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how to Use Yoast SEO Focus Keyword in WordPress Blog [2018]

A perfect setup of WordPress On Page SEO with Yoast SEO focus keyword.

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WordPress SEO is done by an SEO plugin and now Yoast SEO WordPress plugin is the most famous SEO plugin for WordPress, Yoast SEO focus keyword performs On-Page SEO on WordPress post or page and helps search engines to understand your post.

Now Yoast SEO WordPress plugin is activated on 1million+ WordPress sites and they are using Yoast focus keyword for On Page SEO, but the right use of Yoast focus keyword can help a site to get a higher rank on search engine result pages(SERPs).

Download Yoast SEO Plugin

Here I am going to showing you how you can use perfectly Yoast SEO focus keyword and how to write an SEO optimized post for better WordPress SEO.

How to Use Yoast SEO Focus Keyword

Here are some steps one by one, to do an amazing On Page SEO with Yoast focus keyword.

1. Find One or Multiple Focus Keywords

First, before start writing a post find a focus keyword or find some keywords.

My mean finds one primary Yoast focus keyword and some secondary keywords.

For finding a keyword you can use a free tool like Google Keyword Planner or here you can explore more for getting a free Yoast SEO Focus Keyword(open in new tab)

2. Add Yoast SEO Focus Keyword Inside Title

Add your Yoast focus keyword inside the title of the post and inside slug(Post URL).

Trick – Start Post title with primary focus keyword and add more secondary keywords later. 😎

This tricks also help to increase CTR(Click Through Rate) because of mostly people read SERPs first 3 words and last 3 words of Title.

So if you are adding primary focus keyword at the fist of the title it will be read by more people and you get clicks. it will increase your CTR. As well if you also add secondary keywords at last inside Title it will also be noticed by people and by both the way you start getting clicks. 😎 that’s the thing that we want.

Here you can see.

Yoast SEO Focus Keyword Ultimate Setup + WordPress On Page SEO

3. Add Focus Keyword in Post URL or Slug

Now Yoast SEO WordPress plugin doesn’t show Post URL on search result page, Instead of slug now it shows primary category and secondary category.

But still, you should worry about Post URL.

Yoast SEO Focus Keyword Ultimate Setup + WordPress On Page SEO

Trick – Write Post URL with primary Yoast focus keyword with the ideal length just 3-6 words.


4. Add Keywords Inside Description(Not Recommended)

I don’t recommend this if you are a blogger.


Because before some month, Google has changed search result’s meta description length from 160 words to almost 320 words.

And now think about those bloggers who have written their post’s description in just 160 words inside Yoast SEO plugin and due to this google will show their written meta description in just 160 words. Oops 😥

Trick – Instead of writing meta description of a post I suggest to write your first paragraph(160-260 words) of the post with relevant keywords and focus keyword.

Yoast SEO Focus Keyword Ultimate Setup + WordPress On Page SEO

Then in future, if Google change anything more you won’t affect this

5. Add Keywords in First Paragraph

Add your Yoast SEO focus keyword in the first paragraph of the post also add other secondary keywords in the first paragraph.

It will also help when the search engine shows meta description at search result page. your meta description will be more strong if search keywords match with your first paragraph keywords.

6. Add Focus Keyword In H2 heading

Write your site heading structure in descending order.

Not Always but if you are writing a listing post write according to below example.

For Example

We are writing a post related to the stock image sites and our focus keyword is Stock Images Site then we use heading tags as below.

H2 Heading – 7 Best Free Stock Images Site

H3 Heading – Pixel

H3 Heading  – Pixabay

H3 Heading  – ——-

H3 Heading  – ——–

Don’t worry about H1 Tag. Our Post title is already written in H1 Tag and don’t use again H1 tag with focus keyword on Post.

Keep Distance with H1

6. Add Keywords in Image Title & ALT Tag

Also, add your keywords inside Post images title and  ALT tag.

Adding a title and ALT tag consider as a big On Page SEO factor and while making a post

Trick – Simply Edit Image Add Some text and arrow Inside them with Title and ATL tag.

After doing this, your CTR from Google Image Search Result will be increased. because we all love images that explained a process.  😀

7. Focus Keyword In Featured Image

Always add your focus keyword in featured image of the post.

And as well add all of your secondary keywords in the ALT tag.

If you think its time consuming, 🙄 again write keywords read this below tricks

Trick – ctrl+c Post Title and ctrl + v Featured Image title and ALT 😎

8. Keyword Density

Keyword Density a Big factor of On Page SEO.

Yoast SEO recommended keyword density from 0.7% to 2 %. I know writing a word, again and again, make you boring but do this! sincerely.

Also, consider your secondary keywords density try to reach them at least 1%

Keyword Density mean:

If you have to write 1000 words and your focus keyword is repeated at 10 times than

Keyword Density = Focus Keyword*100/Total Words

= 10*100/1000

= 1%


Yoast SEO WordPress plugin is perfect if we use all its features correctly and with the right configuration. The feature of Yoast SEO, Yoast focus keyword is really amazing if we use it at title, slug and inside images.

Did you know – Before start blogging on WordPress, I work on sites that are made in HTML and where we add the meta tag and add some keywords.

<meta name=”Keywords” Content=”blah, blah….blah”>

When I switch to WordPress I press ctrl+u (Page view source) and start finding mYoastst focus keyword inside coding. but I found nothing. then after that, I understand how Yoast SEO focus keyword work.

how to Use Yoast SEO Focus Keyword in WordPress Blog [2018]
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