Complete Guide to Enterprise Work Management

Get to know Enterprise Work Management, and why this might be the solution for your company!

What Is Enterprise Work Management?

To understand the concept of Enterprise Work Management or EWM, we have to briefly discuss the reality of today’s chaotic enterprise work resulting from the usage of various tools and solutions: emails, spreadsheets, CRM software, project management tool, that are all disconnected from each other. 


Not to mention, we now also often deal with disconnected human resources thanks to the accelerated adoption of remote working activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These disconnected tools and disconnected people equal disconnected processes: tasks get executed separately and manually, resulting in inefficient and even broken workflows. Here are some of the common issues caused by disconnected enterprise work:

Missed Deadlines and Wasted Time

Disconnected tools and people would translate to more employee time spent in ineffective “communications” like unproductive meetings and emails. Employees spend more of their valuable time executing administrative tasks and manual processes, leading to inefficiencies. 

Distracted Employees

When employees are forced to switch between different disconnected tools and workflows, they are more prone to distractions. Distraction is serious, and even in 2012, it has cost US businesses more than $650 billion a year. We can only expect this number to be even bigger by now.


Employees Working in Silos

The reality of employees working in different tools and even environments would translate into very little visibility and accountability. 


Difficulty Tracking Assets and Information

With information coming and going from different directions, lost assets and data are common due to this disconnect. This can result in lost information, holding back entire business processes, and jeopardizing the business’s chance of achieving its goals. 

Lower Morale

Disconnected tools in enterprise work can cause stress and frustration to employees due to a lack of transparency, scattered/lost information, and inefficient workflows, among other issues. This lowers the employee’s morale which will in turn result in lower productivity. 

To tackle this disconnectedness, this is where Enterprise Work Management (EWM) comes in. 

Enterprise Work Management, simply put, is about uniting these disconnected tools, people, and processes into a single unity to address the entire lifecycle of enterprise work. This is made possible with the help of Enterprise Work Management (EWM) software.


What Is Enterprise Work Management Software?

EWM software is a centralized solution that helps enterprise companies manage multiple projects and business processes, thus allowing managers to: 

  • Get an overarching overview of the business’s progress in achieving its objectives
  • Manage business resources and ensuring they are in line with the business’s goals and visions
  • Manage different projects and business processes in a centralized dashboard
  • Plan, track, and manage all processed down to the most granular level
  • Provide a centralized space for employees, stakeholders, and collaborators to communicate and collaborate together in achieving business goals.


An advanced Enterprise Work Management software like Aproove, for example, offers the following features: 

  • Team Collaboration: an all-in-one solution for all processes and also as an ad-hoc communication/collaboration tool.
  • Resource Management: balance the workload of individual employees, as well as other resources to maximize efficiency. Allocating available resources to current and future projects. 
  • Project Management: manage processes, tasks, deadlines, in a centralized space. Ensuring all tasks are executed by the right people with the right role at the right time. 
  • Workflow automation: managing and automating various workflow throughout the lifecycle of work, minimizing status meetings. 
  • Request Management: overviewing, streamlining, and effectively managing all work requests.
  • Streamlining Approvals: approval workflows can often be a major bottleneck in an organization’s efficiency. Aproove offers control and consistency to your approval workflows. 
  • Mobile Management: in today’s increasingly mobile work environment, Approve allows managers and employees to easily monitor and manage work and requests from any mobile device. 
  • Automated Notifications: automated status reports, keeping everyone up-to-date without relying on emails and phone calls. 
  • Centralized Dashboard: view all processes and tasks in one place, prioritizing the most important task first. 
  • Time Tracking: log time on tasks and projects, ensuring accurate and timely invoicing and reporting. 
  • Reports: generating comprehensive and customizable reports, gathering the right data, and customize your view to get visibility into the metrics that matter. 
  • Document Management: organize, access, and share documents from a single application. 
  • Enterprise-Grade Security: data encryption and security measures to protect the security and integrity of your data and assets. 
  • Integrations and API: Integrations to more than 1000 Zapier apps, eliminating disconnectedness by integrating different tools and solutions into a single system. 

Benefits of Enterprise Work Management Solution

Enterprise Work Management can help improve your business’s effectiveness and efficiency with various different benefits, including but not limited to: 

Reduced Emails

Too many emails can be a significant source of distractions for your employees and can significantly impact productivity. EWM will provide a more centralized collaboration platform, reducing the number of emails by over 20%.


Reduced Meetings

Constant meetings can also be a significant source of inefficiencies, eating up worker’s productive and valuable time. EWM can effectively reduce the number of meetings while at the same time providing more context to meetings that do matter.  

Reduced Delays

By minimizing scattered and lost data and eliminating disconnectedness, EWM can help businesses ensure on-time product delivery.


Increased Output

By ensuring timely delivery of projects, we can execute more projects at any given time. EWM provides better visibility and accountability, allowing businesses to be more productive than ever before. 


Effective Decision Making

Reducing guesswork by providing managers with accurate, real-time information allowing data-driven decisions for better outcomes. 


Effective Resource Management

With EWM, management can see exactly who is working on which task, hours being spent, and whether the staff is currently overworked to minimize overworking and under-utilized resources. This can help improve employee morale and increase productivity. 



With an Enterprise Work Management Solution, you’ll be able to eliminate disconnects in your technology stack by having a centralized place for collaboration for all enterprise work. This will produce real-time visibility into all types of work to allowing improved efficiency and productivity.

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