Site5 Web Hosting – A Complete Review

Review of the Web Hosting Provider Site5

Web hosting service is so important and needed if you want to create a website. But choosing the right web hosting provider to lay the foundation might be slightly challenging. Here to help we have a Site5 review.

Site5 is a popular web host as it offers shared hosting, reseller hosting, or fully managed VPS hosting plans. It’s one of the WordPress web hosting companies that can offer specific locations. From various locations in North America to servers in U.K., Netherlands, Romania, India, Singapore, Sydney, and Brazil.

Specializing in web hosting experience that is aimed at designers and developers, Site5 has features that have provided them with a solid reputation and customers. But is it enough to consider Site5 as a web hosting provider yourself? Let’s take a look at this provider and its features if it will be the right fit for your website. 


Site5 Review
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What’s Good About Site5?

Having a high expectation of Site5’s performance goes in hand with the fact that it’s targeted at an audience of professionals and advanced users. Site5 performs very well in uptime, speed, and support. But there might be other features and offers that attract customers. So let’s see what they are!


Uptime Guarantee

As short lapses in such a service might happen, you shouldn’t be charged for that. That’s why Site5 gives users a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee. That means that you’ll get prorated credit for the time your server wasn’t available within a given month.

However, this uptime guarantee only applies to outages that are unscheduled. Planned and occasional server maintenance can be necessary, therefore downtime caused by that doesn’t apply. Downtime caused by circumstances beyond Site5 like hardware failure, third-party software failure, or DDoS attacks doesn’t apply either. 

For Shared and Reseller service you’ll get a full refund when uptime falls below 95%. A fully Managed VPS plan has a 99.99% uptime guarantee and a full refund of credit applies when uptime is less than 99.5%.  


45 Day Money Back Guarantee

Shared Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting plans come with a 45-day money-back guarantee. So if for any reason that you are unsatisfied with the Site5 service within that 45 day period, your fees will be reversed. What is great about this is that there aren’t any conditions with the refund. And if you choose a VPS hosting plan, this comes with a 15-day money-back guarantee. 


Customer and Service Support 

Site5 support is definitely an asset. However frustrated you might be having any problem, their expert team is always there to help. 

Site5 has 24/7 tech support through email or live chat, and is ready to help through investigation, finding solutions, testing the solution, and then send you a full explanation. 


Easy to Use

The control panel that Site5 has was designed to be easy to use even though the service was built for designers and developers. It doesn’t miss anything, just the interface is so much easier to use than the competition’s, and it definitely has everything needed to maintain your website. 


Site5 Review - cPanel


With Site5’s cPanel you’ll be able to access email accounts, add-on domains, web statistics, video tutorials, and much more. Having a cPanel it’ll be easy for you to customize your site and data. If you want to know more about cPanel and how to access it, Site5 has an article exactly for that.


Ability to Choose Server Location

Having the ability to choose the location server might be helpful when it comes to local SEO rankings. According to Site5, it can be slightly beneficial to have one more indicator to rank for searching in a particular region or city. 

And since you can choose from 21 different locations regardless of where you live, you’re free to choose whichever of the multiple locations.


What’s Not So Good About Site5?

Overall Site5 is an okay web hosting service. But what’s not really okay is their pricing and bad reviews. For about the same price, you can get even better uptime and speed in some other web hosting providers. And that for sure doesn’t make Site5 the cheapest and the best web host on the market.


Hosting Plans and Pricing

As we already know Site5 offers three different hosting options, which are shared, reseller, and VPS.

When it comes to shared hosting, it comes in three levels from which you can choose the one that will best suit your needs. The levels are hostBasic, hostPro, and hostPro+Turbo. All of them come with unmetered disk space and bandwidth, automatic backups, and free migration to Site5 from your current website.

The main difference between those plans is in the number of websites. With the hostBasic, you can host just 1 website, which might be an option for beginners who are just starting out. On the other hand, the other two plans include hosting for unlimited websites. And on top of that, the hostPro+Turbo includes dedicated IP, which is ideal for e-commerce websites.

The pricing tho is starting at $8.34 a month for the full two years and upfront payments. It’ll be a little more expensive otherwise, $10.74 a month for a year. The hostBasic is the only plan out of three that doesn’t offer just monthly payment.


Site5 Review - Shared Hosting Plans
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If your site needs more resources than shared hosting, you can upgrade to the Fully Managed VPS plan. It’ll handle server optimization, security monitoring, and updates for you, while you’ll stay focused on your business and not worry about the technical aspects.

For people who sell hosting to their clients, there is a Reseller hosting, which offers three plans – Starter, Standard, and Premier. They all include cPanel and WHM, custom DNS nameservers, domain reseller accounts, and unmetered resold accounts, and differ in bandwidth and storage.


Site5 Review - Reseller Hosting Plans
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Site5 Reviews

There are many reviews out there regarding Site5. Customers share experiences they had with Site5 and there are good ones as well as bad ones. But it seems there are more of the bad ones because Site5 only scores 1.4 stars on Trustpilot.



After reading this Site5 review, you might be questioning if it is a web hosting service for you. Well, it definitely has its advantages. Like already mentioned uptime, customer service, and fast speed. If you are perhaps curious about the speed of your current website, you can provide a website speed test to find out! 

Site5 has some great options that make them an excellent choice for someone with niche demands. But if you are looking for a budget website host, there is no need for this premium price tag with only average features.

We hope this Site5 review helped to make a decision on whether it is the right web hosting service for you and your website! 


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