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Markus has been creating a landing page for a just-published book for a week. His technology of choice – WordPress. Soon, he finds out that for some reason, the landing page doesn’t look right.

It dawns on Markus that there are some things to configure for his WordPress landing page to look sleek and right. After researching a solution, he gets a bunch of additional plugins to install and use. You would think after using the other plugins, Markus’ problems were resolved, right? Read on.

After installing some three plugins, Markus discovers that things are a little better – yeah – hands raised in the air…, until he installs another plugin, then boom…the changes painstakingly made earlier on the landing page end up being overwritten.

Throwing in the towel in exasperation, Markus, flabbergasted, decides to hire a freelance WordPress developer to make a professional and polished landing page instead of going through all the agony of redoing the work again!

Are you facing the same dilemma as Markus with creating your landing page? Then break no sweat, sit tight, and let us take you through a solution, SeedProd – A Complete Review, soon making landing pages will become a breeze.

SeedProd home page
SeedProd the number 1 landing page builder in 2021


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SeedProd - 60% Off Your Next Order

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    What Is SeedProd?

    SeedProd is a drag and drop landing page builder that will enable one to create a landing page in minutes without writing any code. Are you wondering who is behind the SeedProd plugin? Then rest assured that the plugin is not from some shady questionable sources waiting to make a quick buck,  but from a reputable company with excellent quality software plugins under its belt.

    The WordPress plugin has been created by SeedProd LLC, who are also originators of  WordPress plugins like  MonsterInsights for analytics with 4 million users and counting, OptinMonster for lead-generation, WPForms for WordPress forms to name but a few.

    The SeedProd team is also behind the WPBeginner website with great learning resources for WordPress learners.

    Currently, the freemium version of the SeedProd plugin has over 1,000,000 downloads to give you a rough idea of how popular the plugin has become. With a total of over 2,000,000 active installs, it couldn’t get better than that, or could it?




    SeedProd can be used by any WordPress enthusiast who wants to create a landing page, minus the pain Markus experienced. And since the plugin has email and marketing software integrated into it, using SeedProd is like killing two birds with one stone. You will be able to create a high-converting landing page in minutes while bolstering your effort to grow your market!

    Prior to being a landing page plugin, SeedProd that has had more features developed and incorporated into it was marketed as a ‘coming soon and maintenance page’ plugin.


    What Is a Landing Page?

    A page that is designed with only one aim in mind, for instance, to capture leads and a call to action in support of the goal is a landing page. A Landing page is a great tool to make conversions as you work on growing your business.


    Who Needs SeedProd Page Builder?

    1. If you want to set in place and generate qualified leads
    2. Create sleek and modern landing pages without going through agony like Markus
    3. Need a way to capture and use collect data
    4. If you need to bolster your lead generation
    5. Create loyal followers for your products or services
    6. Looking to add more potential buyers to your email list
    7. If you want to get more sales for your products and services


    SeedProd landing page template
    SeedProd landing page template for a coming soon page



    SeedProd Features

    1. Access Control

    While configuring your landing page depending on your goal, you are able to turn on or off some aspects on your landing page, what sections are private and what information should be in the public eyes.

    SeedProd access controls page
    SeedProd access controls page


    2. Landing Page Templates

    Are you inexperienced when it comes to designing or creating a landing page? Don’t fret; SeedProd was created with beginner users in mind, with 150 + templates to choose from. Pick the template that suits your taste and the foundation upon which to customize and build your landing page is pretty much done.


    3. Other SeedPro Functionalities

    With the paid version of SeedProd, you have many outstanding elements at your disposal to revamp your landing page. Some of these elements are social media buttons, countdown timers, and Opting forms that can be integrated anywhere on your land page.


    4. Spam Protection

    If you dread spam content, then relax as SeedProd comes with the feature to prevent spammers and bots that are up to no good. For instance, you can use  ReCAPTCHA.

    SeedProd for spam control
    SeedProd for spam control tools like ReCAPTCHA


    5. Email Marketing Integrations

    Set our lead generation machine running with great email and marketing integrations like Aweber, MailChimp, Zapier, Constant Contact, and so forth.

    SeedProd can be intergrated to various email marketing tools
    SeedProd features various email marketing tools




    6. Live Previews And Revision Control

    It can be tedious as exemplified by some page builders where one has to turn back and forth in different modes while creating your page to preview the changes made. In SeedProd you can track changes as you create your landing page.


    Steps For Installing SeedProd Landing Page Plugin

    Step 1

    Create an account with SeedPod for free in order to sign in.

    SeedProd login page


    Step 2

    Depending on your needs, first, you need to purchase the plugin from SeedProd you will then receive other details like the file to be downloaded and key.

    Downloading SeedProd file
    Downloading SeedProd file




    Step 3

    Download the file after making your SeedProd plugin purchase. If you would like to get a trial version, before deciding whether to purchase the plugin or not, then good news – SeedProd is freemium, so go ahead and give your details and then download the file.


    Step 4

    For both the freemium and paid version of SpeedProd, start the installation process by navigating to the admin dashboard in your WordPress website and upload the file.

    Installing the SeedProd landing page plugin in the WordPress admin dashboard


    Step 5

    In the next step, you need to activate the plugin. Before you use the SeedPro landing page plugin, you will need to type in your key for authorization.

    Activating the SeedProd plugin
    Activating the SeedProd plugin in WordPress


    Step 6

    Please type in your key. Once you have entered the key, you are good to go, you can navigate through the different gamut of features that SeedPro offers and begin to create your landing page.

    Enter your key for authorisation to use SeedProd
    Enter your key for authorization to use SeedProd after making plugin purchase


    Step 7

    Finally, still in your WordPress dashboard, locate the SeedProd tab in the sidebar and click on it. Then click from the options presented- ‘create new landing page’. If you are a seasoned WordPress user you can go directly to creating your page with a clean template. You can also scroll and select from ready-made templates that you fancy depending on the field i.e., restaurant, business, IT, and so forth.

    Creating a landing page using SeedProd in WordPress
    Creating a landing page using SeedProd in WordPress

    Congratulations, you did install SeedProd on your WordPress website; now you can churn landing pages like crazy!!!

    As promised earlier, you do not have to write any line of code to have a professional-looking landing page with SeedProd, in addition, you do not have to spend hours or days like a slave trying to have the finalized landing page.

    With an already made template and SeedProd’s drag and drop builder, just a few clicks to customize the template chosen to your taste and you should have a stunning landing page in minutes!

    You can do the customization of the landing page by employing various components from the available blocks, for instance, an opt-in form, contact form, images, text, and video, to name but a few.



    How Can You Use The SeedProd Landing Page Builder?

    Why SeedProd is the number one go-to landing page plugin. You can;

    1. Create a Coming Soon Page

    Are you creating your website and would like to let people know what it’s all about in advance? Or even start to engage potential customers with an email form, then creating a Coming Soon Page is the way to go.

    2.Build High-converting Landing Pages

    If you want to create a high-converting landing page, you need to optimize it. With a simple WordPress Website, one cannot accomplish much when it comes to optimization; that’s how SeedProd comes in. One can create pages for sales, webinars, online courses, IT, and so forth.

    With SeedProd you have many features at hand that you can use, for instance, Markus who needs a landing page for his newly published book. As we stated the landing page has a single focus- for Markus, it is to promote the book- Software is feeding the world.

    Markus can use Email Optin Forms and Contact Forms blocks to optimize his landing page. In addition, Markus can also use other blocks like headlines, images, and buttons for the call to action (CTA).

    All Markus will do is drag and drop the block elements chosen into the opened landing page template he is creating, adjust everything to his taste, and voila…our new landing page.

    SeedProd's page builder editor for high-converting landing pages
    SeedProd’s page builder editor for high-converting landing pages


    3. Put Your Blog Into Maintenance Mode

    Another way to use the SeedProd landing page is to configure your website into maintenance, so your customers/users are aware and come back on the date you indicate when the site is up. SeedProd has many templates for a site under maintenance that one can choose and use.

    Once you finish maintaining your site, you can put off the maintenance mode and revert to running your site being public.


    4. Create a Custom 404 Error Page

    Should there be an error on your page for whatever reason, it is just wise to let your website visitors be aware and have a way to revert them back to the homepage.

    With SeedProd, you can create your good-looking custom 404 error page that reverts users to the homepage in case of a 404 error.


    5. Design a Custom Login Page

    To use your WordPress website, you must log in to the dashboard as a user. WordPress comes with a standard login page that is far from great looking.

    You can create a sleek-looking page and customize it to match the color scheme, tone, and voice of your product, service, or website using SeedProd.

    In addition, if you have a website where people subscribe to a product or service, then you can restrict access to the product by creating a login on the pages as well as using the SeedProd plugin. Hence the unsubscribed or public cannot access the information or product except only those who are subscribed.




    SeedProd Landing Page Builder: A Review

    After going through the features of SeedPro, let’s review the landing page builder to understand why it is selling like hot cake.

    Advantages of SeedProd:

    1. Drag and Drop Landing Page Builder

    According to SeedProd, many of the landing page plugins available in the market were buggy, slow, and hard to use. Therefore, SeedProd addressed this gap in the market with the drag and drop page builder. You do not need to write any code.

    SeedProd has a user-friendly interface and is beginner-friendly, enabling even novices to create polished landing pages.

    With the drag and drop builder, you can drag any element you want and drop it into place on your landing page.

    SeedProd is highly flexible such that one can customize the page as they wish, if a page does not look right, you can tweak it until it is perfect by editing and be able to save changes in the elements.

    With SeedProd you can review in real-time any changes made on your landing page as you progress with your customization.


    2. Over 150 Templates

    SeedProd has mobile-friendly and responsive templates which are professionally designed. The available templates cover a range of areas, including webinar and sales pages, opt-in pages, and maintenance mode.

    Remember, for those who do not want to use ready-made templates; there is a blank template for use.

    SeedProd landing page builder comes with over 150 templates
    SeedProd landing page builder comes with over 150 templates to make the creation of a landing page as painless and fast as possible




    3. Customisations Available

    With the SeedProd builder, you can transform any template you choose into a glam landing page. One can upload video, images for great background and variety on a page. You can change the color palette, font size, font style, headlines, and alignment of elements to reflect your brand. All it takes is to click, select and effect the changes you want.


    4. Landing Page Blocks

    You can create your landing page in minutes using SeedProd’s premade blocks! The blocks which are highly customizable include, for instance, video, text, lists, and columns.

    Other blocks are useful in optimizing our landing page for instance the Contact Form, Social Sharing, Giveaway, star rating, opt-in form, and so forth.


    5. Pre-built Landing Page Sections

    True to their word, one does not need to write any code. SeedProd does not just have ready-made landing page templates but also sections.

    Select the section you like, and it is simultaneously added to the landing page you are creating. In the landing page editor, you can then customize and style the section as you desire with the various styles available.

    Some of the ready-made landing page sections are – Footers, Hero area, FAQ, Call to Action (CTA) among others.

    SeedProd drag and drop editor showing various sections
    SeedProd drag and drop editor showing various sections


    6. Integration With Email Automation Tools

    With SeedProd PRO you also get email automation tools like Aweber, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and many others to name but a few.

    Other apps can also be linked to SeedPro, such as Google Analytics.

    Apart from the email automation marketing tools named above, one can also use SeedProd’s own inbuilt subscription management dashboard to grow an email list.





    7. Powerful Access Controls

    As the name suggests, access controls are used to specify actions, such as displaying a ‘Coming Soon’ message. Also, for a site under construction, you can block the public and allow only the owner to access it. All you must do is create a secret link and give the owner access.

    A SeedProd-access controls page for creating password protection for pages


    8. Domain Mapping

    As one would create a domain name, so can one create domain mapping with SeedPro for landing pages. You can use domain mapping to give the created landing pages domain names customized according to your taste/desire.

    Domain mapping treats the landing page as an individual/independent site. For example, the landing page Markus was trying to make was for the domain

    If Markus uses the domain mapping feature that comes with SeedProd premium, then he would direct the new e-book landing page he would create to a domain name he desires such as

    The most significant advantage with domain mapping is that you can market and sell your products or services to the targeted segment’s potential users.

    SeedProd domain mapping
    SeedProd domain mapping for your landing page


    9. Support

    SeedProd plugin is beginner-friendly and has a user interface that is easy to navigate, however, you still need help as a user should a problem arise for whatever reason. SeedProd has excellent support to its users. The plugin company also has on its website excellent documentation and learning videos for those interested.


    10. Compatible With Any WordPress Theme

    When you use SeedProd as your landing page builder you will not have to configure different settings so your page can look right on whatever WordPress theme you are using. As such, you do not risk breaking your landing page due to incompatibility attributed to some themes and plugins.

    This is because SeedProd is compatible with WordPress and runs in a way that does not depend on the theme to operate.


    11. SeedProd Landing Page Builder Is Lightweight

    According to the SeedProd team, their plugin was developed to complain that the landing page builders in the market prior to launching SeedProd were ‘bloated, buggy, slow, and very hard to use.

    From conducting Website analysis it is a known fact that plugins can considerably slow down website page loading time. SeedProd. SeedProd has only the most critical features needed to help you in lead generation and creating high-converting landing pages. As such, the SeedProd plugin is fast and lightweight.




    Disadvantages of SeedProd

    1. Free Version Limited

    SeedProd is freemium, meaning you can get to test for free the lite version of their plugin. The plugin lite version, however, does not come with the advanced functionality that can take your landing page to the next level.

    The lite version has; limited landing page blocks, SEO, maintenance and coming soon mode, landing page elements, and limited free templates.


    2. Can Only Be Used On WordPress Websites

    You can only use the SeedProd plugin to create landing pages on WordPress websites. The plugin cannot be used on any other website technologies or blogging platforms.


    3. SeedProd Pricing

    It is understandable if the price for the SeedProd plugin is not cheap and yet not expensive what with the great features and uses the plugin can be employed.

    Four basic pricing plans range from basic at $39.50 to the elite at $239 per year. SeedProd has a price plan that caters to each customer segment or as per your pocket or the number of websites to create.

    Remember, if you still want to test the plugin before purchasing it, you can use the lite version which is free yet still great. You can then upgrade as per your requirements to a suitable pricing plan.

    Also, as a token to potential customers, SeedProd has a 50% discount, the prices indicated above are after discount. If you purchase the elite plan, you receive a whopping 60% discount!

    SeedProd pricing plans
    SeedProd’s four pricing plans indicating a 50% or more discounted price


    4. Number of Blocks And Elements Not Exhaustive

    Blocks and elements in SeedProd are limited when compared to other well-known page builder plugins. However, SeedProd has stated that their plugin is fast. They have assembled only essential features for users to create high-converting landing pages and left the irrelevant ones out.


    A Recap of SeedProd Advantages

    • Has to drag and drop page builder so one does not have to write any code to create a professional-looking landing page in minutes!
    • It is beginner-friendly and has an easy-to-use interface.
    • The plugin is lightweight and fast
    • Over 150 ready-made templates
    • Offers 50% discount when you purchase the plugin
    • Compatible with WordPress themes.
    • Has excellent documentation and learning videos
    • It has a freemium that you can try out before purchasing the PRO version
    • It has a 14-day unconditional money-back guarantee
    • Has pre-built landing page sections
    • Integration with email and marketing automation tools like MailChimp and Aweber, among others
    • Has domain mapping feature


    A Recap of SeedProd Disadvantages

    • The free version has limited features
    • Number of blocks and elements not exhaustive
    • It can only be used for creating landing pages on WordPress websites
    • SeedProd Pricing may be high compared to other plugins however SeedProd comes with a 50% discount, for the elite plan you receive a 60% discount
    • The payment integration tools like PayPal and stripe not available. However, one can add the payment gateway by using WPForms for contact on the landing page which has the payment options integration




    The complete SeedProd review and looked at what is SeedProd, who is behind the leading landing page builder, and who needs to use the plugin. We also looked at how to install the plugin, also we have reviewed the features that come packed with the plugin and what type of landing pages they are used to create. Besides, we have looked at the disadvantages and advantages of SeedProd.

    The developers of SeedProd set out to create a fast and easy-to-use landing page plugin. Today as we have seen, the plugin has been upgraded from being just the number one maintenance and coming soon plugin to a fully fledges landing page builder.

    What with the many features mainly for creating high converting pages and lead generation, it is no surprise that SeedProd in the relatively short time they have been in the market has garnered over two million users.

    The plugin’s advantages outweigh by far the disadvantages. One must look hard to find SeedProd landing page builder weaknesses, which are like a drop of water in the ocean compared to its benefits. Suppose you need a beginner-friendly plugin, that is easy to use and fast. Or you need to create high converting pages with lead-generating tools integrated, look no further than SeedProd landing page builder.

    The price may seem high for a plugin, however, do not be discouraged. SeedProd offers a 50% discount for potential customers. In addition, there is a free version that you can install and use to create a decent and professional-looking landing page.

    Imagine if Markus had known about the SeedProd plugin, he would not only have been having a polished, sleek, and professional-looking landing page for his e-book-software is feeding the world but also generated highly qualified leads, sooner than later):

    Markus is not alone; there are many other people out there who are not tech-savvy and going through the same situation, even when we have all been promised that using WordPress is like eating a piece of cake (:

    You will soon realize to an extend, using WordPress may not be a walk in the park, particularly when you use plugins that need lots of configuration like Markus did for his landing page.

    Do not wait like Markus to go through agony and burn extra cash to create a landing page, you can save money, time, and effort and create high-converting landing pages with SeedProd landing page builder in minutes!

    Sounds exaggerated? Well, you can try it out for yourself using the SeedProd plugin with the 50% coupon (Click on ‘GET STARTED WITH SeedProd’ blue button) below. Besides, there is everything to gain and nothing to lose and a 14-day unconditional money-back guarantee to boot):):):

    SeedProd offers a 14 day guarantee
    SeedProd offers a 14-day unconditional guarantee




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