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Are you looking for some ways to make money with your blog? There is no even better time to start monetizing your blog and ShareASale is definitely your number one choice.  

Among the many ways that you can make money with your blog, affiliate marketing is perhaps the easiest and most effective method for new bloggers as well as those that prefer something easy to start.

And if you have ever been on the affiliate marketing circuit for a while, you will probably be familiar with ShareASale. Let’s take a look at what ShareASale has to offer and why you can expect from it.


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What is ShareASale?

Founded in 2000 by Brian Littleton, headquartered in Chicago, USA, ShareASale is an affiliate marketing company that serves two sets of customers: affiliates and merchants.

It is a website that lists those companies that are willing to offer a commission for referral sales. After having been in business for over 20 years, it currently stands as one of the most popular affiliate marketing networks.

Affiliates can find products to promote by using ShareASale and earn commissions when referrals take place. Aside from affiliate websites, blogs, social media, PPC campaigns, SEO campaigns, RSS, and emails, affiliates also use a variety of other methods to promote their products.

ShareASale has almost 4,000 affiliate programs and over 700,000 affiliates, and more than 86% of the affiliates say they are a part of the network. 

By making constant use of website checkers and working on improving the performance of their website, ShareASale has been able to maintain an excellent reputation, ensuring merchants’ and affiliates’ happiness.

You can take a look at the official video below and know more about how affiliate marketing works.



Reasons to Use ShareASale

  • Affordable and easy to use.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Perfect solution for affiliates with multiple websites.
  • Diverse merchant portfolio.
  • Transparent and robust reporting.

  • Responsive customer service.
  • On-time payouts.
  • Trustworthy affiliate program.
  • Education and webinars are available.


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Top Features of ShareASale

1. Real-Time Tracking

We can say that this is one of the best features of ShareASale. As soon as someone clicks on your banner, or when someone buys and the sale is made, you will get notified.

However, you will not get notified when some specific merchants’ programs are shut down. Using this affiliate network and not being aware that some of your affiliate links are dead can be a deal-breaker for some users.


2. Analytics and Reporting

ShareASale provides valuable analytics information about your performance including a traffic report, activity details, invalid links, and more. In addition to that, ShareASale provides the merchant with information regarding how the program converts, the average order value, and a variety of other metrics. 


activity details


There is a section called Activity Details under Reports, and this is where you can spend some time analyzing which programs are converting. You can also view a breakdown of your latest commissions by the program.

In addition, filtering options are available for quick and advanced searches. It is useful for analyzing particular merchants’ performance.


2.1 Traffic Report

The traffic report shows how much traffic you are sending to different merchants, and if it converts well. 


traffic report


2.2 Invalid Links

This is another useful tool. As long as the affiliate program with ShareASale closes, all the links on your site will become invalid.

ShareASale shows all of your invalid links, even though it doesn’t always show which page the link is coming from.

There may be a little digging required to resolve this, but at least you can pinpoint the error and promote an alternate program.


3. Customer Support

Many popular affiliate marketing networks are lacking in the area of delivering good customer service.

As with this situation, ShareASale provides excellent customer service. Moreover, the network maintains excellent customer service for not only its merchants but also its affiliates.

Affiliates who are new to affiliate marketing will receive a welcome kit to get started with a smoother journey. Furthermore, there is even the chance to watch training webinars to polish the skills.

And apart from the “frequently asked questions” section on the website, you can also email or call from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Central Time if you need to reach out to the team, they will help you with any kinds of issues as soon as possible.


Get Started With ShareASale


How to Get Started With ShareASale – Complete Guide:

Step 1

When you enter the page of ShareASale, you can see there is a blue button “Sign Up” at the top right corner. Press the button, and choose “Affiliate Sign Up”.

If you are signing up as a merchant or an agency, there is a choice you can choose from. Or, you can also click here directly, both will lead you to the page of creating an account.




Step 2

Simply fill in your username, password, and your country, you will proceed to step 2 after this.




Step 3

You are required to provide a website URL, what language your website is written in, and there are some other questions you need to answer when you scroll down.


sign up


Step 4

You will then need to provide information about your website content and promotion strategies.


sign up process


Get Started With ShareASale


Step 5

Here you are required to use a valid email address.


sign up process


Step 6

Once you’ve introduced your email address, you have to include your full contact information.


email detail


Step 7

You will be asked for information about if your website is an incentive website and if you own the domain.


sign up process


Step 8

Next, you need to provide the payment information.


sign up


Step 9

The final step, check off two boxes of agreeing to the provided terms and conditions as well as verifying the signup information. And then you are good to go! Have fun with ShareASale!


final step


Get Started With ShareASale


Advantages of ShareASale

There are several advantages of ShareASale, and one of the best is that there are a variety of brands and products to promote. ShareASale offers an incredible number of products and services. Whatever your area of expertise and niche is, this affiliate network gets you covered.

Moreover, it has great search features for merchants. By using the power rank feature or simply filtering your searches by keywords, categories, sale commissions, merchant status, and so on, you can find the best results.

In addition to this, it comes with a wide variety of reporting tools, which will help you track and monitor every affiliate link and conversion. And the advanced reporting features provide not only a variety of general metrics but also the opportunity to create a customized report that highlights the metrics you desire.

ShareASale also provides excellent customer care to both merchants and affiliates, no matter what kinds of issues or problems. Customer support is always important especially when it comes to working with an affiliate network.

Last but not least, it offers continuing education and training to those new and more experienced affiliates and merchants. Through the best practices series, as well as access to webinars and educational resources, you will improve your affiliate marketing skills.


Disadvantages of ShareASale

Even though there are tons of advantages of ShareASale, there are still some downsides. First of all, there is no PayPal option. ShareASale pays affiliates by direct deposit or checks only, which can put off new affiliates. 

On the other hand, the ShareASale website design and layout are a little bit outdated and not as modern as the current standard. It will definitely attract more people if the whole design is more fashionable and modern for the long term. But of course, this is not the most important thing as everything works perfectly on the website.


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If you are looking for effective ways to monetize your traffic, ShareASale is undoubtedly one of the most reliable and popular affiliate networks.

While this platform has its ups and downs, it remains a leader in the market. It’s easy to use, and it has more than 4,000 programs to choose from.

All in all, if you are looking for a user-friendly affiliate marketing company and the best way to monetize your blog, we highly recommend checking out ShareASale since it is actually the best choice on the market today.


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