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Get Followers On Pinterest: 16 Easy way that make Followers

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Pinterest is a social bookmarking site where we can save & share images, videos and GIFs. With these graphics, we can also add blog URLs that give traffic on site. More Pinterest followers mean more traffic on site. here are some tricks to get more Pinterest followers.

Pinterest is now used by 200+milllion monthly active users and most of the traffic on Pinterest come from USA and India.

Before you read this post I suggest you read first this begging guide if you are new on Pinterest.

On Pinterest, we can post images and videos as well GIFs with. by using only this type of content we are going to making some new Pinterest followers.


Ways to get more Pinterest followers

1. Profile and Board With Keywords

Create a complete Pinterest business profile with attractive business name, username description and website. Add relevant keyword inside Business Name and Description.

This will help when someone search on Pinterest your profile will appear in the search result and you engage by more peoples.

2. Enable Rich Pin for Blog

If you are running a blog or website you should enable Rich Pins for your site.

Rich Pins will add some additional information when you share blog URLs on Pinterest. it copies metadata from the blog post and you don’t need to add any additional information.

The advantage of Rich Pins is that it will add some important things into a pin, here below is some of the content that is added by a rich pin in a post.
  • Title
  • Description
  • Post Date
  • Author Name

Pinterest For Bloggers: 16 Tricks To Get More Website Traffic With Pinterest

3. Pins With Lot of #HashTags

#hashtag shows what about this post and now #hastags are more trending in a post than a long description. power of hashtag is not ignorable, by clicking on hashtags a user can reach all type of post that is attached to a similar hashtag.

After enabling Rich Pins there is not required for adding a description, but on Pinterest, you can add a description of your pin.

And inside the description form, you can also add some #hastags in Pins.

Last time I have added 25 #HashTag in my saved pin.

So here you can add many #hashtags in each pin, play on Pinterest with #hashtags. add some trending hashtag and all possible hashtag relevant to your blog post.

4. Post Original Content

Post original content means upload graphics that is made by yourself that are dedicated to your users and make a meaning of their present.

For making Pinterest graphics you can use the free tool like Canva that make attractive and right size optimized Pinterest graphics.

Here I have also added some other Pinterest tools by using them you can make easily Pinterest Graphics & Infographics

5. Right Size Pins

Pinterest images ideal size is 735px*1102px, it means Pinterest recommended use tall images.

Keep in mind right size of Pinterest graphic or try to make tall images for Pinterest.

you can also share blog banners on Pinterest instead of tall images because sharing is matter more.

6. Pin at Best Time

Pin at the right time when more peoples are online on Pinterest, and we know very well that we also engage with our smartphones and laptop when we are mostly free and the time is night time when we go for sleep.

Yeah! I know its a bad habit.

But we mostly do this and of course I also.

The right time for sharing new Pins on Pinterest is 7 – 11 pm and Saturday party night is the best time because due to Sunday we spend more time on the social network on Saturday night.

7. Join Pinterest Group Boards

Like Facebook groups, Pinterest also has groups that are called Pinterest Group Board.

you can join some others group board on Pinterest and contribute there If group board followers like your content they will definitely follow you on Pinterest.

Joining a Pinterest group board is also a medium to share your content to a large audience that is still hidden from you. Find some Pinterest group boards relevant to your niche that allows new contributor to share their content.

PinGroupie is the one of best free tool to find Pinterest Group Boards by using some filters that show results that is really you want.

8. Add Pinterest Widget on Site

Like other social sharing buttons and widget, we can also add some Pinterest widgets and save button to make our visitors to our Pinterest followers.

Adding Pinterest widgets on site is the best way to show your blog visitors that you used Pinterest consistently and you have great stuff there that is helpful for your visitors.

you can add on site:
  • Save Button
  • Follow Button
  • Profile Widget
  • Board Widget

By adding Profile Widget you will directly get Pinterest Followers and save button will help you to get beyond your pins into other’s Pinterest boards.

For adding a Pinterest Widget on the site there are two methods.

1. Pinterest Widget using WordPress plugin

If you are using WordPress like me and all other bloggers, you can easily add a Pinterest widget using a WordPress plugin.

Pinterest Widget is free WP plugin to add some widget on the site. this plugin can add:


  • Follow button: Invite people to follow you on Pinterest from your site.
  • Pin widget: Embed one of your Pins on your site.
  • Profile widget: Show up to 30 of your latest Pins on your site.
  • Board widget: Show up to 30 of your favourite board’s latest Pins.
  • Shortcodes for all 4 widgets.
Pinterest Widget Screen Shot
Pinterest Widget Screen Shot

But this plugin comes with some limits in its free version, you can only add buttons with this plugin not widget. for add widget, you need the pro version of this plugin.

2. Pinterest Widget using Widget Builders

Pinterest Widget builder is a free tool by Pinterest to Create buttons and widgets that you can add to your website or app. there’s is game of some code you need to add some codes and a Pinterest script into your site to show these widgets.

Pinterest Developers
Pinterest Developers

By this builder, 3 types of the widget and 2 type of buttons can add. but for this, you need to follow some steps.

Add Pinterest Widget on Site
  1. Select What kind of widget or button you want to create.
  2. Select Pinterest user URL for what you want to create a widget.
  3. Select a size of the widget.
  4. Take a look at the preview
  5. Copy & paste widget codes int your site.
  6. Make sure that you have added pinit.js into the website body tag.

9. Follow & Tag Other

Like any other social media on Pinterest, a post can be tagged.

Don’t forget about 200milion Pinterest monthly active users, try to tag your friends and work partner.

you are not alone here.

As well you can also follow some Pinterest users they will get notified that you are following them, some of them will check your profile or board and if they like your content and saved pins, they will also follow you.

And you get Pinterest followers.

10. Comment On Popular Pins

Sometimes some popular things get out of reach, My mean really a popular stuff that can be oscar award selfie or Priya Prakash video(Don’t Mind).

Take advantage of this popular stuff or pins comment on there and saved them on your boards.

11. Link Pinterest to other Social Media

A Pinterest profile can be linked to every major social media and you should do this.

The advantage of this action is your already friends on Facebook, Peoples in Google circle and Twitter followers are easy to find on Pinterest and they can also find you on Pinterest.

If they love you and like your content, they would like to become your Pinterest followers.


12. Pin Consistently

Pin regularly on Pinterest Group Boards and on the Pinterest profile, that keeps engaging visitors from your pins and tries to add a logo inside pins that always show your presence in every pin.

Pin consistently in many boards and at a right time is a really hard work but to overcome this hard work there are some Pinterest tools that help to make pin consistently at right time and in every group board.

Here I am telling about Tailwind A freemium social tool to manage Pins.

I recently start using tailwind because now I have a large number of boards and save a pin in each board at a right time with description and post links is not easy for me. 🙁

So I moved on Tailwind, Tailwind has a feature of schedule pins at one time for all group boards with description and post link.

If you are a Pinterest user I personally recommended you Tailwind to manage pins easily.

Its free version also has great features and you can schedule up to 100Pins. 😎

13. Join Facebook Groups


On Facebook, there are many Pinterest groups where you can share your Pinterest profile and boards and make a request from other Pinterest users to follow you.

Some of Facebook groups are:

To become a member of these group first you should answer some of the questions to the admin. these question can be about your blog.

14. Make Easily Embedded Content

This is one of the best free ways to get Pinterest followers and promotion of the site by providing some free content to the audience.


Here I am telling about some useful infographics and content that is lovable by everyone with your brand/website logo.

A Pinterest user likes to save these pins into their board.

As well as other bloggers also like to add these infographics into their blog.

15. Being on Pinterest

To get Pinterest Followers being on Pinterest and learn about how Pinterest works, how people manage Pinterest and what kind of strategy can provide more Pinterest followers.

16. Promote Pins

This is the last way of this post.

I have not tried this, so don’t write it about anymore.

Pay some money to Pinterest and they will show your pin as a sponsored post on other Pinterest users home.

Get Followers On Pinterest: 16 Easy Way That Make Followers  #pinterest #seo #blogging #blogger #pin #seo
Pin Me 😉

Make Some Pinterest Group Boards

Making some Pinterest Group Boards is really a nice idea, like me and you other bloggers also want to contribute their content and share blog into Group board.

If you had joined a Pinterest Group Board you know very well that to become a contributor into a board first you need to follow the admin of the board. so now here you’re the admin of board and other users will follow you. 😎

So why not make some Pinterest Group Board where users can share their blog and other stuff.

Final Words

Try these tricks and share more tricks in comments with interweb friends.

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Get Followers On Pinterest: 16 Easy way that make Followers
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