WordPress Hosting – A Complete Review

The ultimate guide and review of WordPress Hosting

If you have a WordPress website, then you must also choose WordPress hosting to manage your site. Google and many other search engines have made website speed an actual ranking matter, and that is why you need WordPress hosting. A WordPress hosting can save you a lot of time and efforts, and optimize your on-site SEO!

Simply speaking, WordPress hosting is a hosting that has been optimized to improve WordPress’ performance and security needs. Especially, having a managed WordPress hosting is like checking your WordPress site into a 3-star hotel. Namely, the provider will “manage” your site and server for you such as updating your site, 

In this article, we will go over the managed WordPress hosting, You will learn about what is, the key features, and additional information about 

Let’s begin!




What is is a new managed WordPress hosting. It was founded in 2020 by two founders, Ben Gubler and Aaron Phillips. Gubler and Philips are both experienced hosting executives that have worked at famous hosting companies such as, GoDaddy, Stackpath, HostGator, and more. Now, they team up to create premium hosting by themselves. So users, you are in good hands! offers a premium WordPress hosting solution, which is extremely fast and can fully manage your WordPress site for you.’s origin servers are located at The Edge, its data centers inside 20 geographically diverse internet exchanges. With, you can make your content accessible to users from all over the world.


What are the Important Features of has many important features that make it so special among all the competitors. Let’s take a closer look at those important features:


1. Solely Focus on WordPress’s design and functions are fully concentrated on WordPress. As its slogan, it will be like putting your WordPress site on autopilot. If you choose normal web hosting, you might miss out on the WordPress specific benefits and alternatives. 

But goes beyond the regular WordPress hosting provided, you will be guaranteed a hassle-free website, and multiple supports on speed, security, and platform. Many key features are built-in, no need to spend any money and time on plugins. You can just focus on your content and leave the technical tasks to 

Moreover, also provides two other solutions to different types of business models, they are WooCommerce Hosting and Resell WordPress. For example, if you are selling products online with the WooCommerce WordPress page, has a WooCommerce Hosting that helps your online store to optimize the SEO and increase conversions. Therefore, can provide to various WordPress users and business owners.




2. Instant Speed Optimizations is connected to the world’s fastest Content Delivery Network (CDN), CloudFlare Enterprise, which makes website speed one of its biggest advantages. The premium feature can optimize images and files without any plugin and configuration. Another key feature of is tiered caching. In this way, your data will be stored in a hierarchy structure, which is one of the must-do things when it comes to SEO.

In other words, with as your hosting, you don’t need to spend time and money to look for plugins or configurations to optimize your SEO. handles most of the on-page SEO for you!




3. Top WordPress Security has another great feature that is its security. Making your website secure is a very important step when you are building your website. Because if your website is unprotected, it will be attacked or hacked by malware, online threats, and unwanted traffic. And hosting can keep your website safe and secure with its powerful built-in Force Field, which contains:

    • Website Firewall (WAF): It protects web applications from different application-layer attacks, for example, cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, and cookie poisoning, among others. 
    • Malware Scanning & Patching: Two levels of malware protection to keep your website completely safe from malware.
  • Brute-force Protection: This will keep the attackers away from trying to login into your account by submitting numerous passwords and passphrases.
  • Weak Password Prevention
  • Automated Bot Protection

All of these protective measures are available along with the hosting and with no additional cost. Once you have as your managed hosting, you can be sure that your site is safe!


4. Simple Dashboard hosting has been praised for its dashboard interface design. It is simple, user-friendly, and it gives you quick access to many functions.

Source: bloggingpal

The interface allows users to have a quick overview of your site’s status such as visitor, disk usage, and managed sites. No matter if you are managing one or hundreds of WordPress sites,’s excellent control panel and site manager will let you develop, manage, and launch effortlessly. 


5. Customer Support

To decrease the obstacles for both newbies and experienced users while using the hosting, provides another service that it doesn’t really highlight but has been greatly complimented by many reviewers. That is its customer support!

All customers can access 24/7 customer support all year round! You can reach the experts ( even the founders!), through phone calls, live chat, or email. And for agencies, the company offers VIP #Slack support to walk you through the complicated task like mass migration. So you will never feel helpless with hosting.




Pricing wants to be able to cater to as many users as they can. They provide multiple pricing and plans, from individuals to website building agencies all have corresponding plans. 

You can also choose to pay annually, which will save you around $5 – $40 depends on the plan you choose. It is true that is not the cheapest, but on the bright side, regardless of which plan you buy, all the included functions are the same. So you don’t have to worry that if you choose the starter plan, your WordPress site will be less protected or safe. is fair to every user!

What’s more, now has a “Launch Special”. You can enjoy $1 for the first month! So it is literally the best time to test and give a try and launch your website!





If you are looking for something new, fast, and secure, is your choice. Although there are hosting companies that are more famous, still gets benefits that those big hosting companies don’t have, for example, considerate and thoughtful customer support. Because for new and starting companies like, you are a valuable user, not just a number!

We highly recommend if you want a strong and high functionality WordPress managed hosting company. Because it just makes your life so much easier! Plus with its awesome customer support, you can launch and manage your WordPress site like a dream.

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