Elegant Themes Divi Builder – A Complete Review

Everything you need to know about Elegant Themes Divi Builder!

The whole process surrounding searching for the perfect WordPress Theme for your website can be tough, but luckily we are here to help make that choice as simple as can be!

The well-known Elegant Themes has been on offer for 11 years and has unquestionably gained a reputation. It’s ideal for WordPress users who are looking to create uniquely attractive websites.

This probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard about Elegant Themes, but have you had the pleasure of discovering its amazing Divi Theme Builder?

Throughout this review, we will look into how exactly it works and whether or not it’s the perfect tool for you. Let’s get started!



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    Introduction to Elegant Themes Divi Builder

    When people refer to Divi, many times they’re not aware they are referring to two separate things. These are the Divi Theme and the Divi Builder.

    This builder is an interface within Divi that allows you to create theme templates and assign them to pages or posts across your theme.

    This exciting feature will give you control over every single aspect of your web page, meaning that if you don’t want to, you will no longer have to manually edit a theme template file ever again.

    In basic terms, the Divi Theme Builder allows you to build custom headers, footers, category pages, product templates, blog post templates, and many more.

    Furthermore, it can be accessed on the backend within your WordPress dashboard under the Divi category of menu items.

    Elegant Themes Divi Builder
    Source: elegantthemes.com

    Described as more than just a theme, it’s a website building framework that allows users to design beautiful websites without ever having to code and without installing and configuring dozens of disjointed plugins.

    But is Elegant Themes Divi Builder really worth it? Let’s take a deeper look!


    Get started with Elegant Themes Divi Builder

    Why The Elegant Themes Divi Builder?

    This tool could be the future of WYSIWYG (a computing concept; “what you see is what you get”) and is completely unique with regard to other WordPress themes.

    This intuitive platform is basically like Photoshop or Sketch for the web, as it provides users with an upper-level design interface that is very simple to use.

    Elegant Themes Divi Builder is astonishingly sharp, adaptable, powerful, and visual by nature. This allows for the creation of visually stunning content at a level never before seen. 

    In addition, by exploring the Divi Marketplace, you will be able to find all kinds of free and premium products that will aid you in building truly unique web pages.

    Elegant Themes Divi Builder
    Source: isitwp.com

    The top reasons people have chosen to go with Elegant Themes Divi Builder are:


    1. High-quality Content Templates

    As mentioned, two of the best features Divi offers are its template library and its page builder tool.

    If what you want to do is create a WordPress website design from scratch, then the Divi Builder tool is perfect for you.

    However, if you are mainly interested in pre-designed content templates, you must know that Divi offers a large selection of superior templates.

    These include templates for nearly every kind of project, so whatever type of web page you are thinking of creating, take a look to see what Divi has on offer for you.


    2. Drag-and-drop Content Editor

    All of the main actions take place in the Divi Builder. These include making changes to templates, creating new content designs, and so on.

    This tool has been updated many a time in the last few years and has become one of the most impressive page builders currently on offer for WordPress.

    It provides users with the ability to create reusable sections for use throughout your website, a history panel for undoing and redoing actions, a useful selection of content modules, and many more.

    It also uses rows and columns to help you when building your page layouts.


    3. Ease of Use

    Despite how advanced this platform is, it does have one little downside, it has to be its slightly steep learning curve when mastering the new interface.

    The learning curve, in this case, is mainly due to its new functionality, power, and creative freedom.

    Nonetheless, it must be explained that once the basic process has been picked up, using  Divi does become as simple as can be.

    It makes sense that with all the new features you have at your fingertips, using the Divi Builder is tougher at the beginning.

    Don’t forget, once you’ve spent enough time familiarizing yourself with the new interface, you will have no trouble at all.


    4. Ability to Build Unique Blog Post and Archive Templates

    Due to its template support, the page on your website that shows your most recent blog posts can also be customized with the Divi Theme Builder.

    Aside from creating a custom layout, you are also able to select what content from each of the posts is displayed, such as the title, author, date, and more.

    By sorting through the template settings, you will be able to define exactly when each of your designs is used. This is great when working on really standing out!


    5. Its Reusable Custom Content and Portability

    One of the main selling points for Divi Builder is its helpful reusable content feature.

    Anything you create on this platform can be saved for use throughout your site. This of course includes any modules that you edit or customize yourself.

    Furthermore, Divi is highly portable, allowing you to conveniently transfer your layouts and assets between WordPress websites with great ease.

    This will make your workflow all the more efficient!


    Get started with Elegant Themes Divi Builder


    Elegant Themes Divi Builder Pricing

    This is definitely one of the more affordable tools, especially taking into consideration the numerous extra products you are granted access to when purchasing.

    The reality of the matter is, it’s not much more expensive than many other popular options on offer, even those that do not include any additional products.

    So… how much does Elegant Themes Divi Builder actually cost?

    To summarize, there are two basic options when purchasing Divi. The first option gives you full, unlimited access to all Elegant Themes products. This includes future releases, support, and updates, and costs $249.

    The second option, which comes to a total cost of $89, covers you for only one year. Nonetheless, you are able to purchase the yearly option and carry on using Divi and the other products unsupported after the year is up.

    The downside to this option is that you would be leaving yourself open to any security problems that may arise and be subsequently repaired in future updates.

    Not only that, but you would also be missing out on any new Divi features and improvements, constantly occurring.

    Elegant Themes Divi Pricing
    Source: divithemeexamples.com

    If you think you would use Divi for more than 3 years, it makes sense to invest in the $249 never-ending access from the beginning.

    If that option sounds like something you couldn’t afford or seems like a rather large investment to you, you could always try out the 30-day money-back guarantee.

    This guarantee allows you to try Divi and other Elegant Themes products without risk, as you would always be able to get your money back if it weren’t to your liking.

    In summary, we’d like to emphasize just how favorable this pricing is for the services on offer. Although it may seem like a large investment, it’s definitely worth it!


    Get started with Elegant Themes Divi Builder


    Who is Elegant Themes Divi Builder for?

    This powerful platform is mainly used to create all kinds of websites with WordPress.

    Due to the fact that it provides users with so many templates, it is definitely one of the easiest themes to use.

    But.. what kind of people are actually making use of Divi?

    In the first place, we have our more “basic” users. These are mainly using Divi to search for the perfect ready-made template for them that’s all set and waiting to be used.

    Next up, we have our more creative, artistic, and imaginative users who are looking for a good old passion project.

    What Divi can provide these users with is all the features necessary to really get their creative juices flowing, all without the need to edit any code!

    Finally, somewhere in the middle are the users that are content with access to a huge library of editable templates that can be customized and made more personal.

    Divi Builder
    Source: designbombs.com

    The brilliant thing to keep in mind at this point is the fact that Divi can cater to all these different needs.

    Divi is very easy to use, making it easily accessible to all means of people, but don’t forget to give yourself time to get used to it!


    Get started with Elegant Themes Divi Builder


    Elegant Themes Divi Builder Advantages

    As has been explained throughout this review, Divi is one of the best options out there. Let’s see why exactly we believe in it so much:

    • It’s a genuine multipurpose theme suitable for any kind of project: By using this theme you are giving yourself the opportunity to set up all kinds of websites.
    • It offers many high-quality editable templates: As has been previously mentioned, you are granted access to many templates that you can make your own.
    • It provides users with an impressive page builder tool: As its main selling point, this builder tool is ideal and ready for use.
    • It includes lots of useful documentation: All of the documentation Divi provides is extremely useful when building new websites.
    • It is constantly updated and improved: As it is continually being worked on, Divi is always up to date.
    • Its entire support system has been upgraded: After having been tirelessly worked on, Divi’s support system has been completely renewed and is ready for action.
    • It offers good value purchase options: In this case, the purchase options are completely worth the price you’re paying.

    All in all, Divi combines brilliant looks with many features which allow for a truly impressive WordPress theme and builder tool.


    Elegant Themes Divi Builder Disadvantages

    As with anything, there are certain aspects about Divi that still need improving. Luckily, its developers are truly committed to perfecting it.

    The main issues we have identified within Divi are:

    • It takes time to fully master: As previously mentioned, the learning curve within the Divi Builder is quite steep, and becoming a pro at it will take commitment. Despite this, most people manage to push through it and get the hang of it.
    • This amount of creative freedom can potentially be overwhelming: When you are given this many options, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. You must work on focusing on the changes you feel are the most important to make.
    • It has no email ticketing support channel: This may make automating tasks, setting up the workflow, and monitoring how many emails come in and how many responses go out tough, but is definitely being worked on.


    Get started with Elegant Themes Divi Builder


    Final Thoughts

    As expected, the Divi Builder is undoubtedly extremely impressive, Elegant Themes should definitely be proud.

    This overall intuitive page builder will suit both those who are searching for a creative solution, as well as anybody who desires to create custom designs without having to go through the ordeal of coding.

    The Divi Builder has more options and flexibility than most other page builders and, despite being overwhelming at the start, really has been created to accommodate its users.

    At this point, it seems pretty clear why people are going for this page builder, but it is up to you to make your mind up whether or not it is everything we’ve hoped it to be.

    We hope you found this review helpful, you enjoy using it, and don’t forget to let us know how you felt about it!


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