12 Reasons To Choose SiteGround Managed WordPress Hosting

SiteGround is officially affordable hosting that is also recommended by Wordpress. find out why you should go with Siteground

SiteGround is the most popular Managed WordPress hosting today that is affordable and recommended by WordPress. SiteGround managed WordPress hosting is best for performance and with extra techie features it is great hosting for WordPress blog or website.

12 Reasons to Choose SiteGround Managed WordPress Hosting

SiteGround Managed WordPress hosting is best for beginners and professional also. it comes with advance latest features that boost your website by reducing page load time and improve your website SEO.

SiteGround WP Hosting Features – at a glance

  • Free Website Transfer
  • eCommerce Online Store
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • WP SuperCacher
  • Free CloudFlare setup &
  • WordPress staging

In this article, there are 12 Genuine Reasons that show why SiteGround is the perfect palace for WordPress hosting.

So let’s start

12 Reason for SiteGround WordPress Hosting

Although there are a lot of reasons to go with SiteGround hosting but in this post I’m going to sharing you 12 genuine reasons to choose Siteground hosting as your next web host.

Let’s get the start and find out, Why SiteGround?

#1. SiteGround Give Fast Page Load Speed

SiteGround gives a boost to a website and makes your site faster. compare to any other hosting provider SiteGround offer the best speed at the very affordable price and it makes your site up to 70% faster. it is my experience. and you can check my website speed at gtmetrix and pingdom.

it is a great option for rocket speed of your website.

here is the result of Pingdom test on a WordPress SiteGround hosted website.

siteground hosting review web tech preneur


#2. SiteGround Provide Affordable Prices & plans

SiteGround provides the best affordable price for its customers. its plan starts from $3.5/month with 10,000 monthly visitor support.

Here is the SiteGround all plans with their features

siteground hosting review web tech preneur


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SiteGround Short Introduction


#3. SiteGround Server Always Up

Uptime is an important thing to consider when choosing a host, and we’re happy to report how reliable SiteGround’s servers are in terms of keeping your site live and active on a consistent basis. Our SiteGround server experienced no downtime in the duration of our test, as you can see from the 100% uptime scores in the image above.

siteground hosting review web tech preneur


During that time, SiteGround had an average uptime of 99.98%, which is .19% better than the 99.79% industry standard and a promise from SiteGround.

siteground hosting review web tech preneur
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#4. SiteGround Provide Great Techie Support

Excellent customer service is a major highlight of being a SiteGround customer. This host offers 24/7 ticket, live chat, and phone support.

While SiteGround does everything it can to reduce the number of support requests its staff receives, it also does everything it can to make sure its staff can handle those support requests. This includes overstaffing all shifts and integrating in-house tracking and load-balancing systems to optimize the way its staff handles requests.

siteground hosting review web tech preneur

#5. SiteGround Keep your Site Secure

12 Genuine Reasons to Choose SiteGround Managed WordPress Hosting


By default, all SiteGround’s servers use the latest PHP 7 version, with the latest security fixes. They’re running Apache in the chroot-ed environment with suExec. DDOS protection comes built into both a hardware firewall, as well as a software firewall that is based on tables with more complex functions and traffic monitoring

They also use sophisticated IDS / IPS systems which block malicious bots and attackers. ModSecurity is installed on all shared servers and security rules get updated weekly, which protects you from the most common attacks.

SiteGround Security Options



#6. Facebook Poll Suggest SiteGround

What Facebook Poll Say :

This is the result of facebook poll of 2017 from facebook hosting group( private hosting group). here you can see most people have voted on SiteGround and these votes are done by WordPress hosting experts.


#7. SiteGround User’s Recommended

#8. SiteGround Also Build Online Store


SiteGround has great features and performance that is essential for an online store. with SiteGround hosting, you can easily build an e-commerce store that helps you to sell your item on the website.

Let’s take a look at SiteGround features for e-commerce websites.


#9. SiteGround Have Awesome WordPress Tools


1. 1-click installer

1 click installer, install all popular CMSin just one click and make your website on CMS.

2. Auto updates

This feature updates WordPress core files automatically, and you can even have it update plugins. You can also turn it off if you prefer to perform updates manually.

3. WP-CLI enabled

This includes WP-CLI, a feature that lets you perform installations and updates from the command line, among other things.

4. SuperCache

The first service is SiteGround SuperCacher, an in-house WordPress plugin that takes care of your site’s caching needs so you don’t need to rely on a third-party plugin. Every plan supports static caching, but this tool, which SiteGround manages for you, kicks it up a few notches.

5. WordPress Staging

This staging area lets you design your site in a controlled, offline environment. It also lets you test new changes and code without affecting the way your site operates for front-end users. All it takes is one click to go live once you’re ready.

6. Git-pre installed

This feature lets you create a Git repository of your WordPress installation for easy access later on. You’ll also be able to use multiple versions of PHP, from 7.0 to 5.3 and unlimited MySQL and PostgreSQL databases that can be accessed through phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin.

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#10. SiteGround Transfer Website Free

SiteGround provides an extreme feature that gives your site zero downtime while you move your website to from one hosting to another hosting provider.

siteground hosting review web tech preneur

it will move your site free from your old hosting provider and your visitor don’t face any site down issue. that is the most lovable feature of SiteGround.


#11. SiteGround Use Latest Technology

SiteGround’s technology is one of the biggest reason people choose them. They use a powerful combination of NGINX servers, solid states drives (SSDs), PHP7, 1-click Cloudflare CDN, and HTTP/2 servers. And their SG Optimizer plugin and Supercacher will further improve load times. HHVM is only available on their cloud hosting but it’s faster than PHP7.


SiteGround have 5 data centers all across the world to speed up the website. and allow the user to choose a server region for the best loading times. because closest data center from your visitors provides more speed.

siteground hosting review web tech preneur

#12. SiteGround Have Great Knowledge Base

SiteGround also has a large knowledge base filled with hundreds of articles. These articles are designed to help you navigate your way through common issues you may experience, issues that often occur through no fault of the web host.

[bs-quote quote=”Any time is good time to start a comapny” style=”style-8″ align=”left” author_name=”Ron Conway” author_job=”TechCrunch”][/bs-quote]

There are also dozens upon dozens of articles related to WordPress as well as a special section dedicated to WordPress tutorials. These tutorials include a number of different topics for WordPress novices, from How to Install WordPress to How to Improve WordPress Security.As well as SiteGround have an active blog that published articles related to WordPress and other CMS setup and customization.

Final Words For SiteGround Hosting

So there have I shared 12 reasons but actually, there are many reasons that show SiteGround hosting is the best-managed WordPress hosting for your next future website.

SiteGround is best and the best place to host your website. don’t think too much and don’t give too much stress yourself. keep relax and believe in many bloggers and users SiteGround will be the perfect palace for your website.

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