Designmodo – A Complete Review

An in-depth dive into Deisgnmodo, "the Killer tool"

Over the last few years, website builders have gotten extremely popular and efficient. In this Designmodo review, we will take a good look at the most important factors that anybody who wants to increase its online presence should know.

Even professional web developers mostly use website builders these days and use coding only for creating something more complex, like a web app.

A website builder is a no-code, drag and drop tool that also provides hosting and domains. In this article, we are going to focus on Designmodo Startup Framework and if this review will be helpful, make sure to check another useful post here if you’re willing to turn your website into the best version possible.

Designmodo is a website and email builder founded in 2010 that has helped a large number of small- to large-sized businesses to improve their website and is perfect for any kind of project ideas thanks to its pre-designed modules and templates as well as unlimited web elements.


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    What is Special About Designmodo?

    • No need to do all the upfront work

    Designmodo rivals most of the other design resource sites thanks to its quality mockups. Their unique articles and tutorials help the website users to get better at various sets of skills and the information about the latest design trends and development are what keeps the customers coming back.

    • It is easily operated

    Once you’re on the Designmodo homepage, all its features are displayed. The customer can instantly evaluate all the possibilities this website can offer whether we’re talking about a small startup, a freelancer, or a global enterprise. There is no need for experience in coding since Designmodo uses a drag-and-drop editor, this being extremely convenient for people who are just starting to get familiar with website builders. 

    • Trusted by some of the most influential companies in the world.

    Above all, trust is essential for a stable relationship with the customers. Designmodo has proven its value and effectiveness by successfully offering its services to some of the biggest players on the market. It is stated on their website that companies like Nike, Google, Ikea, Microsoft, NASA, and others are part of Designmodo’s client base. This is a beneficial factor when attracting new customers as it gives the impression of safety.

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    1. Top Features

    • Job Board

    Designmodo also offers the possibility for web designers and developers to find a suitable job whether it’s full-time or remote. So besides creating a website and email builders, providing articles and tutorials about various trends and techniques, they also help web design and development professionals in building their career and form useful connections with worthy companies.

    Conversely, companies can also benefit from this feature as they can post a job. This way Designmodo connects companies in need of web design or developer specialists with suitable matches.

    • Affiliate Program

    Anyone with a blog, social media account, or website has the opportunity to join Designmodo’s Affiliate Program. This program gives you the chance to get rewarded for referring others to Designmodo’s products and earn a 25% commission. 

    • The possibility to advertise on the website

    Designmodo has built the reputation of one of the most popular Design and Web Development blogs in the world. It is regularly visited and used as a reference by a large number of companies and design and coding schools. Therefore, another unique feature is the ability to promote other company’s products and reach a positive outcome.


    2. Designmodo Products

    • Postcards – Email Template Builder

    Image result for designmodo

    This product allows you to design unique emails in an extremely short period which is perfect in a world of email clients. This tool is an intuitive email builder that can turn into a reality any company’s email marketing ideas and it works in the following way:

    1. The desired modules are stacked together using the drag & drop template builder to create the right template structure.
    2. In the next step, you can upload any images, texts, or links thanks to the intuitive Postcard HTML Email Editor.
    3. The final step is completed in a one-click export to Mailchimp or HubSpot
    • Static website generator

    Another perfectly designed product from Designmodo is their static website generator that allows customers to build their website without any deep knowledge in coding experience. People can generate a website within minutes and get creative in the process.

    Thanks to a big collection of various slides that the generator offers, it is easy to present your idea in the best way possible. There are 200 slides, 118 examples, and 30 panels created to get you started and inspire you to turn your vision into reality in the most unique way.  

    Image result for designmodo

    All the modules in the slides website generator are extremely easy to operate with. The customer can feel free to set up and customize them in his own way. You have the opportunity to build with HTML, CSS, and JS as Slides generates code that is easy to understand and can be changed without causing any harm to the page speed.

    In the reviews section on Designmodo’s website, we can spot that clients are clearly pleased with purchasing this product. They describe it as an easy and well-coded framework that will save you plenty of time.


    • Startup Bootstrap Builder

    This product is a browser-based drag and drop Bootstrap theme builder that will help you create Bootstrap website themes and allows you to edit the content visually so that there is no need for a backend content system.

    It is a perfect product to create landing pages for your business in a few minutes. All the complicated parts are already done for you, there are 300+ blocks with pre-designed and pre-coded elements and styles that can be easily customized. The product is also optimized for mobile so you can manage it on all devices. 

    And of course, the best part about it is that you have the possibility to change the content without coding. There are categories based on the Bootstrap grid-like navigation, e-commerce, headers, forms, contacts, call to actions, and footers so that you can build with pre-made content.

    You can also change the styles and animations visually without making any changes in the code as the tool will do it for you and will convert the Bootstrap theme design you created into an understandable, ready to export and publish code.


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    Designmodo Pricing

    Designmodo offers 3 monthly payments plans for each of the products:

    Pricing for Postcards

    • Free (0$ a month) for which you get 1 user, 10+ free modules,  the possibility to edit content without coding, keep and load your projects.
    • Business (18$ a month)  offers you Mailchimp integration, HubSpot integration, direct email preview, unlimited projects, and 20 exports per month.
    • Agency (29$ a month) which gives you 5 users, multiple brand/projects, free image hosting, Mailchimp integration, HubSpot integration, direct email preview, unlimited projects, and unlimited exports.


    Pricing for Slides- Static Website Generator

    • Free (0$ a month) – limited slides, limited settings, limited effects, no support, no credit card needed.
    • Business (21$ a month) – 20 exports per month, unlimited projects, unlimited pages, project management, support, and updates.
    • Agency (29$ a month) – unlimited exports, unlimited projects, unlimited pages, project management, support, and updates.


    Pricing for Startup – Bootstrap Builder

    • Free (0$ a month) – full access to all features, demo components, free Figma sources, support.
    • Business (21$ per month) – 20 exports per month, full access to all features, all components, free Figma sources, and priority support.
    • Agency (29$ per month) – unlimited exports, full access to all features, Figma sources, all components, priority support.


    Advantages and Disadvantages of Designmodo:


    • Whip up webpages with zero programming skills
    • Responsive display
    • A large number of free resources
    • High-quality, pre-made templates
    • Extremely simple, drag-and-drop dashboard
    • Very good customer service
    • Reasonable prices
    • User-friendly


    • Customers sometimes experience program bugs
    • Low level of flexibility within some of the themes



    To sum up, Designmodo is more than suitable for anyone who is taking their business online. In this Designmodo review, we convinced ourselves that it is easy to operate and saves you a lot of time thanks to all the pre-made features. 

    Considering all the possibilities Designmodo can offer, the pricing is extremely reasonable. The free options are quite good even though they have some limitations and are not the best option in the long run.

    The more advanced plans are worth the money as you will get full access to every feature that will help your business stand out without spending time on coding.


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