How Facebook Ads can build your online business

Facebook Ads allow entrepreneurs to build and grow their online business faster than ever before

Did you know that Amazon (yes, the built their entire business on the back of Google Ads?


If you’re not using Facebook Ads to build your online business, then you’re missing out!


Organic reach on Facebook has been in the decline for a long time now. In fact, some say it is downright dead. So, it’s time to up your ad game, particularly Facebook Ads, if you want your online business to win 🚀



Here are a couple key learnings we have gathered after building multiple online business using Facebook Ads:


1. Advertise with intent

Due to the lack of physical presence, online businesses need to be more mindful about how they communicate with their audiences and potential customers.

You can’t just throw things onto Facebook and start boosting these posts hoping that someone sees them. You need to post with authentic intentions and then decide what you are going to do with that post

To do so, use Facebook Insights to help determine a good posting rhythm and content mix for your audience. Marketing in general and advertising in particular is becoming more a science than an art form, and data is the unlock to your success using Facebook Ads.


2. Don’t obsess over vanity metrics.

Many online businesses have limited marketing budgets, which is why they should focus on the things that make a difference to their bottom lines—and not the ones that make them temporarily feel good (like number of likes). Having this laser focus on things that make a positive difference to your bottom line, don’t be discouraged if your average click-through rate (CTR) is not 50% or whatever you mind hope for. In fact, Facebook’s average CTR is less than 1%.

Facebook Click Through Rates (CTR)


3. Use Facebook for customer service

Online businesses can lean on Facebook to help them deal with any customer service issues that arise, and even implement bots to communicate instantly with clients online:

Facebook chat from Facebook pages

Audiences expect replies fast, and Facebook is the ideal on-the-go platform to use when wanting to solve an issue or even just thank a customer for their positive review.


4. Optimize your Facebook page

While your ads are what your audience will see, they might click on to read more about your business on your Facebook page. Hence, it is important to make sure that your Facebook page is well organized and increase the audience’s ability to find information about how to buy from you.

Optimize your Facebook page

If you are a service-based online business, make sure your review tab is turned on. If you add tabs that link to your other social pages, make sure these are all grouped together. If you’re promoting an event or hiring for a new position, make sure these tabs are also turned on and advertise your information on the Facebook page.

It is simple, yet seemingly obvious tweaks like these that are often overlooked but can make or break the user’s experience. Your audience should never have to look that hard to find the information they need.


5. Narrow your audience.

The objective of any online ad – whether it’s a Facebook ad or now – is to narrow down audiences and test to see which will produce the most results for a given objective. Think about it as if we were running TV ads and testing in different cities.


Bonus: Establish a community via Facebook Groups

An alternative or complement to your Facebook ad is to boost our organic reach via Facebook Groups. Community pages tend to give more organic reach than commercial business pages on Facebook.Build a Facebook page and community

If you make the page invitation-only it makes customers feel special and is a good place to maintain relationships with them, one on one.


Are you fired up to get started with Facebook ads?


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