Godaddy WordPress Hosting Review 2020 ($1/month) with Live Test Results

Find out, Why this $1/month GoDaddy WordPress Hosting is worthy with Its Drawbacks?

Godaddy WordPress Hosting is the best choice to start a blog or website on a budget. Godaddy is a reliable and secure hosting platform. Here is GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Review to find out Why you should choose it.

I’m writing this Review after using GoDaddy WordPress Hosting(Basic Plan $1/mo) for one of my Blog.

While I was using GoDaddy WordPress Hosting I did so many tests on my Blog like Speed Test, ServerUp Time test, Ease of usability, Customer Support and Money Back Also.  😆

So After all this, I decided to Write a GoDaddy Hosting Review (Pros + Cons) so I can share my Results with you.

If you are looking for:

Best WordPress Hosting for your Blog?


Fast & Cheap Managed WordPress Hosting?


Start a WordPress Site/Blog on a budget?

Then, now you’re on the right post, that will helps you to Start a Blog or Website in the right budget on right host. 💡

Nowadays, WordPress Hosting has now become a very popular hosting for WordPress blog or WordPress website due to their dedication to WordPress sites. Managed hosting means a dedicated WordPress hosting that is specially built for WordPress.

GoDaddy also provides Domain name very cheap.

Because WordPress is now powering more than 30% of internet sites so every hosting providing giving thrust on the managed hosting.

Before start WordPress Hosting Godaddy Review I first clear what is Managed WordPress Hosting and what benefits does it have.


What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed hosting is a secure and faster platform to build & manage your WordPress sites. The server environment is optimized & well-organized for WordPress CMS.

This kinda hosting also comes with superior support, site security, fast loading time and a lot of features to build easily, keep it safe and run more smoothly.


Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

Because WordPress hosting is only made for WP sites so that it has lots of benefits over the shared hosting for WP sites. Some of the Benefits I’ve listed below:

  • High performance in speed and optimization
  • Automatic Backups of your site
  • Provide better security to WP site
  • Hosting providers’ Premium support
  • Free site migration from other hosting providers

Godaddy is also beneficial for its WordPress hosting, it also provides a lot of services and features that make Godaddy hosting valuable.

That is the Difference Between Godaddy WordPress Hosting vs regular Hosting, Here you got more features and options for WordPress Site.

Now without mooching around on the post, let’s start GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Reviews 2020.

let’s find out is it worthy for you or not?


Will it be the first home of your blog?


Godaddy WordPress Hosting Review With Test

Godaddy is mostly known as, Cheap Domain Name Registrar. But now Godaddy also has its footprints in the hosting services. They’re offering secure hosting, amazing speed, hassle-free support and every single feature that is need of a WordPress site.

Because I’ve got experienced Godaddy self, So here I’m sharing my experience and my GoDaddy Hosting Test Result so you can find out

Is GoDaddy WordPress hosting Good?

Here Below 9 Points + Tests that will confirm our answer.


1. Godaddy Hosting Features

Every service starts with their feature, what kind of features and quality they are offering us.

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting is a premium and cheap hosting with all essential features for bloggers and web developers. It has all common features that provide by a WordPress hosting.

In the case of Godaddy Hosting, they are providing quality features that are made for a Blog(Wiki) beginner to professional website developers.

Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Review
GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Features

WordPress Managed Hosting Godaddy has a wide range of features to build and manages a site. For a WordPress site, It has some best features like Automatic WordPress update, daily backups and malware scanners.

Godaddy WordPress Hosting Features

  • Free Website Migration
  • Free Domain Name With Annual Plan
  • Automatic WordPress & core soft Update
  • WordPress SEO plugin
  • Daily backups with 1-click restore
  • Malware scan and removal

Check GoDaddy Full Features


2. Ease to use Godaddy Dashboard

How easy you can work on site from your GoDaddy dashboard?

Hosting dashboard is like a control panel from where you control on your web space, files, emails and other hosting functions which are essentials or a part of hosting services.

Hosting Dashboard is also a part of Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Review. Godaddy user dashboard is very user-friendly dashboard ever. Your Domain, Hosting and other GoDaddy products can be managed from a single web page.

And other vital stuff like help, customer support, knowledge base and your Godaddy account from its dashboard. Office and Email services can also be managed from this dashboard.

godaddy wordpress hosting reviews
Godaddy Hosting User Dashboard

To configure any service, just click on the manage button that is present in front of the service.

  • Manage Domain – To change whois information, change DNS, manage your domain renewal date.
  • Manage Hosting – Check WordPress performance, restores backups, to visit WordPress dashboard and access database & FTP.

Godaddy WordPress Hosting dashboard is not like others hosting cPanel, if you’re familiar with cPanel you find this dashboard totally different. Here you can see your plan details, products related to hosting, and other useful hosting info.

wordpress hosting godaddy review
Godaddy WordPress Hosting Dashboard

You can also check updates of Plugins or WordPress version. And if new update available, you can update it from Godaddy Hosting dashboard no need to visit on WordPress dashboard.

With very less configuration option Godaddy Hosting dashboard is a real kind of Managed WordPress hosting dashboard.

However, you get very less control on your website but you can access your FTP and Database by clicking on view button. To connect your site via FTP there is a need of an FTP Client. But you can access phpMyAdmin database by just clicking on the view button.

Overall GoDaddy has simple to use user dashboard where anyone even a beginner can work easily on his/her WordPress blog.

Did you know?

You can also check your site performance on GoDaddy Dashboard.
godaddy managed wordpress review
Godaddy WordPress Hosting Performance Checker

One more thing about Godaddy Hosting dashboard, Here you also check the performance of your WordPress site and It will give a Performance score out of 100.

This performance checker also suggests you all possible optimization with details so you can optimize your website more for performance.

My site got 80 scores out of 100 yeahhhh… 😎


3. Godaddy Hosting Speed Test

Without Speed Test, GoDaddy WordPress review worthless, Let’s take a Speed Test of GoDaddy.

Godaddy Managed Hosting is already optimized for the WordPress site and give a blazing speed. I always appreciate that each time when I visit on my blog I got very less loading time.

During this time period, I took a Speed Test on Pingdom Speed Tool for Different Countries.

Info: During this Test, I was using a simple WordPress theme and not any caching plugin(Expect Godaddy Default Plugin) or not any Free or Paid CDN service.

In each test, I found a really amazing loading speed, without any single optimization even images are also not optimized and it gives me better results.

Here below you can see the Speed Test Result.

My latest Screenshots of Pingdom Test

Godaddy managed wordpress hosting Website speed test pingdom
Godaddy Hosting Pingdom Speed Test Sweden
Godaddy managed wordpress hosting Website speed test pingdom
Godaddy Hosting Pingdom Speed Test AUS
godaddy wordpress reviews
Godaddy Hosting Pingdom Speed Test USA

Without doing any single optimization that is the speed of Godaddy Managed Hosting. that is really awesome.

Here is the test result of GoDaddy WordPress hosting loading speed on the same web page and withoud any lugin in different countries.

Country Load Speed
Stockholm(Sweden) 2.48s
Melbourne(AUS) 1.82s
San Jose(USA) 416ms
Overall, All the time website load under 3 sec, That is really fast! 😎

I remember when I set-up my site I selected a USA server. If we use CDN on this we can improve the site speed more. And cache plugins that I mostly don’t like can also improve site performance and speed.

So Now We can Say in Speed Test GoDaddy Hosting got Passed.


4. Affordable GoDaddy Hosting Plans

GoDaddy has 4 affordable price plans, The range of the price plan is suitable for a blog beginner or a pro developer.

Well, I am a blogger so I chose the basic plan of GoDaddy to take a ride of Godaddy Web Hosting.

If you’re also thinking about Starting a blog on GoDaddy, then you can also go with the Godaddy basic plan. In this case, in just a few dollars you will get both. COM Domain and Managed Hosting.

You can go with another pan that is perfect for your requirements. Each plan comes with different features, so maybe you need a different than me.

Now Let’s talk on GoDaddy Hosting Plan :
First, Let’s see a Magic!
Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Review web tech preneur
Normal Godaddy Price Plans

If you visit on GoDaddy site, it will show you 4 price plans as shown in the image with 42% off discount. but earlier I said GoDaddy price plan start at $1/month.

Am I lying?

Well No!

Below is another image of GoDaddy price plans, here you can see 3 different plans and basic plan starting at just $1/month with 88% discount. 😆

Godaddy WordPress Hosting Review
Amazing Godaddy WordPress Hosting Plan

How I did this?

This is not magic, I’ve got a link with a GoDaddy Coupon Code and I’ve shared it below with you that will automatically apply a discount coupon and gives you 88 % of discount instead of 44% on price plan. 😈

So you can get GoDaddy Hosting + Free Domain for 12 months at just $1/month.

Get 88% OFF on Godaddy


Which GoDaddy Plan is best for you?

After the Discount coupon apply you got more discount than now. Now we have 3 options to select a plan.

1. Basic Plan


  • 1 website
  • 10 GB SSD storage
  • 25,000 monthly visitors

2. Delux Plan


  • 1 website
  • 15 GB SSD storage
  • 1,00,000 monthly visitors
  • Integrated SEO plugin

3. Ultimate Plan


  • 1 website
  • 30 GB SSD storage
  • 4,00,000 monthly visitors
  • 1 SSL certificate

1. GoDaddy Basic Plan

Godaddy basic plan is suitable & best for new website learners or who has low traffic on the website.

If you’re thinking that 25000/monthy visitors is low, then I clear you achieving this amount of visitors in blogging is not easy if you’re beginning in blogging. Do you know on Siteground for the same amount of visitors, you need to pay $5.95/month.

The basic plan is best for:

This plan is best for Bloggers and newbies to start their sites in low budget with the right features.

Get Started on Basic Plan


2. GoDaddy Delux Plan

Delux Plan is best If you’re a pro blogger and have a high traffic WordPress traffic. Another speciality of this plan it comes with an integrated SEO plugin that helps you to increase the site SEO. And achieve a good rank on SERPs

The Delux Plan best for:

  • A blog which has Huge traffic
  • Start an online E-commerce store
  • For a Biz website

Get Started on Delux Plan


3. GoDaddy Ultimate Plan

You can host 2 websites on the ultimate plan, It also provides an SSL certificate for one site 😐 and has integrated SSL plugin for both sites.

The Ultimate plan best for:

  • Professional Web Developers
  • Who hande multiple sites

Get Started on Ultimate Plan


5. Godaddy Server UpTime Test

Server Uptime is an important term for a hosting provider. Godaddy WordPress Managed Hosting us VPS Dedicated server to host sites that are perfect for always up. With GoDaddy, your site is always up and your visitor doesn’t face any downtime that is good for SEO and SERP.

To check Its Server uptime I added my site to Uptime Robot, to monitor my server performance.

Here is the result of my 3-week monitoring:

godaddy web hosting review
Godaddy Hosting Server Report – Uptime Robot

And Uptime Robot shows me a fake report of Godaddy server uptime. In 504 hours there is no downtime. 🙄

Godaddy server uptime is really good, your site visitors never face downtime issue and they can access the site without facing any server problems.


6. Godaddy Keep your site Safe

godaddy wordpress managed hosting

I found GoDaddy Hosting is really sincere about security. So I include It’s Security features in my Godaddy WordPress Review. They use many security tactics to keep site safe and beware of malicious content.

Godaddy has got 6 strategies to keep a site safe. They scan our WordPress codes, run bots on our site, do automatic updates and also scan WordPress plugins.

6.1 Malware Scan & Removal

Hackers can inject malicious code — malware — into your site to deface it or steal sensitive info. With our continuous scans (included with Ultimate plan), the malware’s found and destroyed before it harms you or your customers.

Because hackers can inject some malicious codes, malware in the external WordPress file(like Theme, Plugin), or via accessing your FTP. Then can deface the site or steal sensitive info.

To prevent from this GoDaddy scanner, found the malware and self-destroyed them.

6.2 Standing guard

GoDaddy Team Monitor 24/7 our Websites and Blogs activity to prevent them from any harmful action and DDoS attacks.

6.3 GoDaddy Bots

GoDaddy uses bots to keep away fake traffic and requests.

6.4 Spammers, beware

GoDaddy Scan your comments before they go live on Blog and if it is affected with spam, it removes the comment.

6.5 Automatic updates

Updates are common in WordPress and WP Plugins version, GoDaddy perform any Automatic Updates solution your Blog and site always works on the latest version of WordPress

6.6 Pre-screened plugins

Godaddy has got scanned thousand of plugins and so you never have to worry whether you’re installing a well-behaved plugin.


7. GoDaddy Customer Support Test

GoDaddy Experts(LinkedIn) are always ready to help their customers, here you got a 24/7 support. GoDaddy services have great Tech Support, they provide 24/7 support to their buyer. I’m using Godaddy Domain service for 2 years and each time I got a quick reply and easy solution of my problems.

GoDaddy takes care of their customers and their services, that’s why GoDaddy has got not only one support method. They provide 4 kinds of support, mean you will never suck.

Types of Godaddy Support:

  • Live Chat – Reply time less than 1min
  • Direct Call option – For each country different number
  • Knowledgebase – GoDaddy tutorials and guide
  • GoDaddy Community – Help each other

7.1 GoDaddy Community

GoDaddy Community is a group of GoDaddy experts and GoDaddy Services users, where you can share your issues and problems that you’re facing and get solutions from multiple users. As well you can also help others & discuss something with Godaddy users.

7.2 GoDaddy knowledge base

This is the hub of tutorials & guide articles. If you’re totally beginner you can visit knowledge base and follow GoDaddy step by step guide. For further configuration of hosting services, you can use knowledge base.

7.3 Direct Call option

You can also make a Call to GoDaddy Experts, This is GoDaddy’s GoDaddy Global Support and each country has their special contact number then you can talk to them in your native language. Get your GoDaddy country support number from here.

  • India – 040 67607600
  • United State – +1 4805058877
  • Canada – 1 866 938 1119

7.4 Live chat option

Live Chat Option is also there, to explore this more I create a ticket with a little issue while I was writing this post.

Godaddy customer support live chat screenshot
Godaddy customer support live chat screenshot

I got my reply in less than 1 sec, And I kept open my ticket for 3 minutes and each time I got the reply in few seconds.

So now we can say GoDaddy Customer Support is good and in this test GoDaddy got Passed.


8. Godaddy Money Back Guarantee | Tested

Godaddy provides a money back guarantee for their products.

If you’re not satisfied with Godaddy services or you don’t find any product useful you can apply for the refund on Godaddy support or phone number(For each country there is a different number).

But to get a refund from Godaddy you need to apply in a timeframe, for each kind of product GoDaddy has got different time period from your purchase date.


In case of Godaddy hosting:

Annual Plans+ – Within 30 days of the date of the transaction

Monthly Plans*+ – Within 48 hours of the date of the transaction.


So finally you also get a chance to take a Godaddy service ride. And if you find it fruitful you can keep your hiking with Godaddy or else you can get your money back.

I didn’t do this Test on my Blog I did it on my Friends Blog who started a News blog but in 1 month he closed and we apply for Money Back in just a few Working Days we get our Money Back.


9. GoDaddy WordPress Thems

One best part of with Go Daddy WordPress Hosting here you also got some Premium GoDaddy WordPress Themes which are highly customizable and have drag-and-drop page builder.

These Themes are available for many categories like Business, Education, Food, Blog and much more. Themes are also on Auto Update mode so you don’t need to worry for their latest version.

This is my Godaddy Managed WordPress Review, that I write after try Godaddy WordPress Hosting.


GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Drawbacks

” Even the beautifully glowing moon has got spots ” – Debasmita

” Every Perfect hosting come with some drawbacks ” – Divesh 😉


I find only 1 drawback on Godaddy hosting.

But these cons also have some soln:

Godaddy doesn’t provide SSL certificate for Basic and Delux Plan and in 2020 or further year without SSL mean without HTTPS your site looking so wired. To get Godaddy SSL you have to choose Ultimate Plan that has worth of $9.99/month. Mean for SSL you need to pay a big amount.


You can also get SSL from others.  😀 

Yes! you can purchase or get a FREE SSL certificate for your domain name from other sites. There are a lot of sites who provide free or Paid SSL certificate. you can upload the SSL certificate on your site and Add HTTPS at the beginning of the site. 😎

Sites for FREE SSL Certificate



Godaddy WordPress Hosting Review 2019
Save me in your Board 🙂


Wrap it, Start with GoDaddy WordPress Hosting

At the first time in my life, I bought the hosting for 6 months for my college startup, in the next 3 months we are abundant. Yeah still our financial condition was not so good but due to some unwanted reason we didn’t work on our startup for next 3 months and finally, so I don’t renew my hosting and we lost our empire.

After some time I regret why I don’t buy this for one year?

Just for few bucks, I had lost an opportunity 😥

In just under $15 we get an opportunity for one year to give a try yourself, and we should do this. 💡

GoDaddy is a Golden opportunity for Bloggers and Developers.

Here you get both Domain Name(.COM) + WordPress Hosting at just $1/month and the best part you can get this offer also for 12 months.

If you wanna:

  • Give a try yourself
  • Start a Blog
  • Start a small startup
  • Your own personal site

Go with Godaddy and build your dreams.

Get 88% OFF on GoDaddy


Some Godaddy Interesting Facts

Before starting the hosting review I’d like to share some Godaddy facts, That I found on Godaddy site.

godaddy wordpress review

With 17 million users they are managing 73 million domain name, that is really awesome. you can read more about Godaddy on Godaddy Wikipedia Page. You can also use GoDaddy 1 Dollar Hosting Coupon to get more discount on other hosting packages.

As well Godaddy also has 1000-5000 employees and a great technologist team. Who manages and give a power of Godaddy services and products.

Few Last Words

If you wanna start a Blog:

  • Like me
  • Design your blog like this
  • Want to use tools that I use
  • Start a Blog on Godaddy

Then, Mind taking a look at my previous article that has:

  • 4000+ words
  • Every single step included
  • 7 Free Blogging tools that I use

Start a Blog on Godaddy


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