you choose? Here is a toast to your Superb themes website and future success):


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