How to use Google Ads Keyword Planner Tool 2020

Search New Keywords FREE on Google Ads Planner Tool.

Find new Keywords Ideas on Google Keyword Planner Tool without creating an Ad. In this article using New Google Ads, We’ll find new keywords & topics step by step how to use Google Ads Keyword Research tool.

So in this Post

I’ll share with you, how you can find new keywords and ideas

Using Free Google Keyword Planner Tool.

It is one of the best Free Keyword Research Tools, which can lifetime free and provides simple and updated results.


These keywords also are known by SEO keywords and by doing these keywords we perform On-Page SEO on WordPress a post.

Keyword Planning is the backbone of every post, and now every blogger should focus on keyword research. Keywords help search engines to understand what about your post.


What is Google Ads Planner Tool

Google Ads Planner is free keyword research tool by Google that helps to find new keywords and also helpful to set new Ad on Google Search Result Page.

Google Keyword Planner Show search result according to entered words, it also shows keywords with their Avg monthly searches, competition on search result page and Bid rate. it also has some another filter to make use of better and targeted.

INFO! Google Keyword Planner is a tool of Google Ads.

So don’t get confused in keyword planner & Ads.

Simply remember like this

Google Ads – Paid service for showing Ads on Google Search Result Page.

Google Planner Planner – Free service for find keywords for blog or website.

It is also known by Adword Keyword Planner. Because of the main AIM of Google Keyword Planner beside Google AdWord, AdWord tool is for advertisers to create some new Ad groups and Ad campaigns.


How to use Google Keyword Planner Tool

For finding SEO keywords there is step by steps guide for Google keyword planner.

1. Create a Google Ads Account

At first, visit on Google keyword planner and after some scroll click on start using keyword planner.

GO Google Keyword Planner

It will require a Google Account entered your Google Account for Sign In.

After that it welcomes you.

If you just want to use Google Ads early it was known by Google Adwords only as a keyword research tool. Then click on Skip the guided setup.


Google Ads New Account
Google Ads New Account



And if you want to Advertise with Google as showing your Business on Google Search Result Page then, in this case, entered your site and click on next and follow Google AdWords steps. there are some long process and fee to make an Ad on Google.

If you don’t want to create Ad now continue by clicking on Skip the guided setup.

Ii will redirect you New Google Adwords Dashboard. take a look at below.

Google Keyword Planner For Bloggers 2018 | Keyword Research Tool
Google Adword Dashboard


2. Select Keyword Planner

Now you’re on Google AdWords new dashboard, Google updated this recently so don’t confuse if you have seen old images of Google AdWords.

After that for finding keywords click on Right Top side wrench(gear) icon, it will show a navigation menu.

On this menu at Left Middle you find Keyword Planner under planning section, click on this

Select Google Keyword Planner in Google Ads
Select Google Keyword Planner



3. Enter Relevant Words or URLs

Here you see a text form that accepts words, perhaps and URLs.

Enter your relevant words and URLs, which about you want to create a new post. this will show search result according to entered words and URLs.

For Example:

I want to write a new article based on Google Keyword Planner and SEO and I am looking for my SEO keywords or I can say Yoast SEO Focus Words as a WordPress blogger.

Google Ads Keyword Research
Enter Words and URLs

So here I entered  3 words Google Keyword Planner, WordPress and SEO that are relevant to my new post.

Keep In Mind: You can only enter up to 3 keywords, but you can still add a URL.


4. Find some Keywords

Here are the results for my entered relevant keywords, Google has shows thousand of the search result and here we can choose keywords with the help of its filters.

Google Keyword Planner showing keywords with Avg. Monthly Searches, competition and page bid range.

Google Keyword Finder using Adwords
Google Keyword Planner


5. Filter Keywords & Columns

For a better experience of finding keywords, We can also filter these keywords more according to our niche or desire words that we want into our SEO keywords.

Google Keyword Planner For Bloggers 2018 | Keyword Research Tool

For Filtering keywords more click on Icon as upper image show.

After the click, it will show you more option for filtering keywords according to your desire.

Google Keyword Planner For Bloggers 2018 | Keyword Research Tool

For Example: here I have added WordPress word in keyword text filter than the keywords result are with WordPress word.

Here you can see how Google Keyword Planner shows all the words with “WordPress” word.

Google Keyword Planner For Bloggers 2018 | Keyword Research Tool
Search Result with “WordPress” word.


6. Choose Final SEO Keywords

Filtering and adding some more words, it’s finally time to choose SEO keywords for a blog.

I suggest choosing SEO keywords with High Avg Monthly Searches and Low competition because it gives chance to your post get higher on search result pages and If competition is low, your chances to become on top will be higher easily.

Trick – Choose SEO keywords with High Avg. Monthly Searches and Low Competition.

Even if you are using Free Version of Yoast SEO and you can only add single keyword inside Yoast Focus keyword. rather than pick up one primary keyword for Yoast focus keyword and 4  other keywords for post content from Google Keyword Planner.

And your primary keyword inside Yoast Focus keyword and left 4 keywords inside Post Content.

If you still have doubt and want to work with multiple keywords on Free version of Yoast SEO, you must read this article.(open in new tab)


Find Keywords using Google Keyword Planner

Behind this short hard work our AIM to help Google and other search engines to understand our post that what about our post and what we focusing inside this post when people search on Google with our keywords we should appear there to get organic traffic that is our first demand as a blogger.

So Google keyword planner is one of best keyword research tool for finding Free SEO keywords for the new post.

Try this tool when you are making a new post and pick one main focus keyword and some other keywords and add them to your article a write a healthy SEO optimized article.


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