Bluehost Introduces: Blue Sky!

Check out Bluehost Blue Sky and check out Bluehost Discounted Deals and Offers for your needs!

Building, optimizing and maintaining a WordPress website doesn’t have to be a challenge. With Blue Sky, you get priority access to a team of WordPress experts that can help you create a professional looking website quickly and easily.

Blue Sky can help with:

  • Routine to advanced WordPress questions
  • Website design guidance
  • Website backups
  • Installing plugins and themes
  • Landing page, mobile design and content optimization


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What is Bluehost?

Bluehost Hosting is well known as the popular name in web hosting companies. It is also recommended by WordPress since 2005 for WP Sites and Blog.

For new Bloggers who need a Domain Name, Right Hosting and Easy to use Hosting, For them, Bluehost WordPress Hosting is a good solution. Using Below Bluehost Coupons or Deals you can get all Features at maximum discount.


Bluehost Coupon 2021

All working and latest Bluehost coupon with all possible maximum discount and offers.

Bluehost offers different kinda hosting so here I’ve divided their all coupons separately, so you can choose the right one.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Coupon

Bluehost WordPress is right hosting for Bloggers and WordPress Developers.

Even you can use its WordPress hosting for creating Business, Resto and any site without coding.

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Bluehost Shared Hosting Coupon

Shared hosting is best for Freelancers and Developers. Here you can also Install WordPress and use Shared space to host multiple clients site.

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Other Bluehost Coupons

Here are some other offers on different BH hosting.

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Bluehost Plans, Pricing and Discount

To suggest you a right plan with Bluehost discount deal here I’ve added all Bluehost plans and right suggestion. Using mine 4 years different hosting experience and after using Bluehost here I’m going to describe you Bluehost plans shortly.

So you can find out which plan Is best for you?

Let me help you to choose your best Bluehost Deal.

You Should Choose:

1. Bluehost WordPress Hosting

Bluehost WordPress Hosting is the best solution for Bloggers & Web Developers who build websites on the WordPress Platform. So using this Bluehost discount you can start your Blog with Bluehost and Make sites for your clients.

bluehost wordpress pricing plans
BlueHost WordPress Plans

Here you also get the same 3 plan as Shared Hosting Plans.

1.1 WordPress Basic Plan

  • Host 1 WordPress Site
  • Free Domain Name
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • For WordPress 1 Site 50 GB Storage is enough
Best For >> New Bloggers or WordPress User who need hosting for 1 Site.

1.2 WordPress Choice Plan

  • Host WordPress Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited space
  • Free SSL
  • Free office 365 – 30 days


1.3. WordPress Choice Plus Plan

  • Host WordPress Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited space
  • Free SSL
  • Free office 365 – 30 days
  • Free Domain Privacy
  • Free Automated Backup
Best For >> Big Blogging Sites + Multiple WordPress Sites



Bluehost WordPress Plans & Features Basic Plan Choice Plan Choice Plus Plan
Price $3.95/mo $5.95/mo $6.95/mo
Websites can host 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Auotomated backup No Yes Yes
Web Space 50GB Unlimited Unlimited
Best For  New Blog & 1 Website Small business & Developers Agencies & Big Websites[High Traffic]


2. Bluehost Shared Hosting

It is the best hosting solution if you’re going to host a single website or Multiple websites, It is the best option for Developers and the guys who manage multiple websites on a different platform.

BlueHost shared hosting plans

Here I’ve some more described which plan you should choose in Shared Hosting.

2.1 Shared Basic Plan

  • Host 1 Website
  • Free SSL
  • Free Domain
  • 50 GB Storage is enough to host a site
Best For >> Want to host only 1 site on any script or codes.

2.2 Shared Plus

  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Space for Sites
  • Free SSL and Domain
  • Free Office 365 – 30 days
Best For >> Freelancers

2.2 Shared Choice Plus

  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Space for Sites
  • Free SSL and Domain
  • Free domain privacy
  • Free automated backup – 1 year
Best For >> Web Agencies

2.3 Shared Pro

  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Space for Sites
  • Free SSL and Domain
  • Free domain privacy
  • Free automated backup – 1 year
  • Free dedicated IP
  • Optimized CPU resources
Best For >> Large Sites.



BH Shared FeaturesPlans
Basic Plan
Choice Plus Plan
Price $3.95/mo $6.95/mo
Websites 1 Unlimited
Web Space 50GB Unlimited
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered
FREE Domain Yes Yes
Get Basic Plan Get Choice Plus Plan


3. Bluehost VPS Hosting

VPS hosting provides virtual private servers on SSD storage to provide you maximum speed and security. Here you get specified RAM, CPU power, Fixed bandwidth and Dedicated IP address. This system didn’t share by any other user and make your website safe.

Bluehost VPS provides 3 kinda plans with maximum 50% discount on regular price. Here you get a FREE Domain + privacy and Sitelock to make it more secure. Using server management features you can even add shared and dedicated accounts.

Get Bluehost VPS Hosting | 50% OFF


4. Bluehost Cloud Hosting

This kind of hosting is based on Cloud server which is more faster and secure than shared servers. It has made this Cloud Hosting easy for users so they can easily install their application and make it live. Bluehost is next level smart hosting with more features and configurations.

Cloud hosting much Safer, Faster and with Integrated Caching Features. So you don’t need to worry about your site security and page load speed. Bluehost server will take care of it.

It has 3 kinds of plan you can choose a plan based on your need.



5. Bluehost eCommerce Hosting

Bluehost eCommerce Hosting is a kind of WordPress Hosting, Here yo get more features of WooCommerce plugins, dedicated IP address and Storefront theme. The best part of his hosting is yet here you can seta gateway to receive money from your customers.

So if you want to build an Online Store, you can go with eCommerce Bluehost Hosting.

There are 3 plans available if you’re a beginner then go with Starter Plan and if already have an experience with eCommerce and WordPress you can choose Plus and Pro plan.



Want to Start Blog on Bluehost?

If you also want to start a money-making blog with Bluehost WordPress Hosting, here is my complete guide for a beginner to start Blogging.

This post is my best evert post with 5000+ words… Includes:

  • Get a free Domain and Hosting
  • Install WordPress Step-by-step
  • How to write Articles/Post
  • Tricks to get Traffic
  • How to make money from Blogging 




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