Modula Photo Gallery WordPress Plugin – A Complete Review

A review of Modula Photo Gallery WordPress Plugin and why it's so popular

If you were asked to describe a website that is boring in both design and content, what would it look like?

While different people would have slightly different details in their answers, the undeniable truth is that professional and relevant visuals, such as photos and videos, are often the most important factors that decide whether or not your website is appealing and interesting to online visitors.

Let’s face it – visualisation is a faster way to create a first impression. If we like what we see, we move on to the text.

So what does the Modula WordPress plugin have to do with it?

Modula WordPress plugin is your right hand when it comes to creating the best first impressions by building the best quality galleries for photos and videos.

Before you start worrying about:

  • Coding
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Website speed disruptions
  • Compatibility with other WordPress tools

Here’s a spoiler alert for you: none of the mentioned factors will cause you any discomfort, as Modula is as easy to use as it is compatible with other tools, devices, and your website as a whole.


Let’s investigate further!




Why Modula And Not Other Plugins?

It’s no secret that there are millions of plugins that are designed for WordPress and while not all of them are in the same category as Modula WordPress photo gallery, the competition is still massive.

So what exactly makes Modula exceptional?

Frankly, there are multiple competitive advantages. More specifically, there are 6 that are the most outstanding ones.

Let’s investigate each and every one of them.


1. No Coding Required

This is one of the greatest advantages that you can get from using the Modula WordPress plugin.

Many other plugins are complex to master and even require coding skills, which takes time and effort. If you’re a professional photographer or simply someone whose main focus is a stunning visual representation, you should not be forced to learn coding to show off your work.

While many other plugins lack this exact insight and flexibility, Modula is fully aware of what its customers need, hence you can easily produce the best galleries with a simple drag-and-drop builder.


2. And Yet Coding Is An Option

And here comes another proof of Modula WordPress plugin flexibility.

As mentioned earlier, coding skills are not necessary to use all the best features that Modula has to offer.

However, if you happen to require certain functionalities that can be used with coding – you’re in the right place, as Modula manages to perfectly balance between easy functionality and the opportunity to use more advanced techniques.

In other words, Modula is a comfortable tool for every level of the user!


3. Other Users Loudly Vouch for Modula

Credibility and reliability are important when a huge variety of options are presented.

One of the best ways to pick the right plugin is by looking into the feedback from users that already experienced a certain plugin or in this case Modula WordPress plugin.

The reviews and feedback from other users are especially useful if the plugins appear to offer the same or similar functionalities and service, as real experiences can draw the real picture.

In this case, the reviews for Modula are spectacular, displaying many pleased customers, many of which claim that their expectations were not just reached but exceeded.

In addition, Modula’s customers give credit to Modula WordPress plugin for its flexibility, outstanding functionality, and fantastic customer support as a cherry on top.

80 000+ active users must mean something, right?

Modula WordPress plugins displays many pleased customer reviews.




4. Mobile-friendly

Modula is clearly familiar with the mobile usage trends and the importance of mobile-responsiveness, especially when the quality of photos and videos is on the line.

The plugin offers different gallery layout options and it’s not just limited to a phone, but includes layouts for tablets and desktops too.


5. It Can Speed Up Your Website

Huge amounts of photos and videos can take too much space on your website, causing a slowdown and displaying a negative ranking of one’s website on a website checker.

Naturally, a slow and overflowed website will cost a quality user experience and a positive image of your website as a whole.

Luckily, Modula thought this through by introducing their intelligent image optimisation and CDN to speed up your website by up to 70%.

SpeedUP, the feature introduced by Modula, optimises images by reducing their file sizes and eventually resizing them through image optimisation algorithms that consequentially save you additional investments by speeding up your website.


6. It Will Team Up With Your Other Tools

If you’re already using or planning to use other WordPress tools like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, Oxygen, or others, you probably expect the other plugins in use to complement the overall functionality and not fight among themselves.

Although this might seem like common sense to most, not all plugins are compatible with other significant elements on WordPress.

And that’s where Modula stands out once again, as it’s 100% compatible with your other favorite WordPress tools and strongly contributes to a fascinating functionality and user experience.


What Modula Offers – In More Detail

Did you get a general idea of what makes the Modula WordPress plugin a great addition to your creative process?

It only gets better, as we’re about to deep dive into more detail about what specifically Modula WordPress plugin has to offer and how you can use its features to your advantage.


1. Organizational Features

  • Move your gallery into Modula for free with its migration tool, which even supports Envira, Photoblocks, NextGen, Final Tiles Grid Gallery, Gutenberg, and the original WordPress gallery
  • Sync your website management by using WordPress widgets to display your galleries
  • Set up new galleries super fast with just a few clicks by saving the default settings of your choice
  • Create a password to galleries of your choice if there’s only a certain gallery you want your clients to be impressed by
  • Organize your work by sorting the images alphabetically, in reverse or random order, or the date when they were created or modified


2. Main Design Features

  • Bring visuals to life with 50+ built-in interactive hover effects
  • Apply one or more gallery filters to your images for a consistent branding
  • Make your images load interactively with animations
  • Create and manage the gallery and its titles, cover photos, grid type, and display album image counts
  • Turn your gallery’s lightbox view into an auto-play slideshow that can be played & paused between images
  • Make your gallery slide with a slider (terrible pun intended) and add elements such as arrows, fade effect, center mode, dots, and others to make it even more outstanding
  • Grab attention even more by integrating videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or self-hosted into your galleries


3. Additional Design Features

  • Create unique and original galleries by using grids instead of the old-fashioned squares
  • Save space and time by using Advance Shortcodes to link to already created galleries
  • Protect your work by adding custom watermarks and use Right-Click Protection to protect your photos from downloading





We suspect that you’ll be happy to hear that not only does Modula grant flexibility in its functionality, but pricing too.

To demonstrate to its customers how much exactly Modula trusts its product and services, the company created a free version that allows the users to control the number of columns and how they’re displayed for different devices, customise thumbnails, and other great features.

However, while the free version is a great way to get to know Modula from a closer angle, it is limited.

Luckily, Modula has 4 plans at your disposal, depending on different needs that you might have.

For instance, features such as gallery filters, video, lightbox slideshow, and gallery sorting are included in all 4 plans, but each level up offers even more advanced and convenient features.

Finally, your chosen paid plan is not set in stone.

If for any reason you happen to notice that a certain paid plan doesn’t completely fulfill your needs, Modula has your back with its 14-day money-back guarantee and a super-easy refund process.

It does say a lot about Modula’s reliability, doesn’t it?

Modula WordPress plugin offers 4 pricing plans with favorable refund policy.


Modula WordPress Plugin Pros

  • Photo grids will make your images stand out due to their unique and entertaining style
  • It’s fast and easy to use – building a gallery will only take a few clicks
  • Offers a ton of features, hover effects, lightbox view, and interactive animations being just a few of them
  • Easy refund conditions and a free version to try it out
  • Highly professional and amicable customer support
  • Easy to use, as coding skills are not required, but is still an option for advanced users
  • SpeedUP extension will speed up your website by optimising images
  • Optimised for all devices


Modula WordPress Plugin Cons

  • The free version can be too limited for some, as the maximum of one gallery is 20 images
  • Some essential features are not available for the free plan, SpeedUP being one of them



By now it’s quite obvious why the Modula WordPress plugin is a great companion to have on your WordPress website but if we had to describe it in just a few words, we would use:

  1. Flexible – for its free version, easy refund process, compatibility with other tools, and great functionality from each feature
  2. Powerful – for features like SpeedUP, outstanding grids, and hover effects
  3. User-friendly – for the easy functions that allow the users to build a gallery in a couple of minutes without coding skills

All things considered, the Modula WordPress plugin is a true leader, and its many users confirm it.

Now go ahead and try it out for yourself – there’s a free version waiting to be used!

Or, if you’d prefer to save some time and not wait for even more fantastic possibilities, you know where to find it (spoiler alert: through the button below).



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