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Improve Alexa Rank: 12 Tested Ways to Boost Website Ranking

Improve Alexa rank to impress your visitors and investors.

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Alexa Rank is a numeric rank that shows how popular your site on the internet compared to other sites that give a rank based on many website factors. Improve Alexa Rank or Website Ranking becomes important to get advertisers and get a honour from visitors.

Alexa is the internet information Provider company that offers a toolbar for users. This toolbar gives some number to every website, the lesser number is better.

What is Alexa

Alexa is founded in 1996 and in 1999 it acquired by Amazon.

Alexa provides some services that are relevant to improve SEO and website traffic.

Some of Alexa feature:

  • Grow website traffic
  • Improve SEO
  • Find Keywords
  • See Competitors keyword
  • Compare site to competitors site
Alexa offers many kinds of SEO tools and Analysis tools to improve SEO and website rank.

Some of They are:

SEO Tools:  Alexa offers some of the SEO tools to analyze your site SEO and find keywords for your next post.

Competitive Analysis Tools: To check your competitors SEO auditing

What is Alexa Rank?

According to Alexa Blog,

Your Alexa Rank is an estimate of how popular your site is relative to all other sites.

Source – Alexa Blog

Improve Alexa Rank: 12 Tested Ways To Improve Website Ranking

Alexa determines its ranking with a downloadable toolbar that tracks visits to your website. It’s a  rough estimate of your website’s popularity online. Alexa rank is calculated using a combination of daily average visitors and pageviews over a 3-month span.

You can also check your any website Alexa rank free and some of the other information by just submitting website URL there.

Things that Alexa Analyse for a Website(Free Ver)

  • Global Rank
  • Audience Geography
  • Bounce Rate
  • Daily Pageviews per Visitor
  • Daily Time on Site
  • Search Traffic
  • Top Keywords from Search Engines
  • Related Sites

Check Website Alexa Rank 

Improve Alexa Rank: 12 Tested Ways To Improve Website Ranking
Check Website Alexa Rank
Currently, Google is the top-rated Alexa website so it’s a pretty good indicator of website traffic.

How Alexa Rank Work

They rank every domain based on their traffic, page views and some other factors. It updates every day and this is the main reason it has attracted most webmasters/bloggers/website owners. Every blogger and website owner should think about future of their website/blog. There are lots of sites created and destroyed everyday in lack of proper guidance.

Why You Need to Improve Alexa Rank

Here’s a lot of reasons why you should pay attention towards to improve Alexa ranking.

  • Attracts advertisers to spend more money buying ad space on your website.
  • Increases social proof and popularity of your website.
  • Lists you higher up in directories and lists that rate websites based on Alexa rank
  • Increases your backlinks because lots of bloggers create top 100 lists based on Alexa rating
  • Helps you notice traffic spikes when your content goes viral

Tricks to Improve Alexa Rank of Website

Alexa rank work mostly similar to website SEO, to improve Alexa rank of a website you need to pay attention to your site both kind of On Page and Off Page SEO.

There are 12 tactics to improve site SEO as well as Alexa Rank, follow them honestly and get a higher rank in Alexa.

1. Regular New Post

Alexa loves alive sites who posting new content regularly and keep the site updated.

And as a blogger, you should keep posting new post regularly on site to keep update your site with Alexa and visitors. it will engage visitors with the site and also give website traffic.

2. Great Content Quality of Post

Quality content everywhere matter. it helps you to improve SEO by your unique & helpful content for visitors and also improve Alexa rank with this king quality content.

If you have quality content on posts you will get higher rank in the search result and Alexa rank of the site will be improved.

If you are a blogger like me, try to write more content on site with deep research unique content that covers many topics regarding your post.

For Example: Here in this post I have written 4 more headings relevant to Alexa and website ranking that make this post more deeper than its title shows.

  • What is Alexa
  • What is Alexa Rank
  • How Alexa Rank Work
  • Why You Need to Improve Alexa Rank

How to write a quality content post: soon

3. Create Quality Backlinks

Backlinks have a great role to decide a website Alexa rank. If a website has great quality backlinks(Do-Follow Links or ____) it will be crawled by a search engine or bot and this link will get high recognition.

So keep in mind Alexa also check a website backlinks as a factor of website ranking like Google search engine do.

Alexa top 3 site facebook.com has 7.3million links that give a Do-follow backlink to facebook.

4. Improve Blog Traffic

Traffic means how much visitors visit on site and how much sessions they created on site.

A website traffic performs a major role to give it a higher rank in the search result and Alexa checks a site traffic to measure ranking of a site more website traffic means a higher rank in Alexa.


The only number of visitors and session don’t fulfil this criterion, your visitors must spend their time on site and also browse multiple pages.

Alexa gives high value to rank a site to both the below factors.

  • Daily Time on Site
  • Daily Pageviews per Visitor

Info: According to Google’s new algorithm RankBrain, your site must have 3:10min of Dwell time(Time spent by a user on site) to a get higher rank.


5. Social Sharing & Promotion

Social sharing is a very easy task, we all familiar with this very well.

This is the best way to engage with peoples and promote our new or old post there.

For doing this simply create Page or Profile of blog and share post URL there.

  • Facebook(Blog Page) – Share new or old Post there
  • Twitter(Blog Profile) – share Post URL there.
  • Google + (Blog Page) – Share Post there

And also, submit your site to scoop.it, StumbleUpon, Digg, and Reddit.

As well as promotion on social media also affects on Alexa rank of the website because it engages site with the old audience and provides new followers.

6. Install Alexa Toolbar

Alexa toolbar is a chrome browser based extension that helps to Alexa server to update a site ranking.

If you have installed Alexa toolbar and visit a site it will send your session data to Alexa server. As well as it works for your blog.

Alexa toolbar sends data to the Alexa server each site you visit through your browser. The Alexa traffic system counts only those visits which go through their system. If no visits will go through their system you will not see any improvement in your Alexa rank.

Install Alexa Toolbar

7. Install Alexa Widget on Blog

As well Alexa Toolbar, Alexa widget install on a website and sends visitors and pageview state to Alexa server.

This widget keeps updated your site stats on Alexa.

If you are using WordPress for a blog you can easily Install a plugin to show the widget on WordPress blog.

Download Alexa Rank Widget

8. Join Alexa Boosting Program

Alexa boosting program is paid service by Alexa that provides Alexa premium tools for SEO and competitors tracking.

Join any of Alexa boosting program it will help you to SEO as well as it also improves Alexa ranking.

9. Target Long-Tail Keywords

Use long tail keyword inside post, these keyword never dead or we can say their craze never end.

Try to make your focus keyword a long tail keyword that search volume never go down and your post’s On Page SEO is keeping always good.

10. Search Console Verified

Blogging site must be verified by search engines, search console mean not only Google search console also verify site on Bing and Yandex search engine.

The verification of site also helps to get traffic from search engines and it increases organic traffic.

Organic traffic is a sweet fruit that loves by every blogger, I also.

If a website has more organic traffic mean it will now more popular than and Alexa also consider it to decide a website ranking.

11. Pay Attention to On-Page SEO

Yes! On Page SEO is an important key factor for getting higher on the search engine and regularly get organic traffic from SERP.

Article with good on page SEO get higher traffic and higher traffic mean improving the Alexa ranking.

There are some tricks to so best On-Page SEO while you write an article

12. Add Additional Info

Add something more, I think it can also help to improve Alexa ranking.

Like we can add Structured data to our site and also add our site or business to Google MyBusiness.

Alexa Rank, Wrap it Now

Alexa rank shows your site popularity and becomes popular is now essential to attract investors and advertisers to your site.

Go with upper tricks to improve Alexa rank and try new stunts to get more.

Here are top 6 Alexa rank sites, I hope one day you”ll be there 😀


Improve Alexa Rank: 12 Tested Ways To Improve Website Ranking
Top 6 Alexa Website

Alexa Graphics to save

Improve Alexa Rank: 12 Tested Ways To Improve Website Ranking #wordpress #blogging #blog #seo #pinterest #make #money #DIY #travel #pin
Save me 🙂
Improve Alexa Rank: 12 Tested Ways To Improve Website Ranking #wordpress #blogging #blog #seo #pinterest #make #money #DIY #travel #pin
me too 😉

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Improve Alexa Rank: 12 Tested Ways to Boost Website Ranking
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