Lumen5 Video Editor – A Complete Guide

A Complete Guide to Lumen5 a software service to convert content into appealing videos!

This Complete Guide to Lumen5 will show you how easy it can be to create videos for your business. We all know that videos are a powerful tool when it comes to marketing. The content online is moving more and more towards video these days. A post on a blog might be great idea, but if you want to draw traffic towards your website, then you will definitely need some moving images.


Yes, the use of video is important, but it can be both difficult to make and really expensive if you want the best quality. Here is when Lumen5 comes in. Lumen5 is made to transform content into video. It’s a web-based service, which can be used in multiple levels. Furthermore, when looking at the structure of pricing it is certainly made to aim at businesses. The developers actually said that 400,000 businesses have almost taken over the service that Lumen5 offers.

Lumen5 - A Complete Guide
Source: Lumen5

However, Lumen5 offers free services, which you absolutely need to check out. Off course there will be limits to the free version. You will get exports of the maximum of 720p. In the Premium and Business level you will get export to 1080p, but as a free user you will still have access to the Standard Library, with a lot of images and popular themes. If you are paying, you will of course also have access to the whole library of images on Lumen5.


Overall, Lumen5 is a really great tool. It performs incredible when it quickly comes to converting content into appealing videos. Lumen5 might not be the perfect editing program, as you will not be able to do a lot on how you edit the videos, at the same time, it is not a software program for professional film creators.


Lumen5 is a service for marketers, bloggers, and other amateurs, who want to try out a simple and good-looking enlightening video.


The question is now will Lumen5 be good for your business? And is video a good way for your next digital marketing campaign? Learn more in this Complete Guide to Lumen5.


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What is Lumen5?

Lumen5 is an editing software service, which will allow you to convert content into a creative and enlightening video. Lumen5 is one of the best and fastest software services within the market that will allow you to create great videos in no time. Put in your content or a link, and Lumen5 will organize images, music and timing on your video.


Lumen5 will inspire your team to make social media content in just a few minutes. Lumen5 works with initiative brands, organizations, and creative businesses in producing appealing videos that will get you great results. Lumen5 is a service that is driven by AI and design for all businesses. It is an ideal solution for social media and marketing teams, which need more growth, want to inspire or increase engagement around their co-workers.


Lumen5 - A Complete Guide
Source: Lumen5

Reasons to Use Lumen5

Lumen5 makes it easy for you to incorporate videos into your business strategy, just by using your links or content. How do they do it?

  • Lumen5 takes content from your website and creates videos to increase both commitment and leads.
  • Lumen5 helps you edit and customize videos with all the images, color and text that you want, which stay true to your business brand.
  • Lumen5 will set up the video to PCs, smartphones and tablets. The videos can be put into emails, so you are able to share it across all social media channels.
  • Lumen5 use the newest AI-technology so you can make storyboards with content, music and visuals exactly after your needs.


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Top Features of Lumen5

Lumen5’s most obvious feature is the purpose of video creation. It is hard to explain how easy it actually is to use Lumen5. So if you don’t need the videos to be absolutely perfect, detailed or highly advanced, then Lumen5 will fit you perfectly. The software is a good way to make portable and inspirational videos in no time.


1. Artificial Intelligence

The AI feature on Lumen5 is really impressive. You will be able to make a video just by adding a link. The AI feature can build a video with the selected link and focus on specific content explanations in your article. Even with non-concrete topics the AI feature will know the best pieces to highlight in your content.


Lumen5 AI
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2. A Large Selection of Images and Video Clips

In Lumen5 you can select from more than 100 million images and videos. You will always be able to find an image or video that fits into your video, even if you have a wide range of diverse topics.


3. Creative Templates

In Lumen5 you will have more than hundreds of nice templates to select from. Lumen5 has made it really easy. You will not need any past experience working with videos, when working with Lumen5. You can create a professional-looking video within a few minutes.

4. Storyboard

In the storyboard you can transform your context into a video. It is easy to use and really visual as well. Use the feature of the storyboard when you want to highlight a specific part of your text or want to swap out media etc. It is really simple to use.

Lumen5 gives you a selection of five text sizes from really small to really big. Lumen5 offer you a text box and then you can choose where you want the box to be. In that text box you are allowed to highlight selected words. You can highlight as many word you want.


5. Scene of Background

Lumen5 will not provide you with a lot of different choices when it comes to the background. The scene of the background will automatically change and create a new scene if the text doesn’t fit into the first scene. Lumen5 will create a sub-scene below the current scene. The sub-scene will always have the same background as first scene you made.

Do you want another background then you have to change your content so it fits into the slide or make a whole new scene.

Lumen5 also have a style feature, which can be used for changing the background color, fonts, add watermarks and put in animations.


Lumen5 - Background
Source: Lumen5

6. Lots of Cool Effects

On Lumen5 you will be able to find music from the library, where you will source more than thousands free songs. You can search within the library for different topics and song moods for example happy, serious or educational moods. If you like some of your own music better you will be able to upload that as well.

Lumen5 has a new Voiceover feature as well. If you click on this feature it will tell you that the recording needs to be done in one single take. Don’t worry, course you can record it as many times as you want. The VoiceOver feature will be there through the entire video.

7. Brand Yourself

Lumen5 gives you the possibility to add your brand into the videos, with a variety of color and styles. This feature is especially great for businesses working with marketing, which want to boost their company or build a larger costumer database.

Lumen5 allows you to create sets of branding material, where you are allow to store specific settings. It will help you and your team to choose the correct template etc. It is simple, you just need to select the correct one and you are ready to begin. Furthermore, it is possible to invite everyone from your team in the storage room for your settings, in that way, all of you can work on the videos with a faster workflow.


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How to Get Started With Lumen5 – A Complete Guide:

Lumen5 is a creative platform where you can make videos within a few minutes. These steps will show you how to create a video fast and easy.

  1. Create an account and choose which subscription plan you want.
  2. Put in your content or link (URL), which will be the text you convert into a video
  3. Wait for a while so Lumen5 can pick the right images and music. This is done by the newest AI technology.
  4. Convert the video and customize it exactly to your company brand. Add features to the video if you like.
  5. The last thing for you to do is to download and share your video.


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Lumen5 is a great way to promote your business and marketing strategy. Ad you’re the link your articles, copy the content and paste it directly into Lumen5.

You will have to target your video, this by choosing which social media platform you want the video to be published on; Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn. You will be given a format on 16:9, 1:1, or 9:16. During the design process you will be able to change the format as many times as you want.

Lumen5 offers you a selection of twenty-five different themes. Click on each of the themes and they will be visible, so you are able to see them in action. This will help you decide which kind of theme and style you want to promote your content with.

Lumen5 will build the video for you. The AI technology will select sentences that it think will present your article the best, as well as your future video. Your article will be cut into a lot of different slides or scenes, which you will find on the right side of the interface.

If Lumen5 have selected some images from your article, but no success, you are free to use the big library of images and small video clips. In that way you can select what images that matches your content the best. Are you not satisfied with the content, images, or background that has been put into the slides, you can freely select and edit everything you want.

Well let us say that you don’t like the background image, then you just need to select the slide that you are not satisfied with, click the Media button, search for a more relevant images that you like, click on the image and your background will be replaced in no time. It is really easy and not complicated at all.


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Is it worth it?

Lumen5 has a Community pack, so you can try out Lumen5 for free. It is definitely worth trying. Lumen5 gives you a taste of all the tool and advanced features, and you don’t have time spend any money on it.

Lumen5 offers the free Community pack because they know that they have made a really good product. There is a lot of business that prefer to work on Lumen5 when creating videos, like Time Magazine, The Economist, Mitsubishi, and a lot more from all around the world.


Lumen5 - Pros and Cons
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Advantages of Lumen5

  • Costumer friendly
  • Create videos easily
  • A big image library
  • Instant Video for no-effort videos
  • Has a free plan available
  • The paid packs are affordable
  • Large number of templates
  • AI technology to make professional videos
  • Add branding, watermarks, and other customizations
  • A large music library


Disadvantages of Lumen5

  • Needs some pro editing features
  • Price packs limits the number of videos that you can make per month
  • No image or sound editing


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There are a few competitors to Lumen5, which offers features that is almost the same. The biggest companies, therefor the alternatives to Lumen5, will be Content Samurai and Animoto.

Content Samurai: This software is pretty similar to Lumen5. Content Samurai uses content to make videos as well. It has one small advantage compared to Lumen5. Content Samurai have a voice track to play over the videos. You are then able to narrate your own content, which can be really helpful. However, it is much pricier per month than Lumen5, especially compared to what Lumen5 offers.

Animoto: This is another video creator. Animoto doesn’t have that many features but the price per month is really affordable. It might be a good option if you have a really tight budget.

Source: Lumen5



In this Complete Guide to Lumen5 we have come across all the important elements around Lumen5.  Lumen5 is definitely a great tool for any business. If you want to try out making videos for the first time and don’t have technical skills or a budget to hire an expensive crew, then Lumen5 will be perfect for you. You will be able to transform your amazing content into amazing and inspiring videos.


Lumen5 is both affordable, easy to use and comes with a variety of innovative and creative features.


The best thing about Lumen5 is that you both get a free Community Pack so you are able to try out the software, but it also allow you to make five videos per month. With that kind of deal the only question is now, why haven’t you tried it yet?


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