15 Proven Ways to Create Quality Backlinks for Your Site

If your goal is to rank among the top results in search engines, one of the main aspects of your SEO you need to focus on is creating high-quality backlinks. They provide a way to significantly increase organic traffic without the fear of being considered unreliable by the search engines.

If you have enough quality backlinks, your website seems more trustworthy and naturally has a bigger chance of ranking higher. And to help you reach that point, we created a list of 15 ways on how to build quality backlinks for your site.


1. Social Media

Putting updates regarding your content and website on social media can not only show search engines that your website is staying active but also reach an impressive amount of potential users. 

Build quality backlinks with Social Media

Sharing posts on platforms like Facebook or Twitter brings in traffic and increases exposure. Since sharing content between users is one of the main features of these platforms, your posts can now easily reach also other relevant websites or blogs who might find a lot of use in linking their content to your site. This is possibly the easiest way of getting a large number of organic backlinks across the internet.


2. Commenting on other relevant blogs

In order to obtain high-quality backlinks you also need to have a certain amount of relationship with other websites or blogs. And sometimes the easiest way to build these relationships is to find a piece of content from a website that seems trustworthy and simply leave a relevant comment. 

Make sure you only share valuable insights or opinions. This might eventually lead to mutual trust and thus new backlinks from external sources, which you have basically chosen yourself. Additionally, having good relations with a site that is linking its content to yours will make it a lot easier to check up on those links as well as fixing them in case of possible issues.


3. Link externally

As mentioned in the previous point, forming relationships is essential for any good SEO strategy. But naturally, it is not a one-way street. Sites that link their content back to you might expect you to do the same for them.

Moreover, linking to external sites with which you have no relationship can prove to be just as valuable. It gives them an opportunity to find out about you when they do backlink analysis, which in turn might create a completely new collaboration and improve the ranking of your website.


4. Guest blogging

Another great way to obtain quality backlinks is to simply write the external article yourself. More specifically, write a guest post on a popular reliable website with a new audience. This way, you can expand your reach to an already established source and publish relevant content that is beneficial for both sites. 

External sites get new quality content for their readers and you get an opportunity to provide your own backlinks and gain the attention of those readers. One way of locating guest blogging opportunities is by using key terms in Google. Some examples are:

  • Your keyword + intitle: write for us
  • Your keyword + inurl:write-for-us
  • Your keyword + guest posts
  • Your keyword + become a contributor


5. Create visual content

Everybody loves when the article they read is made richer by various media. It’s less repetitive and provides an easier-to-understand source of information in the form of charts, infographics, or videos. Browsing through the visual content is not only easier but also faster.

Infographics from Venngage
source: Venngage

This makes it attractive for other websites to use your media in their content, considering it has a certain amount of quality. And since the media is originally created by you, they will automatically have to link it to your site and thus giving you another source of backlinks.


6. Publish original research

Perhaps the most reliable source for your content is yourself. That is why doing your own research by conducting surveys and using other data you managed to collect will give you the best results. But the main benefit of this approach is that the content you publish is new. 

The specific information you provided will only be found on your website. And since you will be considered the only source, it means new backlinks from everyone, who finds that piece of information relevant and wants to use it.


7. Rebuild broken links

What happens once a reader clicks on a backlink leading to your website but it’s broken? Perhaps, the publishers made some sort of mistake or you simply made some changes on your website in the meantime. 

Either way, it might make the reader suspicious about the reliability of the external site as well as yours. In both cases, this might lead to losing traffic. Therefore, it is recommended that you perform regular checks on your backlinks and contact the external publishers as soon as you find a broken one. Together, you can find a relevant replacement or another type of solution. This way, you can easily turn broken backlinks into high-quality backlinks.

8. Build internal links

One of the less direct ways is to focus on building up your internal linking structure. When you have a good amount of internal links on your website, users are able to navigate it more easily.

Creating a better overall user experience makes external sites more inclined towards using your website as a potential linking source. After all, they want to provide their readers with content, which will seem as interesting to them as possible.

Additionally, it makes your site seem more relevant, which means search engines will put you higher up in the rankings. This makes you more visible for other sites as well and thus increases your chance of earning new backlinks.


9. Donations

An easy and quick way to earn some high-quality backlinks is to donate to non-profit organizations that are relevant for you. Typically, there is a list of websites that made a donation. This means that once you donate, your site will be made visible to everyone who is looking for some linking opportunities.

Similarly, you also have an option to use some of the other donating sites as the linking source to your own content and possibly reach out to them about mutual benefits.

Some examples of how to find sites that accept donations in Google are:

  • donation + contributors + your keyword
  • contributors page + donate + your keyword
  • contributors page + your keyword


10. Get Interviewed

In order to increase your chances of obtaining high-quality backlinks, you might want to consider being part of an interview. If so far, you don’t receive any invitations, you will need to reach out to websites that are conducting interviews yourself. 

If they accept, you can provide your insights in exchange for exposure. In return, people who will read the interview and consider your opinions valid and relevant might take an interest in your website and later provide you with backlinks.


11. Publish high-quality content

Perhaps the most important thing you can do for your overall SEO strategy is to have high-quality content. Essentially, all your efforts come down to whether or not your content is relevant and worth reading. 

High-quality content naturally attracts high-quality backlinks. Solid and trustworthy websites are not going to provide you with backlinks if your content seems sketchy or irrelevant. Therefore, you need to make sure that what you publish is actually worthy of being among the top ranking searches.

Simply put, when you publish high-quality content on your website, backlinks that matter are much easier to obtain.


12. Identify high-quality backlinks

The important thing to understand is that not every backlink is worth the same. There might be opportunities to obtain backlinks, but later you’ll find out that they are actually harmful to your site. They come from sketchy or irrelevant sites that Google considers unreliable. If they are somehow connected to you, it might negatively affect your search ranking.

That is why you need to properly identify which sites are worth obtaining backlinks from. If you want to find out what authority score a site has, you can use some SEO review tool or a backlink checker tool. It is also recommended that you test out the sites before you start your efforts of getting a backlink from there.


13. Write testimonials

If you want to obtain backlinks from someone who you trust, simply write a testimonial for some top product or a tool that you are currently using. If you offer to leave some useful insights about your experience, websites of these products and tools will usually be more than happy to reward you with a backlink leading back to you.


14. Spy on competitors

A good way to obtain new quality backlinks is to spy on your competitor’s backlink building strategies. Sometimes it is difficult to find sites that are worth the effort. But if you check out from where your competitors get their backlinks, you might find out a lot of untapped potential sources that you already know work.

All you need to do is to reach out to those sites and you can obtain new quality backlinks and get to your competitor’s audience at the same time.


15. Create events

There is also value in building some relationships offline. If you host an event you can make better connections with someone, who can prove to be a beneficial linking source in the future.

Additionally, when you host a specific event, it will automatically be mentioned on the official event listing sites. This means that your website will get not only exposure but typically also backlink in the event description.



This list provides a lot of different ways on how to obtain high-quality backlinks and it’s up to you to choose which suit you the most. But in order for the strategy to be truly effective, you will probably need to focus on several options at once. Backlink building is a crucial part of every SEO and if done correctly, you will soon find the effects to be significantly beneficial in both your website traffic and search ranking. 


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