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7 professional Code Editors that make programming exciting

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Code Editor software is using web developers and designers to write new codes and to do some changes in the previous code. these editors have availability to work in some web languages likes Html, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP etc..

there are some of best code editor software list that helps to play with codes.

1. Dreamweaver

Adobe’s Dreamweaver CS5 is a full-featured WYSIWYG editor that allows developers to design visually as well as directly within the code. It supports PHP-based CMSes such as Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla, and enables developers to create websites using HTML 5.

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It also features CSS Starter Layouts to get you started and is integrated with Adobe BrowserLab, which allows developers to preview dynamic web pages and local content using multiple views and diagnostic and comparison tools. It retails for $399, and a demo version is available for download for free.


2. Brackets

Brackets created by Adobe is plain and simple, open source, and cross-platform. You can even create your own add-ons, share them with a community, enjoy the built-in preview, and modify the config file.

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Brackets is free and best software for beginners and professionals. this software has a modern architecture for better performance and it comes with many extension that allows a developer to do more with codes.


3. Atom

Atom is an open-source UI and UX coding software. You will appreciate the free access and tools that it offers.Atom is web-based and its API is open to integrations. It is available for all major platforms, completely portable, lightweight, and has a great developer community.

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You can use custom snippets for repeated tasks. Atom is a comfortable environment for small English only projects.


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4. Microsoft Visual Web Developer

This code editor was developed for Windows, Mac, and Linux by Microsoft.

Easy-to-use interface, snippets, debugging, code auto-completion, multiple replace functions, interactive search, syntax highlighting, and embedded Git control are but some of the benefits you can get from it.

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This software is free, supported only by Windows, and has a WYSIWYG editor as well as a code view. It supports the same editor features as Dreamweaver but offers no support for SVG or for XForms. It does not offer color coding for syntax and has no spell checker, unless you have the paid version.


5. NotePad ++

code editor web tech preneur


6. CoffeeCup HTML Editor

code editor web tech preneur

However, it does have a drag-and-drop feature, includes a local testing server for creating dynamic webpages, and it can open Internet Explorer as a tab within it.

7. KompoZer

code editor web tech preneur

KompoZer is free, open-source, compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and BSD. Features a WYSIWYG editor that is similar to Dreamweaver, can also edit by hand, but does not support server-side scripting, shared editing, frames, XSLT, MathML, XForms, RSS, Atom, XPath, or SVG.


Support for tabbed editing of multiple pages opened in one window, built-in FTP, including a color picker for grabbing hex values. However, adding Flash objects is not as easy as with Dreamweaver and it does not work with Dreamweaver templates.

7 professional Code Editors that make programming exciting
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