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Well, Now I am doing full time blogging so now I can help you with setting up your blog, grow traffic and how to make money with this blog.

So there Are I am providing some kind of services to helps you.

Before this, I want to share my experience and past with you.

My Skills

Myself Divesh, by professional I am an electronics engineer and recently I graduated from RTU, Kota.

In my engineering time, I learn and experience new things, like coding, hacking and affiliate marketing.

In this best period of life, I have created 2 blogging sites, one affiliate marketing site(my first startup), one youtube channel. 😀

I have also learned some programming languages like C, C++, Advance Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and SQL. 😎 

So Now after enough experience in web technologies, I start this blog and now I start my services.


There are I am proving 3 kinds of services that are relevant to blogging and web technologies.

1. New Blog Setup

Do you want to start a blog or be an entrepreneur?  💡 

I knew, you definitely want  😎

But confusing about how to start a blog, how much investment it needed and where to start with the right key element. 😕

Don’t think too much about it, Divesh is here. 😀

I will create an Optimized & Well Designed Blog for you to just your budget. yes in your budget.  😉

In this service, I will do:

  • Will buy a Perfect Domain for your awesome Niche.
  • Hosting Setup.
  • WordPress Installation.
  • A Best Designed Theme with Many Possibilities.
  • Essential Plugin Installation, Activation & Configuration.
  • Teach you, How to create New SEO Optimized Post & Page.
  • Teach you, How to configure WP dashboard.
  • New Email Client Setup.

If I had Something is missed and do you want, I will do it.

It’s my promise: I will provide you every single guide that I use on Web Tech Preneur.

2. Blog SEO & Traffic Growth

Traffic is the first need of a website, without traffic there is no mean of a website or Blog.


What happens if you’re trying your best to drive more traffic, every single strategy that popular bloggers use but in the result, there is no traffic on the blog. 🙁

Well, I am also not a professional blogger & not an SEO marketer.

But I can help you, I can try to drive an internet user on your blog, try to optimize your blog more, try to improve your off-page SEO.

I can try.

And I hope these things can improve your blog traffic.

3. Blogger.com to WordPress.org

Want to move your blog from Blogger.com to WordPress.org? ➡

But How?

Like most of the bogger, I also start my blogging journey on Blogger.

I am not saying Blogger is worst for blogging. Blogger is also good platform but on WordPress.org there is more option &possibilitiess to do with a blog.

I will provide you:

  • Moving of every Post from Blogger to WordPress
  • Moving of every Page on WordPress
  • Well Designed theme With Lot’s of Feature
  • Essential Plugin Installation, Activation & Configuration.
  • Teach you, How to create New SEO Optimized Post & Page
  • Teach you, How to configure WP dashboard
  • New Email Client Setup



In 24 hours, I spend minimum 10 hours in front of my laptop.

And the maximum distance between my phone & me in a day is 40 feet.

My support is always with my new & old friends.

If something going wrong & want some help, you can contact me freely. 😉

I would like to help you more.

I am always ready for your help, Don’t hesitate to contact me. 😀


Well, My price is not fixed it depends on work and how much steps I will do.

There are some prices If I start my work from the ground.

  • New Blog Setup: $25
  • Blogger to WordPress: $25
  • Blog Traffic: Depends on, how much traffic I improve.

Contact Me

Contact me via mail or send your query in below form.

Don’t hesitate to contact me, If you want any kind of help/suggestion also.

Contact me between 8am-11pm(GMT +5:30) tofast response.


Mail me with your site URL and what kind of service do you want, reply time max 2 hours.


Message me on my Fb profile, Max reply time 1:30 hours

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