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How to Choose Perfect HTML Theme: 7 Ultimate Tricks

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Choose HTML theme is a great step because every theme comes with single site license so selecting a theme has become into a great decision.

Html website can be the perfect site for showing your services and product to customers and it is also good to represent your business online and best for who know about the programming language that is using for making website template.

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Mainly Html theme is made by several language that are Html, CSS, Javascript, Jquery And Bootstrap framwork.

Before Selecting a perfect theme you must have selected best domain name and hosting for your next dream project

Here’s Guide To Choosing Best :

Top 12 Tips for Choosing The Perfect Domain Name

Top 12 Domain Name Generator Tools

So finding a right theme in thousand of theme is can be confused you, to over come this issue simply analyse below tips and then choose right one.

#1. Modern Design And Layout

Modern design give next generation user experience to visitor that show that you are using latest design technology.

Responsive Web Design vector with flat style and long shadow.


There are certain elements of layout and design may be considered while choosing a theme:

  • Real Responsive Design
  • Clean code and layout
  • Awesome Advanced Typography
  • Smart Navigation
  • Icons
  • Attractive Colors
  • Page layout
  • Fully customizable

Mostly premium theme come with all these features that make website design divine.

#2. Features

How To Choose A HTML Theme

Every premium theme comes with a lot of features, in mostly theme the common features are same but some theme provide extra features that make site more customizable. features are the main reason that is make a theme incredible and most selling theme.


How To Choose A HTML Theme

There are some of new features that is going to popular with every html site. so while choosing new theme consider these features

  • Google Maps support
  • Attractive Portfolio Layouts
  • eCommerce layout
  • Pre-made pages and demos
  • GIF thumbnail support

#3. Premium Plugins

Premium plugins that comes with theme and some theme also provide their own premium plugin that is more compticable with theme. this point also save time and money because now we don’t need to buy any other additional plugins.

How To Choose A HTML Theme

Many popular html theme comes with some common popular plugins but publisher theme give me some extra plugin that i really need and it also save my pocket money.

Here are the some of plugins that comes with publisher theme and mostly provide by many theme makers thay are :

  • Slider Revolution
  • jquery visual editor
  • Mega dropdown menu

#4. High Performance

Highly performance site is super fast and light weighted.A quick loading website page not only improves the general user experience but also improves search engine ranking, conversion rates and online revenue.


Secondly, it is important to use a theme that is up-to-date and is in sync with the latest coding standards.

#5. Technology Familiar

How To Choose A HTML Theme

That html template you want to purchase it must be build with technology that you know because every change and customization in html template is done with programming language. so while you buying a theme check that the theme is made with technology that you already know.

#6. Pre-Built Website

Pre-built website save time and effort they are ready to use and needed only add your content into the site and remove demo site content. pre made website have many pages that are already made by designer that is easily to use and no more needed to change and added new style or new codes.

How To Choose A HTML Theme

#7. SEO Optimized

SEO play an an important role in a website so choosing new theme the theme is must made with SEO friendly technique that appreciate search engines to find your website.

theme must be compatible with wordpress plugins and also support all the essential plugins and extension for SEO.


publisher is fully compatible with yoast seo and SEO ALL in One for added power and control.

#8. Rating And Reviews

First thing that i ever check, ratings are provide by verified buyers because they have used or using the theme so they know about the theme function or options very well. rating helps to choose a better theme.

How To Choose A HTML Theme

Reviews are the best option to check what people say about this theme and what is their experience related to this theme.


so before buying must check review and ratings of your desired theme.

#9. Document And Tutorials

Some times installation & customization of a theme become complex due to lake of resources. document and tutorials helps in installation of the theme and also helpful to customize the html website with exiting theme features that comes with the theme.

#10. Compatibility Check

Html theme comes with several type of compatibility that is improved performance and spread use of site. while purchasing a theme must check the theme is compatible with every browser and if you want to build a online store then check the theme is compatible with woocommerce or not.


here are some of another features that must be compatible with theme that you want to purchase.

  • Browser Compatibility
  • eCommerce Support
  • WordPress versions
  • Multilingual Support
  • Buddypress and bbpress support
  • any other plugins that you might be using

Publisher theme comes with compatible with most of the browser and also compatible with RTL+Multilingual, Woocommerce plugin and bbpress plugin.


#11. Support Option

Support option are become important when we want to do something like that we see in demo or like our exception and we are doing …doing..doing.. but output is nothing then we think about our theme provider that how they did that. then it’s time to contact to our theme provider and this time support option become essential.

How To Choose A HTML Theme

so while purchasing new wordpress theme first check support option provided by theme designers.

publisher come with outstanding support , 8 hours in a day and 6 days in a week.

#12. Finally Your Required

Finally what you want, what type of website you want to make, what is your goal from your website. after choosing one of your niche choosing a theme that complete your desired.

choose your niche and then select right theme that is compatible with your desired and exception.

Blog :

if you want to blog in this condition go with wordpress. wordpress is best bloggging platform and it consume 27% of the internet websites.

E-Store :

eCommerce website not suitable with html site you should try any CMS(Content Managment System). CMS are good for making an online store and manage them

Magazine :

Magazine is not suitable for html site you should go with CMS.


In case of portfolio you can either go with html or wordpress. both are good for showing your showcase. but in html theme you get more design, more options but everything is possible when you know about the web technology.


Html site is good for websites that don’t need daily major changes and it is only for them who are know about the website coding languages because here every thing is customize with code, here not like wordpress you can drag and drop.

One of big advantage of html site is that here you get more style than any wordpress site. but for every customize you have to learn web skills.

Html sites are good for:

  • Corporate
  • Portfolio
  • Agency
  • Restaurent
  • Gym
  • Medical Education
  • Hotel
  • Landing Pages

So buying the HTML template is easy when we consider these certain points and by help them we can also compare between HTML and WordPress site.

How to Choose Perfect HTML Theme: 7 Ultimate Tricks
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