HostPapa Web Hosting – A Complete Review

A review of HostPapa - a web hosting provider

Web hosting is essential to any website since without it the website or web page will not even have the ability to be viewed on the Internet.

With numerous web hosting providers out there, it can be tough to decide which one to go for.

Before we review one of the contenders – HostPapa, in greater detail, let’s discuss why is it so crucial to choose the right kind of web hosting provider.


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Understanding Web Hosting

Buying web hosting essentially means that you are purchasing capacity and resources on a server, which are necessary to build and present a website.

The choice of a web hosting provider is major since the wrong plan can have a negative impact on your business.

It can lead to poor website performance, slow page loading time and security issues. These will in turn create an unpleasant experience for the website visitors, resulting in loss of potential customers and revenue.

If you have a website which is already up and running, it might be a good idea to use a website checker in order to analyse its current performance and see if perhaps you need to consider changing your current hosting situation.

There are different types of hosting available. A usual choice for beginners would be shared hosting, which entails that your website is hosted on a server shared by other websites, thus also sharing the resources.


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The advantage of this type of hosting is a lower price point – as the cost is shared. However, your site’s performance is impacted by the other websites on the server – if one of them get a lot of traffic, it could negatively impact the speed of your website.

As such, this option can be good for a more static website or a newer website, which hasn’t accumulated a lot of traffic.

An upgraded version of shared hosting would be VPS hosting.  VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and while these type of servers share one physical server, they act like multiple, separate servers.

This usually leads to improved performance and security compared to shared hosting, but also comes with a higher cost. It is a viable alternative to consider if your website gets a good amount of traffic and/or features an online store.

We will stick with introducing theses two common hosting options, which are also offered by HostPapa. If you’re curious to find out more about other types of hosting, you can check out a more comprehensive analysis here.


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Introducing HostPapa

HostPapa is an independent web hosting provider founded in 2006 and based in Canada.

The company prioritizes sustainability and corporate responsibility, claiming to use 100% green renewable energy to power the elements of its business, such as data centres and office spaces.

HostPapa has won several industry awards and a 4.6 overall satisfaction rating (at the time of the writing) on Shopper Approved.

HostPapa web hosting services come in different forms. The current options are: shared, VPS, WordPress and reseller hosting.

The shared web hosting and reseller web hosting come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.




The company also provides website builders, domain registration, business email and other additional services.

If you want to migrate your website from another provider, HostPapa offers free domain transfer as well as free, guided website migration.



HostPapa offers a variety of pricing plans under all the hosting categories. We will look at shared hosting specifically as it is arguably the most commonly used, especially when it comes to beginners.

  • Starter – Regular price $9.99/month. Can be used for two websites and comes with access to the starter website builder and other essential features. Suggested for a basic blog or a website. Includes essential features.
  • Business – Regular price $14.99/month. Can be used on unlimited websites and comes with access to the starter website builder and essential + advanced features. Suggested for small business owners.
  • Business Pro – Regular price $23.99/month. Can be used on unlimited websites and comes with access to the business website builder, advanced features and enhanced security. Entails upgraded power, performance and speed.

The prices listed here require you to commit for a term of 3 years. Expect a higher price point for shorter terms.

If you are interested in what HostPapa has to offer, now is the time to check out its services as currently there’s a discount on most of its plans.



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Advantages of HostPapa

  • Good uptime and loading speed
  • Support

HostPapa has consistently provided a great uptime – an average of 99.99%, which means your website is likely to be accessible for the users most of the time.

The average speed for the websites hosted by HostPapa has consistently been under a minute, which puts it in the high ranks among other providers.

HostPapa offers comprehensive support options for its users. For more general queries and guides there is an extensive forum – HostPapa Knowledge Base.

If you just want to check up on the status of the server or any upcoming maintenance, you can do so on HostPapa’s network status page.

In case you need more advanced help, HostPapa has you covered by offering 24/7 live chat, email and phone support in multiple languages, including English, French and Spanish.

You also have the option to book a free 30-minute one-on-one training session with one of the support experts from ‘PapaSquad’. This essentially entails a guided walkthrough through a phone or a video call.


Disadvantages of HostPapa

  • Pricing commitment
  • Limited free backup

While HostPapa’s plans are priced affordably, especially if you are able to catch them in a discounted period, you would have to commit to this provider for 3 years in order to get the best price.

Furthermore, if you are wanting to renew your plant, there can be a significant price increase after the initial, promotional 3-year term has run out.

The automated website backup is only included in the Business Pro plan, otherwise, you would have to pay $35.88/year and more for this service.

Automatic backups are very important for an online business as your website might run into unexpected issues, so you need the ability to restore your data. Several other hosting providers have this feature included in their basic plans.



Selecting the right web hosting provider is crucial in order to ensure the successful performance of a website.

HostPapa provides a variety of hosting options as well as additional services and can be a good starting point for beginners and smaller businesses.

It has continuously demonstrated good uptime and loading speed and provides its customer with extensive support options.

When you initially sign up for a web hosting plan you are most likely going to get a bang for your buck, however, keep in mind that for the best price you have to commit for 3 years.

And some important features, such as automated website back up, are only included with the most expensive plans.

To recapitulate there are different types of web hosting and web hosting providers available. To make the appropriate choice for you and your website, you should reflect on the type and goal of your website, the amount of traffic it can get and what terms or features are essential to have.

We hope this review enlightened you about web hosting and prompted you to get started with HostPapa!


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