Get Bluehost Special Offer $2.65/mo Deal 2021

Get Bluehost Hosting Cheap at $2.65/mo or $2.75/mo with Free Domain.

Bluehost hosting offers different prices for different users, sometimes it is $3.95 or $2.95 or else $2.65/month. But here a working method of how to get Bluehost hosting cheaper at $2.65/month with a Free Domain.

This post will help you to get at a maximum discount Bluehost 90% Off.

Did you know – While writing this post I tested this trick 6 times. 😀

And each time this trick got work.

  • Trick to get Bluehost hosting cheap at $2.65/mo or $2.75/mo

If this trick won’t work for you here I’ve also added some new hacks to get Bluehost cheaper.

It is a web trick that works on action and some cookie concept.

So If you want your success rate 100% first you can clear your browser cookies.

Press Ctrl+Shift+Del

And then clear cookies.

 Please use Laptop or Computer to get Bluehost hosting at $2.65/mo deal.

So I’m damn sure…

It will also work on your device.


This Post has (Table of Contents):

  • Mine Bluehost Hosting Receipt(at $2.65/mo price)
  • Complete 7 steps to sign up on Bluehost
  • 7 Web Trick steps to get $2.65/mo price
  • What to do after sign up
  • What to do if trick not work [4 more tricks]


This post has written for new bloggers or web geeks so they can get a discount price in the beginning.

However, in this process, I won’t get any affiliate commission but the user who signup they definitely get a saving of ($10).

So guys let’s dive in my new web saving post.


Mine Bluehost $2.65 Deal Hosting Receipt

Here is my Billing Receipt of Bluehost Basic Plan for 36 months.

Where I avail Bluehost special offer and paid according to $2.65/month price.

But I  quit my free domain name because I already had, but if you’re beginners you can get your free domain and hosting both at a cheap price.

Bluehost hosting $2.65/month billing receipt
Mine Bluehost Billing Receipt


How Different Bluehost Cheap Prices Works on your Pocket

As we know that buying hosting for long is profitable.

Benefits of Buying Hosting for long

  • You get a more discounted price
  • 0 Worries about your renewals every year
  • After 1 year no high Renewal charges

1. When Price is $3.95/month

1.1 Months – 24 Price – $4.95

Total Pirce = 24*$4.95 = $118.80

1.2 Months – 36 Price – $3.95

Total Pirce = 36*$3.95 = $142.20


2. When Price is $2.95/month

2.1 Months – 24 Price – $2.95

Total Pirce = 24*$4.95=$94.80

2.2 Months – 36 Price – $2.95

Total Pirce = 36*$2.95 = $106.20


3. When Price is $2.65/month

3.1 Months – 24 Price – $2.65

Total Pirce = 24*$4.95=$94.80 [Same in both Case]

3.2 Months – 36 Price – $2.65

Total Pirce = 36*$2.65 = $95.4 (You Save $10.8 for 3 Years)


Saving $10.8 for 3 years it not a big Saving, You can Purchase on Regular Price($2.95/mo).

Who Knows that behind these 10 dollars you’re missing future $10,000.

Think It, You just need a Hosting to Complete your Milion Dollar Dream.

Always Love and Invest in yourself – Divesh

Get Bluehost $2.95/mo + Domain


  • And get your Bluehost Hosting and Install WordPress.
  • Start working from Today or Right Now.


Bluehost Coupon Code 2021 [$2.65] ⇒ 75% Off + $200 Credit + Domain

Well, Still If you need Bluehost hosting at $2.65/mo here below is my working method.


How to get Bluehost 90% Off Deal at $2.65/mo

7 Simple steps to get Bluehost hosting cheaper at $2.65/month with Free Domain.

Step – 1 Visit on Bluehost Hosting

The first thing that you need to visit on Bluehost Hosting.

Info – Bluehost Shared Hosting or Bluehost WordPress Hosting (Not Pro) are the same.

If you need Bluehost shared hosting to host multiple websites or WordPress site visit on Bluehost shared hosting page.


If you wanna Start Blogging on Bluehost Hosting you can go with Bluehost WordPress Hosting.


To get Bluehost special offer price $2.65/mo visit on Bluehost site.

Both Button links are different but when you select your plans you reach on the same page(Signup).


Step -2 Select your Web Hosting & Plan

After reaching on Bluehost site you will see these 2 plan pages.

One is for Bluehost shared hosting plan and other is Bluehost WordPress plans.

Well, Bluehost is providing many different kinds of web hosting but most common web hosting is shared or WordPress or to start a blog or website we need only 1 of both hosting.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Plans

Bluehost provides 3 kinds of WordPress hosting plans which are basic($3.95/mo), plus and choice plus($6.95/mo). With each hosting plan, you also get a free domain name and common features which are useful for any website or blog.

bluehost wordpress pricing plans

Here are 3 plans but according to price only 2 plans.

So for you, it is easy to choose 1 plan according to your budget or features that you need in your blog or website.

Well, IF you’re beginners and want only hosting at a low budget I’d like to recommend you Bluehost basic plan. (I’m also using this plan)

Visit on WordPress Plans


Bluehost Shared Hosting Plans

Bluehost provides 4 kinds of shared hosting plans which are basic, plus, choice plus and pro. Its basic plan starts from $3.95/mo with a free domain name which is best for new Bloggers and I’m also using this plan for this blog.

BlueHost shared hosting plans

these are the Bluehost regular shared plans with their features. And I also highly which plan is best according to their features.

Visit on WordPress Plans


Early I also told you Bluehost Shared and WordPress Plans(not pro) are the same.

You get:

  • Same Dashboard
  • Same Features
  • Same Price
  • Same Speed
  • Same Optimized Environment for WordPress or PHP

In both kinds of web hosting.

So whatever kind of hosting(Shared or WP) you choose you to get that you want. 🙂

But for your satisfaction, you can choose Shared or WordPress anyone.


If you’re confused which plan is best for you and why here I’ve shared some more about Bluehost Plans which will help you to get the right plan according to your need.

Bluehost Basic Plan

Bluehost WP basic plan starts from $3.95/mo(Regular Price) where you can host 1 website under 50 GB Web storage, Free SSL and a Free Domain name.

This plan is best for:

  • New Bloggers [Less Traffic]
  • To Host only 1 Web Site
  • Need Cheap Hosting for 1 Site


Bluehost Choice Plus Plan

Bluehost choice and choice plan has the same price but a choice plus plan has more features.

So why we should pay attention to the choice plan.

Bluehost choice plus starts from $5.95/mo(Regular Price) where you can host unlimited sites with unlimited storage, Free SSL Certificate, $200 Marketing Credit and CodeGuard Basic. Overall it is an unlimited hosting plan for infinity need.

This plan is best for:

  • New Bloggers [Heavy Traffic]
  • Web Developers & Freelancers
  • Web Agencies
  • Big sites which have heavy traffic


Get Bluehost at $2.65/mo + Domain


Step -3 Enter your Domain Name

As you know to start any website you need a domain name.

Domain name is a web address of your website or blog by which you get a name and you can share your website to others.

Did you know: Bluehost Provides Free Domain name for 12 Months.

If it is providing free domain so why you need to buy a paid domain from another store.

get Bluehost free Domain name
Register your Domain Name

To register new domain name simple enter your desired domain name and click on next button.

If you already had a domain name and want to use Bluehost hosting for that, simply enter your old domain name in “I have a domain name” section and then click on next button.


If you entered new domain is available then you move to another next page or if your domain name is not available to try some new tricky domain names.

I hope you get your desired domain name in 1st attempt.


Step – 5 Create New Hosting Account

When in the previous step you click on next button after entering your domain name.

You land on “create your account” page.

This is the final page where you get Bluehost hosting at a cheap price.

It is a simple signup page where you have to enter your few details about your new hosting account.

Enter details correctly with security and keep remember them.

Here you have to enter yours:

  • Account Details(Name, Email, Address)
  • Hosting Plan Price
  • Select or deselect extra add-ons
  • Payment Information

Simply enter your account details first.

I know It is showing plan price $2.95/mo but my dear friend 2 steps are left yet.

Ok so now you’ve entered your account details correctly.

Now let’s forward our next and most important step.


Step – 6 Get $2.65/mo Price [Pay Attention]

  • Now Its time for Miracle. 😯 

It is a web trick, so you’ve to follow some steps.


  1. Spend some time on this page(After entering account details) [4 Sec]
  2. Now go to Package Information Section
  3. Select Different Account Plans and Check their Prices. [We’re just spending time]
  4. (Optional) After this go to extra package and check/uncheck them.
  5. [IMP] move your cursor to close icon or another tab. ➡
  6. Then you will get an exiting Discount Pop-up.
  7. Click on Claim Saving and you’ll get refreshed Bluehost special price($2.65/mo). 😎

So when you click on Claim Saving your “Create New Account” page got refreshed and you’ll get a special price($2.65/mo).

When you select earlier choice plus plan then you get $4.95/mo special price in the pop-up.

The Exiting Pop-up Promotion Banner Looks like.

Get Bluehost hosting at cheap price
Bluehost $2.65/month Special Pop Up

When you see this Exiting pop up click on Claim Saving button.

It will refresh your browser page.

And now you’ve new and discounted Bluehost Plans Prices.

Bluehost speaicl offer price 2.65 deal
New Bluehost Special Price

After new Bluehost, Special Price select your hosting period for 36 or 60 months in both time period you get the best cheap price.

Finally, select your hosting plan and its period.


Step – 7 Checkout Successfully

After checking your total price Its time to check out and build dreams.

To make payment for Bluehost hosting it provides us 2 option:

  1. By Credit Card
  2. By Paypal Account

You can choose whatever you’ve had or easy for you.

To active Paypal payment gateway click on Payment Option Link(Showing in a red ellipse)
Enter your payment information carefully and keep it safe.
bluehost payment method
Bluehost Payment Methods

After your Bluehost discount purchases its time to create your login details so by using them you can access your Bluehost hosting dashboard.

Create Login Credentials

After successfully register on Bluehost(Crunchbase), you’ll see a congratulation page and billing receipt.

Check your mail inbox because Bluehost has sent you confirmation mail there.

Open your mailbox and click on the Bluehost confirmation link.

After this here you have to create new login details for your Bluehost hosting Account. for this Click on Create Password button and build a strong pass. Again Re-enter your previous password and Click on next button.


Congratulation you’ve successfully created your Bluehost login password.

Ok so now you can start blogging on Bluehost or create your site.


What to Do, if Bluehost Cheap Price Trick Not Work

Well, I said you it is a technical trick that works on device, website and timing.

okkk, so if this trick won’t work on your device and you’re not getting Bluehost special offer.

Let’s try some new web hacks.

  • Clear your Bluehost Cookies completely(By clicking on the lock icon in Chrome)
  • Close your browser and again open
  • Try it on another browser
  • If you won’t get any pop-up Change your Browser URL from to just you’ll get $2.75/mo price. 😎
  • Enter your personal details(especially email) and then quit the process, Wait for 1 Day Bluehost will send you a hosting offer email
To get Bluehost Hosting Special Offer just visit on Bluehost, move your cursor and when it shows you a pop-up claim your saving. Otherwise, it did not happen use the above tricks.


Finish, Bluehost 90% Off | Bluehost $2.65/mo Deal

I hope this trick got work successfully for you.

I shared my best so you can get Bluehost cheaper price $2.65/month and save your money. this Bluehost 2.65 offer is only working for new users who first time signup on Bluehost hosting.

Get Bluehost at $2.65/mo


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